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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/13/07 - Write A Comment!
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Danya Licious Upskirt

Any thoughts on that pic? Ohh come on, I know you have a few…

Reminds me of lunch back in school. I used to get some of the sweetest teen upskirt shots from chicks who didn’t know any better than to sit right infront of a pervert like me.

Danya is all-American and perfectly chunky. Check out the 2nd to last pic in the gallery: Yup, Danya, I said you have got curves… Don’t go getting all butt-hurt about it, curves are hot when you have them in the proper proportions like you do.

DanyaLicious.com updates her site with 2 photo galleries and a video gallery each and every week. I love Danya because she isn’t affraid of her bisexual curiosity. She has shoots with the other girls included.

Danya is a little thick around the hips and you know what they say, "Big girls need love too!" I like them plus sized hips because they don’t mind bare-backing and you can nut in em and they don’t mind that either. I’d be more than honored if she was carrying my baby.

For those that care, Danya Licious is from Texas and is the oldest girl here at Virgins 19. She is 21. Perfect because we are gonna hit the bars if I ever see her at an adult webmaster convention!

Find More Danya Licious!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/09/07 - Write A Comment!
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Lacey Pink Camel Toe

Do you like Camel Toes?

Of course you do and Lacey Pink is the girl who is handing them out on a weekly basis. You would swear this girl was born with panties in her pussy.

Perhaps that is one of the best qualities of this spunky redhead. She is ready to try anything once and if it feels good, two, three, four-hundred more times.

The photography is top-notch at LaceyPink.com and her videos are amazingly clear. I don’t know how this girl managed to slip under the radar for so long. Especially since her monthly price is only $9.95!

Fuck yeah, I said $9.95 a month. I am sure you are thinking it is a mistake or that the website is as limited as the access you will be receiving. You couldn’t be more wrong. You get full access and her website is the real deal. Over five hours of video and all of the pictures you could ever want.

The sets range in flavors. In some she is a cute nubile teen playing with her pussy for the first time and in others she is a teen vixen with a hardcore dildo fetish.

Like I said earlier, she is very into camel toes so if you have a thing for chicks in panties, you are in the right place. LaceyPink.com – Hardcore videos, upskirt and panty shots and the right price.

Find More Lacey Pink!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/06/07 - Write A Comment!
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Do you like blonde nonnude models who decide to go all the way?

What if she enjoys licking her friends pussies just as much as she enjoys masturbating her own… on video? Would it make a difference if she updates three to four times a week?

Get your ass over to Cassie’s Teens and check out her hot review of Anna-Angel.com!

Read the Review of Ann Angel!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/04/07 - Write A Comment!
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Pussy Licking

Damn… Innocent teenage pussy licking. What a way to start out the weekend!

Those guys over at Doghouse Digital really know how to pick ’em don’t they? Take one part small tits and barely legal Annie Berry and then add a dash of even smaller tits Cherry Potter. Mix in the tub for thirty minutes and then lick clean or until orgasm… and then keep going for more!

Annie Berry and Cherry Potter are like a dream team for the guy that considers himself a REAL TEEN connoisseur. These two look young enough to be your nextdoor neighbors daughters.

Signing up to either site has its bonuses. They are both part of the BrainPass Network which means you get access to over 30 websites covers way too many niches to list here. It’d probably be best just to click and check it out for yourself.

Find More Annie Berry!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/01/07 - Write A Comment!
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Danni Virgin

When it comes to redhead virgins, Danni Virgin is the only virgin you will ever need.

I have been a loyal fan of this blue-eyed girl since the beginning. Danni’s members area is like the Hotel California. Once you enter you will never leave.

The just released Danni Virgin videos are a big tease and an even bigger turn on. Everything is clear and the images are in high resolution. You get to count every itty-bitty freckle on this 18 year old girl.

DanniVirgin.com is the ultimate fantasy starting point for those who crave petite little ladies that love to smile and make you proud. I bet you have plenty of ideas racing through your head about what you would like to do to her.

Grab your membership and let this barely legal redhead flirt the cum out of you tonight!

