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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/11/06
Hennessie Cumshot

Tell me Hennessie doesn’t make your penis tingle! Liar!!!

This brunette cum swallower will make your balls blue. Hennessie has her own site at Hennessie.com where she tests her boundries (I am so full of bullshit, because Hennessie has no boundries)…

This gurl is the queen of POV shots. Now you too can imagine you just shot your load into the warm mouth of an inexperienced 19 year old. No you don’t have to have a six figure income or be a pornstar. You can even imagine it is your load you just deposited in her virgin tight pussy.

When you get bored of her, you can pretend you are fucking one of her friends or invite her along for a threesome. You are so fucking generous!

At Hennessie.com you can buy DVDs. I also suggest reading her bio on the personal link. It is all true! [wink] [wink]

Hennessie’s site sports downloadable video (and this shit is crystal f’ing clear!) plus exclusive photos in easy to use thumbnail fashion. All of her content is exclusive. This is her site and she hasn’t been shot by anybody else.

In addition to Hennessie.com you will also get access to Creamed Cuties, Creampie Cuties, Trixie Swallows, Creampie Thais, Continental Cuties, Sweet Amanda and BeaverBong!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/10/07

Asian Teen Cris Taliana

Cris Taliana of GeneralTsosHoes.com.

Sure General Tso’s Hoes is a strange name for a website. The name comes from the Chinese dish General Tso’s Chicken. It is said that General Tso never actually ate such chicken, but for the sake of this review, let’s pretend he ate the chicken because it smelt like fish.

GeneralTsosHoes.com has more Asian pussy packed in it than a sushi bar. And no, it isn’t that stinky smelly pussy your dad ate in Hanoi, this pussy is ultra fresh and as tasty as Tsingtao beer without the bitter after taste.

If you have a thing for the Asian persuasion, this is your new hang-out. These girls go all the way and then double back around and go it again, in full length videos!

They say that Asians aim to please… For these hot asian babes it is all about aiming for the money shot and letting it explode. There is something so incredibly wholesome about the sight of an Asian girl with your cum load drizzling out of her mouth and dripping off her cute little asian chin.

Act now and you get a sweet bonus, access to the hottest new teen cum shots website, FuckMyFaceHole.com! With so many cum guzzling bitches at your disposal your balls will need a rotation schedule!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/01/15

When searching for a porn site to frequent, it is best to find one with a ton of variety so that whenever you get a new XXX craving or curiosity, you’ve already got it. Egbo.com meets that criteria and they do it with gorgeous girls and high quality. They add new stuff for you to stream and download every single day.

These free HD porn videos cover a huge range of porn categories. They have beautiful glamour girls stripteasing. They’ve got a playful black girlfriend dancing naked for her boyfriend. There are lesbian threesomes, petite chicks taking on monster dicks, lots of piss play, young babes seducing older men, sex in pantyhose, outdoor fuck adventures, blowjobs, cumshots, small tits and so much more. These hot sex acts are done by amateurs and pornstars. All of them make it unbelievably hot and you can enjoy all of it for free!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/19/14


This erotic photo is phenomenal. It is so for me anyway. It takes me back to an earlier time in my life when I first saw a girl sitting on her pussy. Up until then I didn’t really know if that happened or not. I once thought I could tell a girl on my street was kind of rubbing on her banana seat on her bike and figured she might be masturbating, but until I saw a cousin of mine blowing out her hair with no panties on I had never seen a girl actually sitting on her vagina.

My cousin was extremely hot. She is a movie actress now. A well known actress with her own production company. I am not going to tell you who she is, but I can assure you that you have jerked off to thoughts of her throughout the nineties and the earlier two thousands. So don’t get on me for having a thing for my cousin. You do too!

Anyway, she was blowing out her hair while sitting on a leather padded foot rest in the bathroom. Her parent’s house was huge and so were the bathrooms. They were like the size of my bedroom at my own house so they had furniture in them!

I stumbled in on her when I heard the blow dryer and figured it was safe to enter. I had to brush my teeth before bed. There she sat like a goddess of sex with her hair flowing and her naked pussy touching the leather ottoman. My heart skipped a beat and my cock seemed to be why. I am sure it literally sucked enough blood out of my body getting hard as a rock in under a second that my heart reacted to the loss in blood pressure.

