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Chicks might not see it for what it is but guys understand the fact that this guy has the best seat in the house. From where he is positioned everything is within arms reach!

Her name is Jasmine Foxxx and she is the newest barely legal model on the net. Jasmine is using her red hair and tight body to seduce guys. hey, she has to pay for college somehow!

The reverse cowgirl. It is more than just a sexual position. It is an awesome view of the action!

Jasmine Foxxx has those small tits you guys crave and a playful demeanor fresh out of high school. She updates weekly with new pics and videos, plus she does web cam shows.

As a member of Jasmine Foxxx you also get access to her friends sites and a few multi-girl sites. Take the tour and check the join page!

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This particular pose by Little Lupe showing off her small tits reminds me of a friend of mine’s little sister. Right up until the time she graduated high school her breasts never hit the B-cup stage. She was completely flat all the way until she was a Junior. Imagine still wearing a training bra during your last year in high school!

When she turned eighteen her boobs were just barely sprouting. It was obvious she was proud of her little boobs even if they were coming in late, because she would stick her chest out like Little Lupe is above. I tried not to notice, but it seemed like she was looking for attention.

Once when my buddy and I came home after a night of drinking, I passed out on my buddies couch. I heard something that woke me up. It was my buddies sister going into the bathroom. My buddy and his sis lived in a two bedroom apartment he got when their mother passed away. The place was tiny.

From my vantage point on the couch I could see inside the bathroom. I probably shouldn’t have been looking but she was eighteen and all. She seemed to be doing something with her hair and only had on her bra and panties.

I had never thought of his sister in a sexual way or even really noticed her body. Maybe it was the alcohol but, she looked real good seeing her profile wearing next to nothing. My dick started waking up!

For a while I went into a bit of a trance and you could have dropped an H-bomb on the spot and I wouldn’t have noticed. Then I heard the sound of running water. She was getting ready for her bath!

My dick jumped in my pants as I realized this show might be getting a lot better. My Little Lupe girl appeared where I could see her again and this time she didn’t have a bra on. Her small tits looked too cute. Her little undies even cuter. She bent over and they came off too.

She went out of view and I could hear water sloshing. I wondered if I should get up and take a closer look, after all, my buddy could pop out of his room at any moment. Being a warm blooded male I threw caution into the wind and made my way down the hallway.

As I passed my buds room I heard the loud buzz of his snoring. He got way more shit-faced than I did so I was pretty sure he was out for the night. With that obstacle out of my way I proceeded closer to the bathroom door.

When I got up to the door I slowly peered in. She was lying on her back with her head under the running water. In this position her small tits looked like nothing but nipples. I stood on my tippy toes trying to get a look at her crotch. It was just out of view. Damn!

Her tan, smooth skin looked amazing when paired with the sheen from the water. Now my dick was a raging hardon and without even realizing I was stroking it through my pants. Not good because this is usually when I do something stupid.

I figured I’d cross the doorway quickly and dodge into her room next door to the bathroom. Once in there I found she had laid out her night clothes. A pair of cotton panties with flower prints and lace around the leg holes and a thin white satin nightgown. I couldn’t stop myself and grabbed her panties, fingers trembling.

Without hesitation I unzipped my pants and pulled my stiff cock out. Her panties naturally found their way to my cock. They felt so soft and sexy sliding up and down the shaft. Before long I had accidentally gotten some precum on them. Oh shit!

To keep that from happening again I grabbed a tissue off her dresser and wrapped it around the head of my cock while I continued to stroke her panties over the shaft. Time went by. In my drunken mind it seemed like only seconds but suddenly her bedroom light turned on!

There she was. The object of my obsession. Standing in the doorway with only a towel around her petite body and another one wrapped around her head. She looked so beautiful. I almost forgot her panties were wrapped around my cock.

Little Lupe entered her room and closed the door. My heart started pounding. How could I be so stupid! This was my buddies little sister for Christ’s sake!

She motioned for me to sit down on her bed and she pulled her panties out of my hand.

“What’s this?” she asked, gesturing to the wadded up tissue.

“Oh, it is so I wouldn’t leak on. to. your.” my voice trailed off.

Lupe took a look at her panties and noticed I had already leaked. “I guess it didn’t work?”

“Uh. No.” is all I could say.

