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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/22/10 - Write A Comment!

If there is one thing the Internet has too many of it is drugged up, coked out whores. That is why it is refreshing to see girls like Talia Shepard making waves. It is as though the industry is coming full circle. Back in 2003 and 2004 softcore solo models were all the rage. then things got side tracked. Now things are getting back to (what is hopefully) normal!

Talia Shepard is hot. That means her photographer can shoot in extreme high definition without needing Photoshop to fix anything. Her body is perky and she is very fit. Her videos are shot in 1920×1080 HD!

Talia takes her site seriously and keeps her members updated about her life through Twitter and her personal journal. She is a real model. Not some paid actress. You can chat with her during live webcam shows.

Upgrade your membership to Talia Shepard for only $10 and you can get her friends sites too!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/30/09 - Write A Comment!


I like spunky girls and Casey Hays is one of my favorite small tits solo models with a lot of spunk. She is both a tease and a girl that delivers. Casey Hays wears many hats in her quest to evacuate your sperm!

In the free Casey Hays masturbation videos above you get to see both her tempting side and her no holds, barred side. She loves to model her panties and show off how they get sucked into her tight pussy crack. Then, Casey shows you how she drills her cunny while she dreams about you. A win-win!

You can take her trial membership for only a buck. I doubt you will find many solo models willing to do that!

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