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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/03/09 - Write A Comment!
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It is time to tell you about one of my favorite sites of all time, Teen Flood. I have been a member of this site on and off since 1999.

Ten fucking years!


Because this guy was one of the first to find hot coeds and girls fresh out of high school willing to get naked and masturbate for the rest of the worlds enjoyment. Since then he has stayed true to the sites name and kept a flood of delicious girls coming in on a weekly basis.

Teen Flood has since grown into several other niches like lesbian girls and hardcore sex, blowjobs, etc. I have to say the masturbation videos are my own personal favorite. And the interviews!

The girls at Teen Flood are all 18 to 21 years old. Just how we like ’em here at Rhino’s Girls. Most have small tits and barely legal bodies and some like Denisa above have the girl next door looks with a sparkle in their eye.

Those interviews. They are amazing. Simply amazing. He has the girls strip down and answer personal questions with certain questions making the cut on a regular basis like, “How old where you when you first masturbated?”, “How old when you first had sex?”, “How did you first masturbate and how has your technique changed over the years?”

The barely legal ones are a real treat because they often just started having sex just before getting filmed by this guy. One girl didn’t even know she had a vulva (more specifically that it was a hole) until he gave her a vibrator and she didn’t exactly know what to do with it.

Anyone into a mix of amateurs and semi-pro girls will enjoy Teen Flood. You also get access to sites dedicated to certain popular models and access to his other multi-girl sites too!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/01/09 - Write A Comment!
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amateurupskirts teen panties

If you had an older sister the chances are she had some pretty fucking hot friends. My sister’s friends were fucking smoking. Sure I was young and you are probably thinking that any boy hitting puberty thinks just about any pussy is good pussy. No! My sister’s friends were 8’s, 9’s and 10’s!

One such friend was a lot like Kiki from Amateur Upskirts above. Perfect tan, long hair and a face you could wake up to. Her small tits were nice and pert even without a bra. She could bend over and they’d retain their puffy shape. Maybe it was because they were on their way up to an eventual C-Cup so they were always filling their space to the max.

My sister used to attend a prep-school and they had to wear uniforms there. Once when my sister went to gymnastics practice my mom decided to do some shopping at the grocery store. This left me and my Kiki look alike about one hour and a half by ourselves. My mom probably didn’t even consider the implications since our age difference was so great.

Kiki was sitting on the couch facing the TV doing her homework. She was sitting slouched down and had a big folder resting on her chest just below her tits and she was writing notes in it. I situated myself on the floor diagonally in front of the TV to do my own homework. From this position I could try and look up her skirt by looking out of the corner of my eye.

For about three to four minutes I just worked on my homework. I wanted to make her feel comfortable and hopefully forget about me behind her folder. It seemed to be working and she wiggled her legs, tapping her feat to whatever song was on MTV.

Occasionally I’d catch a glimpse of bright colored panties from underneath her skirt. It was working better than I had imagined. A really catchy tune came on and she open and closed her legs to this one. One eye wasn’t enough. I needed stereo vision of these schoolgirl panties!

Right as I turned my head she opened her legs up really wide and I got a lot more than just a glimpse. I could see her pussy crack where her panties got sucked in! Unfortunately she realized she had just opened her legs up and looked up at me from behind her folder.

As quickly as I could I turned my head to face my folder and continued writing. I could feel her stare burning into my temple. Through my peripheral vision I could see her looking at me and then going back to her notebook.

I did a head fake to see if she was keeping tabs on me and she didn’t react. Good! I kept doing my homework figuring I’d see another glimpse of light blue panty when it was time to get more updates of this girls crotch.

She started pumping them legs after a few minutes and this time they sat open for much longer then before. Then she reached down and I turned my head back but left one eye on her. She itched her leg right next to her crotch. My dick got hard so fucking quick it practically launched me into the ceiling. Well, it wasn’t that big back then but it did hurt!

When I shifted to try and rearrange the package she looked up at me with a smile. I just looked back down at my paper with a look of embracement. Did she know why I shifted? Surely she did. She was much older and probably had sex all the time.

Next, she itched again. Only this time she itched right where her panties were going up her crack. Now they were creased. As she opened and closed her legs they seemed to get eaten by her pussy!