“Do you like me? I mean, do you think I am sexy?” she asked.

“Sure, I think you are gorgeous!”

“Then why didn’t you ever let me know?” she quipped.

“I didn’t want to be rude,” I answered.

To that she hummed and held my panties up as if to ask, “And this isn’t rude?”

“So what do I do about this?” she asked still holding my panties up.

“I am so sorry. I.” and she cut me off.

“No worries. I’ve got you here now. Get undressed.”

My mind went into a tumble. The kind of back flips you do when you get something you know you are not supposed to have. While I was caught red handed jacking off into her panties, I never thought I’d actually fuck her!

“Unless you want me to tell my br.ah..”

I began to strip like my clothes off as if they were on fire. In two seconds flat I was naked and lying on her bed. She slipped off her robe and I tried not to let my eyes wander and when they did I tried not to let them stay too long. but you know how that goes.

Lupe had shaved her beaver so smooth it looked like she had never had any hair down there! My dick twitched at the sight of it and she noticed smiling at my reaction. She got into bed with me cuddling up along side of me. Her head on my shoulder, her face on my chest.

“Make it do that again,” Lupe asked.

“Do what?” I played stupid.

“You know. Make it move.”

I did as she asked and once it went back down some more precum came out. She asked what it tasted like and I said I didn’t know. She asked if she could get a taste and I said sure.

I thought she was just going to finger the tip of my cock and taste that, but instead, Lupe bent down and took the head of my prick into her mouth. I felt her tongue move soft and wet over the head. I put my hand on her back and the softness of her skin felt so good.

After a while Lupe came back up and asked if that felt good. I said it felt amazing and she beamed me back a smile.

“Do you want to know what it feels like?” I asked Lupe.

“Um.. OK!”

I went down between her legs. but first I made a stop on those tits of hers. I knew she was proud to finally have them and I was going to christen them for her.

She let out a soft moan when my mouth met her nipple. Her hand went behind my head to hold me to her tit. My other hand did its best to cup her small tit flesh. She felt like a woman for the first time in her life. Suddenly this all felt so right because of it.

I continued my way down and began kissing her mons. After several seconds there I detoured around her pussy to her inner thigh. About a minute over there I moved very close to her outer lips and then crossed over to the other thigh. She moaned again. This time putting both hands behind my head.

Lupe grabbed my head and guided it to her pussy. It tasted divine. It was like I was tonguing a fresh peach. Without the fuzz!

After several minutes of my tongue running up inside her, dancing on her clit and making the trek from top to bottom she was ready for something more.

I felt Lupe grab my head again and pull me up towards her head. Once I got there she told me to fuck her and mashed her lips into mine. Our tongues met and so did our private parts. I thrust in slowly not wanting to hurt her and ruin the moment.

With a loud moan Little Lupe broke our lip lock and I felt her nails trace lines into my back. Damn it hurt! But her tight pussy felt better than any other pussy I had ever had in my life.

Like most new lovers she wanted to try every position in the book. Within a five minute span we went missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, on her desk chair, her on the bed, me standing on the floor, me standing and holding her on my cock and then to her floor with her on top for the finale.

Her orgasm was loud. Very loud. Once the heat of the moment subsided we both started laughing a nervous laugh. Had her brother heard us? Would he think she was just masturbating or something?

After about thirty seconds of silence she began stroking my cock. I told her I needed to cum and she reached over me finding her panties on the floor.

“Will these do?” she asked.


She wrapped her panties around my boner and used two hands to work my cum out of me. She sat Indian style next to me with her crotch facing my way. I blew my load into her soft panties thinking about blowing it into her tight barely legal pussy.

Lupe let out a gasp when she saw how much cum I shot into her panties.

When I watch the videos at Little Lupe and I see her barely legal body and small tits it totally brings me back. It is like I am in the moment. I had sex with my friend’s sister a few more times but a few is never enough.

At Little Lupe I can make new fantasies by following the scenes in her movies. If are a lover of petite girls Little Lupe is a dream come true.

The best part is that Little Lupe has several friends. Get to the join page and then hit your browsers back button. You will get a popup dialogue box. Hit cancel and you will get an offer for Little Lupe and all of her friends for only $5 more!

