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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/10/09 - Write A Comment!
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I have a fascination with small tits teens. Especially the artistic sites and how they depict them. I guess you could say they look somewhat angelic.

Of course the other obvious reason to like artistic nude sites like X-Art is that they shoot their pics in such an incredible resolution. These ones are at 4000 pixels in the members area!

X-Art updates every three to four days with a new picture set and while I cannot guarantee the girls will all have small tits, I can say that the majority of them do. Each girl comes back and does several picture sets so you can get to know them better.

Another one of my favorite small tits updates is Little Love with Chloe. She has tiny tits and a cute, firm butt. In this set she poses wearing only some soft pink socks. I wonder what we are supposed to fantasize she is going to do with them? Oh, and her pussy looks virgin like. So angelic!

X-Art isn’t just softcore nudity. You also get to see Chloe’s tight pussy wrapped around some hard cock! This site blends the best of softcore nudity and hardcore sex into one hot picture!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/08/09 - Write A Comment!
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The idea is pretty fucking simple. Open a website and offer girls money to send in their self shot videos and pics. Then charge guys like you and I to see the crazy shit these girls send in. God damn it is simple! Why in the hell didn’t I think of it?

Well, I am not going to beat myself up unless beating myself means whacking my pecker. Jesus this place is full of hot videos of chicks masturbating.

Diana in the free video gallery above is one hell of a small tits beauty. So girl next door and yet so fucking hawt. I just want to drop a load on her chin and watch it run down that sweet chest of hers.

I bet you she wears a padded bra when she goes clubbing. I also bet you she would act all coy when it is time to remove it. Diana would be thinking I might kick her to the curb once I see her itty bitty titties. On the contrary, I’d dive right in and show her some small tits love!

I once dated a girl that stuffed her bra. Thing was she was fresh out of high school! What was she still padding her bra for? Once I showed her that small tits passion I have for girls like her she stopped padding that bra and started noticing that guys where still checking her out. Take a lesson here girls, there is always someone out there into what ever it is you have got.

Back to Sweet Apples. Weekly updates keep this site fresh and a huge archive of content will have you digging around for hot amateur porn. The amount of amateur porn videos here is staggering!

Join Sweet Apples today and for only $24.99 you can download enough amateur porn to make your palms bleed. Make sure you get a good lube!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/08/09 - Write A Comment!
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Pop quiz, hotshot: If a hot 20 year old brunette with small tits, a cute face and a spaz-matic attitude suggested you both go up on the roof and you get naked while she is fully clothed and she will give you the handjob from hell, would you?

What if she threw in a blowjob once she got back to her place?

Of course you would. You’d do it before the blowjob was ever offered!

This is the type of stuff going on at NikkiPrice.com. This little chick is chalk full of ideas and they are all sexual in nature. She doesn’t seem to know the definition of the word no or even have a sense of the concept behind it. If something crazy pops into her head the camera is coming out and she is doing it. Period!

Nikki Price updates often and already has a huge selection of videos showcasing her amateur style of porn making. There is no director and there are no professional cameramen. Nikki and her friends create this content on their own.

That is what makes this site so fucking insane!

Plus, Nikki Price is bisexual so there are always tons of other chicks to look at. Talk about your equal opportunity amateur porn!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/07/09 - Write A Comment!
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I am sure you have heard me say it before. Teen girls kissing is one of the hottest turn-ons two teen girls can possibly offer up. That is, just before they blow me in tandem. Maybe even swapping my sperm when they are done.

Natasha Shy grew up the skinny girl on the block. She didn’t date and for the most part everyone assumed Natasha wasn’t all that interested in sex. Wrong!

As usual the girl that is getting the least ends up being the absolute horniest bitch on the block! While everyone was assuming this A-Cup cutie had no sex drive she was thinking of new and interesting ways she could get laid or lay one of her own female friends.


