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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/12/08 - Write A Comment!
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Schoolgirls come in lots of shapes and sizes. Usually it is the petite ones that get most of the attention. Girls with small tits and equally small waists. To become a schoolgirl all a girl needs is some mascara, berets, a plaid skirt, a white shirt and some contrasting panties. Even better if the panties show off the contours of the pussy slit below.

Nicole Sparks is a schoolgirl from hell. She looks hot and a little bit too smart… too smart??? Yeah… Like as in if you were her instructor you would have a hard time sticking to the lesson plan. No pun intended.

Nicole has all of the things that a good schoolgirl needs, small tits and a firm ass are awesome pluses. It is hard to decide on looking at her hard nipples through that tight shirt of hers or looking at her shaved pussy through her tight panties.

Pictures and videos each update once a week on Mondays and Fridays. Perfect for having something to do on the weekend and for dropping the stress after a hard day at work on Monday. The members area forum is active and Nicole Sparks spends lots of time in there.

Join now and read the in depth fan/members questions-and-answers with Nicole!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/06/08 - Write A Comment!
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Once in a great while a barely legal model comes across my path. One that is so damn cute that not blogging about her would be an injustice! Jolie of 8Teenies.com is just such a barely legal model.

Is it her smooth skin or her bangs? Her ribs showing or her small boobs? Her big beautiful eyes or her quirky mannerisms? It isn’t just one of the above, it is all of the above. Jolie is the perfect nubile fuck buddy.

I say fuck buddy because you obviously couldn’t bring her with you to the hotel lounge or to dinner with a client. She would have to stay put until you could get away and take her out somewhere dark like a movie. No one is going to believe she is just your niece in town. They will instantly know what is up. You are banging a teenager. A barely legal one but, a teenager none the less.

8Teenies has plenty of barely legal teens like Jolie to fill your fantasies with. Better to stick to fantasizing here than to be seen with a girl that could pass for your daughter.

Each 8Teenies.com model has high resolution pics and many also have masturbation videos. 8Teenies is updated weekly and new models are added all the time. There are 100 models to choose from. I already have my eyes set on a few of them including Jolie!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/05/08 - Write A Comment!
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Look familiar? She should. She is the girl next door, Kimmy. The high school graduate with some time off for summer before she goes off to college.

Before Kimmy Teen goes she has a few things she needs to get off of her chest. First, she has had a crush on you since she moved in and now that she is eighteen she wants to work on getting to know you better. Second, Kimmy has been thinking some pretty naughty thoughts about her school mates. She has been having a hard time not checking out the other girls in the shower after her volleyball games. And yes, she saw you up there in the crowd when they won the championship.

Kimmy hasn’t been with a guy yet but, you can see her girl/girl pics at KimmyTeen.com. Along with a bisexual steak, Kimmy also has a self examination streak. Lately she has been sticking all sorts of things up inside of her pretty little pussy.

Kimmy Teen and her friends get 100% nude. The pix are high resolution and you can see them on her tour. The second and third pages are the best. Up close pics of her tight pussy. Amazing photography and an even better pussy.

Members also get access to her friends sites. You can read about them by clicking their names, LanasFantasies, Debbie Teen, Little Danni, Busty Alli and more!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/08 - Write A Comment!
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Big Tits Office Sex

One day I woke up. I went to the computer and I typed in an address I had typed in on many other occasions. On this fateful day I was stunned to receive an error instead of the web site I had previously enjoyed. My favorite web site had closed. I was so bummed.

That web sites name was Crush Photo. It was a web site not like any other site on the internet. These people really knew how to tease a guy. First they started with hot models. Then they backed that up with hot clothing to put the models in. And finally they backed that up with style. Throw in some awesome photography and you have a web site no one else can match.

But… Like I said, that web site died one fateful day. Until now!

CrushEmpire.com is open for business and waiting for you. All of your favorite models and some soon to be favorites in one place. If you have never experienced Crush Photo you need to check out Crush Empire. Lofty words like amazing can’t even come close to doing this web site justice.

