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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/12/09 - Write A Comment!
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There is only one thing better than looking up a girls skirt and seeing that her panties are see-thru… And that is getting caught by that girl and finding out that she likes to watch you do it!

UK Upskirts updates several times a week with new photos and videos of some of the hottest upskirt action I have seen to date. Each photo set is shot in high definition so you can see every nook and cranny. The videos are clear as day, allowing you to watch as her pussy crack swallows a piece of her panties.

Model ages vary greatly from 18 years young to cougar material. Just  about the only thing I can say bad about this site is the tour sucks. They might want to put some samples on it and show more variety. That being said, the first tour page gives you a nice taste of what you are in for. The staggering amount of updates at UK Upskirts is amazing!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/10/09 - Write A Comment!
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Emily 18 is so fucking sweet!

Her small tits are sweet. Her cute bubble ass is sweet. Her youthful and fresh face is sweet. Who wouldn’t want to taste this barely legal babes nipples? I bet they are sweet too!

For quite some time we were left to wonder if Emily18’s pussy was also sweet. Recently she started going full nude and as it turns out, her pink little pussy is extra sweet!

Emily18.com  has updates three times a week and all of them are shot in high definition. Some of her older stuff isn’t in high definition. To bad too because Emily 18 started shooting for her site days after she turned 18. If you think she looks barely legal in her most recent episodes, wait until you see her earlier stuff!

One of the best videos at Emily18 is of her in her swimming pool in the backyard. There is something about seeing that cold pool water turn the nipples on her small tits hard. Her skin is a perfect tan. You can just imagine how good this girl would taste!

You can find more of her by using the search box to the right or checking the related posts section. When you are finally ready to take the plunge you can join Emily 18 and talk to her on her private message board.

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/05/09 - Write A Comment!
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The girl in the video clips above is a lot of things. A shy girl isn’t one of them obviously.

Her name is Aaliyah Love and you make have seen her before. This would be because Aaliyah is a porn star. How a 23 year old becomes a porn STAR so damn quick I dunno?

There is one thing I am sure about and that is watching this young babe masturbate on video is a great way to spend the weekend!

How do I know?

I spent all last weekend with her and now it is your turn. Don’t worry about sloppy seconds, this girl is worth it!

Aaliyah Love is known to play dress up. Her naughty maid outfit is two parts fucking-hot and one part sassy! As a schoolgirl she will have your heart racing!

You can talk to Aaliyah Love via Email or in webcam chats. How many porn stars let you get this close? Being no stranger to sex she even prefers it when you talk dirty to her.

Aaliyah keeps a blog so you are up to date on all things Aaliyah Love. She updates it often and includes many accounts of both her personal and professional life. If she is going to make an appearance somewhere doing autographs or lap dances, you will hear it on her blog first!

This small tits babe updates her site weekly with a new high resolution video and pics to go with it. Her masturbation videos where she fingers that tight pussy of hers are h-a-w-t -> HAWT!

Along with AaliyahLove.com you get access to her porn star friends. Like Aaliyah some of them have been online since they turned 18 so you get to see them grow up from barely legal to college coeds! You can read my post on Sweet Leah Luv here!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/04/09 - Write A Comment!
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While her hairstyle might have went out with Felicity (oh, God, how I loved that girl!), her puffy nipples will always be fashionable!

I once dated a girl with puffy nipples like the ones on this girl from Watch My GF. When we’d go swimming her nipples would push on her bikini top and it was pretty obvious she had puffy ones. She had to wear special bras to keep them from showing themselves on cold days.

Not all girls have super sensitive nipples just because they are puffy, but my GF did. She’d cum just by having me suck on her puffy nipples. I’d have to roll my tongue around them at a certain speed and she’d clench her thighs while I did it. After several minutes she’d orgasm pretty hard!

After we met up again later in life and had a fling she told me that she once shared her nipples with two coed girls in college. She said her orgasm was twice as good as just having one puffy nipple sucked on. I tried finding someone we could do this with but none of my current booty calls were interested in sucking on some other chicks nipples. You just can’t find a good booty call willing to do anything for you these days!

You would think finding babes like this girl would be easy since they are a dime a dozen on just about any beach in California or Florida. Unfor-tunately that isn’t the case. Nice girls don’t take naked pics enough.

That is where WatchMyGF.com comes in. They scour the web looking for hot babes getting naked and accept submissions from guys wanting to be the next Rick Solomon (Paris Hilton sex tape). While none of the girls are as popular as Paris is, they are a lot hotter.