Eventually her shyness burst as her sexual oppression reached the boiling point. Natasha Shy was ready to unleash herself on the world whether the world was ready for this small tits teen or not.

Natasha Shy updates weekly and even allows you to access to friends sites. If you are into barely legal girls having lesbian sex and a super petite girl getting her tight pussy plowed by the boys in class, take the tour! Make sure to check out the join page and see why NatashaShy.com is one of my new favorites!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/02/09 - Write A Comment!
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There are not many solo model porn stars I’d like to bang. Sure there are plenty of hotties like Emily 18, Gigi Spice, Kaira 18 and more, but none of them are full fledged porn stars. Aaliyah Love is a porn star. You can buy her DVD’s in stores and see her on hundreds of web sites were she has been a featured model.

Only at AaliyahLove.com can you see all of her content in one convenient place and also see content you cannot find anywhere else!

Aaliyah Love is special in the porn star industry because she is one of the few hotties that kept her small tits. Her small A-Cup boobies are way hotter IMHO than anything a doctor could do for her. They are pert and have perfecting matched nipples.

Not only does she have a barely legal body, Aaliyah Love also has a barely legal pussy. Watching her cram a dildo into her tight pussy in the gallery above leads me to believe a big fat cock would have a tough time making it all the way inside.

Aaliyah updates her site daily with new pics and videos and regularly updates her blog. She is an active porn star that isn’t going any where so you don’t have to worry about getting in only to find her getting out.

Videos are encoded in four different formats to ensure you can play them anywhere you want to. Everything is downloadable and in high definition.

Members of Aaliyah Love also get access to her friends including teens like, Leah Luv and Ashley Fires, plus, access to several other porn star sites like, Monica Mayhem and Cassandra Calogera, plus, many more!

So if you are looking for a hot small tits teen to fantasize about tonight, you found her in Aaliyah Love!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/01/09 - Write A Comment!
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Every time you turn around Emily 18 is doing something naughty. She just gets naughtier and naughtier as time goes by. Not that I am complaining mind you. I am enjoying this to the “fullest”.

In the gallery above Emily18 is letting us know she is bisexual. Or is she? I hope to see more of this kind of content in Emily’s members area either way.

As a man I am sure you have noticed that girls have a way of tempting you with her small tits. A flirtatious and naughty nature that sucks you in and spits you out (hopefully in one piece, lol). It also seems that guys aren’t the only ones susceptible to this kind of torture. Girls fall for it too! Which is why I love college!

So. Will Emily 18 succumb to the female form as we all have for hers? Tune into Emily18.com and find out!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/26/09 - Write A Comment!
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So I was just having a conversation with my girlfriend tonight about what is beauty. I prefer chicks to look good without needing makeup. Perhaps that is why I write about Emily18 at least once a month. She always looks good.

Above is Sweet Stephanie. I prefer a girl like her to a girl like Angelina Jolie any day of the week. One because I am into teens and coeds and two because she doesn’t need makeup to get noticed. I am not saying she is hotter than Angelina or even that Angelina wouldn’t look good without makeup. I am saying that Sweet Stephanie isn’t all about herself and doesn’t act like a stuck up bitch.

I guess you could say I enjoy the girl next door look. Having a membership to Sweet Stephanie is like having a window into what goes on in the wild world of the teenager next door. When Stephanie’s mom and dad think she is sleeping or studying with a girlfriend they have it wrong. She is having sex with that girlfriend and we get to come along for the ride!

Sweet Stephanie is just as much a tease and flirt as she is a naughty girl. Most of her videos and photo sets start with lots of time and pics spent on her panties, tight shorts and camel toe. Once she has you good and hard she takes it all off and joins you!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/24/09 - Write A Comment!
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I am one sick mother fucker. I am perverted and I like younger girls. Some of the chicks at ObsessedWithMyself.com could be my daughter and to be brutally honest, that just excites me even moar!

