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You have to be wondering if Paulina 18 is indeed legal. I have to say, when it comes to barely legal bodies this girl is hard to beat. No pun intended.

Paulina is the total package when it comes to bring barely legal. Not only does she have small tits, I would say they aren’t even A-Cups! Open your encyclopedia to the entry for mosquito bites and I am sure you will see a picture of Paulina18 there!

Along with her having small tits she also has a very petite and tight body. Take the tour and check out the samples. It is like this girl stopped aging 5 years ago. Put her bum into a print pair of soft cotton panties and you might as well label it jailbait.

Most of the barely legal girls like Paulina don’t do hardcore. They stick to softcore and if you are lucky they masturbate. With Paulina 18 you get it all. She does softcore, upskirt, lesbian, solo masturbation, masturbates with other girls and has sex with guys too!

Time for the tip: Get to the join page on her tour. Close the window (or tab) and you will get a popup window. Select CANCEL and you will get a new window with an offer to join Paulina 18, Serena 18 and Tiny Tabby for the price of one!

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When it comes to teens with small tits, nobody does them better than Cindy 8Teen. This girl has what can only be defined as mosquito bites and for small tits lovers that is a class of distinction.

In the gallery above Cindy8Teen reminds me of a girl I knew a long time ago. She caught me checking out her panties in the clothes hamper and we made a deal not to tell anyone.

The deal was that I would show Cindy what I planned to do with her panties. First she thought I was a freak or something and that I was going to wear them. Really, I just enjoyed rubbing the soft material on my penis. Cindy wore satin panties and I am talking the expensively soft kind. not that crap they sell at Target or Walmart.

The first time I used them in front of her she kept all of her clothes on. I wanted to see her naked body, but I was working off having been discovered so I went along with it. Since I wasn’t going to get to see anything and actually, I wasn’t going to get to see anything I hadn’t already seen when she wears a bathing suit, I made this a quickie and shot my load into the toilet water.

Cindy was mesmerized by the cloudy liquid and had all sorts of questions to which I had no answers at that time. Except that it felt really good to both, rub her panties on my penis and shoot cum after I was done.

Later on we made a deal that each time I masturbated for her she would bring me a new pair of panties. Cindy would remove one piece of clothing more than the last time I masturbated for her.

First, Cindy 8Teen pulled off her shirt, but she had a bra underneath. Since her boobs were so small she still had one of those fabric bras without any padding. Her nipples were being pushed out by her growing small tits and the fabric was also very thin. I could see plenty of nipple.

Next, she took off her shorts and I could see her pussy crack eating up her panties. Natural camel toe is always best and her pussy didn’t have any hair on it so it sucked them in pretty far.

Eventually I got to see her small boobs and once I bent down a little towards them and she arched forward as if to offer them to me. I got to suck on her hardened nipples and she moaned. I could tell this was eventually going to get further than masturbation. By this point I started noticing that her panties were developing a wet spot where her pussy was.

On one occasion where I had spent the night at her house I tip toed over to her door after I had performed the masturbation ritual for her and I could here her moaning. Of course my dick when instantly hard! She was masturbating about me!!!

Up to this point Cindy8Teen hadn’t pulled off those panties all the way yet. For one session she pulled the front down to show the mons but not the crack. Next just to the crack. But I was seeing the beginning of her pussy! Didn’t take long to cum that time.

Cindy continued her teasing and pulled the sides of her pink panties in to show the labia major but not the actual crack. The next time she pulled her panties into her pussy crack. I got a good look at either side and mentally put them together on my own. She couldn’t believe how much cum I shot for her. I told her wait until you show me your pussy, I will shoot buckets of cum!

It worked. The next night I got to see her pussy and sure enough I was shooting buckets. This time she wanted me to cum into her panties so she could save it. When I handed Cindy her panties back she tasted my cum and told me it was salty. I asked if that was good or bad and she said it was OK.

Not long after that Cindy became my first sex partner. First it was mutual masturbation and eventually oral. We never did screw, but I personal like receiving a blowjob better than fucking anyway. And since I hadn’t experienced fucking yet, it wasn’t like I knew what I was missing. features one of the youngest looking models in porn. Her youthful looks are due in part by her being half Chinese and half American. With that Asian blood in her she will look this way for many years to come.

