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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/30/07 - Write A Comment!
Big Tits Teen

OK, let’s forget the fact that she is masturbating to an advertisement for tech stuff. Cute Anne reminds me of a girl I caught masturbating to my own porno mags.

She was a girl friend of mine back in high school and I always thought she was odd. One day while she was over I took a shower but after pulling the lever to change from bath nozzle to shower nozzle I remembered I had forgotten my change of clothing. So I went back to my room.

While I was getting closer to the door I saw her bright neon green panties and stopped short of pushing the door all the way open. Just like Anne above, she was laying on her side and checking out an issue of Club International.

I took up a position where I could see her from the waste down but she could not see me at all. Watching her panties move and seeing the outline of her hand while she masturbated her clit sent my cock into instant hardon mode. Watching her I couldn’t resist touching myself. I was surprised at how much precum I was leaking.

Once she hit a good pace and started twitching her legs and breathing hard I got an idea. I wanted to know WHAT she was looking at. This magazine had solo models, couples and lesbians. What was she masturbating too? I had to know!

I pushed open the door and managed to get within 2 feet of the bed before she awoke from her daize. For a second she froze and I had just enough time to catch a glimpse of the open magazine to know my girlfriend was bisexual. What a turn on!

Of course she tried to get out of it by saying the magazine fell and the page turned while she was masturbating with her eyes were closed. Eventually she came clean and we shared what we liked about the various girls in the magazine. She showed me some of her favorite positions with other girls and then we both masturbated infront of each other for the first time.

Sure, Cute Anne is a bit of a homely girl. I actually find that a big turn on. She reprisents the every-girl. The type you can pick up on Myspace and she doesn’t care that you are almost twice her age.

One of’s hallmarks is the panty shots. Every single gallery is full of them. If you enjoy looking at teens in panties then you will love her website. Members also get access to Teen Kara, Zexy Teens and Polish My Helmet. Out of the three bonus sites I really enjoyed Zexy Teens the best. 100%, wall-to-wall teens. All hair colors, big tits and small tits, petite and chunky, they have at least a few of what you are looking for!

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Cute Anne

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/23/07 - Write A Comment!
Big Tits Teen

Ohh momma-mia… Mia Crush is one hot babe!

OK, so she goes against the grain of RhinosGirls usual tiny tits, petite, barely legal teen girls… Mia Crush is the opposite end of the spectrum for sure. So lets break this down.

Mia has some very big tits. You could say that they are huge tits. I like them because they are real tits. They are the New York cheese cake at the buffet table. And if they are the cheese cake, her ass must be the rich dark chocolate cake. So thick it almost chokes you.

Notice how Mia’s pink panties disappear in the flesh around her hips. Now imagine your fingers in there with her on top. Her big tit in your mouth. A nipple so big it smothers you. Something she chuckles at and then pulls it away long enough for you to gulp down some air before she smothers you with her tits all over again.

Mia’s clit is so big you can feel it on the base of your cock. Feel it as she mashes it into you as she approaches a massive orgasm. You know what they say, "The bigger they are, the harder they cum!" Being an expert in the art of love making you run your tongue over her nipple in tempo with her cock rubbing clit. She cums so loud you wonder how often the cops show up at this chicks house?

At 5’2" with 36D’s Mia takes plus sized to a whole new level. A girl this big, this hot and this sexy uses her size as a form of art. At 19 years old her skin is soft and smooth. The kind of smooth you don’t normally see on girls with hips this big. dares you to test the boundries of how big a girl can get and still be red hot.

When you get your password you don’t just get Mia naked, you get 100’s of other girls to look at. Photos are updated several times a week. Videos are updated weekly and already include hundreds of college girl videos!

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Mia Crush

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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/17/07 - Write A Comment!

It has been a while and I feel like I owe you all a big helping spoonful of Chloe 18 to make it up to you. I’d love to tell you some cool story about where I have been but there is none. Well.. Actually there is but I can’t tell you about it. NO, I wouldn’t have to kill you or anything like that… Just a non-disclosure agreement says my lips must stay sealed…

So… Chloe-Fucking-18. How long has it been now? Hold on whilst I look it up… OK… 2… almost 3 years!

What??? I can hear the new surfers already… Yes, Chloe  is now Chloe 20 and going on 21. Hey, look at it this way, now you can buy her a drink legally!

To all of the new surfers out there, I run a no bullshit style of blog. So I killed your little fantasy about banging an 18 year old. They can’t all be 18 (forever)…

Random Trivia Time… Chloe isn’t the original Chloe! Yes, for almost an entire year Chloe was someone else. Where is she now? Who fucking cares… The original never released any content of the original Chloe so we will never know exactly what we were missing. Just some vague place holder for the web site with someone else’s picture. is your friend!

Our Chloe is a dream come true. Sexy and athletic with small tits and a tight, firm ass. She is bisexual and can’t keep her fingers out of her panties. What more could you want? updates twice a week. You get crisp, clear videos with those pics. You get guests with Chloe and without. Chloe likes receiving your Emails and she likes fulfilling your requests. Damn she is an obedient babe isn’t she? Too bad we can’t all marry her!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/02/07 - Write A Comment!

Lily S
Only Tease

Are you getting sick and tired of those cookie cutter bullshit websites that supposedly portray reality but are really just poorly acted crap? The kind of website where a guy supposedly picks some chick up off the street and she just happens to enjoy double anal and loves to deep throat cocks so long as each scene ends in her receiving a facial or with her squirting?

Folks, I am here today to tell you about a website that is bringing sexy back to porn. A website for guys who enjoy looking at hot chicks. A website where the clothes the hot chicks are wearing make just as big of a statement in your mind as her naked body does. A throw-back to the days of yesteryear.

Finally a website where the girls tease the fuck out of you. Girls wearing uniforms, stockings, lingerie, socks, hot pants, pantyhose, gym clothes, miniskirts, long skirts and everything else you ever fantasized about seeing a college coed in but were too afraid to ask.

Not only does Only Tease have over 290 models to choose from, but they also update their members area with two picture sets a day and two new videos each week! That is almost half a million photos in over 3,800 galleries and over 500 downloadable videos to choose from. You will be jacking off for months and never have to see the same girl twice…. unless you choose to.

At $24.95 this site is the bargain of the month. Plus if you add another twenty bucks to make it $44.95 a month you get access to their whole entire network. That means you get and their jeans/pantyhose fetish site Only Opaques. But wait, there is more! You also get Only Melanie and Only Carla. Two girls that are going to melt your video screen!

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Only Tease

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