Find More Danni Virgin!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/31/07 - Write A Comment!
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Liz Vicious

What is it about red hair? No matter how fake it looks we would still love to bang the piss out of the chick wearing it. I mean literally bang the piss out of her.

Liz Vicious is one of my favorite bad girl redheads of all time. I guess I am just a sucker for girls that look so innocent until you get drunk around them and then they take advantage of you!

I guess it helps to keep you on your toes…

Liz is no softcore amateur model by any means. This goth babe is about as professional as sluts come. Her site is a treasure trove of cock sucking, ball licking, ass fucking adventures. If you are looking to blow out your mind, LizVicious.com is your loaded gun!

There has never been a better time to have a Liz Vicious password than right fucking now. Not only do you get weekly updates with saucy, gooey, sticky footage of her sexual exploits, but you also get to know when Liz Vicious is coming to a town near you!

You have to check out the join page for a hint of what is to be the most awesome tie-in an Internet model has ever performed before!

Find More Liz Vicious!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/26/07 - Write A Comment!
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Amanda Total Super Cuties

Without trying to embarrass her too much… Look at the size of those humongous knockers on Amanda from TotalSuperCuties.com!

Got milk?

Like anyone else, I have several memberships to solo model sites… Most notably I like Emily18, Jordan Capri and Trixie Teen. But solo models sites have one big limitation… there is usually only one girl on the entire website. If there are others, they usually are of much lower caliber and deserve only an honorable mention.

So in times like these mega-model sites like Total Super Cuties fills the void and break the mold. Not only do you get Amanda and her obnoxiously large bosoms, you also get Chloe and her innocently small tits too – along with 36 other models (and counting)!

You name your type and they have it. It really is just that simple! There are almost 100,000 photos and over 300 movies. Models range in age from 18 to 23 years old, making them perfect candidates for being a Rhino’s Girl.

Many of the models at TotalSuperCuties.com come back for updates on a regular basis so it is kind of like a virtual site divided up between 20 girls and 18 of their hottest friends.

That is a win to the 38th power, my friend!

Find More Total Super Cuties!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/25/07 - Write A Comment!
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Mia Ciara Latina Babe

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you probably already know I have a thing for chicks with tans. Latina babes are an even better delight because their ass is tan even if they don’t go out into the sun.

Mia Ciara is probably a bit out of my league but that is the best part of porn! You can theoretically bang any bitch you want to... And today I am going to dream about Mia’s globey ass in my lap with her ripe mellons in my face.

Sure, we spend a lot of time here talking about the barely legal beauties and how we’d enjoy them, but Mia is old enough to be what we might call Latina MILF. Once in a while it is nice to take off the dominate hat and put on the dominated one instead. Hey even shrinks go to shrinks!

Mia is one hell of a dominating force…. and I have been such a bad boy lately! I can only imagine the wondeful humility of having her smother me with her pussy. Commanding me to lick her clit while holding my nose shut, her pussy lips clamped down over my mouth.

With weekly updates including pics, videos and steamy webcam shows there is a lot to think about when it comes to MiaCiara.com. Mia’s sets range from glamour to candids and bloopers so there is plenty to choose from. The night on the town Mia, the just home from college classes Mia… All are sure to please!

Find More Mia Ciara!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/17/07 - Write A Comment!
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Lili Jensen - Hot Babe

Guys, I want you to say hello to my new girlfriend, Lili Jensen…

I wish!

Solo models come and go and some of them don’t leave soon enough. Lili here is a keeper. She can stick around my dick as long as she likes.

Brand new (Aug, 2006), LiliJensen.com is the home of the Internets newest 18 year teen model. The kind of girl that could wear a potato sack and still look hot. Hell, she’d be even hotter and we’d call her exotic!

Each week Lili Jensen updates with a new photo set and a new video. Take the tour and I am sure you will be coming up with some fantasies of your own. Videos are 640×480 so you can see a lot of detail. The pictures could be bigger @ 1200×800 pixels. But don’t worry there are plenty of close ups to fill the void.