She calmly looked down at my pup tent I was pitching and then she looked up at my face. I had a hard time peeling my eyes away from her pussy. It was the first "adult" looking pussy I had ever seen. She has very short trimmed hair and no hair on the bottom. The only thing she was wearing as a very thin pink nighty with the hem hiked all the way up. Her small tits were poking through plain as day.

As I stood there looking at her my cousin got an annoyed look on her face. I thought for sure the show was over and scared thoughts of her telling our moms that I got a hardon looking at her naked pussy ran through my head. My chest went cold. Then out of nowhere she suddenly parted her legs and kept on blowing her hair dry while looking at me like it was no big deal.


I felt like a total asshole breaking eye contact to look down at her now spread-eagle crotch. I wanted so badly to see her womanly pussy. As if she could read my mind she smirked and then glanced again at my hardon in my pants. As they say, when in Rome.

I took mental snapshots of my cousin’s pussy. My mind was swimming in elation and joy. I felt like I was going to faint. While taking my snapshots I thought I saw her pussy lips moving. In retrospect I think she made a muscle movement to hold her pee which drew her lips up into her a little. Wow! She can move it!

By now my cock was so fucking hard it hurt. I wanted to get it out and jerk it off. I looked at her eyes again and she nodded towards my pants like I should show her what I was hiding. Which I did so fast it was like watching Billy the Kid draw during a duel. Out of habit I gave it two jerks before I realized that I was doing it. My heart froze again. Surely she would think me some kind of pervert.

But no! Instead she pouted her lips and closed her eyes slightly saying a silent, "Ohhh!" Like she was in rapture or something. I started tugging on my cock again. I knew I might not have much time so I was going to take mental notes of it all and then cum as fast as possible. When I was about a minute in she closed her legs and put her dryer on the counter turning away from me.

What? I slowed my hand on my cock wondering if the show was over. Should I keep going and cum on the towel on the floor? Should I leave and finish in my guest room? I was lost. Sensing my frustration she smirked again as she turned towards me and opened her legs to sit Indian style. My hand resumed its fast pace sure she wanted to see me cum. I hoped she would touch herself too, but my cousin just sat there with a smirk on her face watching me pump away.

I shot my load so hard the first blast actually hit the ottoman and ran down it to the floor. The next shots landed on the towel and successively shot less and less distance until they were oozing out onto the towel between my feet. I looked up at my cousin and she had a big smile on her face. It was as though she enjoyed knowing somebody out there had a crush on her. A big enough crush to jerk off in front of her.

Right then I heard somebody’s feet pounding on the tiled floor in the hallway. I quickly put my dick back into my pants and fixed the fly so it looked closed, but didn’t zip it because I didn’t have enough time. I grabbed a tooth brush and acted as if I was brushing my teeth right when my aunt got to the door and peered inside. She smiled at us and told us it was time for bed so finish up. I looked at my cousin and we smiled a knowing smile about a secret we would end up keeping between us.

Luckily the towel I came on was a bright blue so my cum didn’t show up well or her mom would have had some questions for us.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/30/13

Small tits girl Kimmy Teen in orange panties and freckles

I had freckles when I was in grade school, but not a lot of them. Just enough to have the girls tell me they looked cute. But I always had a thing for girls with freckles. If a girl had freckles and red hair I was like a deer in headlights. She could ask me to do anything and I would do it without hesitation.

One girl I spent a lot of time with looked like Kimmy Teen above. She had perky small tits with pink nipples. A lot pinker than any other girl I had ever been with. She also had very little pussy hair. She didn’t even need to shave it or trim it. Her pussy only grew short wisps of hair just above her slit and that was all.

While I was at her house and her parents were working (thank God for latchkey kids!) she asked me to pee for her right out of the blue. Normally I did whatever she asked without much hesitation, but this seemed odd. Was she asking me to pee because she wanted to see it in a scientific way, a sexual way, or both?