Suddenly without warning she slammed her notebook closed along with her legs and said, “OK, this is bullshit. You have been looking up my skirt for a long time now and I haven’t seen anything!”

I didn’t know what to think. I just kept my eyes on my homework. I couldn’t write because my mind turned into a thick cloud.

“Turn over!” she demanded.

Did she just say that? Was I dreaming? Should I pinch myself?

Don’t you want to see my panties?” she asked coyly.

I started rolling and as my pup tent came into view she started opening her legs back up. I could see some wetness on her panties. Was my sister’s friend actually getting turned on by me? Surely I am dreaming!?!? “This can’t be real!” is all that kept going through my mind.

“Have you ever seen a girls pussy before?”


“Not in the bathtub with your sister, I mean an older girl.”


“Do you want to see mine?”


“Then come over here!”

With that I got on my knees and worked my way over to her. She pulled the handle on the couch and the foot rest came up. She motioned for me to stand in front of it. Kiki hiked up her skirt a bit and I had a birds eye view of her wet panties. My cock was straining against my pants.

She pointed at my cock and told me to take it out. I hesitated for a second and she closed her legs. Not wanting to fuck up negotiations at such a pivotal point I complied. As soon as I reached in to pull it out she opened her legs real wide.

Once my cock was out she pulled her panties over to show me her pussy. Even though I had seen quite a few in my brother’s porno mags, nothing compares to real life, in your face, pussy!

Kiki pulled her outer lips apart and showed me the inner lips. They were very small. Then she pulled those open to and showed me where my penis would go. I was mesmerized. Then I noticed she was looking at my cock and I got a little embarrassed because it was leaking some fluid.

I held my cock upwards a bit so the fluid wouldn’t drop off onto the floor and it slowly ran down the head onto the shaft. Kiki put a finger at the top of her pussy and slowly ran it down the crack. Once it got to the bottom she pushed it into her pussy. I could tell her pussy must have been very wet because her finger disappeared with little effort into her body.

After watching her pull her finger in and out for a bit she asked me if I was enjoying watching her. Of course my reply was a resounding YES and she said she liked to “watch” too.

In my cloudy mind things didn’t compute right away. Watch? Watch what? Then it occurred to me that if she was playing with where my penis goes, she might want to watch me play with the penis that goes in there. I reached down and spread the precum around my cock before stroking it slowly and deliberately.

With that Kiki put another hand down there to use her index finger on her clit. At the time I didn’t know what one was. I knew it was there. I didn’t know it was some kind of magic button. What can I say? I read my bros porno mags for the pictures, not the text.

I could tell rubbing her clit was making her really hot and horny and the site of it make me want to stroke harder and faster than I ever have before.

Now there was a problem. I could tell I was seconds from cumming and didn’t have anything to cum into. I stopped, which made her stop with a mad look on her face like someone broke her Barbie Doll. She asked what was up and I explained my predicament. Kiki giggled and said she had the perfect remedy.

I watched intently as Kiki removed her panties. They shot out of her butt crack like a sling shot. The crotch was super wet on the business side. Even more than the other side!

Kiki told me to wrap them around my cock and go to town. I shit you not, for a half of a second I contemplated Main Street and what I was supposed to do with her panties there? Then I did as told and she resumed her feverish rubbing of her clit.

Perhaps knowing I was close brought her close too because she was much more worked up now than before. As her body started convulsing I shot my load into her soft panties. The material quickly started turning a darker blue as my jizz filled them up.

At the site of this Kiki started moaning and closed her legs tight. She went somewhere in her mind and seemed to lose track of where she was. It seemed to me that her orgasm was ten times better than my own.

She came back down to Earth and laughed. I nervously smiled back and she blurted out, “That was cool!”

As I wiped the remaining dribbles of sperm off of my penis with her panties she said that I could keep them if I never told anyone what we had done. It sounded like a great idea to me and I headed back to my room to stash them inside my closet. Besides, did she really expect me to tell anyone I masturbated? (Oops, statute of limitations has run out, Kiki)

By the time I got back to the living room she was gone. I tried to do some more homework, but it was futile. I couldn’t get her pussy out of my mind. I quickly went back to my room and closed the door. I Took her panties back out and noticed my fluids hadn’t mixed with hers yet. I smelled the crotch. It smelled like pee and something I had never smelled before. I touched it and noticed it was gooey like my own precum.

