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Wow. That picture of Little Bree really brings back some memories of good times. They centered around a girl that lived a few doors down from me. Her family had a pool and I used to sped a lot of time over there. One look at her small tits and I am sure you can see why!

Her parents were very trusting of her. perhaps way too trusting. We played games and they usually centered around being nude. While most kids were playing Marco-Polo with their swimsuits on, we thought it was much more fun to play with them off.

We played other games like daring one another to walk around the front yard naked. First we only darted out and back into the backyard, taking only seconds. Then we got bold and walked around, tagged a farther and farther away tree, and other progressively longer tasks.

Eventually we’d end up on her side yard checking each other out. She was always interested in my hardened penis and I was always interested in how wet she got when we played our games.

One day my Little Bree look-a-like decided to show me her clit. She had just found it herself the night before and wanted to show me what happens when she played with it.

She sat on the edge of a planter and leaned against the wall. Her legs were parted wide so I could get a good look. I could tell this was making her super wet. Her pussy was very moist and glistened in the sun.

As she rubbed her button her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Her breathing got harder and she started moving her legs all over the place. My dick got super hard watching her!

After about a minute of rubbing herself she opened her eyes and fixed her gaze on my cock. Her breathing was getting really heavy now.

“You can squeeze your dick and it will feel like I feel,” she suggested.

Without hesitation and acted on the invitation. I was surprised at how good it felt to rub myself. Before long we were both moving in unison. Our breathing got very heavy and we both orgasmed.

A few minutes later and we were both in the pool, fully clothed. When her mom and dad got back from the store they had no idea about what we had done. That made things even more exciting!

The Tiny Teen Pass gives you fifteen solo model sites for one low price. You can try it out for only a buck and get Little Bree, Selina 18, Paulina 18, Little Summer, Teen Topanga, Chloe 18 and many more!

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Lets talk about teen tits. In particular, lets talk about Katie Fey and her big teen tits. I do a lot of posting about girls with small tits and today it is time to switch things up a little bit!

Katie Fey got her start on the net several years ago. Her cousin Kristina Fey was doing quite well and the boys running things figured it was time to spice things up a bit with some big tits teens. Katie and Felicity Fey were the answers.

The marvelous thing about both girls is that their teen tits are just that, real teen tits! Katie has natural boobs and an athletic body you don’t find often enough in porn. She is a rare gem indeed!

As a member of Katie Fey you get to see not just her tits, but those of her cousins and more! You get 100% unrestricted access to girls like Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel, dozens more solo model sites and a handful of multi-model sites too.

There are certain teen networks every fan of teen tits should see at least once. Katie Fey and her friends comprise one of those networks. Stop looking for free porn, pissing of your family and losing much needed sleep. Grab a Katie Fey password and give this day a happy ending!

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Let’s face it, girls like Alexa Dawn are created to tease. Her cute button nose, her pouty lips, those piercing brown eyes, the beautiful brunette hair and her chunky body all beg you to take another look. And if you don’t, you just might kick you ass!

I knew a girl like Alexa when I was in school. She wore a fishnet top once that no other girl in school would dare to wear. Oddly enough, no teacher dared call her on the fact that you could see her bra through her shirt. Not even the female ones!

Several times when I would leave class to hit the restroom (have a cigarette), I’d catch her seducing another female student. She’d have her high heeled leg, with pantyhose, between the other girl’s legs, rubbing her knee into the girls clit. How I wanted to just sit there and watch, but seriously, what kind of douche bag does that?

Alexa Dawn must have known I wanted her because she eventually cornered me in the hallway. Before our encounter was over she jerked me through my pants almost to the point of blowing. Fucking bitch! She knew I’d have to jackoff as soon as I got to the restroom!

I eventually found my way up her skirt at a party. When I got to her puffy pussy it was soaking wet. This crazy girl was infecting others with her horny disease!

