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Every so often I like to switch things up a bit and do a hardcore site. Today I want to turn your attention to the small tits cutie Leah Luv from 1000 Facials. This teen porn star has braces, small tits and a rock hard body. She is just as scary as she is beautiful!

Scary? Why would this cute little teen girl be scary?


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Talk about having a cherub body. Little Kimberly looks like God made her just for your excitement. and possibly even hers too! With a body like hers I am sure she has no problem finding her way into the sack.

Being a solo model Little Kimberly has a bus schedule. She updates her sites several times a week and lets you have her personal Email address so you can tell her all of the dirty things you would like to do with her.

Kimberly has small tits and a slightly thick, but very sexy ass. With her body you can imagine she enjoys sex and knows how to give a guy a good time. Unlike most solo models Little Kimberly does hardcore! That’s right, you get to see this small tits beauty queen sucking cock with those dick sucking lips of hers.

Kimberly, if you are reading this – lip gloss. Oh how badly I’d like to see a video of a POV blowjob with some lip gloss!

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When I was younger and in school I knew a girl we will call Chloe. Like Chloe 18 above she had small tits, big eyes and a problem with showing her panties when she wore skirts.

One night a group of us were sitting outside smoking a joint and she wanted to pass the exhaled smoke between us. I took this as sign number one she wanted me that night.

As time went on we all went skinny dipping. Since she had such small tits she wore an all cotton bra without any kind of padding. In the water it turned instant see through. I have to admit. I got a little bit jealous that all of the other guys were checking out my (hopefully new) girl’s tits.

When we got out I let her go first so that I could catch a glimpse of Chloe’s hair pie. Turned out she had no hair pie. She shaved her tan pussy bare! Her wet panties went right up her crack! Again, I was like, “Hey, fellas, she’s mine!”

We all wrapped towels around ourselves while our clothes dried and Chloe 18 and I found a cozy little spot in the front room while everyone else congregated in front of the TV in the back of the house. She sat Indian style. The towel was riding up and I was getting an all access pass to her yummy camel toe!

Chloe caught me looking a couple of times but did nothing to shield her panties from me. Occasionally I caught her peaking at my growing hardon. I put my finger up to her mouth and told her to suck on it. She did! The horny bitch blew my finger so well I almost blew my load!

We headed upstairs for some alone time and found the parents bedroom had a lock on the door. We locked it and got some towels out to lay down on the floor. If there is one thing a mom can sense it is someone using her bed for sex. So we figured the floor would be our best bet at not getting any feathers ruffled.

As soon as Chloe’s ass hit the floor my tongue was all over the insides of her thighs. She pulled her panties over and I dived into her pussy. Within minutes she was moaning as I tongued and sucked on her clit.

My turn.

Just as I had suspected after my initial blowjob sample, Chloe could work miracles with that tongue of hers. Some girls just use lips and forget to work the tongue. Not Chloe 18. This chick blew me like a fucking porn star!

After I blew my load in her mouth Chloe put her small tits in my face. I think she was hoping I still had some more spunk left in me. Of course I did. I wasn’t even in college yet. I could fuck for hours!

Once my cock was hard again she got on top of me and tried to work it into her tight cunny. There was a problem. It wouldn’t fit. This girl was that tight!

I went back down on her and this time I used my finger to get her loose. Then one finger became two and I eventually gave up on the third since it wouldn’t seem to fit without hurting her. I got on top and got the head in but the shaft was just not going in no matter how hard I pushed. So I lifted up and thrust my hips into Chloe and sure enough my cock sunk deep into her little cunt.

Chloe 18 screamed and I thought for sure someone would be marching up the stairs to see what was going on. With a blaring TV, plus a blaring stereo no one was going to hear this girls pain. Except me.

After I worked my cock in and out of her a couple of times, making sure not to come out too far and have to ram my way back in again she began to loosen up a bit. A couple of minutes later she was getting hot and wet and wanted to pilot this ship so we switched positions.

She rode me like a good cowgirl does and pretty soon I felt her body shaking as an orgasm over took her. After she recuperated a little she got off of me and worked that tongue on the head of my cock while she stroked it with her hand. A night light created a nice silhouette of her head going up and down and her pert titties bobbing in the dark.

While she blew me my hand found her tight pussy and I worked a finger inside imagining her mouth was her wet, tight snatch. I blew my load in her mouth again. This time I realized something. Chloe 18 swallows!

Chloe 18 and her many friends will have you reminiscing about past sexual experiences and possibly driving you to create new ones. Watching her and her small tits friends have sex make fantasizing about her a favorite pastime.