I took her panties to the sink and hand washed them and then put them in the dryer checking my watch. I had about twenty more minutes before my mom and sis got back. Hopefully they’d be dry and I could use them again before they got home!

Amateur Upskirts has plenty of panty content. Lace Panties, Satin Panties, Silk Panties, Schoolgirl Panties, Cotton Panties, Print Panties, Pink Panties, Black Panties, White Panties and everything in between. There are girls next door, amateur porn stars and well known porn stars. Amateur Upskirts has the kind of grinding, camel toe, masturbation and teasing content the true panty fetish fan is looking for.

Who knows, you might see someone or something that reminds you of a special someone from your own past!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/28/09 - Write A Comment!
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This is perfect. A brunette with blue eyes and small tits. Could life get any better than this?

Her name is Cofi Milan and some of you might have heard of her before. She has had a web site that has been under promoted for quite a long time. All of that is about to change as she found a new management company. These are the same people that brought you such hotties as Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel, Felicity Fey, Katie Fey and the ever popular small tits model Kristina Fey. You can’t ask for a better management company than that!

Cofi Milan is under a different umbrella than the Fey sisters though so you get a completely different set of bonus sites. Girls like Amy Days and Sandy Fair (another personal fav!) are part of the collection. There are another ten models, with more coming by July. Scroll down on the CofiMilan.com tour and you can see who they all are.

Once again the Wonton Media team has struck gold. Sweet, pleasurable gold. Cofi Milan goes both ways so you get the tri-fecta. Masturbation, lesbian kisses and lesbian licks with some good hard fucking with blowjobs and cumshots thrown in for good measure.

Cofi Milan. She is your new girlfriend on the net!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/27/09 - Write A Comment!
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Yes, I am well aware of the voting stats for the polls you see to the right of these posts.

Yes, I know Nikki Price is 20 years old which means she is older than “The Younger, The Better”.

Yes, I know that NikkiPrice.com features hardcore sex acts which don’t conform to what you all requested. Softcore, panty shots and lots of colorful clothing.

But. First, Nikki Price is damn cute! Second, she does both hardcore and softcore. And, above all, she has the cutest set of small tits I have ever seen on a girl that is no longer a teenager.

Nikki has one hell of an exotic look. She could easily do modeling jobs and say goodbye to porn. Hopefully she doesn’t read my blog post and decide to listen to my advice. Because it isn’t advice, it’s just an opinion.

Her almond shaped eyes come from her quarter Chinese ancestry. Her take no prisoners attitude comes from the Irish side of the family. And her juicy booty and strong legs? All 100% Latin. Wouldn’t surprise me if her family has a long tradition in soccer.

So why am I writing about this girl? Because she has one of the few sites on the net with some spunk. Nikki Price isn’t some contract model doing this site because she has a drug habit and needs some quick cash.

There are tons of sites like that out there. They shoot the model in four different outfits a day and make two videos per day. Then after three months, 112 photo sets and 56 videos  they fire the model. The site updates 2 pics and 1 video a week for a year and develops a following and then they start regurgitating the old content with no video updates. Things go to shit and if they can track down the model to shoot more content she looks like crap because she is smacked out on heroin!


Not the case with Nikki Price! She opened the web site. She controls the content and she makes all of the cash. Nikki updates regularly with new content, posts personal vids to keep you caught up with what is going on in her personal life and keeps an updated blog of her day to day happenings.

All in all, NikkiPrice.com is her world and she is inviting you into it. I can pretty much guarantee it is a wild ride that is worth the price of admission!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/26/09 - Write A Comment!
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With the temperatures rising the beaches are heating up and you know what that means. The bikinis are shrinking and in some cases, coming off completely!

xPosing has all of your beach candid pics in one location. They started out a club and have since become an entire community. They also have moved into other niches too like: Cheerleaders, Sports (soccer, swimming, volleyball, etc), Underwear, Chicks on the Pot, Topless, Nude and more!