Her friends include the Milton Twins, Little Summer, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, Chloe 18 and more. Many more. This is a barely legal teen dream come true!

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Ever had a barely legal girl masturbate for you on a web cam? There is nothing like it in the world. Except maybe masturbating for you live. The only problem with web cams is they have a notoriously grainy picture. At YoungPorn.net you don’t have to worry about grain. You just worry about investing in a better lotion!

Watching the barely legal girls masturbating at Young Porn is going to give you a mix of speed burns and soars from over use. All of the masturbation videos at Young Porn are full length. She usually talks a bit and gives some kind of interview before masturbating and then you get to see her work her magic all the way until she comes. Some girls even continue the interview after masturbating!

Of course if masturbation isn’t enough for you there are plenty of lesbian episodes at Young Porn. In addition to the masturbating and lesbian videos there are hardcore sex videos between teenage boys and girls too.

I guess you could say that there is something for everyone at Young Porn. So long as you are into barely legal girls with small tits that is!

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What is “that” look for? That look is to let you know that /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree is watching you, watching her, watching you. She knows why you keep taking a peek at her out of the corner of your eye. She knows that when you go back inside the house and use the restroom you won’t be peeing or making a bowel movement.

/” target=”_blank”>Little Bree is used to this kind of attention. She has been receiving it ever since her tiny boobs began developing into small tits. What all of the guys never knew is that /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree liked to rub her pussy and think of them thinking about her.

She would imagine what it’d look like to watch a guy jacking off. Did he go fast or slow? Did he thrust his hips and run his cock through his hand like he was literally fucking her vagina or did her move his hand on his cock to keep the noise level down.

Just about the only difference between /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and you is that she had all of the power. And still does! By waiting until you left she had you thinking she didn’t touch herself or have an overwhelming desire to fuck the living daylights out of you. She kept you thinking you were just another horny little boy toy.

Well, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree is all grown up and she is ready to let you watch her masturbate. She also wants to show you how well she can suck cock. You don’t have to dream about seeing her tight pussy naked, she shaved it bare just for you!

Now here is a little tip. Go to /” target=”_blank”>LittleBree.com and get to the join page. Hit the back button on your browser. You will get a popup dialogue asking you to hit OK or Cancel. Hit “Cancel” and you will get an offer for all of Little Bree’s friends too! All for only $5 more!

The offer page hasn’t been updated for a while. Now there are 14 sites total including Milton Twins, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, Texas Twins, Chloe 18, Selina 18, Little Liana, Little Lupe, Little Summer and more!

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All over the world barely legal teens are experimenting with sex. With the help of some very perverted guys at My 18 Teens you can be rest assured these girls are learning just about everything there is to know.

Take the small tits girls above. They are so fresh they still wear matching print panty/bra combos. These are just the type of moldable girls any man would hope to find underneath the Christmas tree. or the bed sheets!

The teen sex videos are My 18 Teens are shot very high quality and so are the pics. The girls are 98% fuckable with a few butter face ones thrown in for guys that prefer that. Crazy sons of bitches!

This is not some softcore site. My 18 Teens has it all. Everything from teen girls masturbating like they normally do when alone in their bedrooms or in the bathtub to girls going hardcore double penetration. And not some used up, washed up girls. HOT SMALL TITS GIRLS!

Take the My18Teens.com tour and scroll down 2 or 3 episodes. Look at the blonde girls doing double penetration. Fuck me! If only a friend and I could have been so lucky back in high school!

My 18 Teens has teen group sex. Older men fucking younger teens. Teens taking it anal. Lesbians. And best of all, daily updates!

All of the content on My 18 Teens is encoded for a variety of formats. You can stream with your browser and never have to download or you can download and watch the movies anytime you want to! Movies come in Windows Media Player, iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone, Mac and more!

No matter what your bandwidth level is, My 18 Teens has you covered there too. They encode everything in multiple bit rates, file sizes and resolutions. My 18 Teens even has multiple servers located all over the world so you can be sure to download at the fasted speed possible!

My 18 Teens is serving up some hot 18 to 21 year old small tits girls and if you haven’t experienced the quality, now is the time to try!

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Are you ready for some fooooot-Ball?

Football season is among us!

Well, OK. So it is the preseason. Who cares. This is when you get to see the rookies do their stuff and after all – isn’t Rhino’s Girls all about the rookies doing their stuff?