Kimmy teen sitting on the toilet with her legs spread

Any who, on this occasion I didn’t move fast enough for her liking so she grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bathroom. Once in there she dropped her skirt to the floor and got up on the toilet. She sat on the tank with her feet resting on either side of the bowl. She really wanted to see me pee!

By this time I was getting a bit of a hardon. It kind of made me embarrassed because, if this wasn’t sexual to her, then why am I getting hard? Would she think I was some kind of pervert?

Kimmy reached for me, pulling me up to the plate. It was time to pee or get off the pot, or so they say. She yanked both my pants and my underwear down without one motion. My cock bobbed around with some precum flinging off the tip into the toilet.

"You can watch me pee when you are done," Kimmy offered. "Now pee! I want to see it!"

Luckily I actually did need to pee. I had just chugged an entire Dr. Pepper. As I stood there concentrating on peeing the thought occurred to me that Kimmy might have given me that ice cold Dr. Pepper in preparation for watching me pee it out. Again, was this just curiosity or was she seeing pee in a sexual way?

Finally my pee stream began to run. With my cock so hard it came out as almost a spray. Keeping it inside the confines of the toilet bowl took every bit of concentration that I could muster. Half way through my display Kimmy lifted one of her feet up and put it into my pee stream. Once the hot liquid hit her toes she moved them around as if trying to drench them completely with my piss. While I was wondering what she was doing I also thought it looked dreamy.

"Wow your pee it hot!" She yelled out. Good thing her parents weren’t home because she was one of those girls with no filter and no volume control.

Once I was done she stood up on the toilet seat and squatted over the hole. It didn’t take long for her Dr. Pepper to find its way to her urethra. Only… she didn’t pull her panties to the side. As I watched Kimmy peed her panties and seemed to really enjoy it. The look on her face was as if a dozen hands were giving her a full body massage all at the same time.

After about 3 or 4 seconds she commanded me to put my cock into her pee stream. I did as I was told and it felt good to have the warm liquid streaming over my cock. Especially on the head. I wanted so bad to beat myself off right then and there.

Kimmy teen peeing in the toilet through her panties

Kimmy Teen got back up on the tank of the toilet again and put her hand into her panties. I could tell she was tracing her pussy lips. Actually, I could practically see right through her pee soaked panties.

I stood there watching Kimmy for about 30 seconds before she told me to hold my cock in my hand and tug on it. I wondered if she knew I jerked off. The way she worded her command it seemed as if she didn’t know and was starting with the basics incase I wouldn’t know how to beat my meat. I just played along.

Her fingers picked up their pace in her panties once I started tugging on my hardon. Precum began to build into a thick drop. I wiped it all over the head and shaft so I could quicken my own pace as well. Before long we were both breathing heavy. Now my friend with benefits was going to get to see me shoot cum without having shown me her pussy yet!

My cock shot hot white streams of goo into the toilet bowl water. It was yellow with our pee. The white globs slowly floated down to the bottom. While I was firing off shots of sperm Kimmy was convulsing on top of the tank. Twice I thought she was going to slide off onto the floor and hurt herself.

Once she calmed down a bit she opened her eyes and we both laughed. Then she brought her finger to her mouth and began sucking her juices out from under her fingernail. I stood there slack jawed looking at her as she did it. Then she put her finger in front of me and I sucked on it. Her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before… except that it also tasted a bit like pee.

Kimmy looked down and saw there was a bead of cum resting on the eye of my penis. She slid down off of the tank to rest on the seat with her mouth right in front of my cock. Like a frog or a lizard she flipped her tongue out catching my sperm on the tip. She hummed a yummy sound at the taste.

After that encounter we made getting together to explore our sexuality an everyday occurrence. Sometimes we invited others over to do some nasty things with us. That was a long time ago. But it still feels like yesterday on account of the fact that I can relive those wonderful memories with Kimmy Teen and her barely legal friends.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/17/13


Previously I have written a lot about getting caught masturbating. This time I will talk about catching somebody else. I decided to try catching somebody else masturbating based on my own experienced with getting caught. Could I now be the aggressor? Would she submit to me?