In the beginning you had to either be a photographer or just have a knack for finding web gems that no one else in the group had. In other words, you had to upload to download. Now everything has changed. And for the better I might add!

Anyone with $19.99 burning a hole in the wallet can join xPosing and enjoy the vast assortment of beach candids along with everything else the users have been collecting over the years.

There are over 170,000 contributors at xPosing. That means you will find tons of porn you have never seen before! With almost 52,000 threads in the forum you have a lot of catching up to do so I won’t keep you here any longer!

Find more beach candids at xPosing.com!

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I am sure that by now you have heard of Truth or Dare. You might have even played a few rounds. Personally, truth or dare was my favorite game. I performed my first French kiss, felt my first tit and fingered my first pussy while playing this game. All well before I even knew what a clit was. Thankfully the recipient didn’t know she had one either!

Dare Ring brings this game back with a hardcore twist. Things progress way past first and second base in this fast paced group sex game. Call it Truth or Dare on steroids. Every boys fantasy and a staple of 70’s party entertainment.

All of the participants at Dare Ring are amateurs. A perfect bonus because you find yourself looking at girls who look very much like the girls you originally played this game with the first time.

On top of the famous DareRing.com Truth or Dare games you also get bonus games Strip Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker, Ring Toss (ouch!), Topless Pie Eating, Naked Twister and Blowjob Roulette. Some of the games last two and a half hours!


You are going to need a better brand of lube!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/17/09 - Write A Comment!
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It is official. My dick is hard as a fucking rock just looking at Lina from Nubiles fully clothed. I am sure you are in the same predicament. Now click on her pic and see her naked. Watch this Nubiles video of Lina. And here you didn’t think your cock could get any harder, but there it is. Solid as a rock!

Lina has some small tits. To be honest that is what drew me to her and inspired me to write about her. Not only does she have small tits, Lina has puffy nipples. She looks like she just started growing her boobs this year.

Now check out Lina’s tight pussy. Would you dick even fit? She looks so fucking tight it might hurt to be inside her. But you know what they say, no pain, no gain!

Lina definitely qualifies at jailbait. You don’t wonder if she is in high school, you wonder how many years she has left.

And the best part?

Lina is just one of over 600 models at Nubiles.net. Each of the models at Nubiles does several masturbation videos and several more picture sets. Three new models are added each week with one of them doing hardcore videos! Nubiles has several updates a day to keep you occupied and if that isn’t enough you can always surf the archives.

When it comes to small tits and virgin looking girls Nubiles is hard to beat!

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Emily18 reminds me of a girl I used to date. When I first met her I thought I was one of the only people in the world that masturbated. She was the first person I ever masturbated in front of. She would not be my last.

I asked this girl about the first time she ever masturbated. She said she had found some of her older sisters lingerie. It looked lacey and sexy like the stuff Emily 18 is wearing above.

She tried her sister’s lingerie on and said her pussy instantly got wet. She thought about her sister’s boyfriends looking at her and thinking she was sexy too. Soon she realized her hand was inside her panties tracing circles over her pubic mound.

At the same time she realized she was touching herself she had become aware of the aching feeling her clit was giving her. She put a finger on her clit to sooth it and instantly felt an electric shock. Her clit stopped hurting and started feeling really good.

By now my ex’s pussy was super wet and the juice had worked its way up her slit to her clit. She wondered if this juicy stuff would feel good on her clit and started rubbing it in. Sure enough it felt even better than before!

After coming within seconds of her first orgasm for the fifth time she shed her fear of the special feeling building between her legs and rubbed even faster. Waves of relief mixed with pleasure rolled over her young body.

There was just one problem. Her soaking wet pussy saturated her sisters panties with her love juice! Now she was going to have to wash them without anyone seeing her do it!

Emily18.com makes it super easy to remember the good times and even create a few fantasies along the way. With her small tits and barely legal looks Emily 18 will keep your creative juices flowing. Her three updates a week won’t hurt either!

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Three teenagers borrow grand-pappies campervan and head to the beach. Turns out the beach is deserted. Not a sole in site.

What to do.?

