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Sexy Teen Sandy First Lesbian Experience

I have to ask… Is there anything hotter on the planet than two gorgeous teens kissing? I will go ahead and answer that with, NO!

This sexy teens name is Sandy and her friend decided it was about time they had sex. Often teenage girls will think about each other… sexually… but not just sexually, they also think of each other sensually. For girls there is no lust without love.

It usually starts out the same as it does with her first boy toy. Awkward moments give way to exploration. That look in their eyes… they are sharing it and they both are aware of it

"Why is my pussy tingling? She is my friend… and a girl… ohh my God! I am getting wet thinking about my girlfriend!"

Gentle kisses and touches soon turn into tender licks and light rubbing. Nipples get twisted and breasts are cupped… Sandy can’t take it anymore and rubs her own clit… Why not? Her friend has her eyes closed locked in a tongue twisitng kiss.

You can watch Sandy and her sexy teen friends at her website, She is only 19yo and is from Brazil. Watch her cam shows three times a week and download hours of DIVX videos. Join now and get the May 1st update! Sandy takes on two of her girlfriends this time!

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Emily18 Skimpy Top

This young nubile teen in the skimpy top is bringing a whole new meaning the term Barely Legal!

Emily18 can’t be from this world. She is way to perfect!

As far as barely legal teens go, Emily’s ass is to die for. Full and ripe for the picking with a pleasent plumpness that screams, spank me!

Emily is a 19yo and works hard for her money. In the past year her website has grown a SOLID fanbase (oops, I said solid…) updates three times a week and features high quality photo and video galleries filled with exclusive content that you cannot find anywhere else. Emily also is a regular on her message board keeping things fresh with her fans!

Emily’s best shots are the outdoors ones. Check out the tour and see for yourself, Emily is the sweetest and the most innocent solo model on the planet!

If you are into barely legal girls, you just found your date for tonight.

Good luck!

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Kristyl Jade Blonde Bombshell

Yeah, I know… She isn’t exactly a "teen" but I believe in the democratic process and the votes were cast… where were you?

Votes? What fucking votes are you talking about, asshole?

Do you see that search box to the top right of the page? When you search for hot babes it logs it in the database. When you don’t find that special model it is logged in a different list. I read that list and base my picks on who isn’t being fullfilled…

So back to the winner… her name is Kristyl Jade and it can be said that she is a blonde bombshell. Infact, in the encyclopedia under the term Blonde Bombshell, you will see her picture…. so there!

So she isn’t a teen, you gonna kick her out of bed? Didn’t think so! I could nibble on that pussy for hours, even days… just surviving on her pussy juice for sustenance… yeah… it is a hard life but someone has got to do it!

And those tits… ohh those tits… Lovely Anne has tits… But Kristyl has BIG FUCKING TITTIES! Jesus… Tits…

Ok, enough on the tits, I know… Miss Jade is from the website aptly named My Private Glamour. But hey… I am a nice guy so I am sharing it with you all!

At you will find equally fuckable titties in a wall to wall situation… Asses so tight you can use them as diving boards plus you get dick sucking lips a-plenty…

My Private Glamour has 93 models and counting… Insane because they are all of Playboy quality…. It is like looking at the Pac10 issues from the last 10 years, all in one convenient location.

To get the full feel of you need to click the Models link at the top and check out some of the tasty girlsBianca caught my eye real quick… Make sure to scroll down because as with any glamour site, you have 90 hot babes and three ugly horse faced bitches… and they are always at the top (fucking alphabet)!

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Lovely Anne Milk Tits

There is a saying that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk… Well, if I gave Lovely Anne my cell phone number and then forgot to check my messages on Friday night, I wouldn’t cry if she had called, I’d shoot myselfin the cock

It should be illegal to put such large pert tits on a blonde girl… I mean come on, how many marriages have these heavenly boobs broken up by now? Thirty? Fourty? I am being low-ball generous with these numbers here! gives me a boner… Not just because she is a blonde hottie with big hooters either… It gives me a boner because her website is fun… She smiles a smile that reminds me of Daisy Duke… And not the washed out and over played Jessica Simpson version either… No, I am talking about the sashay walking in high heels and barely legal shorts Daisy Duke of yore…

You can get updates of Anne’s sweet ass titties three times a week and is full of her uncensored videos.

