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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/22/06 - Write A Comment!
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Rookie Babe Dena

I am not real hot on blue-eyed blonds… Don’t get me wrong, they don’t turn me off – it’s just that they are so cliche and maybe I am a rebel. Call me a non-conformist, an outcast or just plain stupid…

Call me what you will but I have to say, Dena here is a blond bombshell. While I wouldn’t give Pamela Anderson the time of day, I would give Dena a spot in my bed anytime.

Dena’s face reminds me of Kirsten Dunst. But with brighter eyes and a better smile (if that is possible). While her ass isn’t thick and round, it isn’t boney either and it caps off some shapely long legs. Dena’s tits are’t really big either but, they fit nicely in the palms of your hands.

Unlike most blondes that look this hot, you can almost imagine Dena in a wet t-shirt contest in Ensenada. Or maybe posing for Playboy in a college girls issue.

Of course that is all the more easier to imagine since she is posing for Rookie Babe and that is how we are getting a glimpse of her nakedness right now.

Good’ole RookieBabe.com… As if during the Holiday Season we didn’t have enough to do, they go and tempt us with over nine and a half hours of video and over 10,000 photos featuring over 100 models! Those rat-bastards! You’ve got to love em!

Each girl at Rookie Babe is profiled with questions and answers much like Playboy does to their centerfolds… Only more questions and those questions go deeper into their psychi. They also have E-Cards that you can send to your friends (for Xmas) and the girls are active on the bulletin board.

The babes also attend activities on behalf of the website. So you can actually meet these girls face-to-face. Past events include pictures and signings at Teddy’s (in Hollywood, CA), Lingerie Bash at the Playboy Mansion and Girls Night Out (Wet T-Shirt Contest) in various locals.

RookieBabe.com knows you have a lot of shopping to do and they respect that. So they are going to give you a 3 day pass for only $5.95 so that you can buy the full membership after Christmas. But, if you are one of those people with money lying around, I would suggest you go for the 3 Months at $49.95 and pick up the free DVD in the process!

The DVD is loaded with 15 Rookie Babes and it rocks! The video is crystal clear and the girls look like they are having a blast. You should view the trailer. The video includes the original girls, Nadia, Athena, Kelly, Cara, Nikki, Kaylee, Isabella, Arianna, Dorothy, Mandy, Cristal, Amber, Ashton, Valerie and Crystal.

And if you like blondes, pay special attention to Athena, she is a stunner!

Find More Rookie Babe!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/20/06 - Write A Comment!
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Emily18 Tasty Sweet

I’ll be damned if Emily18 isn’t the tastiest and sweetest barely legal girl I have ever seen. It is almost as though the time bus stopped and Emily got off and never got back on it. As though she never even entertained the idea of getting back on the bus.

Emily 18 recently went through some shit that they don’t discuss much on her board. She actually thought about quiting and doing modeling outside of her website. Still nude modeling, just not on her website.

But a few bigtime fans got wind of her plan and even found some of the magazine pictures she did for a photographer and reminded her of why she is such a hot itemEmily18.com!

So I guess this had to happen at some point and I am glad she made the right decision because now I feel more secure about letting my subscription rebill.

Emily used to post to her board often, now it seems she is on that thing 24/7 answering questions and conversing with her fanbase. Her site updates three times a week and videos are shot in high definition.

The latest sets are mind numbing and she is tasty sweet as always in them. I think it is safe to say that this small tits nubile is so damn cute that she could make a gay man straight!

Find More Emily18!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/20/06 - Write A Comment!
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Kristina Fey Natural Beauty

There was recently a big hoopla in the webmaster community about solo models. Kristina Fey above is a solo model. The hoopla was over the increasing number of girls trying to make it big as the next hot solo model.

Personally, I prefer girls who are naturally beautiful. Kristina Fey fits the bill one hundred percent. She has small tits that are nice and firm. Delicious pink nipples (I imagine) and an awesome shaved vulva (she often leaves a landing strip on top).

Kristina has a naturally beautiful face too. That is important because that was actually what most of the hoopla was about. Butter-faced chicks trying to pass themselves off as models.

Any dumbass can get a camera and shoot his girlfriend naked in a motel room or on a deserted patch of land. But it takes a professional to find a gem like Kristina Fey and turn her into an Internet icon.