Back when my family wasn’t home and the house was empty I would slip into my sisters room to go through her things. Sometimes I would go through her clothes hamper looking for used panties. When I’d find them I would sniff the crotch and find them to be quite intoxicating. If I was super horny I would even lick them and taste her pussy.

After an olfactory reintroduction to my sisters used panties I was usually pretty horny. Enough so that I would take her panties with me over to her bed and jerk off into them. I loved the feeling of the cool, soft, puffy comforter on her bed almost as much as I enjoyed the feeling of her soft cotton panties on my hard cock.

During one of my expeditions into the princess lair of our home I found a naughty book. I could tell it was well read and I could also tell by looking at the cracking on the binder where it was most often opened to. It was a story about a girl that has sex with a professor in college. It was very dirty and included her sucking on his cock and letting him fuck her asshole. Up until then the thought never occurred to me to fuck a girl in that way.

Now I was 99.9% certain my sister masturbated. I wanted to watch her do it, but wasn’t sure how. My mind came up with all sorts of ideas. Some of them revolved around peeping at her in the shower. But then she might not masturbate in there. So they moved on to possibly drilling a hole in the walls between our rooms. If I got caught it would be really bad news. Then it hit me. What if I caught her masturbating?

To set it up I paid attention to her moods and habits. She was a pretty regimented person. I wondered if she only masturbated at night before bed or if she also did it during the daytime too.

When she was getting particularly edgy and possibly sexually frustrated I pretended to be going with some friends to a movie. She bit and the trap was set.

After about five minutes I reentered our house. I quietly tip-toed towards the stairs and was shocked to find her rubbing her pussy on the couch. I quickly back peddled into the entry way and peaked around the wall to watch her. Her hand was deep into her panties and it looked far enough that she was finger fucking herself.

Her breathing, which was already pretty heavy, started to get really heavy. Like as if she were running a marathon. Did I get that loud? She reached her other hand into her panties and began to rub her clit in unison with her finger fucking motion.

As she licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, I could tell she was ready to orgasm. I walked into the room loud enough to make my presence known. My sister opened her eyes and had a shocked look on her face. She then glanced down at my pants and saw my cock was pitching a tent. After that she just froze there looking at me.


I really didn’t know what to do. I was taking the sight in and wishing I had a camera. She looked back down at my cock again. I instinctively reached down and began to undo my zipper. She started moving the hand that was still inside her panties in circles around her clit, and gripped her small tit with her free hand, giving it a squeeze.

That was all I needed and it was off to the races. I had my cock out of my pants in less than a second. I walked towards her while jerking myself off for her enjoyment. Wanting to see her pussy I removed my clothes and looked at her expectantly. She quickly removed her own.

Her small tits were very perky. Even when she was lying on her back they stood straight up without sagging. Her pussy was shaved completely bare. I had seen it back when we were kids and, to be honest, it looked exactly the same. Smooth as a babies bottom and as pink as her shirt.

Now that I was totally naked I did some stuff I didn’t normally do like grip my balls and use two hands to jerk my cock off. She seemed to enjoy the show and used both hands on her pussy in the same arrangement they were in when I had entered the room. I moved a little to the right so I could see her finger go into her pussy.

I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but she was my sister. Jerking off in front of her and dreaming of fucking her is one thing. Actually fucking her is a whole different thing entirely. Besides, I was sure she didn’t have the same perverted feelings towards me as I had towards her. Or, to put it another way, the same feelings towards me as she might be having for her teacher.

Both of us were beginning to breath pretty heavy. I could tell I was going to cum within the next thirty seconds. As I increased my pace jerking off she seemed to get the hint and also increased her own pace as well. Just before she orgasmed I shot my load onto her chest. It hit her left boob. My next shots after the first landed increasingly closer to me with each burst.

My sister closed her eyes and she began to buck her hips. The hand she was using to rub her clit stopped and her legs closed, but I could tell she was still fingering her pussy. When her eyes opened again she smiled up at me and then looked down at the mess on her chest before smiling up at me again.

Cum was still dripping out of my cock when her orgasm was over and by then I was leaning over her to make sure it didn’t fall onto the couch. She gave me a look like "now what" once my balls were emptied.