This is definately one young blonde that you can shake a stick at!

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Raven Riley Finger Licking Good Nipple

Don’t get your panties all wadded up but I think Raven Riley just asked you to lick her nipple! Forget finger licking good, that thing is nipple licking good! A.K.A. the slipppery nipple.

I don’t know about you, but one look at Raven and my dick is about to pop! Soft tan skin and a hard tight body… Hardcore, softcore and everything in between.

I could just imagine her tongue on my cockheadsoft, wet and slippery, hand on the shaft, stroking it. Hot lips sliding down, it is enough to cum just talking about it.

Yo, even if you don’t get a membership, go to the downloads link and get some free Raven Riley wallpaper for your desktop. It has the power to give you the inspiration you need to get through your day! Or even hotter, check out the DVD store! She even has free pictures in the free stuff area.

So there you have it, is calling your name and it isn’t like you are doing anything else right now, so give her a shot!

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Kates Playground Seductive

Kate’s Playground, a girl so beautiful and seductive that the other girls can’t get enough of her!

Meet Raven Riley, Misty Anderson and Kate in the hot free gallery above. Kate from has been online now for almost three years. Her website is in the top five of teen solo models for daily traffic. It isn’t hard to imagine why.

Kate specializes in seductive and artisitic photography and modeling. She is a master in the art of teasing. Kates Playground has more members rebilling each month than any other solo model. She aims to please!

With two cam shows a week, picture updates twice a week and a sexy video from the cam shows, your membership to will be fulfilling.

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88Square Martina May

If she doesn’t make your dick tickle, I don’t know what will!

This is Martina May from, the place to go for the most beautiful asian girls!

Martina May is 19yo and looks incredibly barely legal. Her nubile form can only be found exclusively at Her pert titties are an Acup and she is love with the color pink. Her most sensitive part? Martina’s ears… she loves having them kissed and caressed with a soft warm tongue.

Think you are up to the challenge? You can only find out by visiting Martina May at 88 Square! In addition to Martina you also get 100’s of other models, daily picture updates and exclusive movies in DVD quality 720×576@3Mps!

Asians are known for their quality and is no exception!

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Pacinos World Kari

Sheesh, how much trouble I could get into with Kari of Pacino’s World!

Kari is one of those girls nextdoor you can only find south of the border. Luckely for us Pacino doesn’t mind traveling to find her. Kari is a good girl in a bad girls body. Tough and moody, yet soft and silky.

Join and check out her soft shaven pussy. Experience her pink nipples and dream of sqeezing her pert titties. In the gallery above you can view her sexy gstring panties and fantasize about her teasing the cum out of you.

Pacinos World updates with hot girls like Kari three times a week. Once you go Latina, there is no need to for anything else in your life!

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Pacinos World Gia

The Rhino is back from vacation…

… Gia is back from

Ohh… the lovely Gia. Smooth fresh face mixed with a coffee tan. Click on todays free Pacinos World gallery above and check out her boobs. They are perfect. Gia’s boobs fit nicely in the palm of your hand and stand perfectly at attention.

Gia isn’t the only girl at Pacino’s World that is totally out of the world. There are a ton of models and more coming each month. All are topless hotties and some are get completely nude!

Senior Pacino is the king of Latina photography. He scours exotic locations throughout the world in search of these gorgeous Latin Nubiles. The updates come in three times a week and will have your boner doing the cha-cha in no time!

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Amateur Upskirts Kat Easter

Happy Easter!

This little Easter Bunny’s name is Kat and she is from Amateur Upskirts. The folks at are #1 in panty teasing. If you like hot babes in sexy panties this website is definitely for you.

Amateur Upskirts updates every 2 to 3 days with fresh panty content. The websites owner, Tat2jr created because he is a true panty aficionado! The videos are of DVD quality and the pictures are to die for.