You can watch Alexa Dawn do more than just temp you. She enjoys taking her girlfriends into her room and infecting them too. Only this time, she is asking you to watch. What kind of douche bag doesn’t watch two chicks making out when they want him too?

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I look at this picture and I have to wonder. WTF? Is this guy so dickless that he doesn’t want anyone to know he is banging this wonderful piece of jailbait looking ass? He is in porn after all! What is someone going to say to him, Gee, Sergio, that Little Lupe is a bit young to be fucking on film don’t you think? You know my motto, you bleed, you breed. Bring the young girls with small tits on!

You can see all of Little Lupe for only a buck. Or, you could check out her Tiny Teen Pass friends for that same buck. Hmm. Lets see. You can get one site, or fifteen sites for the same buck. hmm.

Grab a Tiny Teen Pass before these people come to their senses! Watch Lil Emma, Cute Cristina, Tiny Tyler, Selina 18 and many more as they have sex with themselves, their girlfriends and boys too!

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Somebody searched for Paris Tale and someone else searched for girls with tan lines. I figured I’d knock both of them out in one post. While I am here I should also mention that you won’t find anything illegal here. There are no pre teen, preteen, pre teens, preteens pictures or videos!

That being said, there are plenty of barely legal girls that look so close to jailbait you could easily believe you are doing something illegal by watching their cute masturbation videos.

Now back to our regularly schedules programming.

Paris Tale gets 100% nude for her members. She masturbates and she has sex with her girlfriends. Her body is athletic and her tits are pert. I’d say they are almost big enough to be considered big tits. You definitely won’t have a problem filling your palms with them.

I have to say, it is a shame that more girls don’t have tan lines like Paris Tale does. They are 100% sexy. Especially on barely legal girls!

When you join Paris Tale you also receive access to a total of 30 bonus sites including Andi Pink, Katie Fey, Kristina Fey, Felicity Fey and Ariel Rebel. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for the entire list of sites!

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Someone searched for the Kates Playground Masturbating videos and unfortunately, you have to join to see her playing with herself. You can, however, watch her put things like this riding crop inside her Cleft of Venus and that is plenty worth your time!

Like most guys I enjoy watching girls put things inside their vaginas and Kates Playground is a great place to watch them do it. She has many friends that come by to have sex with her or masturbate for her site. You also get access to many of her friends sites and several multi-model sites featuring teens masturbating.

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I get tons of requests from webmasters from around the world to review their sites. They often have a lot of questions about the review process. For the most part it is pretty straight forward. Your girl must meet several criteria. She must be hot! I must have a burning desire to put my dick in her. The only exceptions? If a surfer searches for her and I don’t have her already, I will often add her on my own.

Most webmasters and probably some of you surfers don’t realize that I will review girls that don’t get fully nude. If she is hot, and I want to fuck her. I don’t care if she gets completely naked. TBH, I enjoy the nonnude ones more than the nude ones -  most of the time!

Naughty Paige doesn’t get fully nude. Not a problem. If you cannot see her vagina through her wet panties while she is in the tub then you are blind.

I like these kinds of girls. I grew up drooling over these kinds of girls. It seems as though girls like Naughty Paige can smell me from a mile away. They instantly pick up on the fact that they can get me to do almost anything for a look up their skirts!

Members of Naughty Paige get access to the NN All Access network. Four nonnude sites for the price of one!

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Every boy should have a Lil Emma in his life. I had one. She was older than I was by three years and she was my first sex partner. Before I met her I wasn’t even the least bit interested in sex. After her I became a sex addict!

It all started when she caught me looking up her skirt. I was embarrassed and apologized, but she told me it was OK to be curious and she asked if I wanted to look again. Like I said, I wasn’t even interested in looking up a girls skirt until this girl. I don’t know why, but I had to have another look!

Lil Emma and I sat in an oversized chair facing one another. She opened up her legs and lifted her skirt so I could get a closer look at her panties. My heart was racing. For the first time in my life I was aware that my dick was getting hard. It felt exciting!