As a member you get three updates a week. The videos are shot in 1440×1080 and will take up your entire screen if you burn them to DVD and watch them on the living room HDTV! Her pics are 2048 pixels and HIGHER!

Everything at Cindy 8Teen is downloadable and you also get access to her personal Email. Many of her videos and photo sets are member’s requests! One of my favorites is a very high resolution video shot from the back. She is at the pool just doing what barely legal girls do. And you get a perverted voyeurs, bird’s eye view between her legs!

Cindy is a dream come true!

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Guys, lets face it. We don’t go swimming at the pool or the beach because we like water. We go because we like girls in bikinis. From the first time I saw a friend’s older sister wearing a bikini in their pool I was hooked. Swimming became my all-time favorite sport.

One of the problems with seeing girls at the beach or a local pool is that staring is a bit rude and taking photos is practically illegal now. That leaves you only one option. Watching bikini clad girls online.

Seeing hot babes online has its advantages. You can view them in the privacy of your own home and you can watch your favorites over and over again until your balls turn blue.

Just about the only draw back for watching bikini girls online is that most places have crappy quality videos. At Kickass Girlz the videos are shot in HD. This allows you to count every bump on their nipples and to watch the bikinis camel toe themselves into the girls vaginas!

Along with seeing babes in bikinis get oiled up and looking sexy you also get every man’s second passion. Cat fights! Every time two chicks went at it in school we didn’t crowd around for the hair pulling. We crowded around for the glimpse up the contestants skirts, the bra busting moves. we did it because two chicks tearing into each other is sexy times two. the members area every week. Along with the original match ups you can request custom match ups too! Check the models page and decide who you want to see tearing each others bikinis off!

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Now that is what I like to see. All natural, 100% USDA Choice Camel Toe!

Well, OK. So she has to shave her vagina to get that oops, my underwear  went up my cunny look. The point is that she doesn’t even have to take those panties off for you to enjoy a glimpse of her teenage pussy!

So who is she? Her name is Natalie Banks and she in half Filipino and half American. Natalie’s father was in the military so she got shuffled around a lot when he had to move. I am sure daddy had the best intentions for his little army brat, but what is a girl to do with so many bad influences around her?

Bad influences? Hey, Rhino, these men are service people! Show some respect!!!

Hey, I hear you loud and clear, soldier. But you have to agree, there are bars. and then there are army bars (canteens). There is a normal party on a Saturday night. and then there is an Army party inhabited by a few army brats on a Saturday night. Things happen!

And happen they did for Natalie Banks. She learned real quick that a woman’s body can make guys do strange things. She had control over the men in her life. The ultimate control.

Once Natalie turned 18 she moved out and started attending college. Without any cash to speak of she decided to use what God gave her. A luscious body and one of the sweetest pussies I have ever personally laid my eyes on. Look at the way it sucks those panties in! Imagine how your cock would feel!

Now Natalie is left with the ultimate dilemma that everyone successfully self-employed has. Does she continue her education when she is already making more online than most stock traders do? Well, she won’t have those good looks forever. They do expire. So I hope she makes the most of her time with Internet stardom and finishes college so she has something to fall back on.

Along with you get access to Natalie’s friends sites too. Take the tour and scroll to the bottom for all of the info. Happy whacking!

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Schoolgirl Schoolgirl

I don’t think you could get any closer to jailbait without stepping over the line. Don’t worry, her validated ID’s are on file. So go ahead, create your fantasies. That is what Internet porn is for!

X-Art takes Erotic Art to a whole new level. It is OK if you aren’t a photography buff, there is so much barely legal tail here you don’t need to be in order to enjoy yourself. If you are into photography you will find doubly good.

The creators of X-Art were on a mission to bring strikingly beautiful talent into the spotlight. Models you won’t find anywhere else because for many of them this was a one time deal. Porn I mean. Each model shoots several episodes in various outfits and settings.

To find the right girls X-Art sends photographers all over the globe. Girls come from countries in Europe like Hungary, Germany, Poland, etc. They also come from the USA, Australia, South America and where ever else hot barely legal models can be found.

Just about the only thing I haven’t figured out is how they can afford to do all of this for only $19.95 a month. That is basically nothing when it comes to porn. $29.95 is the new low and these people managed to lop 30% off the price and still out do other more expensive sites!