Join now and select the 3 day trial. It is only $9.99 and you can enjoy a website made by someone who shares your panty fetish!

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Wild Tarts Gaby Girl Nexdoor

Not to go on flogging a dead horse, but when I saw Gaby I just had to write about another Wild Tart.

Wild Tarts Gaby is the definition of the girl nextdoor. Gaby looks just like a girl I grew up living nextdoor to. Same pert boobs and button nose.

My Gaby used to sit on a chair and watch me masturbate. She would pose and spread her pussy for me. Show me where my dick would go. Sometimes she’d let me suck on her nipples. She said she didn’t masturbate but once in a while I’d hear her moaning in the bathroom after watching me do it.

Your Gaby will spread her pussy for you at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wild Tarts just opened but has a ton of GND content.

Get a Wild Tarts membership and be the first to find out who the new girl nextdoor is today!

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Wild Tarts Carla

Talk about your barbi doll types.

Carla is from Wild Tarts is a brand new website from the Pancho Dog people. They also run the Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel websites in the header of

Wild Tarts will bring you some of the hottest barely legal girls in the world with updates every two to three days. Even though it just opened for business, has over 100 video cips and 120 photo albums for your pleasure.

When you join Wild Tarts you also get access to Ariel Rebel. Ariel is a cutie so act now before this offer is gone!

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Say Hello to my little friend.

Her name is Olga and she is one of the top models for Met Art. The fine people at Met Art are leaders in capturing the youth and beauty of the female form. has been around for about 6 years. A high percentage of their models are young and petite. Most of the models are exclusive to Met Art so you cannot find them any where else.

The size of their archives is astounding with over 287,000 photos and 332 movies! All captured in a dazzling, high aesthetic quality. Quality is a very good word to describe Their models are often first timers exhibiting a youthful flair. Barely Legal is another good way to define the majority of Met Art models.

Because of the huge selection of girls at Met Art, everyone will be satisfied. Barely Legal girls with small boobies for some, and wide hipped girls with large boobs for others. Then add in everything in between and you have the Met Art lineup!

Find More Met Art!

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Felicity Fey Big Tits Teen

From Big Tits MILF to Big Tits Teens, I am on a roll today!

Felicity Fey has some of the best real boobs in the porn world. I love her body. Love that she is a natural Double Dcup. Along with those extra sized boobs comes a wide ass. I love her wide ass. I could tap that ass all night long.

Felicity is redefining what it means to be a curvy girl. Her website at is full of her curvy pics and videos. Felicity has almost reached the 10,000 pictures mark and has recently hit the 50 videos mark. She is very dedicated to her website!

Unlike most girls with huge boobs, Felicity isn’t self conscious about them. In fact she enjoys all of the compliments she gets. Why wouldn’t she, she is drop dead gorgeous!

If you are looking for a hot Latina babe with a juicy body and a sparky attitude, you have come to the right place, is definately for you.

Find More Felicity Fey!

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Michelles Bedroom Glasses

Aye, Rhino, who is this bitch?

I can hear you already. Why is a soccer mom being posted on a teen blog? Why not? Why the fuck not?

Here is my theory on this one: Sure, your 19yo secretary is hot and totally fuckable, but then again so is just about any new pussy. No, I don’t mean new as in barely legal, even though that is true too. I mean new as in you aren’t fucking it, so it is uncharted territory!

You can think of this lovely blonde Mother I’d Like to Fuck as Stacey’s Mom… and I think it is pretty fucking obvious that Stacey’s mom has got it going on! Those unnatural but insanely fuckable tits belong to Michelle from Michelle is only 25 so she isn’t exactly Stacey’s Mom but hey, is this not the world of fantasy?

Michelle fits well into the amateur niche. Her tits are firm and squeezable, her ass is tight and spankable and her blonde hair is waiting for you to pull it! Everything you want in an Internet model and more.

Access to Michelle’s Bedroom also includes access to other amateur sites that mostly deal in big tits, MILF‘s and wife swapping. Three great tastes that taste great together.

Join Michells Bedroom today and get in on the Stacey’s Mom fantasy action right now!

Find More Michelles Bedroom!

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