What to do.?

I know? How about lesbian kissing?

Looks like these three ladies had the same fucking idea I had. The girls at Abby Winters are full of great ideas (just like me!).

Abby Winters has been photographing hot girls next door for eight years now. In that time she has amassed a huge collection of small tits porn you have to see to believe. Hundreds of girls and thousands of videos!

Click the pic above and check out the entire gallery. Well, sample gallery. The entire gallery has over a hundred pics and the girls get a little more frisky than just kissing. Notice the clarity. The richness of the color. That is because Abby Winters takes porn seriously. She turned porn into a fucking art form!

I am not going to guarantee every single Abby Winters girl will have your dick standing at attention. I will say that well over 300 of them will. Real girls. Doing what real girls do, make your dick pop!

Abby Winters recently split up into three separate sites. Solo Girls, Girl/Girl and Intimate Moments. All three update so often you can’t fucking catch up. No kidding. But for $10 more a month you get all three and everything in the archives. So goodbye to free time, my friend!

You are going to need a better lube and I would suggest throwing a towel in the dryer to get it warm.

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Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. What you are seeing in real teenage beach bikini candid pics. These girls are not paid actors. They are the girls next door. The barely legal girls next door. So young and tight the red bikini’s ass stands at attention even when she is laying down!!

The knee is Candid Bob. He is the genius behind The Candid Place. A web site so beautiful you will literally cry when you get into the members area. Candid Bob doesn’t license photos from other people or download the same shit you have already seen all over the Internet. He and his companions shoot these photos with high quality equipment so everything in original!

The photos at The Candid Place are shot in 1200×1600 and 2400×1600. Everything is hand picked and ripens on the vine. 100% beach bikini candid photography. Plus videos!

Yes, you read that correctly. Candid Bob got tired of just having pics so he decided to shoot hot babes like those above for his video section. Now you can watch those teenage tits jiggle and wiggle, then check out the photos for some close ups. And who doesn’t like a good close up of pert teenage tits?

Are you a voyeur? Do you like looking at barely legal pics of hot teens in bikinis and less? Grab your own The Candid Place password and see for yourself why Gonja, Ostap and Candid Bob are the kings of bikini candid photography!

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Have you ever wondered about those pics you see floating around the Internet of high school aged girls showing piece signs? Well, wonder no longer. These two hotties from 18 Only Girls are going to show you exactly why girls are throwing up piece signs. Call it a bi-sexual feminist movement if you will. Those girls are letting you know they have been licking each others teenage pussies. And loving it!

The brunette on the left has some of the puffiest nipples ever seen. Capping her small tits with puffies makes them look even puffier! The girl on the right has bigger boobs but her eyes are what draw you in. And her mouth. She could gnaw on my cock when ever she wants!

18 Only Girls isn’t just lesbians either. Most of the galleries are girl on guy or girls on guy or girls on guys. These teens are experimenting with sex and right now anything goes!

As a member you get access to seven years of updates. Over 1,200 videos featuring over 300 girls. Take the tour and as always, check the join page. This is one barely legal network you won’t want to pass up!

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The world is full of hot teens. You can find them at the park, the mall, college campuses, etc. The world is not full of hot teens willing to masturbate for you on the Internet. Lucky for you, Cierra Spice doesn’t mind if you come along for the ride.

Girls find lots of ways to masturbate. Some use kitchen utensils, others use stuff you might find in the bathroom. Like a Prell bottle for example. Cierra Spice found out bath water running over her clit feels like when one of her boyfriends lick her pussy. No fingering or fiddling or shoving or ramming. Just turn it on, lay back and enjoy the ride. I wonder if we will ever know whether or not Roman women used this technique in ancient times.

Cierra is 19 years old and going to college. (See, I told you that you can find hot teens on college campuses!) She has small tits (but not tiny) and a slightly athletic, slightly soft look. She keeps her pussy shaved and fuck me if it doesn’t look 100% inviting! Almost virgin!

CierraSpice.com updates several times a week with a new video and pics. Cierra keeps a weekly journal to let her fans know what is going on in her life.

As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to more spicy latinas like Pamela Spice and red hot Gigi Spice. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for more details. If you like young Latinas, you’re going to love this pass!