Today’s rookie is Kylie James. She is wearing a Dallas jersey and you either would take a bullet for one of their players or you would rather burn their players at the stake. Personally I am an Eagles fan and I love giving Dallas bandwagon motherfuckers a lot of shit!

If Tony Homo wanted any respect from me he’d get together with Kylie James. Sure, she is about 10 years his junior, but who wouldn’t look good with a piece of eye candy like her on their arm?

Kylie James has a nice set of tits even though they are a bit big. They stand at perfect attention and their smoothness is accentuated by her baby smooth pussy. If ever their was a model you could accuse of waxing, it is Kylie. Her beaver is 100% bare as a babies bottom.

Or her own for that matter.

When it comes to tushies, you can’t beat the one Kylie James is sporting. We are talking firm and yet soft. No airbrushing needed on this girl. I really hope some day Hue Hefner finds out about her and puts her in the pages of Playboy.

Until then.

You can see Kylie at her own site, KylieJames.com. She gets 100% naked and 100% makes your cock hard!

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It is so cute when a girl wants to pretend she is the lady of the house and do lady like things. In the gallery above Nicolette from My Precious Virgins is playing house by doing the ironing. The irony of it is that all I can think about is doing Nicolette.

My Precious Virgins has all types of girls. Tall and thin, short and chunky, small tits, big tits, redheads, blondes, brunettes and just about everything else. There are over 470 girls online with over one half a million photos.

My Precious Virgins updates daily and accepts models from all over the world. There are both softcore videos and picture sets, as well as, hardcore ones too.

Another one of my personal favorites is Jemma. Sweet tits, dick sucking lips, a little bit of curve and a look that says, “I am a lot of fun in bed!”

Of course there are another hundred or so I spend a lot of time with. With so many models it is hard to choose only one and the great thing is, you don’t have to!

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Don’t even try to pin an age on this barely legal teen. Emily 18 looks like time stood still. Believe it or not she is in her low twenties, but she looks every bit as young as she did when she first started modeling.

So what did she look like at 18 years old? Well, I guess you could say she looked about. I can’t print it here. Just take a guess if she looks seven years younger now and she is around twenty-two years old. how old did she look four years ago? Now you know why I cannot print that here!

Members of EMily 18 get to watch her grow up into the small breasted young lady she is now. Right before your eyes she goes from little bumbs to small tits. Her ass fills in a little, but it still looks barely legal as all hell.

There are currently over 180 movies at Emily18.com. New movies are shot in HD and have been for quite a while now. Her picture sets number in the 440+ range. Again, the first 100 of them are barely legal to the max. The remaining 340+ are still barely legal as all hell.

You can see some samples of the original picture sets in her tour at Emily 18. She adds something new every two to three days. Again, the tour shows samples dated all the way back to 2005!

Emily18 has a message board where her fans can chat with her and share stories, pics, humor or what ever else floats your boat. If you have never been a member of Emily 18 you are going to be in for a real treat. If you have been a member in the past, you will enjoy knowing Emily now goes fully nude!

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Are you a fan of small tits? I know I am and I know where to go to get dozens, if not hundreds, of them all for one low price. The place to go is the Latin Teen Pass network.

They have six solo sites featuring spicy Latina teens and one featuring twins! Three of the solo models have small tits and so do the twins.

But wait – there is more!

You also get access to the multi-model sites featuring hundreds of spicy Latinas with small tits. The solo models got their start on these sites so you know the quality is there.

The small tits solo models include Pamela Spice, Gigi Spice and Cierra Spice. And when you get tired of small tits, if that is even possible, they have large tits too!

Grab a Latin Teen Pass and take a trip South of the border!

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If there is one thing my perverted eyes can never see enough of, it is upskirt panty shots complete with camel toe. Bailey’s Room has dozens of picture sets of hot panties tucked inside one of the Internet’s hottest pussies.

The “on the phone” set from Baileys Room takes me back to a girl I used to bang. She was on the phone once talking to one of her friends and I spied her cute pink panties peeking out from underneath her skirt. Needless to say I was instantly turned on and curious about examining the situation.

