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Every boy should have a Lil Emma in his life. I had one. She was older than I was by three years and she was my first sex partner. Before I met her I wasn’t even the least bit interested in sex. After her I became a sex addict!

It all started when she caught me looking up her skirt. I was embarrassed and apologized, but she told me it was OK to be curious and she asked if I wanted to look again. Like I said, I wasn’t even interested in looking up a girls skirt until this girl. I don’t know why, but I had to have another look!

Lil Emma and I sat in an oversized chair facing one another. She opened up her legs and lifted her skirt so I could get a closer look at her panties. My heart was racing. For the first time in my life I was aware that my dick was getting hard. It felt exciting!

She was wearing those socks you get for Christmas with the individual toes. They were made out of an extra soft material and were super fuzzy. As I sat there amazed she lifted her legs and shifted around so her pussy lips pressed on the fabric from underneath. At one point her panties actually entered her crevice a little bit. That seemed so cool!

“Your thingy is getting all hard!” She coyly laughed.

Before I knew it she was rubbing those soft socks all over the front of my pants. It felt wonderful. Like nothing I had ever experienced before.

“Tell you what. You let me see yours and I will let you see mine!”

I didn’t know what to do. One minute we were just goofing around and the next we are playing show and tell with our private parts. She sensed I was confused and rubbed her toes over the head of my prick. She used her toes to caress and squeeze my cock through my pants. If it felt this good through my pants, I thought, I wonder how good it’d feel without my pants in the way?!?!

“OK!” I responded.

“You go first. Show me how big that dick of yours gets.” She commanded.

I did as told and unzipped my fly. When my dick sprang out I was surprised to see a little liquid dribbling out of the tip.

“Sorry,” I told her thinking I’d peed or something.

“That’s OK. It isn’t pee, its natural oil your penis makes so you can rub it easier,” she explained.

“Oh.” I said.

Her feet made their way to my cock and she touched her big toe to the eye of my cock. As she pulled it away the liquid strung out for several inches. Then she brought it back and mashed it into my cock head before rubbing her big toe in a circle. This tickled a bit and felt exhilarating.

Were we having sex? I wondered to myself.

Lil Emma pulled her shirt up and was wearing a bra with a front clasp, which she undid. Her small tits weren’t really big enough to “spring out”, but they were something I had never seen before. Again I sat their transfixed.

“Want to touch them?” She asked.


I immediately squeezed her left boob and she yelped.

“Not like that! Be soft with them. They aren’t like an arm or something. Squeezing them like that feels like someone stomping on your foot.”

“OK.” I responded and this time I rubbed them softly. Her nipples got hard in my hands and again I blundered my squeezing them.

“Oww! Soft!” She exclaimed.

With limits in mind I resumed rubbing and cupping her boobs. She seemed to enjoy it once I took it slow.

After a few more seconds she pulled her panties over to show me her pussy. It was shaved on the bottom and had a small amount of close cut hair on top. Her outer lips were puffy and swollen looking and the inner ones were just barely protruding past them. I went to touch it too and she stopped me.

Emma informed me, “After man-handling my tits I can only imagine what you would do to my pussy. You just get to look, mister!”

I had never seen a pussy before. Even in magazines. She spread it open and showed me where my penis would go someday, where her clit was, how it gets wet too, etc. After a few minutes of her instruction I felt like a pussy expert!

Emma resumed her stimulation to my cock and this time she stroked it with both feet on either side of my shaft. As time went on my breathing got heavier and I could sense something was going to happen. I think Emma did to and she started rubbing her clit.

I thought to myself, wow, she is feeling like I do I bet. Before this it had never occurred to me that people could have sex with themselves. Watching her rub her pussy while my dick felt the way it did made this into a real treat.

After a few minutes Emma’s eyes started to roll back in her head and her breathing got louder. Mine did too. Suddenly my nervous system went haywire and cum started shooting out of my prick. It shot straight up and then came back down and landed on her toes. I had wet dreams before, but I had never seen my cum shoot out before.