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Her site just came out and already the small tits model Little Bree is making quite a buzz. Her youthful appearance blurs the line between jailbait and barely legal. Don’t worry, you aren’t breaking any laws checking this brunette teenager out.

Little Bree  is the little teenager with a body that never grew up. While her body is taking the slow road her mind has been running full speed ever since she turned 18 years old. She can’t get enough cock in her!

Growing up Bree liked to experiment with her girlfriends. They would try things out like French kissing and stuff. Over the years Bree and her girlfriends branched out into seeing what it’d feel like to have their pussies licked. During all of this experimentation Little Bree developed a knack for getting her girlfriends to cum in no time at all!

You can watch Little Bree licking her friends pussy by clicking the pic above. Want more? Like see her sucking cock? You will need a pass to LittleBree.com for that. Even better, get the Teens Access Pass! Then you will have Little Bree and several of her friends including three sets of twins!

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As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Today the grease will be all over Lorelei’s ass. Why? Because at Flower Tucci that is how things are done. Tons of petroleum products and lots of skin!

Someone searched for Lorelei Lee and it is easy to see why. This blonde bombshell puts the B in bomb! She has ass-a-plenty and a sweet set of palm-able tits. I can already taste her nipples!

Sure, I like em young like Nubiles, but once in a while it is nice to bounce back to reality. The reality of it is America has more women like Lorelei Lee than it does of Emily 18. So here I am fulfilling a request and wondering what it’d be like to have two 40 inch plus babes blowing my cock at the same time!

Flower Tucci has stopped updating her site recently. She is on a tour of America doing shows, strip clubs, guest shoots for other porn stars sites and what not. I hope she comes back soon.

FlowerTucci.com is like a window into the life of a porn star goddess. She has all of the hottest porn stars stopping by and having sex. Tons of big tits, wide ass girls.

Being a member of Flower Tucci has its benefits. One of the is Pure 18. As a member of FlowerTucci.com you get unlimited access to the entire Reality Kings network. There are over 25 sites to choose from and multiple daily updates.

Remember, use the search feature if you want to request your favorite girl for a review or send it to me at rhinos girls at j2media dot net. Will be right back with some more Little Bree!

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While I was in high school I used to have this friend. We never did actually date per-se, we mostly just buddied around and had sex here and there. One of the things she was most fascinated by was watching me masturbate. This worked out well because I also enjoyed watching her masturbate to my own masturbation.

Another great aspect of our dual masturbation sessions is that she often liked to use various household items. So, since she was always wanting to see how I masturbate with “things”, I got to see how she masturbated with “things”.

Ever since I first laid eyes on a girls hairbrush handle I wondered, “Damn, that thing seems more like it was molded for masturbation then for grip!”

On one fateful day I asked her if she ever used her hairbrush to masturbate and she got one and showed me how she did it. Looking back I wonder how she was able to do so much without any lube. Then again, I guess putting on a show for me made her very wet. Especially since I was putting on a show for her at the same time.

While she was pushing the handle of her hairbrush into her pussy I wondered aloud how crazy it is that her hairbrush can fit all the way into her pussy. She pulled it out and put it next to my swollen cock. My cock was about an inch and a half bigger. She said something about my cock being longer and thicker and that the hairbrush was actually easier to get all the way in!

It didn’t take long for her hairbrush masturbation technique to send her over the edge. Lucky for her she preferred to cum with something inside her instead of rubbing her clit. I always enjoyed fucking her because of it. For some reason I got more satisfaction making her cum by fucking her then having to rub her clit too.

At FTVGirls there are quite a few girls that masturbate with a hairbrush. The web site is well known for the girls using all sorts of items in their masturbation videos. Almost all of the girls perform some kind of public masturbation too. Often right out in the open!

Perhaps one of the hottest sets of videos at FTV Girls is the one where two petite blonde girls eat each other out in a very public park! Then there are the brunettes that lick each other to orgasm in a parking lot with guys snapping cell phone pics walking by.

By far FTVGirls is the place to go if you want both softcore and hardcore masturbation videos with lots of lesbian videos thrown in for good measure!

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