Watch My GF has daily updates and they sort all of their pics and videos into categories so you can easily find what you are looking for. Anyone into barely legal girls will find Watch My GF a pleasure to surf. There are more candid pics and amateur videos of girls 18 years old here than anywhere else!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/03/09 - Write A Comment!
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Emy Reyes is the product of proud parents. Her mother is from Mexico and her father is from the Philippines. They moved her to America to enjoy all that higher education has to offer her. While Emy is a straight A student, I am sure her parents would be shocked to know why!

Like most all girls schools Innocent High requires the girls to wear a schoolgirl uniform. Emy Reyes’ parents must have missed that memo and she showed up to school wearing regular clothes. Lucky for Emy one of the teachers had some left over uniforms in his classroom that she could wear.

Instead of having her waste more time trying to change her clothes in the little stalls in the restrooms her teacher had her change right there in the classroom. Once her saw this girls small tits and tight pussy it became apparent that this girl could get an A. If she played ball!

Turns out Emy was used to playing ball. How do you think she got her scholarship to such a prestigious school like Innocent High? She had fucked her way into this school and she didn’t mind fucking her way out of it too!

InnocentHigh.com teachers break in a new student every week. As a member you get access to a larger network of sites including Oye Loca (Latinas), Euro City Life (Group Sex Teens!), The Real Workout (Tight Babes), Solo Interviews (Teen Masturbation), The Girl Sucks (Messy Teen Blowjobs) and more!

Take the 30 day option and download to your hearts content. Make sure to UNCHECK any pre-checked offers on the join page and the cancel-ation page!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/02/09 - Write A Comment!
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Honoring yet another Rhino’s Girls search request: Heidi Storm is a small tits blonde with a firm little booty. It took me a while to find something for you all on her because she stopped modeling back in 2003. Turns out she did four galleries and some videos for Matt’s Models.

For those of you that have never heard of MattsModels.com you are in for a little treat. This site have been online since 1999! Matt is the self-professed King of Amateur Model Photography. Actually, his many fans say the same.

How did he become the king? A focus on finding the models no one else is shooting but everyone wants to see naked. There are 100’s of girls next door at Matt’s Models. Each one of them is a gem in her own way just like Heidi Storm.

Matt’s Models leaves nothing out. He includes the audition videos, the outtakes and backstage pics and videos for all of the girls. What you end up with is a very in-depth personal feel. Matt goes far beyond the norm when it comes to bringing out these girls personalities.

Girls that model for Matt do it all. Lots of masturbation, plenty of lesbianism and tons of boy/girl videos. Matt’s Models is like the Porn American Idol for the industry. Once a girl makes the pages of MattsModels.com she is sought after by everyone else in the industry. Because of this you will know many of the girls here. Matt’s is where you go when you want to recap on a girls rookie season!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/02/09 - Write A Comment!
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If this girl looks sweet and innocent to you, I feel sorry for ya. Because Haley Wilde is going to eat you alive!

I am sure as shit that Haley Wilde’s parents were shocked to shit when they found out their Mid-West, All-American daughter was doing porn. Not only was she doing porn but she was, and still is, good at doing porn!

There must be some deep seated instinctual feelings locked into the male psychi that make us howl at the moon when you see a “good girl” like Haley Wilde that is comfortable with doing anal! You could get anal with any dime-store slut and feel like it is just par for the course. With Haley you feel like you are getting some kind of bonus. Good girls aren’t supposed to do these taboo things!?!?

Clicking on the pic above will take you to a free masturbation gallery from her site. If you want to see one of her blowjob videos click on the words Blowjob Videos!

Sure, HaleyWilde.com a bit more hardcore then most of the models I run here. Someone searched for her and from time to time I like to check the logs and give you exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/25/09 - Write A Comment!
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From the people that brought you Only Tease and Only Opaques comes Only Silk and Satin. These guys (and gals) are leaders in the tease niche.

What makes them so special? OnlySilkandSatin.com, along with their other sites, is shot 100% exclusive. You won’t find this content anywhere else. They have a knack for knowing how to bring art back into pornography. Oh. and they update DAILY!

As a member of Only Silk and Satin you are part of the Only Network. So instead of getting access to just one site you get all six! There are over 2,460 videos in the network. All designed to tease you and please you. With the addition of Only Silk and Satin, the network now has over a million pictures of 476 models!

Each of the models does several photo sets and videos and often she does them for several of the sites.

With so many models you are bound to find a double of that special someone who teased you with her satin panties, upskirt shots and/or bedevil you with her pantyhose!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/23/09 - Write A Comment!
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If there is one thing I can never tire of it is watching two teen girls kissing. I don’t know what it is about them that draws me in like a moth to a porch light, but I see them and I can’t resist watching. Mesmerized by their beauty I could watch for hours and not get bored.