Watching me jizz all over her feet caused Emma to cum too. I half expecting something to shoot out of her pussy. Instead it just clenched and I had to protect my nuts because her legs and feet started moving and kicking around.

Once she was done she opened her eyes and giggled.

“Did that feel good?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah! It sure did!” I exclaimed.

Lil Emma asked if I had ever jacked off before and was surprised to hear that I had not. She suggested that I should do it before going to bed and I should think of things I wanted to do to her. Then when we are together I could try them out on her. Sometimes she would call my house to “talk” just before bedtime. Talking quickly turned into phone sex and nightly quickly turned into several times a day.

My friend is long gone now. But, Lil Emma is here to stay and reminds me so much of my friend. The resemblance is uncanny. Small tits, pouty lips, long hair, fit body. Maybe I should track her down and “talk” to her again! is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network. You get fifteen sites for only a buck. As far as introductory offers go, this one is a no-brainer that is too good to pass up!

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Teen Hand Bra8

Thank God for hands or these girls would be showing some seriously sweet, pert titties. On second thought. Damn you, God! Let those tits be free!

Speaking of free. Obsessed With Myself is free to try for three days. These guys accept submissions from girls, girlfriends, girls friends and hack places like Photobucket, Myspace and Facebook for even more pics. and videos!

I have a sneaking suspicion that half of the candid photos and home sex tapes at Obsessed With Myself were created by girls that didn’t know they’d be on the Net someday.

Silly pics like the one above are just the tip of the iceberg. Categories in the members area include candid beach, bikinis, pool, blowjobs, handjobs, panty and bra, hand bras, lesbian, fucking, booty, small tits, big tits and more. It’s enough to make your head spin and your balls burst!

Grab your free pass to Obsessed With Myself and remember to read those join forms. Just make sure you join when you have tons of time on your hands. It’d suck if you had to work a double shift and forgot to cancel in the three day trial period.

Obsessed With Myself, it’s what’s for dessert!

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Awe, go ahead and take it all in. Don’t be shy, Cute Cristina isn’t so you should be either. That is my motto whenever hot schoolgirls show me their panties. Fuck it. If she wants to show me her sugar and spice, I say, go right ahead. Pour some sugar on me!

As you can imagine Cute Cristina has one of the cutest little pussies every created by the man above. Not to mention her small tits are nice and pert too.

When it comes to barely legal they don’t get much more than Cute Cristina. She is only days older than 18 and ready to party. I have a feeling you are ready to dance the horizontal bop with this girl. is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network. Get one for only a buck and see what the kitty-kat dragged in. I’ll give you a hint. Well. OK. I’ll just tell you. Fifteen teeny bopper girls every bit as cute as Cute Cristina.

You get girls like Trixie Teen, Little Summer, Little April, Little Lupe, Little Bree, Tiny Tyler and more. All for one low price! Get that Tiny Teen Pass for $1 before these mofos come to their senses, will ya?!?!

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Emily 18 is that short little girl you have always dreamed of. She likes to wear print cotton panties and bright colored clothes. Her nipples are puffy and her tits are pert and small.

Members of Emily 18 can view her Playing Doctor pics and her weekly video updates. Everything is shot in HD so you can zoom in really big on her private parts. Only true fans get to see her barely legal pussy so join now!

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Today’s post features Gigi Spice and her lesbian sex friend Gianna giving each other some strap on cock. Why? Well, because watching two teenagers having lesbian sex is hot, especially when they are both tan and tight!

Actually, the real reason is because someone specifically searched for this gallery. From time to time I get side tracked and post something that gets no votes. It is like thousands of you come in every day and don’t even have to register to vote, but the girl is so fucking hideous you cannot compel yourself to click a fucking star!