Pancho Dog has been shooting girls for over four years. He shoots all of the photosets and videos on KristinaFey.com. The Dog does model shoots right. If a set isn’t 100% awesome it isn’t used. That is a true sign of class and if someone wants me to feel comfortable giving my credit card details to them, they had better have a lot of class.

Members of KristinaFey.com get updates twice a week. Photos are 1024x or higher and videos are always 100% downloadable.

And… YES, Kristina does get 100% naked in the members area!

Find More Kristina Fey!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/20/06 - Write A Comment!
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Latin Teen Pass Gianna

There are a lot of reasons why I would go to Latin America. None of them revolve around coffee beans.

All of them can pretty much be summed up in the photograph above. Tan skin, striking face, thick ass, soccer legs and sexy brown eyes.

Ooops… I almost forgot, brown eyes aren’t supposed to be sexy… Sshhh, don’t tell that to Gianna, we don’t want to spoil her fun!

My last post was on a Latin teen… I don’t normally come back to the topic I just posted about… But fuck! I am sitting there in my skivies (to much information?) and using my Latin Teen Pass and dammit if they don’t have a ton of hot Latinas on there sites.

Sites? Yeah, you get them all in one fucking pass. I will be honest… I think every porn producer should just give you their network for the price of one, but at LatinTeenPass.com I almost feel dirty because I feel like I am robbing them blind!

We are talking about a combined total of 11 updates a week. That is a lot of pussy any way you cut it, man! Plus I was reading on the webmaster boards that they are looking into opening two more solo model sites and adding them to the pass too!

Can you say "loco?"

Find More Latin Teen Pass!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/19/06 - Write A Comment!
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Pacinos World Lucia

I am a pervert. Luckely for me Pacino is a pervert too. Pacino is the guy who runs Pacino’s World. A one stop shop for all things perverted… so long as they center around hot latina girls!

Again, I am lucky, I enjoy hot latina girls so much I am dating one. There is something about a girl who keeps a tan all year long that is appealing to me. Lucia, above, is one of those appealing girls. She has soft big tits and a nice curvy shape to her.

Can you imagine how nice it would be to slide your dick up between those tits? Jesus… PacinosWorld.com covers all of the bases. They dress the girls up in some very flatering outfits. Lucia here is wearing one of those ‘rack-tops’... It really accentuates those big tits! She also has on some see-thru panties. This is almost to much!

At PacinosWorld.com you get updates three time a week. Girls range from topless to completely nude and more girls are added to the rotation monthly.

Perhaps one of the best qualities of Pacinos World is that you get access to all of his websites he runs…. So, if you have an eye for Latinas, you had better get your ass in there now!

Find More Pacinos World!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/18/06 - Write A Comment!
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Texas Twins Carwash

There has never been a better time to be a man (or a bisexual woman) than right fucking now!

The Milton Twins were great and the Simpson Twins weren’t bad either but the Texas Twins have all of the qualities that make “the third time is a charm,” ring true!

One look at the picture above and it is obvious that this website was set up to exploit all of the things a warm blooded man would fall for. Not just one but two hot blonds… Not just any hot blondes, but twins!

Now mix that in whit a lot of kissing and fondeling and clit licking and you have a real Texas rodeo.

OK, now wait… The twins don’t kiss each other… That’d be incest and that is illegal. These girls don’t touch each other, but they do masturbate infront of each other and that is one hell of a sight to see!

At TexasTwins.com you get these two tiny tits youngins and all of their friends. It’s a bit like having your cake, and eating it too. You get both WMV and MPEG format videos. You also get high definition pictures to accompany those videos.

Go ahead, make the Texas Twins your own personal christmas gift. Twin lesbians tag teaming their friends shaved boxes is something only a few lucky guys get to experience in their lifetime! Why not be one of the few that do?

Find More Texas Twins!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/10/06 - Write A Comment!
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Total Super Cuties - Lucia


Well, sort of…

You see, how "busted" are you? I mean really, come on… So you got busted in your best friends sister’s panty drawer… Bust how busted are you if she is giving you a show like this?

After all, isn’t this what you were masturbating about in the first place? Now she is going to let you wrap a soft pair of her satin panties around your stiffy and give her a show for your "punishment?" With punishment like this who wouldn’t want to get "busted?"