If you are looking for a girl you can [cough] grow with, Lily Jensen is the one for you!

Find More Lili Jensen!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/17/07 - Write A Comment!
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Beach Model - Hairy Pussy

Hairy pussy, hersuit beaver, natural and hairy, muff, bush, what ever you call it, it is a fetish and we gets lots of searches for it. So here it is!

Well, I cannot say that Beach Model is all about the hairy pussy fetish but I can say the guy goes beyond the call of duty to get you some of the hottest babes on the planet wearing teeny bikinis.

BeachModel.com is dedicated to bringing you new girls wearing micro bikinis… and that never gets old, does it? The girls encompass a wide array of tastes. There are hairy pussies as well as shaved pussies… There are even in between pussies with a landing strip or a buzz cut. But all of them are accented with a micro bikini up the crack.

The girls have only one thing in common, they are all hot. Other than that the list of nationalities reads like the roster at the United Nations. Some of the babes have small tits and others have huge breasts. Some are real and others are so fake even a blind man could tell the difference.

With new models being added each and every week a membership to Beach Model is a definate keeper!

Find More Beach Model!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/15/07 - Write A Comment!
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My buddy and his wife are over and they are pestering me about what it is a I for a living. I guess I live pretty good compared to most folks but I am by no means a millonair. I hate to answer this damn question because the reactions are so far to the extreme it is just easier to make something up.

This time I decided to be honest… Well, kind of. I tell them that I run a blog and leave it at that. While I do run a few blogs I don’t make my living doing it. To be honest with you, my readers, I make about $500 a month after paying for hosting. Really! About enough to pay for my boat.

So you are probably wondering where I make my money? I create advertisements for sites like the Texas Twins. But that is a whole nother post on another day. You people are getting me off track.

My buddy is pestering me for the name of the blog and a few shots of Jagermeister later and I tell him. He looks it up and the next time him and the wife are over she is all up in my shit about the content of my blog.

Basically she thinks the girls are too young. I am like WTF? They are all over 18 years old and that makes it all legal so why are you getting on me about it? She is like, “Well, your oldest daughter is 18 so how can you write about sex and eightteen year olds? What if your daughter wants to do this?”

Now when she said, “to fo this,” she meant to pose nude. But I spun it another way that settled things right then and there.

I asked her if she had something against Hue Hefner. She watches the Playboy channel a lot so of course her answer was no. I asked her if she knew that he had a daughter and she didn’t, which is crazy to me because she is the CEO of Playboy!

So I said, “Well, if my daughter wants to run my business, as Hue’s daughter runs his, I would be all for it so long as she goes to college and obtains a business degree.”

My friends wife said, “OK, but these girls are only 18!”

“Right, and so are the girls in every issue of Playboy when they do college girls or springbreak!”

After that she settled down a bit and now she is actually trying to get her man to write a blog on chicks with big tits (she has some awesome knockers herself)… Funny how things can turn out?!?!

I look forward to the day when I can tell Oprah how that barely legal girl on the boat above is making an adult decision to be on that boat. It is her desire to turn us on and put small tits fantasies into our heads and she has every God given right to do so!

Now, go get a password to Met-Art so I can tell my buddies wife how posts like this can buy their family a boat. I would really like to see them succeed. If they ever get that big tits blog going, I’ll be sure to post a link to it here for all of you to check it out.

Find More MET Art!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/14/07 - Write A Comment!
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Peachez 18

Peachez18.com is turning four years old on February 1st. Since the beginning Peachez 18 has been ground breaking.

Her website was one of the first modern pornsites on the Internet. By modern I mean that you paid a monthly charge and the updates are shot in realtime. Most websites back in 2002 charged you per download. As in, if you wanted to download a certain update you had to pay specifically for that one set and every other subsequent update you downloaded.

When I say they shoot the content in realtime I am referring to the fact that in the old days, and in some of the new days too, the model isn’t actually a part of the website! The owner of the website is often a sleezy, slob of an ass and he shoots all of the content the website will ever have in the span of 3 or 4 months. Then he fires the girl and pretends to be her for her adoring fans.

