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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/15/11 - Write A Comment!


Cupid? Shiiiiiiiit. Who needs Cupid with babes like this around? I don’t know her name, but I do know that she is a full C-cup hottie and I also know that I wouldn’t mind sucking on those teenage juggs while she rides my cock!

Teenage Decadence finds all of the hot teen bikini pics, sports pics, drunken party chicks showing their panties pics and more. They update hourly and. well. You won’t fucking believe the size of this site!


Opened five years ago Teenage Decadence takes pics and videos from its members. Pretty much everything is member submitted. What started out as a forum for candid pics has turned into what is probably the Internet’s largest site devoted to nonnude teens and totally nude coeds!


Posted By Teen Porn on 01/05/10 - Write A Comment!


I have this theory. I call it the 85/15 rule. It goes something like this:

85% of the girls in a high school senior class can get laid, no problems, no questions asked. Just pull down their pants and guys will literally throw themselves at them. On the other hand, only 15% of guys in the senior class can get laid no problems, no questions asked.

What this means is that the chicks have all of the power. The sad reality of it is that they have no idea!

So girls go out of their way to get laid and guys pretty much don’t have to do a goddamn thing if they don’t want to. So long as they fall into that top 15% of their class.

When girls go to college they start to figure this natural rule out. Suddenly they are empowered. If they don’t want to give it up to a guy they can always give it up to each other. And unlike in high school, bisexual girls in college are just par for the course. Nobody frowns on it and more often then not the guys are actually encouraging it!

This is where Teenage Decadence comes in. They archive all of the sick, twisted things girls do in college. They have both videos and candid pictures of coeds doing as coeds do when alcohol is flowing freely.

What was once a closed community of like minded guys is now one of the Internets fastest growing communities of like minded people. To join in the past you had to upload dozens of photos to keep your membership active. Now they opened it up to anyone that wants to pay the monthly fee.

So what do you get as a member of Teenage Decadence? Well, for starters, you get access to one of the largest archives of its kind. Everything is categorized and often keyword tagged for easy navigation and searching. New content is being added daily and no niche is left unturned (so long as the girls are cute).

Try Teenage Decadence and see what being part of a like minded community is like!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/15/09 - Write A Comment!

Sure it is not exactly shot in HD like the porn at 18 years old and Pure 18, but that is the point. This isn’t your daddies porn, dude! This is your generation and you don’t shoot porn with fancy video cameras, you do it with cell phones!

Teenage Decadence started out as a forum where guys banded together and shared their candid pics they either pilfered from a girlfriend, their daughter or some other source. To become a member you had to upload a certain number of photos. The more you shared, the more access to the forums you received.

Now you can join Teenage Decadence even if you don’t have a hot daughter with hot friends to share. All you have to do is pay a couple of bucks and you are privy to the Internet’s largest database of candids, self-shots, homemade porn, beach candids and more!

Afraid of getting caught looking at something that is illegal? Then join Teenage Decadence where every model submits her ID. Don’t end up in jail because you are looking at jailbait photos. Teenage Decadence is filled with barely legal coed freshmen that love to flash their breasts, expose their pussies and get naughty for the world to see!

There are dozens of categories and they even added a MILF section so you can check out other guys sexy wives. Personally I will be in the camel toe section. Over and out!

Teenage Decadence closed for good, but you can still save up to 63% off Watch My GF with this discount link.

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