I darted to the bathroom and got her a towel. I felt weird. Now that I had cum I felt paranoid. I knew our parents wouldn’t be home for hours, but it seemed like they could walk in at any minute and find their two naked children masturbating in front of one another. I guess you could say I felt exposed.

We both quickly promised to never tell anybody about what had just happened and went to our respective rooms. While in mine I wondered what she was doing in her own room. My dick started to get hard. I gripped it and wondered if maybe she was going to masturbate too.

Without hesitation I popped up out of bed and crept to my door. After opening it very quietly, I crept over to her door and got down on my hand and knees so I could listen for her heavy breathing through the gap between the bottom of her door and the floor. I could hear her muttering to herself, but not what she was saying. Then it went quiet. Suddenly I heard what sounded like her getting out of bed and I quickly, and quietly, scurried back into my room and closed the door.

I got into my bed and sat there listening quietly. She wasn’t as adept at spy techniques as I was and I heard her make a noise in the hallway. Then I heard what sounded like the carpet getting scraped. Was she doing the same thing at my door as I was trying to do to her?

Not wanting to disappoint my sister I started jerking off with enough fever to make my bed squeak ever so slightly. After some time I started to breath harder naturally and then kicked it up a notch so she could definitely hear me beyond the door.

My balls were ready to burst again. I quieted my breathing just enough to hear her labored breathing on the other side of my bedroom door. I thought to myself about how cool this was. I had no idea my sister got this horny.

When I came it shot straight up into the air and came back down right as the next shot went up. Cum fell all over me and I didn’t care. I only wished my sister could be in my room watching the fireworks. I heard a little yelp from her when her orgasm started. As I lay there listening I also heard her as she got up and crept back to her own room.

Again I lay there wondering if she was still horny. Again my cock started to get hard. I got up from my bed and used a shirt to wipe up my mess. Then I went to the wall and listened. Nothing. My cock was now rock hard again. Next I opened my door and crept over to her room. I got down on my hands and knees and listened for heavy breathing. Nothing.

While lying there on the floor I stroked my cock haphazardly not wanting it to go soft just in case. About a minute went by and I began to hear her breathing. Oh my God! She was doing it again!

Now I started jerking off faster realizing I had to catch up. She was probably already a minute in. As I listened her breathing got heavier and heavier. Occasionally her bed would make a small squeak. As more time went by her breathing and the squeaking got faster and faster. She was getting close.

It was at that moment that I realized I didn’t have anything to cum into. By now it was too late to go back to my room and get back in time to cum with her in unison. I pulled down my pants and underwear and pulled up my shirt. I was just going to have to cum all over myself again. Twice in one day!

We both came at the same time once more. I could hear her moaning a lot more this time. Had I not heard those sounds I probably wouldn’t have cummed very much, but they ratcheted up my orgasm. Once again my stomach and groin were covered in my own cum. I quietly got back up and headed over to my room.

After that day we started playing with ourselves in front of each other more often. Sometimes we would even race to see who can cum first. That sometimes led to us having rematches. Mostly they were two out of three, but once we went four out of seven. By game six my balls hurt from cumming too much and she won!

Emily 18 makes such a great stand in for all of the girls you have ever fantasized with. Her petite frame, baby face and small perky breasts make her a barely legal beauty you won’t be able to resist. Her site updates several times a week and her videos span all the way back to 2004!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/07/13

[nggallery id=7]


When I was younger I had a girl that was much older than me with some pretty big tits for her age offer to let me play with them. Not wanting to pass up on a good thing I kneaded them, sucked on them and eventually got laid by this girl. That started my mind working on the girls that were my age. They were all growing boobs by then too so I started wanting to knead and suck on theirs as well.

Once somebody pops your cherry it is almost inevitable that you will begin to masturbate if you haven’t already started. I started doing all of the American Pie stuff like fucking warmed apple pies you get at the checkout counter in grocery stores. I fucked banana peels. I did everything I could to try and feel like I was deep inside a warm pussy!

A girl has had grown up with had started sprouting her boobs and I began to pay a lot more attention to her. Previously we were like brother and sister. Now it was more like doctor and nurse. But it all started changing on one fateful day.