And that is why Peachez 18 is different. You get to see Peachez go from a barely legal girl to a smoking hot college coed babe. There is a transition because she is still here to answer your emails and take your requests. One thing that never changes with Peachez is her small tits. They are still pert and sexy as ever!

Peachez 18 has weekly updates and she even does webcam chats (the mark of any real teen website). Peachez regularly interacts with her fans in her forum.

When you have tried all of the rest and are tired of being let down, Peachez18 is here to breath new life into your life.

Find More Peachez 18!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/11/07 - Write A Comment!
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Rakhee Indian Teen

Hey there, fella… Are you getting tired of the same boring old scheme? Someone finds a coked out bitch of a whore and turns her into a porn slut on the internet…. same layout for the website… same promise of updates and when you look at her, you can tell that eighteen was about 7 or 8 years ago. Coke or no coke, that bitch is washed up and someone wants you to actually pay to see her naked?

It is time for you to meet Rakhee. Not only is she hot with a rock hard body, Rakhee is exotic. Rakhee is probably the only Indian doing porn right now that I would categorize as hotter-than-hot.

Rakhee’s World started out a bit slow… You know, Indian girls are not supposed to pose naked. They are supposed to wear layered clothing. Even the less conservative ones wear a bra, then a tank top, then a shirt and then a jacket. Now – you could say that RakheesWorld.com is going balls to the wall strong. Actually, it has been that way for a couple of months now.

If I had a gun to my head and the person wielding that gun said I had to give two chicks Rakhee is on par with I’d say Lisa Bonet from the Cosby Show and Kim Fields from The Facts of Life, all rolled into one. Beautiful and different than everyone else out there.

With behind the scenes photos and videos, Rakhee is letting you see what other Indian teens won’t let you. And don’t forget that members get to talk to this Indian Godess on her private message board.

This is one website everyone should see at least once in their lives.

Find More Rakhee’s World!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/10/07 - Write A Comment!
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Asian Teen Cris Taliana

Cris Taliana of GeneralTsosHoes.com.

Sure General Tso’s Hoes is a strange name for a website. The name comes from the Chinese dish General Tso’s Chicken. It is said that General Tso never actually ate such chicken, but for the sake of this review, let’s pretend he ate the chicken because it smelt like fish.

GeneralTsosHoes.com has more Asian pussy packed in it than a sushi bar. And no, it isn’t that stinky smelly pussy your dad ate in Hanoi, this pussy is ultra fresh and as tasty as Tsingtao beer without the bitter after taste.

If you have a thing for the Asian persuasion, this is your new hang-out. These girls go all the way and then double back around and go it again, in full length videos!

They say that Asians aim to please… For these hot asian babes it is all about aiming for the money shot and letting it explode. There is something so incredibly wholesome about the sight of an Asian girl with your cum load drizzling out of her mouth and dripping off her cute little asian chin.

Act now and you get a sweet bonus, access to the hottest new teen cum shots website, FuckMyFaceHole.com! With so many cum guzzling bitches at your disposal your balls will need a rotation schedule!

Find More General Tsos Hoes!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/08/07 - Write A Comment!
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Teen Braces

So… Do you like pics of teens with braces?

Then you will love Bashful Brittany. Blue eyes, braces and light brown hair make for the perfect girl nextdoor fantasy!

Brittany doesn’t have a model perfect body, she has a real GND body. She has everything needed to bring back those days of yester-year when you were still the cock of the walk.

This bombshell loves to dress up in frilly panties, satin panties or cotton panties with print. When she isn’t talking on the phone or scamming for guys at the mall Brittany is taking her clothes off in some awesome candid style photos.

Bashful Brittany Panties

I think that teen panties picture above speaks volumes about what is in store for the lucky members of BashfulBrittany.com. Just imagine all of the things you can fantasize about here!

You will also get an added bonus of watching Bashful Brittany and her her girlfriends getting pretty flirty! Teens kissing and frolicking around never gets old!

Find More Bashful Brittany!

Blogged Under: Barely Legal,Panties,Panty Tease
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