Sure, she isn’t going to let you see her pussy or even her nipples. She wants to see if you can jack off and cum without seeing them. But is she stupid or what? Of course you can cum without seeing them. You have already cummed three hundred times over without having seen them yet, what is going to stop you from cumming now? Having the object of your affection stand infront of you wearing panties?

Lucia is going to help you out a bit and adjust her panties. She is amazed out how focused you are as you try to get a glimpse of her pussy underneath those panties. She rubs her finger tips on her nipples and you gasp as they stiffen and your cock stiffens with them.

Your cum shoots out into her satin panties and she giggles as they turn a darker color with the wetness of your sticky cum load. She gets excited as you keep jerking your cock and cum keeps pouring out.

When the last drip of your goo is done she kicks you out of her room and leaves you wondering what is next? Will you ever get this chance again? Will she act like nothing ever happened? Will she tell her friends? Ohh God…

Who knows? But you can see more of Lucia and make it up as you go along.. click by click… TotalSuperCuties.com has 29 sets of Lucia and her fantastic panties. That is almost 3000 hi-res pictures of this Total Super Cutie!

Plus you also get over 94,000 more pics of 36 other models. Plus get 311 movies to tease you with. With Christmas right around the corner it is time to treat yourself to a membership. Go ahead! You deserve to spend some money on yourself too.

Don’t forget the Fleshlight. The leading male sex toy… Hell, it is the only male sextoy! It also make a great conversation piece. Just ask Raven Riley!

Find More Total Super Cuties!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/08/06 - Write A Comment!
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Candi Crush

I am not sure why but a picture of a girl telling me to go fuck myself, not just once, but twice, is a big turn on!

This rebel without a cause is Candi Crush and what a little shedevil she is. I am not sure why, but gothic girls always name themselves [insert name here] Crush. Perhaps there is something to be said about the power of suggestion because I have a crush on all of them!

Candi is bisexual, so if you enjoy watching girls kissing, you will have an instant hardon.

This girl is not like any other model on the net. She really loves to get upclose and personal with her members. She regularly does custom shoots where you are her guide. I have quite a few things in mind that I wouldn’t mind seeing this 5’3″, 110lbs hottie doing. Both to herself and to her friends.

CandieCrush.com photography is exceptional. It seems most all of the gothic sites are light years ahead of the mainstream adult market when it comes to getting crystal clear video down. The pics are like artwork and the videos are pure gravy.

If a walk on the wild side floats your boat, you are in luck! Join now and you get access to the other shedevils in the network.

Find More Candi Crush!

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Ohh damn!

Them is some pink ass nipples and small tits!

There is a new rookie on the block, folks, and her name is Harmony 18. Let’s all give her a hand…

OK, lets all remember, she is a rookie! We are talking barely legal to the max. She just turned 18 and decided to take a stab at Internet modeling. Hey, I personally wouldn’t get naked for the camera (besides it is not like anyone would want to see it anyway), so I have to give her props for that.

With that said, this girl has got it going on. And I mean ON! Now my first impression was she is gonna be a typical solo model doing softcore porn. You know, some innocent bisexual kissing, light masturbation and a lot of poses with her panties on.

WRONG! So fucking wrong it is gut-wrenching. You HAVE got to check out her video trailer on Harmony18.com! Jesus Christ Almighty! Wow…

She starts out all bashful and innocent and then BAMB! She is sucking a guys cock porno-style, masturbating with a huge dildo, wondering what it’d be like to take it up the ass – actually taking it up the ass, pissing in the sink and getting dildo fucked rammed by a girlfriend. Holy shit! When her mom and dad find out about this website… I don’t even want to go there!

At $29.95 it isn’t cheap as far as solo models go but wow… I would have to say she is easily on par with Ivana-Fuckalot!

I still can’t get over the shock

Find More Harmony 18!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/01/06 - Write A Comment!
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Brooke Skye Raven Riley Lesbians

Ooops, Raven did it again.

Hey, I am all for chicks kissing. But they have to be hot chicks… Otherwise, why even show up for the show?

Brooke Skye is the ultimate Mid-Western hottie. A true GND if you will. And Raven Riley? Fuck, does she even need an introduction?