It was the summertime and we had just been swimming. My female friend had went to her room to change her bathing suit, but she left the door slightly open. Being a teen boy I was curious and I peeked inside. There she was stripping off her bathing suit in front of her full length mirror!

As I watched her she took off her bathing suit top and she began to caress her own breasts. She had small tits that weren’t very big yet, but plenty big enough to give me a boner. My cock started getting really hard when she wet her finger tips with spit from her tongue and rolled them around her nipples. It got so hard, so fast, I think it took all of the blood from my head because I almost fainted.

Next she moved her hands down her skinny body to her hips and my heart skipped a beat when she slowly edged her bikini bottoms down. Before I knew it I could see her pussy slit. She had shaved off all of her pussy hair!

My mind began to think about that last little bit of information. Why did she shave what little pussy hair she had? It wasn’t enough to really do much inside her bikini and wouldn’t show. The only thing I could think of was she was thinking about what others would think. That meant she was thinking sexually. Was she ready to have sex? With me???

This girls little bikini bottoms floated down her legs and she kicked them to the side. Now she rubbed her tight little ass cheeks and came very close to rubbing her pussy as I watched eagerly hoping she would. I looked down the hallway and noticed our mothers were still both outside by the pool. I felt comfortable enough to massage my cock through my swim trunks and did so.

When I looked back to enjoy more of the show my friend was standing right in front of me! I didn’t know what to do or say. I let go of my hardon and just stood there open mouthed like a deer in headlights waiting for her to tell our moms what she caught me doing.

"We probably don’t have much time," she informed me as she pulled on my wrist tugging me inside her room. Much time for what, I wondered in my head.

She told me to take off my shorts and I looked back at her open bedroom door.

"We can hear them better if we leave it open. Then you can just run into the bathroom if they come inside the house." She told me.

As she waited for me to pull down my pants she sat on her bed with her legs parted. I could see her inner lips barely peaking through her outer puffy lips, which were too puffy to even see a hint of her clit or its hood.

I pulled off my shorts and stood in front of her wondering what would come next. She asked if she could touch my cock and when I said yes she reached out and began to tug on it. Precum instantly appeared at the hole and she spread it around so she could stroke me. Had she done this before? She seemed to know exactly what to do and wasn’t the least bit surprised by the precum.

"Can I touch you too?" I asked her hoping she would say yes.

She nodded that I could. My shaking hand reached forward as I spread her pussy lips open. Her clit was hard and her inner lips were tiny, but big enough to also need to be spread to see her hole. I inched closer and used my other hand to stick a finger into her vulva. It was very wet and my finger disappeared without any resistance.

As I pulled and pushed my finger in and out of her I could tell she was feeling much the same way I was. From my past experience with the other girl I knew they liked to have their clit rubbed more than they liked finger fucking. I brought my now moist finger up to her clit and lightly rolled it around. This made her close her eyes and breath harder.

While her hand wasn’t as warm and soft as a pussy it did feel good to have somebody else masturbating me. When it was time for me to cum I moved a little closer to her to try and shoot it as far up her body as I could. I knew I wasn’t supposed to let any of it touch her pussy, even on the outside.

My balls exploded white goo all over her body and she opened her eyes to see what was splattering all over her boobs and stomach. As the spurts went less and less distance I positioned myself so it shot on her left thigh not wanted to hit her bed sheets either.

Being plastered in a guys cum seemed to be a real turn on for her because she started to orgasm once my cum was almost all out of me and on her body.

Just as her orgasm was finishing up I heard the sliding glass door open. Instantly I bounded for the bathroom and tripped over my swim trunks that were wrapped around my legs. I did my best Seal Team 6 belly slide into the bathroom and quietly shut the door behind me. I had no idea what my friend was doing with all of that cum on her.

With the added adrenalin from having our parents interrupt us my hardon went full soft in no time. I changed into my street clothes and came out of the restroom to see what our moms were doing. It was time to go. My mom looked at me inquisitively when I didn’t put up a fuss about it being too early. From that point on our moms were a bit more watchful of my friend and I, rarely knowingly leaving us alone together.