Chloe updates her site several times a week and with all of her small tits friends on there you feel like you are getting more than just one site for the price. Of course the Rhino has a trick that will get your all of her friends sites for one low price!

Go to Chloe 18 and surf to her join page. Then hit the back button. You will get a dialogue box asking you a question. In Firefox click leave this page and in Internet Explorer click cancel. You will get another offer for all of Chloe’s teen friends for only $19.95!

The list of girls include Selina 18, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, Little Summer, Milton Twins, Little Lupe and more!

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Lesbian Latina

Hot damn! Pamela Spice is the hottest thing south of the equator!

Do I even need to write this review? Talk about a picture speaking a thousand words!

Guys and Gals, this here is Pamela Spice. She is destined to be one of the biggest Internet porn sensations to ever grace this Earth. I have seen many men and women come in and out of this industry, but this here is a real gem. A jewel.

With her fresh face (accented by a fresh set of braces), tanned and taunt skin capped off with an athletic body, I don’t think I have ever seen a barely legal girl with greater capacity to satisfy my perverted ways! I truly believe that I could hit this shit until the morning and feel ready for more. Second wind? Shit… Try 8th or 9th wind. With this much inspiration I could actually fuck myself to death!

Both Pamela and her lesbian girlfriends have some hot pink pussies. Sometimes the exotics like Latina, Ebony and Asian have those dark lips but not Pamela. Her pussy looks like it is hot off the press and ready to receive your hard cock. Tight looking too. I don’t think I would last more than 10 seconds the first go around.

Whether Pamela Spice is licking a friends clit or playing with her own pussy, Pamela exudes naughtiness. No presents for her this Christmas! Unless she is willing to take some spankings!

Speaking of taking it in or around the ass… I never really gave anal much thought until I happened on It seems this chick was born with a vibrator is her ass. Seeing her use it and seeing that tender pussy of hers getting all wet in her masturbation videos gave me a whole new outlook on anal sex. With Pamela? Sure, why not?

Obviously is a 100% nudity site since she is sticking things in her butt and licking pussy right on the front page. She updates her site weekly with new images and videos. The videos can be downloaded to your hard drive and they have the increasingly popular IPOD format as well!

So, if watching hot barely legal latina girls making out is your thing, treat yourself to a wonderful present this holiday and get your Pamela Spice membership now!

Find More

Pamela Spice

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Teen Braces

So… Do you like pics of teens with braces?

Then you will love Bashful Brittany. Blue eyes, braces and light brown hair make for the perfect girl nextdoor fantasy!

Brittany doesn’t have a model perfect body, she has a real GND body. She has everything needed to bring back those days of yester-year when you were still the cock of the walk.

This bombshell loves to dress up in frilly panties, satin panties or cotton panties with print. When she isn’t talking on the phone or scamming for guys at the mall Brittany is taking her clothes off in some awesome candid style photos.

Bashful Brittany Panties

I think that teen panties picture above speaks volumes about what is in store for the lucky members of Just imagine all of the things you can fantasize about here!

You will also get an added bonus of watching Bashful Brittany and her her girlfriends getting pretty flirty! Teens kissing and frolicking around never gets old!

Find More Bashful Brittany!

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Teen Dreams Denisa

So… from time to time softcore solo models get boring. Now is the time to spice things up a bit. See what is hidden underneath those satin panties. To put it bluntly, watch a girl take a rock hard dick.

Enter, the place I go when I want to see a girl get pounded… by a man or even another girl!

Teen Dreams has over 5,600 models with many on exclusive deals. Before I forget, grab a free wallpaper while you are there. This one is my favorite. Yeah, I have a thing for petite brunettes… OK!

As a member you get access to over 1000 downloadable videos. Not plugin feeds bullshit, these are their own movies. Check out the video section in the tour. You will be amazed!

The Members Area tour really gives you an idea of just how immense the archive of porn is at Teen Dreams. Some of the choices are solo girls, lesbian series, solo Asian series, boy/girl series, UK teens, Viv Thomas videos, DVD movie series, the list goes on.

To make things a hell of a lot easier for you, the blokes at also have a sweet-ass search engine. Mix and match options like clothes (schoolgirl, bra, panties, nude,etc), race, ass (small, medium or large!), location (bathroom, office, etc), pussy (shaved, trimmed, natural), action (threesome, fucking, solo, etc)… There are many more options to choose from.

This makes finding that certain set you were thinking of almost to easy. What will you do now with all of the extra time you have?