She was wearing those socks you get for Christmas with the individual toes. They were made out of an extra soft material and were super fuzzy. As I sat there amazed she lifted her legs and shifted around so her pussy lips pressed on the fabric from underneath. At one point her panties actually entered her crevice a little bit. That seemed so cool!

“Your thingy is getting all hard!” She coyly laughed.

Before I knew it she was rubbing those soft socks all over the front of my pants. It felt wonderful. Like nothing I had ever experienced before.

“Tell you what. You let me see yours and I will let you see mine!”

I didn’t know what to do. One minute we were just goofing around and the next we are playing show and tell with our private parts. She sensed I was confused and rubbed her toes over the head of my prick. She used her toes to caress and squeeze my cock through my pants. If it felt this good through my pants, I thought, I wonder how good it’d feel without my pants in the way?!?!

“OK!” I responded.

“You go first. Show me how big that dick of yours gets.” She commanded.

I did as told and unzipped my fly. When my dick sprang out I was surprised to see a little liquid dribbling out of the tip.

“Sorry,” I told her thinking I’d peed or something.

“That’s OK. It isn’t pee, its natural oil your penis makes so you can rub it easier,” she explained.

“Oh.” I said.

Her feet made their way to my cock and she touched her big toe to the eye of my cock. As she pulled it away the liquid strung out for several inches. Then she brought it back and mashed it into my cock head before rubbing her big toe in a circle. This tickled a bit and felt exhilarating.

Were we having sex? I wondered to myself.

Lil Emma pulled her shirt up and was wearing a bra with a front clasp, which she undid. Her small tits weren’t really big enough to “spring out”, but they were something I had never seen before. Again I sat their transfixed.

“Want to touch them?” She asked.


I immediately squeezed her left boob and she yelped.

“Not like that! Be soft with them. They aren’t like an arm or something. Squeezing them like that feels like someone stomping on your foot.”

“OK.” I responded and this time I rubbed them softly. Her nipples got hard in my hands and again I blundered my squeezing them.

“Oww! Soft!” She exclaimed.

With limits in mind I resumed rubbing and cupping her boobs. She seemed to enjoy it once I took it slow.

After a few more seconds she pulled her panties over to show me her pussy. It was shaved on the bottom and had a small amount of close cut hair on top. Her outer lips were puffy and swollen looking and the inner ones were just barely protruding past them. I went to touch it too and she stopped me.

Emma informed me, “After man-handling my tits I can only imagine what you would do to my pussy. You just get to look, mister!”

I had never seen a pussy before. Even in magazines. She spread it open and showed me where my penis would go someday, where her clit was, how it gets wet too, etc. After a few minutes of her instruction I felt like a pussy expert!

Emma resumed her stimulation to my cock and this time she stroked it with both feet on either side of my shaft. As time went on my breathing got heavier and I could sense something was going to happen. I think Emma did to and she started rubbing her clit.

I thought to myself, wow, she is feeling like I do I bet. Before this it had never occurred to me that people could have sex with themselves. Watching her rub her pussy while my dick felt the way it did made this into a real treat.

After a few minutes Emma’s eyes started to roll back in her head and her breathing got louder. Mine did too. Suddenly my nervous system went haywire and cum started shooting out of my prick. It shot straight up and then came back down and landed on her toes. I had wet dreams before, but I had never seen my cum shoot out before.

Watching me jizz all over her feet caused Emma to cum too. I half expecting something to shoot out of her pussy. Instead it just clenched and I had to protect my nuts because her legs and feet started moving and kicking around.

Once she was done she opened her eyes and giggled.

“Did that feel good?” Emma asked.

“Oh yeah! It sure did!” I exclaimed.

Lil Emma asked if I had ever jacked off before and was surprised to hear that I had not. She suggested that I should do it before going to bed and I should think of things I wanted to do to her. Then when we are together I could try them out on her. Sometimes she would call my house to “talk” just before bedtime. Talking quickly turned into phone sex and nightly quickly turned into several times a day.