So I guess it is safe to say that these two girls lezzing out is a sold-out show waiting to happen!

Up until a few days ago I didn’t even know these two did some galleries together. But I try to check the search function every once in a while and guess what? OK, you probably already know what… There were over fifty searches in the last two weeks by you people looking for the Brooke Skye, Raven Riley lesbian scenes!

So here we are… As if one pussy wasn’t enough, we have two… Two fucktabulous pussies and we don’t even have to choose between them because they are both in every scene. Can I get a fuck yeah?

What is so great about this match up you ask? Well, BrookeSkye.com shoots all of the video in SuperHD and UltraHD. We are talking movies so detailed that small samples range from 10MB to 20MB a sample! This shit is simply amazing!

You can see every sexy freckle Brooke has and every bump on Raven’s tongue as it moves through Brooke’s wonderful pussy lips. I have a 24 inch monitor and in full screen mode this shit is off the fucking hook! If you don’t have Verizon FIOS yet, you might want to check it out because you are going to need lots of screaming bandwidth to truly get into the action.

Take a look at the trailer off the main page on BrookeSkye.com and see what you have been missing. I am sure you can afford the $1.99, 24 hour trial too… You won’t be sorry, this is one membeship I am allowing to rebill… over and over again!

Find More Brooke Skye!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/28/06 - Write A Comment!
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Dana Lightspeed

Those are a set of blue eyes you can fall in love with and straight get married without asking questions or waiting to see her mom (and make sure she ain’t gonna get fat on ya)!

While she looks like a raven haired babe, I think she is actually a brunette. Impossible to tell for sure, she shaves her beaver completely bald. Dana Lightspeed screems "The Girl Nextdoor," and has plenty enough beauty to win a pageant. In fact, Dana won the Wordwide Teen Model Search to become one of the Lightspeed Girls.

There is a rumor that Dana’s small tits were used for the original cast of wine glasses. Obviously it isn’t true, after all she is only nineteen years old. But, I am sure you agree, holding them in your hands wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Got a thing for teen girls kissing? Good, because so does Dana. This teen starlet frequently shares the camera lens with up to four of her coed friends! And this isn’t softcore no touchy just look sweet enough to eat either, this is four fingers deap and a wet soft tongue on the clit until she is screaming kind of action.

To give you an idea of what to expect, I will run down her latest sets for you: First, a skimpy bikini contest between three blondes and two brunettes. Second, a lesbian sex-fest that starts out with white panties, briefs and gstrings. That means plenty of camel toe shots. Third, Dana ferociously masturbating her pink shaved pussy. Fourth, more pics of Dana including many of her tan, tight ass. And the fifth, Dana getting it on with two of her sorority sisters.

Still not sure if DanaLightspeed.com is a good deal for your hard earned cash? Check out the tour. Scroll down to the bottom and check out what kind of insane deal the Lightspeed Sorority girls cooked up for you!

Find More Dana Lightspeed!

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Josie Junior

Josie Junior – A website so perverted, it might just be too perverted… even for me…

Josie is an eighteen year old barely legal model running JosieJunior.com. In high school Josie was always teased about not having normal sized tits. Dressing out for PE was especially embarrasing. Josie often felt so humiliated she didn’t even want to go to school.

After graduating high school Josie met a web producer named Mike. He made his living shooting hardcore porn but was looking to branch out into the barely legal niche. That is when he met Josie and that is when Josie first began to realize that there was a chance to make it big in life for every girl out there. Not just for girls with large breasts.

Mike took some test shots of Josie and the rest is history. Just like Mike figured, over 40,000 men and women come to JosieJunior.com everyday. Josie became an overnight hit and now she can laugh a hardy laugh at the girls who teased her in the locker room.

But why do people gravitate towards this barely legal teen? Josie’s small tits are not just small, they are tiny! Her nipples stick out further than the boobs they are on. Could 40,000 people a day really be attracted to a girl based on her tiny tits alone?

Perhaps, but Josie Junior is more than just a barely legal babe. Josie is an exhibitionist. She loves to get naked in very public places. She also loves to post candid shots and videos from her private webcam. A glimpse into her daily routine in her own bedroom and more!