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Best of all you can drop in on the girl next door anytime you’d like without any pesky parents getting in the way!

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/03/13


Why the sour look on her face? Well, she knows what she is doing is wrong. She knows her boyfriend is going to "kiss and tell" and that her photo is eventually going to end up on some site like See My GF, and yet she is taking this picture anyway. Like a moth to a flame she cannot stop herself from snapping a nude self shot candid. I love it!

She is probably wondering if guys will like her small tits. Yes, Sweetie, we love your small tits. That tan line of yours is like a cup-size-adding-illusion. We’d also enjoy your twat if you’d have moved your hand, but we understand. You were brave just showing us what you did.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/26/11


Most people always assume my job here are Rhino’s Girls is a piece of cake. They figure I just find a photo, write some bullshit about the photo and move on to the next post. But it ain’t like that. My job isn’t easy, however, girls like Emily 18 above sure do make it enjoyable!

No other girl in the history of Internet porn has made my job easier than Emily18 does. Her natural beauty is unmatched. Her nymph like features magically bring about the words I write underneath her pictures.

It probably helps that Emily looks like she could be a twin of a girl I once fooled around with as a kid. I wouldn’t say we dated because we were more like friends with benefits. So every time I see Emily 18 I am transported back to a wonderful spot in time!

For instance, take the gallery of Emily above. She is a small tits schoolgirl with a body most girls would kill for. It reminds me of my old friend with benefits and the first time I saw her in her schoolgirl uniform. I kept wondering if the school developed her uniform to make me horny or turn me off, because it was making me want to fuck the living daylights out of her!

Our parents were pretty good friends and always thought we were more like brother and sister. On the contrary we were anything but! We fooled around every chance we got and we got a lot of them!

One of our favorite things to do was to have masturbation races. I would go over to her house after school and we would do homework together. Sometimes her mom would leave to go to the store or do other errands and leave us all alone. We never knew how long she would be gone so we preferred to race!

Once we heard the garage door closing and her car accelerate away we turned towards each other. I would drop my pants and she would hike up her skirt and unbutton her blouse exposing her small tits. Then we’d both rub ourselves as fast as we could. If we hadn’t been around each other for a while it could take less than a minute for both of us to cum! If we had been around each other often it might take several minutes before we both finished.

Her mom didn’t let her wear skirts except for her school uniform so she often stayed in it for a few hours after school. She told her mom that wearing it made her more focused on her studies and since she got good grades, her mom didn’t force her to change out of it. Besides. I was like a brother to her anyway. It wasn’t like I was going to look up her skirt or anything!

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When I was a teenager I had a friend like Maddie from Total Super Cuties. She had small tits, legs that wouldn’t quit, big, beautiful eyes, and an ass like two halves of a volleyball.

Maddie was as curious about me as I was about her. You could say that we played our share of games. Our first game started in a dark corner of the house. She was wearing a skirt, flimsy panties, a top with no bra and some really soft booty socks.



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Taylor True Schoolgirl

Back when I was in school I was having a hard time making grades. My mom and pop got me a tutor and this chick was smoking hot. She was already in college so her womanly features were fully developed. I drooled over her when ever she came over and then masturbated every night to the video tapes of her I burned into my brain!

My tutor looked very much like Taylor True above. She wore white blouses and she kept the top three buttons undone. This often left me with a lot of cleavage to look at. She also had a habit of letting her skirt ride up a bit so that, from time to time, I was the happy recipient of panty shots of lots of butt cheek shots too!

I was so turned on by this girl that I completely lost focus on my schoolwork! I was masturbating two to three times a day dreaming of burying my face into her fleshy butt!

Taylor True picked up on this predicament and preferring to keep her job she hatched a plan to get me back on track. One night when my parents left to go to dinner and a movie Taylor let her skirt ride up more than usual and this time she was lying on her side with her legs parted!

“It’s hot in here. Do you feel hot?” Taylor asked me.

“Um, I dunno, I guess so,” came my reply.

“We should take off our shirts then. I usually do my homework in my bra anyway. It helps me concentrate.” Taylor suggested.

I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there looking at Taylor kind of dumbfounded. She started unbuttoning her blouse and then stopped and looked at me.


