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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/20/13 - Write A Comment!


I was looking back and noticed I haven’t posted much about Private School Jewel in a while. When it comes to small tits I have to tip my hand to Canada for this one. They produced one ripe little apple here. She has some perky B-cup boobies that barely make it out of her A-cup training bra.

Along with her puberty challenged boobs she has one heck of a peach between her legs. A sexy little slit that isn’t but more than a gash. Good luck trying to get your fat cock inside her tight little snatch. Though I am sure the trouble you will go through to get it in there will be plenty worth the work.

Jewel has been updating her site for years now and I have to say that she doesn’t look a day over eighteen still. Just about the only thing that has changed in she is a lot more bold these days then she was in the beginning of her solo model career. I look forward to many more years of jacking off to this babe.

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/07/11 - Write A Comment!


Oh sweet, Jesus! It looks like a deer in headlights, doesn’t it?

Only. Which one is the deer? You. or Private School Jewel?

Either way, you are a winner, my man! It is time to collect your prize and today’s booty is a small tits teen with a killer body and some really crisp pics! Don’t even get me started on the videos!

Ahh. dammit. OK, lets do the video!


Posted By Teen Porn on 07/07/11 - Write A Comment!


Some guys go to the beach for the big tits babes in bikinis. Not me. I prefer small tits like those on Private School Jewel. This teen hottie has been modeling online now for a few years. Her athletic body and tiny boobies remind me of girls I used to date back in high school!


Originally from Canada, Private School Jewel is living it up and soaking up the sun on California beaches. Before you go thinking this small tits girl is a tease, she goes fully naked in her members area. She even invites her friends over to suck on those small titties of hers!


Too damn cute if you ask me!


Private School Jewel likes to keep her fleshy little butt in shape by playing soccer and by enjoying her new passion, surfing! What a tight ass!


Ever since her tiny tits started growing in Jewel has been playing with them. Even though they are small, she says her nipples are super sensitive. A cold onshore flow necessitated the need for a hand bra.

perky tits

This is one teen with perky tits I can see myself enjoying long into her MILF years!


Rhino’s Girls is your number one stop for small tits teens like Private School Jewel. We go out of our way to bring you the best small tits porn where quality meets quantity. In this case, is all about the quality!

With huge 3500 pixel photos and high definition video you won’t miss a beat watching this athletic teenager frolic in the water. Jewel updates her site at least twice a week and often more. She has a private forum to interact with her members and does live cam shows where you can control the action!

Get more of Private School Jewel and her small tits!

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/03/11 - Write A Comment!


It isn’t enough for a girl to simply have small tits. She also has to have a cute face, a banging body and those little nubins have to be perky. Private School Jewel delivers on every one of those criteria!

This young cutie started out very softcore and has since become a bit more daring. She is sharing the spotlight with her girlfriends and sharing what girls do behind closed doors with you. has lots of schoolgirl videos, bikini beach videos and she even does live web cam shows for her members.

Join Private School Jewel and say hello to her in her private forum!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/01/11 - Write A Comment!

Of all of the things I like in this world, watching two small tits teens kissing is one of my favorites. Private School Jewel is well known for her girl next door looks, but now she is ramping things up by showing off her bisexuality!

Plenty of sites have chicks kissing, but they often don’t use their tongues. It is a fake lesbian scene. I hate fake shit and it is probably why I prefer small tits. When hot girls with small tits get bigger tits they end up looking odd. It is like taking a perfectly preserved Union sword from the Civil War and rebranding it to look like it’s Confederate counterpart. Now you have a fake and it is worthless, but as  Union sword it still had lots of value!

Anyway. Enjoy Private School Jewel and her friend Paris kissing!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/30/10 - Write A Comment!



Did you think you were the only one sitting in front of a computer tonight? For your information girls do the same thing boys do; masturbate!

Private School Jewel has been masturbating for years, but now she can finally show you her techniques legally. She puts it perfectly on her web site, "Life stats at 18!" Sexual life that is!

Jewel wants a college education and you want to watch her play with her small tits and her tight pussy for you. Grab a password and you can both be happy. She does weekly web cam shows where you can watch her masturbating and she has tons of videos, some with her girlfriends included!

With a body like Jewel’s you get 3500 pixel pics and high def videos. Everything is shot exclusive at Private School Jewel so you won’t find it anywhere else. She even has a private forum so you can interact with her in case you miss her web cam show!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/13/10 - Write A Comment!


This mound, gap, panty shot is brought to you by the small tits teen Private School Jewel. Her site is filled with both pictures and videos of her panty teasing!

With Private School Jewel you get a teen with spunk, attitude and perky tits! So perky she doesn’t need to wear a bra and in many sets she doesn’t so, her equally perky nipples shine on through!

Take the tour and imagine this uninhibited teenager stroking your off into her panties after she cums by grinding her cute little clit into the base of your cock cowgirl style!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/25/10 - Write A Comment!


Been a while since the last time teen girls flashed their boobs at you? No problem. Grab a Private School Jewel password and you’ll have more teen tits flashed in your face then you’ll know what to do with!

Private School Jewel started her site when she needed cash to go to college. She lost a lot of friends along the way, but she says, "For every friend that snubbed me after posing naked online I replaced them with about 100 fans!" Not bad for a barely legal teenager!

You get multiple updates a week at and she does live web cam shows. Most of her fans enjoy hanging out and chatting with her in the private members forum.

So. Ready to get some teen tits flashed in your face?

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/29/10 - Write A Comment!


Yes, I am well aware of the fact that you can find girls like Private School Jewel above on high school varsity soccer fields all over the United States… That is the point! Jewel is the girl next door!

Back in the day a girl named Tawnee Stone became an instant hit with her girl next door looks. Her reign ended a long time ago. Since then many girls have come and gone, but none of them have had the same appeal as Private School Jewel!

So today I give you the next small tits solo model you need to keep your eyes on. Besides, your real neighbor is getting a little creeped out about your interest in his daughter!

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