So. When this happens I recalibrate myself and hit the search results to find out what you guys (and gals) want. Good thing too, cause I wouldn’t mind giving either one of these girls the hot sausage!

I have written about Gigi Spice many times in the past. Her sexy pink snatch and small tits are practically legendary. Just like Emily 18, Gigi never seems to grow up!

She updates her site regularly with three updates a week. There is already so much content there for this membership to be a good deal. However, that wasn’t good enough for Pacino. The guy that runs the place. So he came up with a glorious idea. How about giving you all of the girls for one low price?


So join Gigi Spice and take advantage of this offer to receive Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Karla Spice, Selena Spice, Bella Spice, Mariah Spice, La Zona Modelos and more! It is a small tits, tan girl lovers dream!

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For most people Asian girls are either all-that or not even on the radar. Guys that aren’t feeling the Asian persuasion wonder what the allure is. Why are some guys so susceptible to the yellow fever?

Well, unlike their self-absorbed counterparts, Asian teens (particularly Filipinas) only care about making you happy. On some deeper level they do care for and about themselves, but they realize that a happy man makes for a happy woman. Teen Filipinas want to be happy women!

In order to achieve this goal, the girls will do just about anything to please you. This includes letting you do the sorts of things white girls aren’t as well know for. Plus, as an added bonus, Teen Filipinas love to get tied up and to play games. Naughty, naughty games!

Ask your local white teenager to dress up as a Manga character and she is going to think you are some kind of nut. Do the same with a Teen Filipina and she considers it par for the course. She enjoys it when you tell her how cute she looks.

It is no secret that Filipina girls stay young looking long past their teens. It also isn’t uncommon for a “girl” that is 28 years young to be mistaken for a 16 year old and get carded for cigarettes. Nothing says you have arrived like having one of those girls on your arm. She wants to fuck like she just found her pussy, and yet, you can have a real conversation with her over dinner!

Going to the Philippines can be expensive. Fun, but expensive. Going to Teen Filipina is relatively cheap and you get dozens of Filipina girls!

Teen Filipina features hardcore sex. Group sex. Lesbian sex. Teenage sex. Solo masturbation. Double masturbation. Facials. Anal. Rough. Raunchy. Beautiful. Sexy. Small Tits. Big Tits. Medium Tits. And, you can experience it all from the privacy of your own home!

Best of all, it is only $19.95. With this economy there aren’t many quality porn sites for that cheap of a rate!

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When it comes to solo models you have a lot to choose from. Today I am going to tell you about Shyla Jennings. She is one of those solo models that is all that and a bag of chips. Shyla is the girl next door first and a porn star second. Her small tits aren’t exactly tiny, but they are pert and they do make for nice handfuls of girly flesh!

While Shyla Jennings is bisexual, she primarily sticks to masturbation and lesbian videos on her web site. She does web cam shows when she is in town (she does strip club tours and porn industry shows here and there) allowing you one on one access to a hot teen porn star!

Shyla updates her site weekly with new pics and a video. She has a message board so she can keep in touch with fans even when she is touring the country. The updates come in many formats and can be viewed on devices such as iPod’s, cell phones, etc.

As a member of Shyla Jennings you also get access to her friends like Cindy Cupcakes, Diddylicious, Ashley and Serena, Ashley’s Candy, Kori Kitten and Tera 19, among others. Lots of others!

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Her small tits are what dreams are made of. You don’t find very many solo models with small tits where they are as perky as the day she hit puberty. Paulina 18 also has a tight, athletic body for the tummy fans and a cute, adorable smile!

Paulina 18 does hardcore videos and picture sets. She masturbates and she plays with her friends pussies too! You could say she is a one stop shop for all things barely legal. This is especially true when you signup for her friends sites for only $10 more!

How anyone finds such an adorable girl that looks so close to jailbait I dunno, but I certainly am glad someone did!

