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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/03/09 - Write A Comment!


If there is one thing my perverted eyes can never see enough of, it is upskirt panty shots complete with camel toe. Bailey’s Room has dozens of picture sets of hot panties tucked inside one of the Internet’s hottest pussies.

The “on the phone” set from Baileys Room takes me back to a girl I used to bang. She was on the phone once talking to one of her friends and I spied her cute pink panties peeking out from underneath her skirt. Needless to say I was instantly turned on and curious about examining the situation.

Like Bailey my girlfriend had a pert set of tits that didn’t require a bra. Unfortunately this didn’t necessarily mean she walked around the pad with them bouncing every where. When they did come out though. wow. very nice to play with. Two perfect handfuls of flesh.

So, I went over to her and spread her legs out so I can get a good view of her pussy. She didn’t put up much of a fight and I was awarded with a nice camel toe view. Her panties were being sucked right into her shaved pussy. I love camel toes because they let you know exactly what you are looking at.

I slowly kissed her inner thighs just above her knees. She loves this and that day she definitely loved it. Her panties started to get wet. This girl was a gusher. If she was getting turned on it was pretty obvious if you could get a look at her crotch.

Not to get too side-tracked but, we went to the beach once and I started telling her all of the naughty things I would like to do to her once we got home while rubbing her suntan lotion in. Her pussy got so wet she had to jump into the water to hide the wet spot. In school she was always the first one into the pool!

As I got closer to her panties she put her hand on my head to keep me from reaching the promise land. I took her hand away and motioned for her to be quiet. Then I lifted her butt in the air so I could push her skirt up and part her legs a little more.

I mouthed to her to keep on talking before I buried my face in her snatch. She asked her friend to recount a story. Probably so she wouldn’t have to do much of the talking.

Once I pulled her panties to the side and ran my tongue over her clit she had to put her hand over the mic of the phone. Occasionally she would remove her hand and say, “uh-huh” in order to keep her friend from wondering if the phone had hung up. As time went on and her pussy got wetter and wetter that “uh-huh” turned into a longer and lower, “ohhh-hhhuuuuhhh”.

I could tell her friend was wondering what was up when my Bailey pushed my head away and said, “Yeah, I am still here.” She gave me a scolding look. I figured it was time to switch this into overdrive.

I got my cock out and put it in her face. At first she resisted kissing it but I then I started stroking it and she loved to watch me do that. She needed a taste. I worked my cock in and out of Bailey’s mouth and from time to time she’d pull away to say, “uh-huh”.

As I looked down at her pussy I could see a flow of juice running down the crack and making a puddle in her panties. It was time to finish this thing. I knelt in front of Bailey and positioned my cock at the opening of her snatch. She quickly told her friend her mom was on the other line and her dad was in the hospital so she had to take it. Then she hung up.

Feeling her tight, warm and soft pussy swallowing my cock drove me to almost blow my load prematurely. I knew if I had done that she’d have made sure these kinds of games didn’t happen again. To slow things down I motioned for her to wrap her legs around me and hug me tight. Then I walked with her still wrapped around my meat stick into Bailey’s Room.

Once on the bed we fucked like rabbits until she had three orgasms. One of the best things I loved about Bailey is that she didn’t mind the taste of her own pussy. She sucked my cum out of my cock and spit it into her trash can. Sure, I’d have liked her to swallow it, but I was happy just having her blow me as the preferred method of making me cum.

Bailey’s Room updates weekly and this girl will tease the cum out of you. The settings for her videos and picture sets always remind me of girls and sexual encounters form my past. They are also sweet for making up fantasies for sets you don’t have corresponding past encounters for.

As a member you also get to see her friends. as if Bailey was enough of a hottie already!

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