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I usually reserve this space for girls with small tits, but today I cannot deny the beauty of Total Super Cuties Amanda! Yes, she has big tits and wide hips. I guess we are just going to have to deal with it right?

Amanda is one of my favorites at Total Super Cuties because she is the spitting image of a girl I grew up with named Christina. We shared some special times in her pool while our parents gave us way too much credit. I love it when parents think of you as siblings while you are thinking of each other as sexual experimentation partners!

Christina and I both shared a common curiosity that centered around our growing sexual parts. For me it was her tits. I used to wonder if they would ever stop growing! And she probably did too, LOL! For her it was my cock and how big it got when I looked at her tits. She always used to comment on it being a lot bigger than her brothers was.

How did she know how big his dick was and why did she think I cared?







That one right there is my favorite shot and I will tell you why. Christina used to shave her pussy and trim up her pubic hair pie. So her wet bathing suit used to camel toe up inside her sexy teen slit!

As you can see Total Super Cuties Amanda is having the same issue with her wet bikini bottoms. For weeks I used to mentally remove those bikini bottoms and jerk off at night thinking about what her pussy must look like based on that crease.

Then one day she pulled her bikini bottoms over and gave me a show. Her pussy looked just as I had suspected! From then on I made it my life’s work to hunt down camel toe and discern what a girls pussy looked like panty/bikini-less!

Total Super Cuties has dozens of young girl next door types. Most of them have small tits, but a few, like Amanda, have huge tits. I am a big fan of variety so I hope you liked this post. Remember to vote for it at the top!

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Some girls just have it all. When it comes to Sofia Saint she is one of those girls sporting the entire package. Take a look at that gash. She has what we call in the industry a Cleft of Venus. Not only is it sexy in a nubile way, it is shaved smooth as a babies bottom!


Along with that sweet pussy Sofia Saint has a sweet set of small tits. Sure, she is trying to make them look bigger here. A lot of girls do that sort of thing thinking boys only want girls with big tits. Sofia, stop trying, girl! We like small tits just as much!


Finally, Sofia Saint also has a firm ass. It isn’t the biggest ass in the world, but it certainly does hold its shape well. It looks hawt in bikinis, thongs and naked!

Sofia does hardcore! Sofia does softcore. She has lesbian scenes and she gives you access to her friends! I told you, she is the entire package, yo!

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There are some things in life that are worth the wait. Watching the small tits teen Taylor Lain pump her pussy with a purple vibrator until she has a squirting orgasm is one of those things!

Why do you have to wait? Because you are a cheep skate. Cheep skates get shitty, low-bandwidth speeds. Members of, on the other hand, get extremely fast broadband speeds!

No matter if you are a cheep skate or a member the wait is plenty worth it. Taylor tools her pussy and contorts her body, and face, until she can’t take it anymore. Once her orgasm erupts there is no turning back. As if the spillways of a damn have opened her pussy unleashes a torrent of love juice.

Taylor Lain is just one of the many girls you can enjoy once you become a member. My favorites are Taylor, obviously, and Pamela Spice, Gigi Spice and Cierra Spice. I guess you could say I am a huge Spice girls fan!

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And what do we have here?

It looks like Catie Minx wearing a sexy Raggedy Ann costume. How sweet this site is!

Never heard of Catie Minx? She is new to the Internet and is looking to become the hottest nerd babe in the solo model niche. She has the cutest perky small tits and a firm little bum for spanking. Catie is tall and very limber. She can tuck her feet behind her neck!

Think of the view of her tight teen pussy in that position!


Some of you might be wondering about the Halloween costume with the holiday so far away, but who says you and a special someone can’t do Cosplay throughout the year? Besides, it is hot this Summer and those panties let a lot of air in!

Catie Minx shares herself with her fans via her web cam chats. You can ask her to dress up, or do stuff like send her a special set of matching bra and panties. She will model them for you!



Just look at those perky small tits of hers. Catie Minx used to feel weird about them being so small, but now that she has seen quite a few girls with big tits naked, she is happier to have her perky little ones.

Take the tour and find out why nerds make better lovers!

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I came across this picture of Lil Candy with her wet panties and I couldn’t help but remember when I caught a buddy of mine’s sister masturbating her little pussy. She had small tits like Candy and her ass was a perfect little rump. I used to love spanking it and listening to her yelps!

My buddy had pulled an all-nighter at work and so he slept for like twelve hours straight. While he was sleeping I crept around the house checking out all of his shit. Guns racks, home theater, XBox, PS2, etc.

While I was in the far corner of his house I heard what sounding like a girl moaning. Intrigued I slowly crept over to the door from behind which the sound was emanating and peered inside. I didn’t know it, but his little sister was staying with him in a guest room I didn’t even know he had!

She was lying on the bed with her eyes closed and her hand inside her panties. Some kind of porno mag was splayed out next to her. I wasn’t sure how long this girl was masturbating for, but her panties were soaked with her juices!

My cock got instantly hard and I crept over to the bed to get a better look. Just then she opened her eyes and sat up really quick trying to come up with something she was doing other than touching herself. I pointed to the porno mag and then to her wet panties. She knew she was caught "wet" handed!