Like most guys I have gigs of porn on my personal computer. I have collected it over years of both surfing the Internet and helping to create it. By far my most coveted directory is labeled “girls kissing“.

It is filled with hot girls kissing in pictures and in videos too. One of my favorite duos is Ashlee and Serena. There are two reasons for this. The first reason is that I like to see girls kiss just because you asked them. Especially if they have never kissed a girl before. Next, I like to see them kiss and enjoy what they are doing. When they are not just going through the motions to receive a paycheck.

Ashlee and Serena first kissed at a webmaster party during a webmaster convention in Phoenix. They were in the pool and someone (I wonder who) asked them if they’d kiss. They did! After a conversation with their manager/agent a new website was born.

AshleeandSerena.com is filled with pics and videos of these two kissing. It turns out they enjoyed it and wanted to do it some more. Both that night in the pool and later on in the members area of their web site. You won’t see this kind of raw passion any where else!

But wait! There is more!!!

Obviously you can only make so many pics and videos of these two before it just becomes some what repetitious. So their site was wrapped up into a package of sites. As a member of Ashlee and Serena you also get access to 11 other solo model and multi-model sites.

Read more about it on the Ashlee and Serena tour. This is one teen modeling site deal you won’t want to miss!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/11/09 - Write A Comment!
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If you have been a bookmarker of my blog for any length of time you would know that I hold a special place in my heart for Misty Gates. She began her Internet modeling career days after her eighteenth birthday and we have been watching her grow up before our eyes ever since.

In the beginning you could say that Misty Gates was the definition of barely legal. Her small boobs and equally small frame make her look more like a freshman in high school than a freshman in college.

MistyGates.com has been online now for about a year and a half. In that time she has been updating her site with fresh new masturbation videos several times a week. Any girl can ram a vibrator into her twat and say, “Oh, yes. Yes. YES!” but it takes a girl like Misty to make things more interesting than that.

When you watch Misty Gates masturbation videos you are watching a girl masturbate the way girls actually masturbate. My favorite is watching her slide her oiled body over a killer whale pool toy. She “rides” that thing until she orgasms! Another good one is watching her re-enact her first pillow humping. Not only does she hump the pillow, she also tells you about what she was thinking then and what she thinks about while she does it now. You get to here her fantasies while she is masturbating about them!

Misty Gates does live webcam shows and updates her blog regularly with tidbits of info on her personal life. Members get an up close look into the inner workings of a teenager. What more could you ask for?

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/10/09 - Write A Comment!
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Where has this little cutie been hiding all of my life?

Hailee Jordan has been online for three years now and I am just now finding out about her. How can this be?!?!

One look at Hailee and I was blown away. Her pouty lips and round face with a cute little button nose get her in the door. Her trim body with a curvy thin layer of fat to round everything out gets her into the room. Finally, her small tits and shaved puter seal the deal!

HaileeJordan.com updates weekly with a new video and pics and she does webcam shows. In addition to her site you also get access to her friends sites too. Not bullshit sites, but full fledged solo model sites like Hailee’s.

Members also get access to Hailee Jordan on her private blog and in her private forums. Hailee does a lot of personal videos where she talks about certain early moments in her life. Like when she first gave oral sex and thought a blowjob was a BLOW-job.

Hailee likes to get naked in very public places. The more people around the better. Don’t let all of her friskiness go to waste!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/09/09 - Write A Comment!
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Chick comes to your party. Chick drinks an awful lot of liquor and crashed out on your bed. Chick is wearing only a white thong and tank top. Fucking tempting isn’t it? The only problem is she hasn’t consented.

SleepAssault.com – Now you don’t have to indulge the temptation for real! You can fire up the computer and have your way with a new girl each and every week. The best part is, no awkward moments in the morning (or when she wakes up wondering why her panties are down around her ankles).

Get your grove on at Sleep Assault and leave her be. Hey, if she wakes up and sees you whacking the pud to girls online it isn’t your fault she decided to crash out in your room. If you are lucky she’ll feel sorry and give it up. If not, no worries. Sleep Assault isn’t going to leave you.

Along with Sleep Assault you get access to the All Inclusive Pass network. That is 14 sites for the price of one. Now you get multiple updates a day!

Ever wished your old lady would wake you up with a blowjob? Take “advantage” of you for once? One of those sites included is Sleep Sins. A site where the ladies do the assaulting. Almost makes you wonder why guys waste time and money on girls anymore!

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