Like Bailey my girlfriend had a pert set of tits that didn’t require a bra. Unfortunately this didn’t necessarily mean she walked around the pad with them bouncing every where. When they did come out though. wow. very nice to play with. Two perfect handfuls of flesh.

So, I went over to her and spread her legs out so I can get a good view of her pussy. She didn’t put up much of a fight and I was awarded with a nice camel toe view. Her panties were being sucked right into her shaved pussy. I love camel toes because they let you know exactly what you are looking at.

I slowly kissed her inner thighs just above her knees. She loves this and that day she definitely loved it. Her panties started to get wet. This girl was a gusher. If she was getting turned on it was pretty obvious if you could get a look at her crotch.

Not to get too side-tracked but, we went to the beach once and I started telling her all of the naughty things I would like to do to her once we got home while rubbing her suntan lotion in. Her pussy got so wet she had to jump into the water to hide the wet spot. In school she was always the first one into the pool!

As I got closer to her panties she put her hand on my head to keep me from reaching the promise land. I took her hand away and motioned for her to be quiet. Then I lifted her butt in the air so I could push her skirt up and part her legs a little more.

I mouthed to her to keep on talking before I buried my face in her snatch. She asked her friend to recount a story. Probably so she wouldn’t have to do much of the talking.

Once I pulled her panties to the side and ran my tongue over her clit she had to put her hand over the mic of the phone. Occasionally she would remove her hand and say, “uh-huh” in order to keep her friend from wondering if the phone had hung up. As time went on and her pussy got wetter and wetter that “uh-huh” turned into a longer and lower, “ohhh-hhhuuuuhhh”.

I could tell her friend was wondering what was up when my Bailey pushed my head away and said, “Yeah, I am still here.” She gave me a scolding look. I figured it was time to switch this into overdrive.

I got my cock out and put it in her face. At first she resisted kissing it but I then I started stroking it and she loved to watch me do that. She needed a taste. I worked my cock in and out of Bailey’s mouth and from time to time she’d pull away to say, “uh-huh”.

As I looked down at her pussy I could see a flow of juice running down the crack and making a puddle in her panties. It was time to finish this thing. I knelt in front of Bailey and positioned my cock at the opening of her snatch. She quickly told her friend her mom was on the other line and her dad was in the hospital so she had to take it. Then she hung up.

Feeling her tight, warm and soft pussy swallowing my cock drove me to almost blow my load prematurely. I knew if I had done that she’d have made sure these kinds of games didn’t happen again. To slow things down I motioned for her to wrap her legs around me and hug me tight. Then I walked with her still wrapped around my meat stick into Bailey’s Room.

Once on the bed we fucked like rabbits until she had three orgasms. One of the best things I loved about Bailey is that she didn’t mind the taste of her own pussy. She sucked my cum out of my cock and spit it into her trash can. Sure, I’d have liked her to swallow it, but I was happy just having her blow me as the preferred method of making me cum.

Bailey’s Room updates weekly and this girl will tease the cum out of you. The settings for her videos and picture sets always remind me of girls and sexual encounters form my past. They are also sweet for making up fantasies for sets you don’t have corresponding past encounters for.

As a member you also get to see her friends. as if Bailey was enough of a hottie already!

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masturbating in hot tub

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you would know I enjoy energetic teens. The more spunk they have the more excited I am to show them to you. I don’t like showing you sites that suck or that are a waste of your time. I want you to bookmark my blog and come to me to find the best teen sites on the net.

Today’s little morsel is Ariel Spinner. Why do I like Ariel so much? I enjoy it when a teenager does more than just shoot a video once a week and update her pics here and there. I want to get to know her on a personal level.

Ariel Spinner gives you access to her life in a very personal way. She does live cam shows in which she shares a ton of personal information about herself. If you want to know more or watch her perform just for you, there is always the option of going private with her.

On top of having private chat sessions and regular shows, Ariel has a webcam in her bedroom in an always on state.

It seems Ariel masturbates even more than I do. She also gets a hold of hot teenage pussy more than I do too. Ariel Spinner is bi-sexual. In addition to her videos you also get videos of her and her friends!

Members of ArielSpinner.com also get access to her friends Isis Lee, Trisha Uptown, Ava Knight and Shai. Take the tour and check the join page for more details!