“Oh, yeah, sure.” I said as I removed my shirt.

When she laid back down her skirt was basically flipped up towards her stomach and I could make out her pussy slit from underneath her panties. My dick jumped into action!

“That better?” She asked me.

“Oh, yeah. Lots better.” I replied.

Every once in a while Taylor took her pen from her mouth and scratched near her pussy with it. Sometimes she even scratched where her panties covered! I spent about 56 seconds of every minute burning those pictures of her into my brain!

Each time Taylor True scratched herself she returned her pen to her mouth. Then she scratched under her panties. I knew her pen had to be touching her pussy and just like before, she put it right back into her mouth! My hardon was getting painfully hard now!

After several more minutes of this Taylor started writing something and then dropped her pen abruptly, slipping a finger inside her panties to scratch her pussy again. This time her finger was really far down there! When Taylor brought it back up I could see that it was glistening with her wetness and she began sucking on it!

I let out a “wuff” sound in my shock and she turned to me.

“Oh, I am sorry. Did you want a taste?” She asked.

I didn’t know how to answer that and I even thought some thoughts of not wanting to move because I didn’t want to be embarrassed if she saw my hardon. Here I just caught her tasting her own pussy and I was worried about her seeing that my dick was hard!

“Come here. I won’t bite.” Taylor commanded me coyly.

I put my books and papers to the side and slowly slithered off the couch in a way as to not allow my hardon to be noticed. She instantly realized what I was doing and made light of it.

“I’ll tell you what, you show me yours and I’ll shot you mine. How about that?” She asked.

Instead of answering her in a verbal manner I undid the buttons on my pants. I was a bit apprehensive since I figured I wouldn’t measure up to the guys I presumed she’d be dating in college.

“Keep goooo-ing.” She said as Taylor reached down and pulled her panties over just far enough that I could see her slit. Then she covered it back up.

That sent me over the edge and I pulled both my pants and my underwear down in one fine swoop. Taylor motioned for me to come closer to her head and also for me to get on my knees. Once I was close enough to her that she could grab me she pulled me down until my dick was resting right in front of her face.

“Oops, looks like somebody is getting a little excited!”

I looked down at my cock and it was dripping pre-cum. My face went beet red. I figured this wasn’t supposed to happen to guys with control, guys that had been laid before.

“I’m just going to have to take a little taste first if you don’t mind.”

With that Taylor stuck out her soft tongue and slowly ran it up my cock head. It was so warm and soft that my knees buckled. More pre-cum began to pool at the opening and she licked that up to.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said as she put one hand on my knee and the other on my opposing shoulder and pushed me down so I was laying the opposite way she was. She then grabbed my hardon and put the head in her mouth. I felt her tongue rolling around it and began to wonder what her pussy would look like.

I scooted in and put my elbow over her leg so I could kiss her pussy through her panties. I then pulled them to the side and was delighted to find a hairless slit waiting for me to lick. Knowing that clits are sensitive I started on her inner thigh and worked my way in. Taylor moaned!

Before long my tongue was parting her pussy cleft and I was tasting her juices. I spent some time around the hole at the bottom and eventually concentrated mostly on her clit. I could have came right then, but I wanted to burn this moment into my memory. I wanted it to last forever!

Then the garage door began to bang around and my parents could have been coming through the door at any minute! For Taylor True it was easy, just button a few buttons and sit correctly. I had to grab my pants and boxers and run for the restroom so I could put them on.

I heard her cover for me by telling my parents I had to use the “potty”. This actually worked in my favor because now I could take all of the time I wanted and I used it unloading my nuts into the toilet!

As it would turn out, Taylor’s plan backfired. Instead of my getting tired of her, I wanted to fuck her and gave up studying altogether! My parents caught on to my infatuation and fired Taylor True. They hired some fat chick with a gnarly facial mole to replace her. I about died!

Then I got an Email from my ex-tutor. It seems she enjoyed allowing me to voyeur her panties so much she decided to try it online. Taylor had created her own web site and she invited me to join. I had just turned eighteen and the first thing I did was go out and get a credit card. Finally me and my Taylor True could be together again!

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