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Are you ready for some fooooot-Ball?

Football season is among us!

Well, OK. So it is the preseason. Who cares. This is when you get to see the rookies do their stuff and after all – isn’t Rhino’s Girls all about the rookies doing their stuff?

Today’s rookie is Kylie James. She is wearing a Dallas jersey and you either would take a bullet for one of their players or you would rather burn their players at the stake. Personally I am an Eagles fan and I love giving Dallas bandwagon motherfuckers a lot of shit!

If Tony Homo wanted any respect from me he’d get together with Kylie James. Sure, she is about 10 years his junior, but who wouldn’t look good with a piece of eye candy like her on their arm?

Kylie James has a nice set of tits even though they are a bit big. They stand at perfect attention and their smoothness is accentuated by her baby smooth pussy. If ever their was a model you could accuse of waxing, it is Kylie. Her beaver is 100% bare as a babies bottom.

Or her own for that matter.

When it comes to tushies, you can’t beat the one Kylie James is sporting. We are talking firm and yet soft. No airbrushing needed on this girl. I really hope some day Hue Hefner finds out about her and puts her in the pages of Playboy.

Until then.

You can see Kylie at her own site, She gets 100% naked and 100% makes your cock hard!

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Don’t even try to pin an age on this barely legal teen. Emily 18 looks like time stood still. Believe it or not she is in her low twenties, but she looks every bit as young as she did when she first started modeling.

So what did she look like at 18 years old? Well, I guess you could say she looked about. I can’t print it here. Just take a guess if she looks seven years younger now and she is around twenty-two years old. how old did she look four years ago? Now you know why I cannot print that here!

Members of EMily 18 get to watch her grow up into the small breasted young lady she is now. Right before your eyes she goes from little bumbs to small tits. Her ass fills in a little, but it still looks barely legal as all hell.

There are currently over 180 movies at New movies are shot in HD and have been for quite a while now. Her picture sets number in the 440+ range. Again, the first 100 of them are barely legal to the max. The remaining 340+ are still barely legal as all hell.

You can see some samples of the original picture sets in her tour at Emily 18. She adds something new every two to three days. Again, the tour shows samples dated all the way back to 2005!

Emily18 has a message board where her fans can chat with her and share stories, pics, humor or what ever else floats your boat. If you have never been a member of Emily 18 you are going to be in for a real treat. If you have been a member in the past, you will enjoy knowing Emily now goes fully nude!

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