No more hunting down porn until 3am!

Find More Teen Dreams!

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Trixie Teen Barely Legal

Not being webmasters you probably didn’t know this… But…

There has been a lot of rumors brewing about Trixie Teen having left her website and myspace postings seemed to confirm it.

These rumors are not true. I chilled it with the boys and Trixie for a promotion in L.A. for her website and she is still actively shooting for the site. So with the rumors out of the way

This girl is the definition of Barely Legal. I tried editing the wiki-pedia entry for it but someone kept changing it back. To bad. She is spot on!

Trixie is one of those hotties you never get tired of seeing. Her sets are all about being a carefree teenager. Shit, she should be a carefree teen considering her site is buying her a house, her car and more importantly, her good life.

This girl has it all… A hot tan ass so firm you can bounce a quarter off of it (trust me here, I tried and succeeded). Her tits are getting bigger but still are perky as all hell. If you check out her first set and match it up against her latest stuff you can see a definate progression in this blossoming young lady. updates twice a week, and sometimes more, with quality girl nextdoor videos and picture sets. Be sure to experience the trailer. I am sure you will be dazzled with the high quality videography her boys produce.

Of course, when you are shooting a girl like Trixie, how can you possibly fuck that shit up?

Find More Trixie Teen!

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Sweet Leah Luv Fucked

I must be some kind of a perverted fuck of an asshole born to a whore in hells kitchen… Why? Because there is something deep inside of me that actually enjoys seeing some teenager with too much eye makeup on getting banged in every way imaginable.

When I feel the need to see this kind of abuse, I take myself over to Sweet Leah Luv is the perfect concoction of barely legal teenage slut content. Leah has braces, blonde hair and some of the smallest tits this side of the equater.

Lately she has been hitting both sides of the barely legal line. So even if you are tired of pseudo-bopping a teeny you can always imagine yourself six inches (or more) deep into the blonde babe that Leah has become.

Sweet Leah Luv is all things in one. She does both softcore and hardcore videos and photo sets. She fingers herself and plows herself with extremely large dildos and then vibrates her clit to pure orgasmic madness. But she isn’t just about doing things solo…

Leah also smokes a mean cock. Leah’s has this insane ability to make a POV headjob turn into mind blowing excitement! After she is done pseudo-sucking your cock to the point of gagging on it, you almost feel bad for her… I said almost.

This blonde cutie also enjoys lesbian games with her friends. She often updates with sets of her and one or two of her friends going down on each other. You could say she is almost as good with her tongue on a pussy as she is with her lips on your throbbing hard cock. I said almost!

If your interests include blonde teens with small tits then you and Sweet Leah Luv have a lot to work out.

Find More Sweet Leah Luv!

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With Holloween fast approaching us it is time to pay some homage to the little teen girl that goes by DevilGirl from DevilGirl will give you anything you desire. Well, so long as it can be performed over an internet connection anyway.

Webcams are the Internet version of the 976Porn line. It is funny to think that our kids will grow up never knowing what a 976 line is! All they will ever know is long distance sex on the internet. is my favorite place to go when I want to see a hot babe doing exactly like what I want her to do. It is like being the director on a porn set. You tell her what you want and she performs it on screen for you. Now that is what I call, good customer service!

Cams have come a long way since their introduction around the dot com bubble and subsequent burst. Back then there would be only ten to twenty girls on at a time. is not only a leader in webcam entertainment, they are also pioneers in developing the backend technology. Because of their forethough you now have access to hundreds of girls on at the same time.

Another big innovation in webcams is the introduction of niches. I guess you need niches to break down the hundreds of cams offered at any given moment into a menu you can choose your perfect girl (or guy) from.

Currently has Solo models ranging from teens to MILF to GILF. You can watch lesbians, male and female couples, threesomes and even transgendered models. There are interracial couples, BBW, hardcore fetish models and gay models too!

Becoming a member is FREE and painless. Just enter your email and pick a handle. You can chat with models that aren’t in private sessions for free. Things can get flirty so be prepared with plenty of lube on hand. Even better, you can enter a private one on one session, two on one, three on one, etc… Things tend to get pretty spicey!

So if you are tired of looking at a screen that won’t address you by your name (or handle), give a free try!

Find More [email protected]!

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Trixie Teen Schoolgirl

Wow… Is Trixie Teen a schoolgirl? Is Trixie a nubile teen or a barely legal teen or both or all three?

Who gives a shit? I mean really, who gives a shit if she is all three?