Originally started as a non-nude concept it morphed into a semi-nude and eventually completely nude masterpiece. This was the first website to dare to show pictures of girls with shaved vaginas. No shit. Think back four to five years ago. Sure some girls had landing strips but no one shaved their entire pussy out of fear. Fear? Yes…. FEAR…

Back then Internet porn was just catching on. Big brother was watching like a hawk and using obsenity laws like a golfer uses golf clubs. Everyone was affraid of the barely legal niche. But not Crush Photo. They pioneered the bare pussy look. They weren’t affraid. They had all of the proper documentation in place and said, "Bring it on!"

Crush Photo lacked one thing though… A marketing brain. They still are not up to speed with Crush Empire, but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Though they lack galleries for me to show you, they have a pretty good tour. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. The photos at CrushEmpire.com are shot in high resolution to the max. I am talking even a 30 inch monitor would have a hard time showing them full screen. They come in different formats so people with 17" to 20" monitors will have an easy time viewing them. And if you want to zoom in… boy oh boy can you ever zoooom in!

Updates come every other day and at $19.95 this site is going to be a keeper. I am sure you will find plenty of barely legal models to enjoy and each model has many photo sets to explore her with.

Editors Note: Crush Empire is once again Crush Photo!

Find More

Crush Empire

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/08 - Write A Comment!
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Sure, there are a lot of eighteen year old girls with a talent for tease, but none of them have what Lili Jensen has. A tight, rock hard body with a shapely ass, long flowing hair and pert tits. Add in her eyes, her smile and you have a gold mine of fantasies just waiting for you to send the kids and the wife to her mother’s house for the weekend.

LiliJensen.com updates weekly with new photos and videos. If you are a fan of hot teens in panties Lili Jensen is going to blow your socks off… and her’s as well! Watching cotton panties find their way into her vagina in upskirt photos is refreshing.

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/26/08 - Write A Comment!
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I have written about her numerous times over the 2+ years my blog has been open. Her name is Emily 18 and she is the epitome of barely legal. She looks the same age now as when I first wrote about her.

There are a lot of people out there that think you can take any teenage girl, dress her up in print panties and the money will just come rolling in. That she will gain popularity just because she is 18 and naked. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, Emily wears print panties and she has berets in her hair, but that isn’t why her fan base keeps growing. It isn’t why her members rebill month after month. Emily18.com is a popular place because Emily is such a sweet and charismatic girl. The joy she feels when modeling is evident in her smile. She doesn’t look posed or pressured. She looks beautiful and natural.

The dedication this girl has put into her modeling career really comes across in the members area. Emily 18 has three updates a week. Emily regularly chats with her fans on her private message board. Her fans regularly chat with one another. Sharing common ideas about the pros and cons of Emily’s youthful appearance.

If you haven’t experiences Emily18 yet I highly recommend that you do. You can watch her go from the barely legal, only days over eighteen girl that she was to the confident, successful model that she is now. The amount of content in the members area is staggering. There have been over 170 updates since she began! Three updates are added each week.

Emily18.com easily tops my list of must see web sites and I know once you become a member you will feel the same as I do about her.

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/25/08 - Write A Comment!
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Ohh man! I saw this photo and it instantly brought back some great memories of a strange girl I dated while in school.

While my girlfriend was a blonde, Harmony 18 is a brunette. Pretty much everything else about them was similar. They both have great bodies and pert tits. Of course every girl in school has pert tits. Well, almost all of them anyway…

She lived with her parents both worked so that left us plenty of time after classes to do the freak nasty. Or make that, the freaking nastiest shit I had ever seen. She was the only girl I ever met that asked me to fist her! But like Harmony18 she had too tight of a pussy. She could fist herself though. She had much smaller hands then I did.

Fists weren’t the only things she fucked and her pussy wasn’t the only thing she put things into. She told me that when she masturbated she liked to put a magic marker in her ass. I said, "Prove it," and she did! She said the extra stimulation was amazing when she orgasmed.

I got to see her fuck just about every vegetable imaginable and even a few fruits. She put just about every phallic shaped tube in the bathroom inside that vagina of hers. She even tried the kitchen utensils. I had to call off the relationship when she tried putting everything in my ass. I am more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist.