Right about then she caught sight of my hard cock jutting out from my shorts. I could tell she wanted to see it so I made the usual deal, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We both ripped our shorts off in record timing.


Next I came up with a brilliant idea. How about we masturbate first and race each other to see who can cum first? That way we will last longer during the act. She was game and even pulled out a thick white candle to plunge into her wet pussy!

While she did put on quite a show, Lil Candy had a huge lead on me. She started to orgasm in a very spastic way after only two or three minutes of ramming that candle into her tight snatch. I shot my cum into her already soaked panties and hoped she wouldn’t get some crazy idea like wearing them with my wet cum in there.

While my cock was recovering we heard a toilet flush in the house. Her brother was up! I looked out the window and saw the pool. I grabbed my shorts and bolted out her sliding glass door and dove in hoping the cold water would do wonders for my half-mast woody.

You can relive your old times or make new fantasies easily with Lil Candy. She loves to play dress up (or is that dress down?) and has plenty of hardcore videos to make your mouth water!

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Occasionally I like to go through my old Playboys from the 80’s and the 90’s looking at the college girls issues. From time to time I happen on a certain picture that blows my mind. Thirty years later the girl in the picture is still giving me a chubby.

With the Internet we see pictures over and over again much more now then ever before. Certain pictures still give me a swollen cock each and ever time I see them. The candid beach picture above is one of those pics.

She is young with perky small tits. Her bathing suit top went see-thru when she got wet. If you take the time to notice her bottoms also went see-thru when they got wet. She is either wearing the skimpiest black thong under those shorts or she has created the crispest hair-pie I have ever seen. Either way, I am happy. or should I say my dick is happy?

So where do you find more gems like this one? At They do all of the heavy lifting so you can sit back and enjoy the show. Many of the videos and pictures are exclusive to this site as they receive submissions from contract photographers from around the world.

Enjoy a hot weekend!

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Angella is a naughty redhead teen with small tits from the UK who likes to walk naked in her house. Every morning when she wake up she takes a shower and then goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. When I told her that I saw her walking naked through the house she said that food is better when eating naked. She agreed to let me come over the house and take some pictures of her cooking naked and here is a little sample of her naked body!

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Holy shit snacks I am in love. No, seriously this time. I am going to marry this girl!

One thing that has always pissed me off about girls that think they are all grown up is when they switch to lace panties. Like that somehow means they are an adult now. Who gives a fuck? I want to grab your panties out of your panty drawer. I want to wrap them around my cock and jack myself off into them. Lace isn’t exactly the softest material ever devised. Stop wearing lace panties, girls! Please!

Victoria from Club Seventeen got the memo. She wears some nice cotton print panties. She has probably been wearing this style since she left diapers behind. Speaking of behinds, Victoria has a fuck-tabulous ass!

Along with a firm teen booty she has some perky small tits. Victoria’s tits aren’t big, but they are cute. I know some girls hate the word cute when it comes to boobs. They, again, want to be all grown up about it. They want sexy tits. Fuck that. Take what God gave you and be happy that there are legions of guys out there that would die for you just because they enjoy looking at your perky breasts.


Some guys like it when girls spread their pussy open. I like it when they put something inside their pussy that shows off that there is something inside it. I want to see it pass her outer lips and make them bunch up. Of course I also like being teased. I can wait for the spread eagle.


Look how smooth Victoria’s pussy is! Just about the only thing that could make this gallery better is if she had tan lines. But she also has a good pussy for tanning. Some chicks pussy lips turn into dark brown beef jerky when they tan.


This girl is giving me some naughty ideas. I’d like to ram my cock to the hilt up her tight teen snatch. Make her grip that bed post and really give her a rough ride. Then pull my cock out and nut all over her back and ass. Let her feel my hot jizz running down her sides.

I bet she is a dirty girl. The pretty ones always are. They seem so cute and nice on the outside. All proper. But then you get them in the sack and they practically attack you. They like button fly jeans and they like popping those buttons open.

Get more small tits teens like Victoria at Club Seventeen. They find nubile teens that are just barely legal and have them do all sorts of naughty things. They update the site several times a week and the girls do it all. Solo, lesbian, boy/girl, threesomes, orgies and everything else.

Is fucking a car gear shifter part of everything else? Don’t they call that tri-sexual? Like she’ll try anything?

Anyway. Club Seventeen!

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Amanda from Total Super Cuties started sprouting a woman’s body at an early age. Once her new boobies started growing she noticed a lot of the boys at her school, and even some of the teachers, couldn’t keep their eyes off of them. Amanda wondered if they jerked their thingy while thinking about them in the shower.

Once Amanda turned 18 years old she wanted to share her new body with the world and showed up at the offices. This girl is amazing. She is the definition of the girl next door!

There are a dozen galleries of this barely legal hottie waiting for you at Total Super Cuties and most of the models there keep coming back to shoot even more!

At Total Super Cuties the girls tease you in their panties. Most of them are very girl next door like. The kind of girl you wish you could get caught jacking off by!

Get every one of Amanda’s photo sets and see more girls!

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