Well – I do for oneI can appreciate all three of those qualities in this spunky teenager. You could also add in her small tits and her DSL (Dick Sucking Lips).

I am pretty sure every guy out there with a pulse and cock can appreciate A lot of solo model sites come and go but Trixie Teen has been around now for two years and the teens kissing videos are to die for.

How often does someone tell you, "Go ahead, emerse yourself in her young world. Check out her pretty panties and her cute short skirts. Masturbate while she masturbates too. Watch as she kisses her girlfriends and bites their lips."

Pretty much never, huh? Well, go head, here is your invitation to!

Find More Trixie Teen!

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Teen Topanga Lick

Why is it that when you take a hot teen like Topanga and give her whipped cream and strawberries it equates to: instant boner action?

Could it be her small tits that can’t quite fill the palm of your hand yet? Or perhaps maybe it is her eyes… They look like they came off of the cutest baby raindeer, don’t they? No, it has to be her inviting smile and sensual lips.

We may never know why Teen Topanga causes boner explosion but that is just fine because it means we can come back to day after day to try and figure it out!

Teen Topanga is a bisexual nympho in sheeps clothing. Sure, she may look shy and quiet but as soon as her bedroom door closes she instantly forgets her parents are just down the hall. It is anybody’s guess why they don’t hear her muffled moans and whimpers when she masturbates to orgasm after orgasm.

Then there is the fact that parents often forget that their daughter could still be having sex even when she is in her room with a female friend. Eighteen to Nineteen years old is when most girls start having these naughty lesbian thoughts and Topanga is no stranger to them. Half of her galleries are of her and another girl exploring bisexuality.

Find More Teen Topanga!

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Milton Twins Kissing

Oh, come one! Bullshit, since when is watching chicks kissing a bad thing?

Ohh… It isn’t? OK, well, then here are the Milton Twins kissing yet another blonde hottie! This time it is in the backseat of daddy’s car.

So being a guy you already know that banging twins is pretty high up there on life’s to-do-list. But, did you know that for bisexual girls it is also high up on their list too? Damn that fact gives me a raging boner!

Yup, hot chicks would prefer to kiss twins over just having a pair of teen girls to kiss.

The Milton Twins are still mixing shit up on their site Don’t get them confused with Paris Hilton, unlike Paris these girls actually fuck on screen. You have probably seen them on a few other websites doing cameos. Now you can see all of their sexual exploits in one location,!

In the episode above the girls take a ride and get a little frisky with their blonde friend. Their friend is wondering if she has died and gone to twin bisexual heaven when these twins are kissing her nipples at the same time. She is all to eager to let them put their hands in her panties and rub her moist pussy. Eventually she gets both of their tongues on her clit at the same time!

Find More Milton Twins!

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Milton Twins Teen Girls Kissing

I have to ask you, is there anything sexier in the world than teen girls kissing on video?

I can answer that with a stern, NO! There is nothing sexier!

Milton Twins Teen Treo

I could watch blonde teens with their little pert tits kiss all day long. The Milton Twins have some friggin awesome teen kissing videos on their website,

Watch as these identical twins share girls and guys. No jealousy here… They say twins form a special bond and I guess you could say is testement to that!

You are definately going to blow your wad here! No, not your money wad, your dick wad! Why not your money wad? Because if you surf to the join page, and then hit the back button, you get a popup with a lower price than everyone else. It pays to Bookmark people!

Find More Milton Twins!

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Hi, her name is Topanga. She is 18 and going to college in Southern California. For a long time Topanga has been dealing with a problem. It seems like all boys want is Topanga’s body. Initially Topanga took care of her problem by playing with her girlfriends instead. Not sexually, just doing what girls do.

In Topanga’s own words, "Then me and a girlfriend of mine started getting real close. Both mentally and physically. I said to myself, Topanga, if you are going to experiment with sex, why not do it with a girl. Atleast she will respect your teen body and you will be benifiting her too. She will have another teen girl rubbing her private parts gently and not some horny boy.

Eventually Topanga got so good at masturbating Topanga could cum in seconds if needed. Like if Topanga’s mom was coming up the stairs, Topanga could just finish in 5 seconds and make sure she wasn’t caught.

Topanga explains, "A few months ago I was approached by a “talent scout” from a “modeling company” and I knew right off the bat what he “really” wanted. And that is how my site, was born. I think I actually shocked him because I was soooo ready to be a teen model. Now it seems like I get naughtier and naughtier with each new update! My site updates twice a week, so when you are ready to join, you know what to do!"

Click here for more of Teen Topanga!

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