Not that they could specifically be my daughters. That would be illegal and immoral. It excites me that they could be your daughters, my neighbors daughters, my ex-school teachers granddaughters, the cop that wrote me my last speeding ticket’s daughters. You name just about anyone besides me and my mother and it excites me that it could be their daughters! Especially ex-President Bush! Damn he had some hot daughters!!!

Kinky Gfs employs a new and growing concept with a twist. There are lots of amateur/ex-girlfriend sites popping up all over the net. Only Kinky Gfs has the balls (or the stupidity, your call) to offer you a password for nothing. Zero. Zilch. Ka-put.

For three days you can download the videos and save all of the pics you want. Then cancel and they make exactly nothing. Not even a penny. Unfortunately for me they got me. WTF? I got hooked! Like I said, I am a pervert and this kind of content gets me going!

So how does ObsessedWithMyself get its content? Believe it or not chicks are stupid. They get excited at the fact that I am getting excited. Personally I think it is a self-esteem issue. They need to feel wanted so fucking bad they actually send this shit in.

In fact, they send so much shit in that KinkyGFs had to shut the fucking submit form down. All of the content and performers have to be checked out to make sure they are legal. This takes time. These chicks don’t care. They want to get noticed!

Another thing that sets ObsessedWithMyself apart is that they have tons of pics in series. Even some videos too. If there is one thing I hate it is when I find a hot girl to look at and there is only one shot of her. Not here. At Kinky Gfs there are plenty of series to excite you.

Time for me to go back into the members area for another Fap session!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/23/09 - Write A Comment!
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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Ashley. She died abruptly in a pedestrian/car incident. Our hearts go out to her loved ones. She was a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. Her positive attitude was such a gift for all that knew her.

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/16/09 - Write A Comment!
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If her pretty face and tasty small tits already have you excited, wait until you see her delicious pink pussy. When you bag a hot teen like Elizabethanne from Nubiles you don’t mind taking her out and spending money on her because you know the dessert down below is worth the trouble!

Not to mention having a hottie like this on your arm knocks off ten years of your age and gets the kind of attention you don’t mind having!

Elizabethanne is one of those barely legal hotties with a plump pussy that sucks a bathing suit right into it. Hair or no hair (she has none) this pussy will not be denied a bikini lunch making for an awesome camel toe!

If there ever was a top ten list of best friend’s hot sisters you’d most like to watch masturbate, Elizabethanne would definitely be at the top of that list! Click the video above and watch this girl finger her pussy.

Nubiles has over 620 girls and they add another three to the list each week. Out of the three one does hardcore and the other two do softcore stuff like masturbation or lesbian kissing.

Most of the girls at Nubiles fit into the barely legal girl next door with small tits niche. With over 620 girls to choose from there are plenty in the chunky, big tits, college coed niches too.

Nubiles is more than just a porn site. It is a community. The message board is alive with daily posts in many subjects (mostly centered around teens and enjoying them). There are blog entries from the girls and you can private message the girls for more intimate contact.

To keep things fresh Nubiles updates on a daily basis with new pics and videos. The images come in large and extremely large. Imagine some of the pictures in the gallery of pics above in extremely large format.

Holy shit!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/13/09 - Write A Comment!
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Growing up I used to dream about girls like Gigi Spice. I’d walk home and follow them to their houses. Sometimes I’d offer to carry their books for them and see if just once one of them would invite me in. It never happened. Girls like Gigi were simply out of my league. Not any more!

Now Gigi Spice is in my league. She is in your league. I don’t know how but someone managed to get this Latina cutie to pose nude. The Internet has opened up tons of new possibilities for guys like you and I.

No matter who you are there are tons of girls willing to have a Fling with you. Willing to meet you for sex, cyber or just send sexy Emails. If that is too close for comfort there is always Gigi Spice.

I have to ask, have you seen a finer ass and a better skin tone than that of Gigi Spice? Jesus I wish I could bang this girl! Until then. I will watch her videos and look at her pics devouring every detail of her delicious body. Especially her sexy small tits!