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Don’t worry. Viewing the image above is not going to land you in jail or put you on some list of known perverts. While she looks like jailbait here, Claudia Nichols is actually 20 years old. I know. It is hard to believe!

Another thing that is hard to believe is that you get Claudia Nichols and over 20 of her friends for one insanely low price. I don’t know how they can afford to do this and honestly, we don’t need to know. We just need to enjoy the girls!

All 20+ of them!

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Gracie Glam & Ally Kay

You know. I usually reserve this blog for solo models because I am a homophobe. there. I said it. I am a homophobe and I don’t like seeing another man’s junk in my porn. However, one look at Ally Kay, the blond above, and I was in love with her tits. Cute, little A-cups that look like they would dissolve in your mouth!

18 Years Old takes babes that are barely legal and initiates them into the porn lifestyle. I am not 100% agreeable with that lifestyle. I guess I lack the need to degrade women or to shoot my load in their eyeball to feel like a man. Am I crazy or what?

So anyway, Ally Kay’s small tits made my dick wanna burst bad enough that I looked deeper into the site and found many more girls with similarly flat chests. Enough girls that I decided to plunk down some of my hard earned cash. oops! Don’t tell the misses please!

As it turns out 18 Years Old is part of the Porn Pros network. They have over 20 sites and a few up them were also right up my ally. While I love looking at barely legal cuties like the ones above, I also like girls with some grip in the hips. possibly a Freud thing. 40oz Bounce handles those cravings!

Most of the sites in this network are too freaky. Even for me. But, it is nice to have variety and I am sure you have sub-niches you enjoy that differ from mine. So there you go, 18 Years Old. The Porn Pros. Try em out for less an $1 a day!

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Just the other day I was weeding through some candid pics and came across one of a girl flipping off the camera. I asked a colleague what he thought of her and he instantly quipped, “Flipping me off? Fuck her, shit can it!”

I asked him why he felt so strongly about flip off pics and he said he just didn’t like girls that thought they were all that. I believe this viewpoint stems from having had the cheerleaders in high school tell him to go fuck himself when ever he tried to strike up a conversation with one of them. Sadly, even though he resented them for doing it, he did go fuck himself and he thought about them while he did it!

So let me bring up my own personal viewpoint of flip off pics. I like them! Actually, I love them! Why? Because these two girls probably are on the cheerleading squad and they thought they were being “too cool” by flipping off the viewer. In reality they ended up on a porn site. How fucking classic is that? Now we can all go fuck ourselves and have more than just a mental image to do it with!

Teens Self Shot is loaded with girls in candid bikini pics, topless and bottomless too! These girls thought their photos would used only by their boyfriends (or girlfriends) for jackoff purposes and most likely had no idea just how vindictive boys (and dykes) can be when you break up with them.

Now their neighbors, their cousins, their uncles, their mothers, their grandmothers, old teachers, current professors and you know exactly what they look like naked! Sweet!!!

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Guys, this is Makenzie from FDAU University. She is going to show us her big fluffy tits and rub her little pussy for us. While I am of Scottish decent myself I cannot attest to whether or not Makenzie’s uniform is up to code in the Scottish school system. I can tell you that at Face Down Ass Up University cute, little, schoolgirl uniforms like hers are the norm!

I am also polish and I have to say, Teen Kasia looks 100% amazing in her schoolgirl uniform. Whether or not it is up to code isn’t my first concern. My first concern is whether or not she can cum just by sucking on those puffy nipples of hers!

You can watch chicks like Makenzie and Kasia masturbate, go down on each other and go down on guys with your FDAU University pass. Dozens of hot babes and hundreds of videos. Phil Flash is well known in the adult industry for creating exceptional teen porn. Stuff you can go goo-goo and gaa-gaa for and not feel too dirty!

Plaster Her With Cum!
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For some of us it is getting back to the basics. For others it is enjoying a fantasy we previously could only dream about. Get Jerk Off Encouragement from hot girls who know how to tempt, tease and please you at!

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