Harmony18.com isn’t about putting things up Harmony’s ass, but when it happens… the camera are rolling! Harmony is a self professed sex addict. She gets off sharing her sexual exploits online with her members. Strange how guys hide masturbation for the most part and girls go out looking for people to watch them!

Along with masturbation videos you also get to see her sucking cock. Harmony18 is an equal opportunist so she doesn’t say no to having a girlfriend or two either. It isn’t often you find a solo model this hot and doing hardcore. But then, Harmony18 is truly exceptional!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/25/08 - Write A Comment!
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Once again, a big handed applause to the little girl from Spain, Little Lupe. Time and time again this Spanish lolita has managed to capture our hearts! If ever their was an award for best barely legal teen site I am sure LittleLupe.com would be a lock on winning it year after year!

Does this girl not age? It was almost one year ago that I broke this site to you and here we are… and here is Little Lupe… and I swear she hasn’t aged a day!

This little cutie appeals to a wide range of audiences. Obviously the barely legal niche is locked down by her. But she also appeals to guys looking for latin girls in general and to girls looking for the same. In fact, twenty percent of LittleLupe.com members are women! So when some bitch tells you that you are a perv for looking at barely legal teens, let her know that little tid-bit of information!

Little Lupe goes solo and hardcore with some bisexualism in between. In Little Lupe’s masturbation videos you can see her finger her little clit and try to fit dildos into her tight pussy. In one video it actually takes her five minutes just to stretch that tight pussy of hers out enough to fit the dildo inside.

When she goes hardcore, she goes hardcore! We are talking some of the hottest barely legal blowjobs and facials on the planet. Watching her little cunt get stretched by her boyfriends throbbing cock is great, but watching it with a Fleshlight is even better. You really feel like you are along for the ride!

Lupe often invites her girlfriends over for some girl on girl and things get pretty wet when both pussies are grinding on each other. I am not a MILF kind of guy, but watching her and a MILF go at it was actually totally erotic. The MILF taught her some new moves and seeing their contrasting ages was pretty interesting too. Ying and Yang has a whole new meaning.

Little Lupe updates everyday with high resolution photos and videos plus there are plenty of bonuses. Members can also Email Lupe with special barely legal requests. [wink][wink]

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/22/08 - Write A Comment!
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Since late August in 2003 Kate from Kate’s Playground has been teasing guys with her rock hard body and her exotic looks. By exotic I mean that Kate reminds me of an elf. Hey, coming from a background of Dungeons and Dragons I mean that as a compliment. Everyone in D&D wanted to bang an elf!

Faithfully Kate has been adding both picture and videos updates to her playground. Each week a new addition of both and some bonus updates like wallpapers and video out-takes. Just like an elf, Kate looks just as young now as when she started!

KatesPlayground.com features both Kate and her friends frolicking around naked. Members can watch her on webcam and even interact with her on her message board. She keeps a personal journal so if you are at a loss when coming up with conversation starters, the journal is a good place to start!

The biggest bonus for members of Kates Playground doesn’t have anything to do with Kate. Members also get access to Kate’s friends. All twelve of them. Add up all of those updates and you will have every day of the week covered. Some of them by two different girls!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/21/08 - Write A Comment!
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C Cup Carol

One thing most busty sites lack are young chicks. Girls that are eighteen and barely legal. In fact, most busty sites are populated by mothers I would NOT like to fuck if you catch my drift. Just having big tits doesn’t make you hot and some of these big tits site operators would do good to realize that.

YoungBusty.com is populated by nothing but the hottest barely legal teens with big tits. Sure, they are not all Triple-F or even Double-E’s, but that is because the girls at Young Busty have to be hot. No butter faces, no horse faces and no girls that even remotely resemble Tori Spelling.

Members can search for and sort the girls by age, name, cup size and more. The girls go solo, lesbian and hardcore with guys. They also enjoy daily updates. Daily big boobs updates that you won’t find anywhere else. Take the tour and check out the hotties. It is wall to wall. With almost two years of daily updates there are hundreds of galleries and plenty of videos. It is impossible not to find a few favorites at Young Busty.