Gigi Spice loves everything about sex. Including anal. She even masturbated anal sometimes! On top of that she goes all the way with guys and girls on her site. As a member you also get access to her friends Pamela Spice, Cierra Spice and many more of her friends!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/12/09 - Write A Comment!
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While it looks illegal it is not. All three of these lovely girls are barely legal. Still in high school. oops. They just graduated. And, all of them are 18 years old.

You would never even have a chance with the two in the front. They’d just laugh at you if you tried to talk to them. This is about as close as you are ever going to get to either of them. But that girl in the back? She is another story!

She wants to be like the two in front. Always has and always will. They make sex sounds so cool. Like blowing a guys cock is radical to the max! Now she wants to try it and guess who she has her sites on?

In the members area at Teens Self Shot she gets totally naked. The other two aren’t around but she had to one up them. Nice pert tits and a shaved beaver. Who doesn’t like a smooth beaver?

Teens Self Shot is populated by girls that want to be bad or famous or both! They send in their pics and videos in various clothing and often without any clothing at all. Plus, sometimes their ex-boyfriends send in the pics. Stupid girls. Did they really think their high school sweetheart would keep her self shots private?

Yeah right!

Teens Self Shot has girls kissing, blowing beer bottles, flashing tits, ass and pussy. Girls go down on each other. Down on their boyfriends! And make some of the hottest content on the net!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/08/09 - Write A Comment!
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When I was younger and in school I knew a girl we will call Chloe. Like Chloe 18 above she had small tits, big eyes and a problem with showing her panties when she wore skirts.

One night a group of us were sitting outside smoking a joint and she wanted to pass the exhaled smoke between us. I took this as sign number one she wanted me that night.

As time went on we all went skinny dipping. Since she had such small tits she wore an all cotton bra without any kind of padding. In the water it turned instant see through. I have to admit. I got a little bit jealous that all of the other guys were checking out my (hopefully new) girl’s tits.

When we got out I let her go first so that I could catch a glimpse of Chloe’s hair pie. Turned out she had no hair pie. She shaved her tan pussy bare! Her wet panties went right up her crack! Again, I was like, “Hey, fellas, she’s mine!”

We all wrapped towels around ourselves while our clothes dried and Chloe 18 and I found a cozy little spot in the front room while everyone else congregated in front of the TV in the back of the house. She sat Indian style. The towel was riding up and I was getting an all access pass to her yummy camel toe!

Chloe caught me looking a couple of times but did nothing to shield her panties from me. Occasionally I caught her peaking at my growing hardon. I put my finger up to her mouth and told her to suck on it. She did! The horny bitch blew my finger so well I almost blew my load!

We headed upstairs for some alone time and found the parents bedroom had a lock on the door. We locked it and got some towels out to lay down on the floor. If there is one thing a mom can sense it is someone using her bed for sex. So we figured the floor would be our best bet at not getting any feathers ruffled.

As soon as Chloe’s ass hit the floor my tongue was all over the insides of her thighs. She pulled her panties over and I dived into her pussy. Within minutes she was moaning as I tongued and sucked on her clit.

My turn.

Just as I had suspected after my initial blowjob sample, Chloe could work miracles with that tongue of hers. Some girls just use lips and forget to work the tongue. Not Chloe 18. This chick blew me like a fucking porn star!

After I blew my load in her mouth Chloe put her small tits in my face. I think she was hoping I still had some more spunk left in me. Of course I did. I wasn’t even in college yet. I could fuck for hours!

Once my cock was hard again she got on top of me and tried to work it into her tight cunny. There was a problem. It wouldn’t fit. This girl was that tight!

I went back down on her and this time I used my finger to get her loose. Then one finger became two and I eventually gave up on the third since it wouldn’t seem to fit without hurting her. I got on top and got the head in but the shaft was just not going in no matter how hard I pushed. So I lifted up and thrust my hips into Chloe and sure enough my cock sunk deep into her little cunt.