In addition to being an exhibitionist, Josie loves to masturbate for the camera. Josie has an extremely tight pussy and has a hard time getting her vibrator into her vulva but after some time she gets it in and has very wet orgasms. You could say she is a natural. She didn’t get much action in high school on account of her flat chest so she has a lot of pent-up horny aggression.

JosieJunior.com adds full updates complete with pictures and an accompaning video every 3 to 5 days. In addition to those updates she also does sets with her girlfriends and some of the girls do solo sets too!

So, why do we gravitate towards this teenage model? I still don’t have an answer. One thing is for sure though, we have a lot of thanks to give to this girl who conquored her high school fears and even turned them into an Internet sensation for all of us to enjoy!

Find More Josie Junior!

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Teen Dreams Denisa

So… from time to time softcore solo models get boring. Now is the time to spice things up a bit. See what is hidden underneath those satin panties. To put it bluntly, watch a girl take a rock hard dick.

Enter TeenDreams.com, the place I go when I want to see a girl get pounded… by a man or even another girl!

Teen Dreams has over 5,600 models with many on exclusive deals. Before I forget, grab a free wallpaper while you are there. This one is my favorite. Yeah, I have a thing for petite brunettes… OK!

As a member you get access to over 1000 downloadable videos. Not plugin feeds bullshit, these are their own movies. Check out the video section in the tour. You will be amazed!

The Members Area tour really gives you an idea of just how immense the archive of porn is at Teen Dreams. Some of the choices are solo girls, lesbian series, solo Asian series, boy/girl series, UK teens, Viv Thomas videos, DVD movie series, the list goes on.

To make things a hell of a lot easier for you, the blokes at TeenDreams.com also have a sweet-ass search engine. Mix and match options like clothes (schoolgirl, bra, panties, nude,etc), race, ass (small, medium or large!), location (bathroom, office, etc), pussy (shaved, trimmed, natural), action (threesome, fucking, solo, etc)… There are many more options to choose from.

This makes finding that certain set you were thinking of almost to easy. What will you do now with all of the extra time you have?

No more hunting down porn until 3am!

Find More Teen Dreams!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/23/06 - Write A Comment!
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Rookie Babe Lily

Damn… Lily is one fine-as-all-fuck Asian!

At 18 years young this Rookie Babe is defiantely barely legal matrial. Lily has some nice small tits that would fit perfectly in your hands. Those little mounds are topped off with some kinky eraser nipples that would turn even Mr Universe into a whiney punk asking for something to suck on.

Asians have some remarkable qualities. Besides for having kick ass bodies, they have exotic faces. The eyes, the nose, the dick sucking lips, it all comes together in an overpoweringly erotic way.

I am sure you all feel like I do when it comes to Lily’s tight pussy. I could bang her and tap that firm ass for months without getting bored.

But, what if I did get tired of it? No problemo my friend, Rookie Babe adds new ass to tap daily. You get everything from photo sets and videos to screensavers and wallpapers.

I hope you are a bachelor otherwise your old lady isn’t going to appreciate Lily popping up everytime your systems goes inactive for 15 minutes at a time.

Grab your own RookieBabe.com password and don’t forget your Fleshlight (the only male sex toy of its kind)! But seriously, dump your raggedy bitch and get a Rookie Babe instead!

Find More Rookie Babe!

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Nubiles Sandra

With football in full swing this season it is time for me to pay tribute to Sandra’s favorite NFL team, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers beat the Denver Broncos this weekend with a freakish second half comeback and took first place in the AFC West.

But with nipples like Sandra’s, who really gives a shit about football? Just kidding… but really, we must move on.

I could have picked any girl at Nubiles to shoot my fansign for me but Sandra had a few things going for her. First off, Sandra is hot. Second, she likes a winning team. And third, I can actually imagine Sandra in the stands next to me cheering her team on.

Sandra is from Nubiles, the people that bring you two to three new teens every week. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, they don’t call em Nubiles.net because the girls are MILF material. These girls are 90% barely legal with a few college coeds thrown in.

The frontpage at Nubiles.net reads like a fucking telephone book of barely legal models. Over 200 in all. There are even more that won’t fit on the page. Each model has anywhere from 1 to 20 photosets and downloadable movies for your enjoyment.

If you are looking for that special someone to Fleshlight your swollen glands to, Nubiles has her and she is waiting!

Find More Nubiles!

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