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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/30/08 - Write A Comment!


Now that is what I like to see. All natural, 100% USDA Choice Camel Toe!

Well, OK. So she has to shave her vagina to get that oops, my underwear  went up my cunny look. The point is that she doesn’t even have to take those panties off for you to enjoy a glimpse of her teenage pussy!

So who is she? Her name is Natalie Banks and she in half Filipino and half American. Natalie’s father was in the military so she got shuffled around a lot when he had to move. I am sure daddy had the best intentions for his little army brat, but what is a girl to do with so many bad influences around her?

Bad influences? Hey, Rhino, these men are service people! Show some respect!!!

Hey, I hear you loud and clear, soldier. But you have to agree, there are bars. and then there are army bars (canteens). There is a normal party on a Saturday night. and then there is an Army party inhabited by a few army brats on a Saturday night. Things happen!

And happen they did for Natalie Banks. She learned real quick that a woman’s body can make guys do strange things. She had control over the men in her life. The ultimate control.

Once Natalie turned 18 she moved out and started attending college. Without any cash to speak of she decided to use what God gave her. A luscious body and one of the sweetest pussies I have ever personally laid my eyes on. Look at the way it sucks those panties in! Imagine how your cock would feel!

Now Natalie is left with the ultimate dilemma that everyone successfully self-employed has. Does she continue her education when she is already making more online than most stock traders do? Well, she won’t have those good looks forever. They do expire. So I hope she makes the most of her time with Internet stardom and finishes college so she has something to fall back on.

Along with you get access to Natalie’s friends sites too. Take the tour and scroll to the bottom for all of the info. Happy whacking!

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