Chloe 18 screamed and I thought for sure someone would be marching up the stairs to see what was going on. With a blaring TV, plus a blaring stereo no one was going to hear this girls pain. Except me.

After I worked my cock in and out of her a couple of times, making sure not to come out too far and have to ram my way back in again she began to loosen up a bit. A couple of minutes later she was getting hot and wet and wanted to pilot this ship so we switched positions.

She rode me like a good cowgirl does and pretty soon I felt her body shaking as an orgasm over took her. After she recuperated a little she got off of me and worked that tongue on the head of my cock while she stroked it with her hand. A night light created a nice silhouette of her head going up and down and her pert titties bobbing in the dark.

While she blew me my hand found her tight pussy and I worked a finger inside imagining her mouth was her wet, tight snatch. I blew my load in her mouth again. This time I realized something. Chloe 18 swallows!

Chloe 18 and her many friends will have you reminiscing about past sexual experiences and possibly driving you to create new ones. Watching her and her small tits friends have sex make fantasizing about her a favorite pastime.

Chloe updates her site several times a week and with all of her small tits friends on there you feel like you are getting more than just one site for the price. Of course the Rhino has a trick that will get your all of her friends sites for one low price!

Go to Chloe 18 and surf to her join page. Then hit the back button. You will get a dialogue box asking you a question. In Firefox click leave this page and in Internet Explorer click cancel. You will get another offer for all of Chloe’s teen friends for only $19.95!

The list of girls include Selina 18, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, Little Summer, Milton Twins, Little Lupe and more!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/05/09 - Write A Comment!
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Every once in a while someone finds the ultimate barely legal teen. She has a fresh youthful face, small tits and a petite body. If you are lucky she is a cock sucking teen, as well as, a lesbian pussy licking teen too.

Lil Lexy fits the bill on both fronts. She is one of those girls that lacks the ability to say no. The kind of girl you hope to find at the end of a night of drinking ready to do your bidding.

Unlike many of those other solo models out there, Lil Lexy goes all the way. Front and back and side to side this girl leaves no hole untouched.

Whether she is doing teen masturbation videos, having kinky lesbian sex or smoking and taking cock in her tight pussy, Lexy is amazing to watch. A little ball of energy that doesn’t stop until everyone in the room has an orgasm.

Since LilLexy.com invites her girlfriends over often you feel like you are getting several girls to look at for the same price. If you have never met Lil Lexy before now, the introductions have been made. Time to have your way with her!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/03/09 - Write A Comment!
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It is time to tell you about one of my favorite sites of all time, Teen Flood. I have been a member of this site on and off since 1999.

Ten fucking years!


Because this guy was one of the first to find hot coeds and girls fresh out of high school willing to get naked and masturbate for the rest of the worlds enjoyment. Since then he has stayed true to the sites name and kept a flood of delicious girls coming in on a weekly basis.

Teen Flood has since grown into several other niches like lesbian girls and hardcore sex, blowjobs, etc. I have to say the masturbation videos are my own personal favorite. And the interviews!

The girls at Teen Flood are all 18 to 21 years old. Just how we like ’em here at Rhino’s Girls. Most have small tits and barely legal bodies and some like Denisa above have the girl next door looks with a sparkle in their eye.

Those interviews. They are amazing. Simply amazing. He has the girls strip down and answer personal questions with certain questions making the cut on a regular basis like, “How old where you when you first masturbated?”, “How old when you first had sex?”, “How did you first masturbate and how has your technique changed over the years?”

The barely legal ones are a real treat because they often just started having sex just before getting filmed by this guy. One girl didn’t even know she had a vulva (more specifically that it was a hole) until he gave her a vibrator and she didn’t exactly know what to do with it.

Anyone into a mix of amateurs and semi-pro girls will enjoy Teen Flood. You also get access to sites dedicated to certain popular models and access to his other multi-girl sites too!

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