As a member of Young Busty you also get access to their sister sites, Seventeen Live and Seventeen Cinema. If you have a busty teen itch that needs scratching I am sure one of the girls can help you out with it.

Find More Young Busty

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/15/08 - Write A Comment!
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Amber Rayne Jacuzzi
Here kitty, kitty, kitty… here kitty.

Say a big hello to a girl with small tits. She goes by Amber Rayne and she can be found at Pink Kitty Girls. Amber’s youthful appearance could bring out the pervert in anyone.

Rubbing this girl down with soap and washing off her little breasts would be just the beginning. Washing off her pretty little ass and shaving her sweet tight pussy would be the icing on the cake.

Amber Rayne is just one of the many girls from all over the world at PinkKittyGirls.com. Sure this gallery is a bit tame as Amber is the only one in it, but the majority of the content is hardcore. I am talking.. very hardcore!

The Pink Kitty Girls wear a lot of stalkings, pantyhose, panties and socks. Everything a kitten needs to feel frisky. Guys get blowjobs, footjobs, handjobs and just about every other kind of job you can do to a mans knob. Sometimes it is one on one, but most of the time it is several girls on one guy. I like those odds!

To be a Pink Kitty Girl the girls have to be 18 to 23 years old and have an awesome body. Some have small tits and others of huge boobs. Above all they must have no inhibitions because at PinkKittyGirls.com anything goes.

PinkKittyGirls.com features some of the hottest girls in porn. That is because it is owned and operated by none other than AMA Joe. One of the largest producers of porn. Girls like Katie Jordan, Nautica Thorn, Cassie Young and Kat are well know for their cock sucking skills. Like Amber above, Kat is well known for her barely legal looks.

With weekly hardcore updates and girls aged 18 to 23 years old this site delivers!

Find More

Pink Kitty Girls

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/13/08 - Write A Comment!
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Veronika F

Pop quiz, hot shot. Veronika here from TeenDreams.com just graduated from an all-girl college and can’t wait to get some dick inside her!… but there is a catch. Her pussy has been kind of itchy lately and she doesn’t believe in birth control… can she fuck you bareback?

Come on… don’t bullshit! Of course you’d hit it. This bitch wants it long and hard. She might even need some instruction since it has been so long. You’d fuck her until your dick fell off. I don’t care who you are, you know it is true!

When it comes to undeniable beauty and girls you can pin up on the wall you won’t find a better place to find them then Teen Dreams! We are talking over 5,600 models. Yes you read that right. Finally a web site you can literally get lost in!

The models go solo, boy/girl and girl/girl. You get extremely crisp photos, hi-rez videos and live cam girls. Model interviews, a forum to talk to the models and other members with similar tastes. This isn’t just a porn site, this is a destination!

Finding the cream of the crop at Teen Dreams couldn’t be easier. All of the girls are voted on by the members. The hot ones naturally bubble up to the surface. You can easily dig deaper and even search based on characteristics such as, clothing, pussy hair, race, breast size, etc.. With so many models it is easy to find literally 100’s that fit your tastes!

Invest in some good lube. You are going to be busy!

Find More

Teen Dreams

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/11/08 - Write A Comment!
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Kitchen Masturbation

I don’t normally talk about the hardcore chicks, but increasingly I am finding they are getting hotter and hotter and it is my duty to let you know about them. It used to be that hardcore chicks were all skanks. They had to give it up in order to get people to look at them. Not anymore. Hailey Hardcore is definitly a hottie. No denying it!

So, she does hardcore? Why the softcore gallery? Well, like I said, my blog is more about the softcore and this picture of Hailey Hardcore masturbating looks hawt. But if it is hardcore teens sex that you want, click on the hardcore schoolgirl sex links. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to take a class on surfing the Internet.

HaileyHardcore.com is the brain child of Hailey. She realized that if she was going to make a large paycheck without going to college she was going to have to take matters into her own hands. Hailey got her boyfriend to fuck her on camera and take some videos of Hailey masturbating and the next thing you know her site is born.