I doubt they can keep the price this low for much longer so I would suggest you get in now and lock your rate in!

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I know that if I had to wake up to this kind of abuse everyday, I would thank God for every new day I receive! I am pretty sure you feel the same way too or you wouldn’t be here at a teen blog primarily devoted to barely legal teens with small tits.

Kimmy Teen is pretty new to the Internet. She came on the scene last year and already she is developing a large fan base. That is probably because she stopped developing puberty wise not long after she had started. She is like God’s gift to perverts!

Along with her petite frame and small tits she has a nice tight bum. Hitting that ass from the back might be too much excitement for you. Who knows, she might just give you a heart attack.

Most of the sets at have her wearing print panties and matching bras or tops. My favorite sets show off her pink nipples. What a beautiful shade of pink!

Kimmy also has tan lines. You just don’t see that often enough anymore. Barely legal teens that wear print panties in their sets just look more natural with tan lines than without. At least that is how I see it.

With a Kimmy Teen password you get access to her friends sites as well. Added up that means you get daily updates. Check the bottom of her tour page for the details on the other girls. You will really enjoy Little Danni too. Another hot girl with a petite frame.

Don’t forget to get a Fleshlight for Christmas. Besides for being used as a Christmas present to yourself you can also give them out at bachelor parties too! Besides, fucking one of these things feels unbelievably like the real deal. In this case, just like Kimmy Teens tight virgin pussy!

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Ah yes! The lesbian train. Circling the wagons. What ever you call it, it is the stuff of legends. Jordan Capri and her sexual exploits have been turning both boys and men on for generations. Hell, even a women can’t get enough of this petite young hottie.

I guess technically Jordan Capri isn’t barely legal anymore. Her site has been online since 2003 making her 23 years young. While she isn’t an 18 year old anymore she sure could pass for one.

Having a web site online for that long has its advantages. For one, she has been updating her site since the beginning. With two updates a week that means she has over 500 updates in her members area!

Another advantage of being online for a lengthy period of time is that you get to know your customer base rather well. I can attest that I have jacked off to 99.98% of the content and certify it 100% top notch!

Since Jordan Capri attends the fictitious LightSpeed University and is a member of the LightSpeed Sorority it is a pretty safe bet to label her bi-sexual. Of course having lesbian pics like the ones in the gallery above will make your case for you too.

So let’s recap shall we?

Yes, Jordan Capri is NOT 18 years old.
Yes, is 5 years old.

And that is NOT all.

As a member of Jordan Capri you get access to 10 of her friends. Pay an extra $5 and you can treat yourself to all 31 LightSpeed sites!

Jordan will have you singing, “Merry Christmas to me!”

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AnnaBelle Angel is that girl you first noticed and is now just starting college. While her body is still the same as it was back then, her bathing suit certainly got smaller!

While some girls need to grow on you, AnnaBelle Angel is an instantaneous knock-out. Like, maybe you have already been studying her body this whole time and talked yourself into her being “the one”.

You can study new fully nude pictures of AnnaBelle twice a week. She also is available for study on two live cam shows a week. With all of this homework it should be easy for you to pick out stuff to dress her in with your wishlist access.

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Moms and dads all over the world always worry about the kind of shit their sons will do when left unattended. In reality, they should be more worried about their innocent daughters.

Sapphic Erotica exposes these young harlots for that they really are, sex machines!

It’s true. Girls really don’t give a shit about who or what they have sex with. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all guys are saints. I have seen my fair share of banana peels in my time. But leave a pair of girls alone without a cock and they will literally try to fuck each other!

Not that I am complaining!

On the contrary, I could watch two hot babes enjoying each others company for hours. days! WEEKS! And never get bored.

At Sapphic Erotica the orgasms are real because the girls are really into one another. Once the cameras are rolling these girls go from light fondling and passionate kissing to practically raping each other with fists and strapons in hardcore lesbian sex orgies!

The lesbian videos at run from about 15 – 30 minutes long with some lasting an hour. Videos from June, 2008 on are shot in 1280×720 HD. Videos from January, 2008 to June are 960×540 and most everything before that are shot in 640×480.

Videos can be streamed via the flash player in two different sizes, downloaded to your hard drive and also to your iPod, iPhone or PSP.

The 719 (and counting) videos make up over 250 hours of video. That is over 10 days of lesbian videos played back to back! Add that to over 1240 lesbian photo sets and you have a party in your pants just itching to happen!

