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Growing up we all knew a Sweet Krissy. She was that hottie you couldn’t quite pin an age on. Usually she was your girlfriend’s older sister. or was that her mother? Your girlfriend and Krissy would always say they were sisters but was Sweet Krissy really nineteen?

I had a Sweet Krissy in my life and it was odd. I could tell she was much older than her “sister” and I. She always wanted to hang out with us and our friends. Like she had some kind of complex about getting older. Hanging with us kept her young.

One thing was for sure, Sweet Krissy had some big tits and they dwarfed my girlfriend’s small tits. When we’d all go swimming my friends and I would go gaga over her voluptuous mounds and she knew it. Krissy enjoyed the attention several horny teens were paying her. Maybe that is why she always hung out with us? She was an attention whore!

My girlfriend was in softball so she frequently went to practice. Friends and family were not allowed. The coaches was of keeping control of the team I guess. Her mom would go shopping while practice was on so this left me and Krissy alone from time to time.

On a fateful day Sweet Krissy walked into her sister’s room where I was doing some homework and asked for some fashion advice. She wanted to know if her skirt was too short or not. The difference from where it stopped and where her panties started was about an inch. Seeing her long legs that seemed to go forever made my dick a bit hard.

I told Krissy her skirt was fine so long as she didn’t bend over. Upon hearing this she turned around and bent over. Now my dick was a full hardon. She was wearing a g-string and this was the first time I had seen one in person. With a girl in it anyway.

Krissy’s g-string barely covered her snatch and it was shifted just enough to the side that I could catch a glimpse of her outer pussy lip. I could feel my pre-cum already beginning to soak the front of my shorts.

I think Krissy could tell I was getting aroused at her display. She sat down on the desk chair next to the bed and said something about, what if she sat down and her skirt road up a bit? People would be able to see her panties.

I mumbled something incoherent and I think that was what Krissy was waiting for. She knew she had me ensnared in her lustful web.

Krissy told me she thought I was cute, especially for a younger guy and that maybe I was too good for her sister. She opened her legs and I could tell she must have shaved her pussy because no hair was sticking out of her very tiny g-string. It also was going into her pussy a bit.

“Do you ever think about me at night?” She asked.

All I could manage was, “Huh?”

“You know. Do you ever stroke that big cock of yours and think about me? I think about you sometimes.”

“Oh. I. uh. well.”

“It’s OK if you do. Everyone does it. Even parents do it. I know when your dick gets as hard as it is now you do it too. You have to. Otherwise you’d have blue balls!”

“Blue bah.?”

“My sister doesn’t put out. Honestly I don’t even know why you are with her. She isn’t that hot. Funny thing is, she masturbates too and keeps her pussy all to herself. Can I see it?”


“Your cock. Can I see how big it is?”

“I don’t know.”

“I won’t tell anyone. Certainly not my sister. I just want to see it so when I think about you at night I can see it in my mind and imagine I am sucking on it and putting it in my pussy.”

Now my dick was a Billy club. Hard as a fucking rock. Sweet Krissy was right. I wasn’t getting laid by her sister and I was whacking off at night because of blue balls. But this was crazy!

I offered, “So, we are going to do the show me yours and I show you mine then, or what?”


“OK, you go first.” I had to do one little test to make sure this wasn’t some kind of trap.

Right then she pulled her panties to the side and I saw one of the sweetest looking pussies I had ever seen. My mouth started to water! I barely caught my saliva with a gulp before I drooled!

Sweet Krissy began touching her pussy. Opening up the hole at the bottom. Squeezing the lips together. Showing me her clit. Putting a finger inside.

She offered me a taste. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to me to get down in front of her or what. I just said, “Sure.”

Krissy offered up her finger and I licked her juice off. It was a taste like nothing else I had ever tasted. I really didn’t know what to expect as far as the taste went, but I did know I could eat that pussy of hers and like it!

“Your turn!”

I stood up and pulled my shorts and underwear off before sitting on the edge of the bed. She pulled her chair closer so we were opposing one another.

Can I taste it?” She asked.


Her sisters bed was one of those beds that is like 3 feet off the ground. Sitting in the desk chair all Sweet Krissy had to do is bend over a bit and my dick was in her mouth. Which is exactly what happened.

I had never had a blowjob previous to this experience and I really didn’t know what to expect. It was heavenly right from the start. Her mouth was so soft and warm. Like nothing my cock had ever experienced. If her mouth felt like this, how would her pussy feel?

Krissy wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and began moving her head up and down the shaft. For a second I thought about her poor sister. Then she went deep and all thoughts of her sister went away!

About three minutes into my first blowjob I was ready to shoot my load. This being my first time I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pulled her head up. She asked me if I needed to cum and I nodded. Krissy said that would be OK and resumed her up and down motion.

My cum wad must have been four or five times the size of any cum wad I had shot before. It felt so good to cum in something warm, wet and soft. Once Krissy had milked me for every last drop of sperm she pivoted in the chair and spit my load into her sister’s trash can.

Just then the garage door started humming. Her mom and sister were problem getting back from practice. Krissy kissed me on the mouth and put her soaked panties into the palm of my hand before sprinting out of the room.

I quickly put my pants back on and put Sweet Krissy’s panties into my pocket. Right as I righted myself on my girlfriend’s bed she walked into the room. It kind of looked like I was trying to look nonchalant. My girlfriend got suspicious and asked me what I was doing. I said nothing. Then she caught a glimpse of my sperm on top of the papers in her trash can.

My face went red and hers did too.

“You were jacking off?" She asked.

What was I supposed to say? No? Your sister blew me and spit my load in the trash? I had to say yes and take the lesser of two evils. I decided to put her on the defensive.

“Well, we don’t do anything and I am supposed to do when I am here in your room with everything is reminding me of you?”

That is so gross!” She exclaimed.

“Bullshit. You do it too. At least I have the balls to admit it!”

She went quiet for a minute. I was wondering if she’d kick me out or what?

Can I watch you do it?

Holy shit. Now she wants to have sex with me too?

Sweet Krissy updates weekly. Her site is part of a large solo teen network. Not only do they have pics and videos, they have a complete schedule of live cam shows!

Take the Sweet Krissy tour and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will be amazed when you see the twelve sites she is partnered with. You won’t find a better way to spend your time!

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emilys dream
It is because of big tits girls like Emily above that I now believe in a thing called the collective consciousness, A.K.A. the sub-conscious mind. It is a place where all of our dreams come together as one and we all share the same common interests.

Take Emily’s Dream for example. Emily is a big tits teen from Britain and she had a dream of one day showing her big tits and shapely ass off on the Internet. Likewise, we all had the same fucking dream! And now it is a reality. Go figure!

Imagine what we could be doing with this wondrous power… Cure cancer? End world hunger? See through girls bikinis at the beach? The possibilities are endless!

As it turns out this power is most widely used by porn fanatics like you and me to get our favorite girls next door (with big tits) to pose for naked pics.

Emilys Dream updates weekly with new pics and videos of this adorable, naturally 30G teen. When she gets together with her friends there is plenty of opportunity to see if the carpet matches the drapes… that is if she had pussy hair…

Along with the updates you also get to interact with Emily on her message board. Emily’s Dream + Chinese take-out delivery = No reason to leave the house…

This Internet porn thing really kicks ass! Big round Emily ass!

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