There are some freebies in the tour. Go to the updates page and click on the pics. There are some long trailer videos behind them! The Free Stuff link has some nice wallpapers featuring Hailey Hardcore. Plus, members of HaileyHardcore.com also get access to two of her hawt friends sites at no extra charge! Go to the join page and read about it there. And…. you also get access to 12 sites from 12 different niches.

Hailey’s site updates weekly with a new full length video and pictures of the episode. Add that to the other girls and the 12 sites and you have a shitload of updates! Currently they have a trial period at $4.95 and full access for $24.95. I would suggest trying it out. At just under $5 it won’t break the bank!

Find More

Hailey Hardcore

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/09/08 - Write A Comment!
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Nubile Teen

How, where and who comes up with these solo model names is beyond me. It is also beyond the scope of my blog. But I have to say, I don’t give a fuck what they name them… so long as they look as good as Misty Gates above!

The guys over at Foxy Flow scored again on this one. Misty is a prefect nubile teen with a dark side. Watching her trailer video on the tour page you can really get a sense of what this girl is all about. And that is, Fun! Yes, Fun with a capital F. The F also stands for Frisky and Flirty.

Rather then doing the usual masturbation this girls spices things up. Like riding a blow up whale to orgasm. I used to have a girlfriend that loved to ride pillows to orgasms. How I wish I had seen MistyGates.com while I was dating her so I could introduce the whale with lots and lots of oil. Oh… and don’t forget a video camera!

Misty Gates runs a blog where her members can chat with her and she does webcam shows where members can also chat with her…. while looking at her naked body! MistyGates.com updates weekly with fresh videos and photos to fulfill your cravings for this nasty nubile teen.

If you are looking for someone different in 2008, you found her!

Find More

Misty Gates

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/05/08 - Write A Comment!
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Schoolgirl tight shaved pussy

Holy shit, does this photo ever bring me back!

Reminds me of the time that I saw my first pussy. Up close and personal. It also demonstrates why I became a sucker for schoolgirls.

I was in high school and my buddy and his sister went to Catholic schools. They had to dress up in the rediculous outfits. Well.. His was rediculous. Hers was hotter than hell itself!

I got lucky one day when his sister wanted to read a paper to me that she had written. She sat in her chair with her feet up on her bed while I lay on her bed listening. By the second page I was getting bored and looked over at her to tell her I was done. What I saw changed my mind immediately.

His sister apparently had forgotten that she was wearing a skirt and it had ridden up to the middle of her thighs as she was bopping away in the chair reading her, now wonderful, paper. Her cotton panties were old and the elastic had gone out of them. This allowed the crotch to fall out of the way partly. I had a perfect view of her pussy.

Just then she had reached the end of her paper and started to drop her legs and turn around towards her desk. I panicked. I started asking her questions from what I vaguely remembered to keep her there. It worked. She continued to bounce around and I continued to record the site of her bare pussy into my brain. She was on the swim team so she kept that schoolgirl pussy trimmed. A perfect peach!

Melissa Matters has that same spunky charm that my friend’s sister had and an identical rocking body. Unlike my friend’s sister, Melissa Matters lacks moral bondage and is completely open about her sexuality.

Members of MelissaMatters.com get access to her high resolution pics. Sure, every site out there has big pictures, but it isn’t enough to just have big pictures. You have to have a hot model with a flawless pussy and sweet set of tits to make all of the extra pixels worth it.

In addition to the pics, Melissa Matters likes to masturbate on video. She uses her fingers and a vast assortment of toys. She even does webcam videos and they get as explicit as they can possibly get. Put them altogether and you have two to three updates a week and we haven’t even gotten to the extras yet!

MelissaMatters.com also has wallpapers, special guest galleries, calendars and her personal supply of candid photos and videos. This girl loves to take pictures of herself and those pics make the candid pictures found on Myspace look G-rated. Members get live 24/7 chat, access to her friends webcams and her personal mailing address!

So what are you waiting for? It is time to pay this schoolgirl a visit!

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Melissa Matters

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