My friend is long gone now. But, Lil Emma is here to stay and reminds me so much of my friend. The resemblance is uncanny. Small tits, pouty lips, long hair, fit body. Maybe I should track her down and “talk” to her again! is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network. You get fifteen sites for only a buck. As far as introductory offers go, this one is a no-brainer that is too good to pass up!

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Teen Hand Bra8

Thank God for hands or these girls would be showing some seriously sweet, pert titties. On second thought. Damn you, God! Let those tits be free!

Speaking of free. Obsessed With Myself is free to try for three days. These guys accept submissions from girls, girlfriends, girls friends and hack places like Photobucket, Myspace and Facebook for even more pics. and videos!

I have a sneaking suspicion that half of the candid photos and home sex tapes at Obsessed With Myself were created by girls that didn’t know they’d be on the Net someday.

Silly pics like the one above are just the tip of the iceberg. Categories in the members area include candid beach, bikinis, pool, blowjobs, handjobs, panty and bra, hand bras, lesbian, fucking, booty, small tits, big tits and more. It’s enough to make your head spin and your balls burst!

Grab your free pass to Obsessed With Myself and remember to read those join forms. Just make sure you join when you have tons of time on your hands. It’d suck if you had to work a double shift and forgot to cancel in the three day trial period.

Obsessed With Myself, it’s what’s for dessert!

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Awe, go ahead and take it all in. Don’t be shy, Cute Cristina isn’t so you should be either. That is my motto whenever hot schoolgirls show me their panties. Fuck it. If she wants to show me her sugar and spice, I say, go right ahead. Pour some sugar on me!

As you can imagine Cute Cristina has one of the cutest little pussies every created by the man above. Not to mention her small tits are nice and pert too.

When it comes to barely legal they don’t get much more than Cute Cristina. She is only days older than 18 and ready to party. I have a feeling you are ready to dance the horizontal bop with this girl. is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network. Get one for only a buck and see what the kitty-kat dragged in. I’ll give you a hint. Well. OK. I’ll just tell you. Fifteen teeny bopper girls every bit as cute as Cute Cristina.

You get girls like Trixie Teen, Little Summer, Little April, Little Lupe, Little Bree, Tiny Tyler and more. All for one low price! Get that Tiny Teen Pass for $1 before these mofos come to their senses, will ya?!?!

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Emily 18 is that short little girl you have always dreamed of. She likes to wear print cotton panties and bright colored clothes. Her nipples are puffy and her tits are pert and small.

Members of Emily 18 can view her Playing Doctor pics and her weekly video updates. Everything is shot in HD so you can zoom in really big on her private parts. Only true fans get to see her barely legal pussy so join now!

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Today’s post features Gigi Spice and her lesbian sex friend Gianna giving each other some strap on cock. Why? Well, because watching two teenagers having lesbian sex is hot, especially when they are both tan and tight!

Actually, the real reason is because someone specifically searched for this gallery. From time to time I get side tracked and post something that gets no votes. It is like thousands of you come in every day and don’t even have to register to vote, but the girl is so fucking hideous you cannot compel yourself to click a fucking star!

So. When this happens I recalibrate myself and hit the search results to find out what you guys (and gals) want. Good thing too, cause I wouldn’t mind giving either one of these girls the hot sausage!

I have written about Gigi Spice many times in the past. Her sexy pink snatch and small tits are practically legendary. Just like Emily 18, Gigi never seems to grow up!

She updates her site regularly with three updates a week. There is already so much content there for this membership to be a good deal. However, that wasn’t good enough for Pacino. The guy that runs the place. So he came up with a glorious idea. How about giving you all of the girls for one low price?


So join Gigi Spice and take advantage of this offer to receive Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice, Karla Spice, Selena Spice, Bella Spice, Mariah Spice, La Zona Modelos and more! It is a small tits, tan girl lovers dream!

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