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If you like watching hot babes masturbate, FTVGirls.com is the place to go. If the girls have to be teens to get your blood pumping, skip FTV Girls and go to Solo Teen Girls. A site devoted solely to teen masturbation videos!

There are over 250 small tits teens at Solo Teen Girls. Each video is exclusive and the girls range from the hottest chick at your school to the totally fuckable girl next door.

Solo Teen Girls pays special attention to finding girls that are not only 18 to 19 years old, but also look 18 to 19 years old. They don’t believe in using 25 year old chicks.

Most of these girls have never done anything involving porn before so they are really nervous. That only makes these teen masturbation videos even hotter!

As a member you get access to the Teen Mega World network. Every site in this network screams jailbait. There are lesbian teens in About Girl Love, drunk chicks in Drunk Teen Orgies, hot teens taking big cock in Gag N Gape, more teen masturbation videos at Home Toy Teens, sweet small tits teens having sex at iTeen Video, teen girls having sex with older men at Old N Young, plus many more sites!

Take the Solo Teen Girls tour and/or click on all of the links in this blog post to enjoy tons of free porn. Then go to the join page to see all of the sites. This network updates daily and I have to say, any fan of teen girls will find this network to their liking!

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Guess what?

Somebody performed a search for Lexi Belle and I didn’t have anything on her yet. It is obvious why someone likes this little beauty. She is 100% fuckable in more holes then one!

Lexi Belle is a porn star. She does everything from hardcore to softcore. Her small tits and tight pussy are on practically every teen site known to man. You used to have to join several sites to enjoy her, but now Lexi Belle has her own site!

At LexiBelle.com you can expect weekly updates and they span several different niches to keep you coming back for more. She does lesbian, threesomes, solo masturbation, hardcore penetration, handjobs, footjobs, blowjobs, throatjobs. this girl aims to please!

Her site also archives a ton of her previous works. That means you can enjoy Lexi at many different stages in her lifetime. Currently Lexi is twenty-two years young. Lexi’s first porn scene when she was only 18 years old was also her first time performing a blowjob! Trust me, she has some great footage inside her members area.

As an added bonus you also get access to her friends sites. You might have heard of some of them before. Does Eva Angelina ring a belle? How about Gina Lynn? Jenna Haze?

But wait! There is more!!!

You also get access to the Premium Pass sites like Sybian Solos, Her First MILF and Sperm Swallowers! Plus, there are even more solo model sites and multi-model sites I haven’t even mentioned yet.

So. If you like Lexi Belle, sweet. If you like Lexi Belle and her friends, even sweeter. Get the Premium Pass and enjoy them all!

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Growing up we all knew a Sweet Krissy. She was that hottie you couldn’t quite pin an age on. Usually she was your girlfriend’s older sister. or was that her mother? Your girlfriend and Krissy would always say they were sisters but was Sweet Krissy really nineteen?

I had a Sweet Krissy in my life and it was odd. I could tell she was much older than her “sister” and I. She always wanted to hang out with us and our friends. Like she had some kind of complex about getting older. Hanging with us kept her young.

One thing was for sure, Sweet Krissy had some big tits and they dwarfed my girlfriend’s small tits. When we’d all go swimming my friends and I would go gaga over her voluptuous mounds and she knew it. Krissy enjoyed the attention several horny teens were paying her. Maybe that is why she always hung out with us? She was an attention whore!

My girlfriend was in softball so she frequently went to practice. Friends and family were not allowed. The coaches was of keeping control of the team I guess. Her mom would go shopping while practice was on so this left me and Krissy alone from time to time.

On a fateful day Sweet Krissy walked into her sister’s room where I was doing some homework and asked for some fashion advice. She wanted to know if her skirt was too short or not. The difference from where it stopped and where her panties started was about an inch. Seeing her long legs that seemed to go forever made my dick a bit hard.

I told Krissy her skirt was fine so long as she didn’t bend over. Upon hearing this she turned around and bent over. Now my dick was a full hardon. She was wearing a g-string and this was the first time I had seen one in person. With a girl in it anyway.

Krissy’s g-string barely covered her snatch and it was shifted just enough to the side that I could catch a glimpse of her outer pussy lip. I could feel my pre-cum already beginning to soak the front of my shorts.

I think Krissy could tell I was getting aroused at her display. She sat down on the desk chair next to the bed and said something about, what if she sat down and her skirt road up a bit? People would be able to see her panties.