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If there is one thing I can never get enough of it is watching hot girls masturbate. Seeing the brunette above from 8Teenies Pass like that on the couch reminds me of a girlfriend I caught masturbating back in school.

I had popped on over to her house after working all Friday night. Her parents weren’t home and she wanted to screw, but I was just way too tired. Imagine that. The Rhino too tired to fuck a hot young babe!

So I went to bed and a few hours had past. I had drank a rather large caffeine free soda before passing out and woke up after about 40 minutes of sleeping to pee. I could hear little whimpers of what sounded like my girlfriend breathing heavy and squeaking.

I slowly exited her room and looked down the hallway. I couldn’t see her where she was seated on the couch so I tip toed into her parents restroom and peed as quietly as I could on the side of the toilet bowl. Once I finished that task I went slowly down the hallway to where I could see her and there she was, legs open and fingers rubbing.

She was watching some kind of soft porn her dad probably TIVO’d. She was only wearing her long night-shirt and a pair of panties, pulled to the side. At this point she was really into her masturbation frenzy and her eyes were closed.

My dick got instantly hard at the sight of her (hopefully) thinking about me. I tip toed over to her and cleared my throat. Her legs instantly snapped shut and her eyes opened wide. She didn’t know what to say to me. It wasn’t like she could lie. She was caught red handed!

I smiled and bent down in front of her. Then I pulled her legs open and asked her if I could finish her off. She reluctantly opened her legs the rest of the way and there was her shaven pussy waiting to be licked.

Her body shuddered when my tongue hit her clit and then she moved her hips towards my mouth and I locked on, lightly sucking her love button. Her hands caressed the back of my head and I rolled my tongue slowly over her hardened clit.

After about two minutes she started moaning again and thrust her pussy hard into my face as her orgasm swept over her. Not caring about the taste of her own juices she kissed me full on the lips. I stood up and she unbuttoned my pants to return the favor.

You can watch what came next in the gallery above.

8Teenies Pass has the world’s largest database of softcore and hardcore teen porn. For the price of one site you get five solo girls sites and three multi-girl sites. Each of the multi-girl sites are huge. The girls on them come back and do multiple picture sets and videos.

You won’t find a pass like this with so many barely legal teens anywhere else. The 8Teenies Pass is the best deal period!

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I know I just did her last month, but I have to do her again. Just like I would if she woke up in my bed in the morning. Kick her out? Nah! Fuck her twice more? Hell yeah!

Karla Spice doesn’t go all the way. I mean she doesn’t remove her panties. I respect her for that. Actually, I think it makes me want her even more. Kind of like dumping a girl after you fucked her. but before you fuck her you pursue her with all you have got. Not seeing Karla Spice 100% naked makes me want to stick around for when she takes it all off.

This latina has some of the nicest tits in the industry. Her youthful appearance means Karla can play many rolls. In her sets she plays the bikini model, the soccer girl, the schoolgirl, the teen next door getting ready for bed and more.

To sweeten the deal, also gets you access to her friends sites (some of which do get 100% naked). Plus, you get the Spice Twins. Two spicy hot Latina teens! Also included are the multi-model sites of Pacino’s World and La Zona Modelos.

If you have a thing for Latina teens, grab this password before they come to their senses and stop giving you everything for the price of one!

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When I go to the beach I expect to find hot girls wearing almost nothing. What passes for a swimsuit now a days blows my mind. Not that I am complaining. It’s just, wow, what some mothers will let their daughters wear… wow!

Emily 18 is one of those barely legal beauties I plan to photograph when I go. I have been approached by the police before and… 1) Taking bikini photos of girls at the beach is not a crime, even if it is slightly creepy to some people… and 2) My photos are all of barely legal teens. They might look like their underage counter parts, but they are 100% legal even if they were topless (sadly I have no topless beaches around me).

One of my favorite qualities of Emily 18 is that she roll plays many different kinds of girls. While she is a knock out bikini model above. She often plays other roles like the innocent girl showing her panties at the park. updates weekly with new pics and videos with each update in high definition. Seeing her youthful pert tits and tan skin in the swimming pool really brings you back to days of yore!

There has never been a better time to be a fan of Emily18 since this formally topless model went fully nude! See you in the members area!

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