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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/14/09 - Write A Comment!

When it comes to teens with small tits, nobody does them better than Cindy 8Teen. This girl has what can only be defined as mosquito bites and for small tits lovers that is a class of distinction.

In the gallery above Cindy8Teen reminds me of a girl I knew a long time ago. She caught me checking out her panties in the clothes hamper and we made a deal not to tell anyone.

The deal was that I would show Cindy what I planned to do with her panties. First she thought I was a freak or something and that I was going to wear them. Really, I just enjoyed rubbing the soft material on my penis. Cindy wore satin panties and I am talking the expensively soft kind. not that crap they sell at Target or Walmart.

The first time I used them in front of her she kept all of her clothes on. I wanted to see her naked body, but I was working off having been discovered so I went along with it. Since I wasn’t going to get to see anything and actually, I wasn’t going to get to see anything I hadn’t already seen when she wears a bathing suit, I made this a quickie and shot my load into the toilet water.

Cindy was mesmerized by the cloudy liquid and had all sorts of questions to which I had no answers at that time. Except that it felt really good to both, rub her panties on my penis and shoot cum after I was done.

Later on we made a deal that each time I masturbated for her she would bring me a new pair of panties. Cindy would remove one piece of clothing more than the last time I masturbated for her.

First, Cindy 8Teen pulled off her shirt, but she had a bra underneath. Since her boobs were so small she still had one of those fabric bras without any padding. Her nipples were being pushed out by her growing small tits and the fabric was also very thin. I could see plenty of nipple.

Next, she took off her shorts and I could see her pussy crack eating up her panties. Natural camel toe is always best and her pussy didn’t have any hair on it so it sucked them in pretty far.

Eventually I got to see her small boobs and once I bent down a little towards them and she arched forward as if to offer them to me. I got to suck on her hardened nipples and she moaned. I could tell this was eventually going to get further than masturbation. By this point I started noticing that her panties were developing a wet spot where her pussy was.

On one occasion where I had spent the night at her house I tip toed over to her door after I had performed the masturbation ritual for her and I could here her moaning. Of course my dick when instantly hard! She was masturbating about me!!!

Up to this point Cindy8Teen hadn’t pulled off those panties all the way yet. For one session she pulled the front down to show the mons but not the crack. Next just to the crack. But I was seeing the beginning of her pussy! Didn’t take long to cum that time.

Cindy continued her teasing and pulled the sides of her pink panties in to show the labia major but not the actual crack. The next time she pulled her panties into her pussy crack. I got a good look at either side and mentally put them together on my own. She couldn’t believe how much cum I shot for her. I told her wait until you show me your pussy, I will shoot buckets of cum!

It worked. The next night I got to see her pussy and sure enough I was shooting buckets. This time she wanted me to cum into her panties so she could save it. When I handed Cindy her panties back she tasted my cum and told me it was salty. I asked if that was good or bad and she said it was OK.

Not long after that Cindy became my first sex partner. First it was mutual masturbation and eventually oral. We never did screw, but I personal like receiving a blowjob better than fucking anyway. And since I hadn’t experienced fucking yet, it wasn’t like I knew what I was missing. features one of the youngest looking models in porn. Her youthful looks are due in part by her being half Chinese and half American. With that Asian blood in her she will look this way for many years to come.

As a member you get three updates a week. The videos are shot in 1440×1080 and will take up your entire screen if you burn them to DVD and watch them on the living room HDTV! Her pics are 2048 pixels and HIGHER!

Everything at Cindy 8Teen is downloadable and you also get access to her personal Email. Many of her videos and photo sets are member’s requests! One of my favorites is a very high resolution video shot from the back. She is at the pool just doing what barely legal girls do. And you get a perverted voyeurs, bird’s eye view between her legs!

Cindy is a dream come true!

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