I mumbled something incoherent and I think that was what Krissy was waiting for. She knew she had me ensnared in her lustful web.

Krissy told me she thought I was cute, especially for a younger guy and that maybe I was too good for her sister. She opened her legs and I could tell she must have shaved her pussy because no hair was sticking out of her very tiny g-string. It also was going into her pussy a bit.

“Do you ever think about me at night?” She asked.

All I could manage was, “Huh?”

“You know. Do you ever stroke that big cock of yours and think about me? I think about you sometimes.”

“Oh. I. uh. well.”

“It’s OK if you do. Everyone does it. Even parents do it. I know when your dick gets as hard as it is now you do it too. You have to. Otherwise you’d have blue balls!”

“Blue bah.?”

“My sister doesn’t put out. Honestly I don’t even know why you are with her. She isn’t that hot. Funny thing is, she masturbates too and keeps her pussy all to herself. Can I see it?”


“Your cock. Can I see how big it is?”

“I don’t know.”

“I won’t tell anyone. Certainly not my sister. I just want to see it so when I think about you at night I can see it in my mind and imagine I am sucking on it and putting it in my pussy.”

Now my dick was a Billy club. Hard as a fucking rock. Sweet Krissy was right. I wasn’t getting laid by her sister and I was whacking off at night because of blue balls. But this was crazy!

I offered, “So, we are going to do the show me yours and I show you mine then, or what?”


“OK, you go first.” I had to do one little test to make sure this wasn’t some kind of trap.

Right then she pulled her panties to the side and I saw one of the sweetest looking pussies I had ever seen. My mouth started to water! I barely caught my saliva with a gulp before I drooled!

Sweet Krissy began touching her pussy. Opening up the hole at the bottom. Squeezing the lips together. Showing me her clit. Putting a finger inside.

She offered me a taste. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to me to get down in front of her or what. I just said, “Sure.”

Krissy offered up her finger and I licked her juice off. It was a taste like nothing else I had ever tasted. I really didn’t know what to expect as far as the taste went, but I did know I could eat that pussy of hers and like it!

“Your turn!”

I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear off before sitting on the edge of the bed. She pulled her chair closer so we were opposing one another.

Can I taste it?” She asked.


Her sisters bed was one of those beds that is like 3 feet off the ground. Sitting in the desk chair all Sweet Krissy had to do is bend over a bit and my dick was in her mouth. Which is exactly what happened.

I had never had a blowjob previous to this experience and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was heavenly right from the start. Her mouth was so soft and warm. Like nothing my cock had ever experienced. If her mouth felt like this, how would her pussy feel?

Krissy wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and began moving her head up and down the shaft. For a second I thought about her poor sister. Then she went deep and all thoughts of her sister went away!

About three minutes into my first blowjob I was ready to shoot my load. This being my first time I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pulled her head up. She asked me if I needed to cum and I nodded. Krissy said that would be OK and resumed her up and down motion.

My cum wad must have been four or five times the size of any cum wad I had shot before. It felt so good to cum in something warm, wet and soft. Once Krissy had milked me for every last drop of sperm she pivoted in the chair and spit my load into her sister’s trash can.

Just then the garage door started humming. Her mom and sister were problem getting back from practice. Krissy kissed me on the mouth and put her soaked panties into the palm of my hand before sprinting out of the room.

I quickly put my pants back on and put Sweet Krissy’s panties into my pocket. Right as I righted myself on my girlfriend’s bed she walked into the room. It kind of looked like I was trying to look nonchalant. My girlfriend got suspicious and asked me what I was doing. I said nothing. Then she caught a glimpse of my sperm on top of the papers in her trash can.

My face went red and hers did too.

“You were jacking off?" She asked.

What was I supposed to say? No? Your sister blew me and spit my load in the trash? I had to say yes and take the lesser of two evils. I decided to put her on the defensive.

“Well, we don’t do anything and I am supposed to do when I am here in your room with everything is reminding me of you?”

That is so gross!” She exclaimed.

“Bullshit. You do it too. At least I have the balls to admit it!”

She went quiet for a minute. I was wondering if she’d kick me out or what?

Can I watch you do it?

Holy shit. Now she wants to have sex with me too?

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