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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/30/08 - Write A Comment!
Halloween is just around the corner and I have to ask, doesn’t Amai Liu from look like the tastiest little treat? The boys at 18 Years Old thought so when they saw her working the pumpkin patch and decided to bring her home for a little taste.

At 18 Years Old the motto is, 19 is too fucking old! All of the girls are not only 18, they are a barely legal 18 year olds to boot.

Speaking of barely legal girls, I just spent some time hunting wild boar and hanging with my nephew. He goes to college out in Central California and kept bringing 18 year old babes home for nightly parties. After spending a couple days around girls I could look at but couldn’t touch, videos are going to be a nice release.

The girls at 18 Years Old have tight bodies. Small and pert titties. No stretch marks. Firm little buns. Warm and moist pink pussies waiting to get poked. They look just like the babes my lucky-mother-fucking nephew is banging on a nightly basis. is your chance to see the girls you can’t get next to anymore. A place to dream about the old days. It is also part of a larger network of sites run by the Porn Pros. One password gets you access to several sites in several niches.

If you were planning on spending this Halloween alone spend it with the girls at 18 Years Old instead. You will be glad you did!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/25/08 - Write A Comment!

Rhino’s Girls is almost three years old. I started this blog thirteen days before Christmas in 2005. Believe it or not I was down to my last dollar. When I bought this domain I had no idea I’d have thousands of surfers coming here every day to see what the Rhino is cook’in.

The original scope of this blog was to bring attention to brand new models and sites. Most girls that are a day over 18 years old pretty much don’t have much to speak of in the chest area. That meant this blog typically stuck to barely legal teens with small tits.

Times change. Surfers habits change. Look to the right of this post and you can see that change. The eighth most requested search term here is big tits. The scope of this blog will never change. We will still bring you the hottest babes as close as we can to their 18th birthdays. The only change will be that I will on occasion post a post about big tits.

AMBYA is a brand new web site. The girls are all natural and you may have seen some of them before. Each week adds a new model and each new model is hotter than hell!

Some of the girls at AMBYA were born with big boobs and some of the girls were born with an A-cup or a B-cup set of boobs. No matter what they were born with AMBYA captures those lovely tits in their natural state. This site is breast job free.

Images come in a variety of sizes all the way up to 3000 pixels across. Images that big put my 24 inch monitor to shame. I am one of those detail oriented people and I love being able to zoom into all of the details these girls pussies have.

The AMBYA videos are shot in 720p HD. That means you can literally burn them to a DVD or copy them to a CD if your DVD player supports playing regular videos from the computer (most new ones do) and watch them on your home theater system.

Along with having crystal clear videos you can play on your wide screen, AMBYA has both iPOD and PSP video formats available for you to download. Now you can take these beauties anywhere you want to go.

Like Rhino’s Girls, AMBYA strives to become a site where thousands of surfers will cum every day. That is why they are running a grand opening promotion. For only $22.95 you get a multi-model site with frequent updates of the Internet’s hottest girls. And, that rate is locked in. It will never go up on you. When others are paying $29.95 in the weeks to come you will be whacking off to the same high quality porn for less money!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/16/08 - Write A Comment!

While I can’t say for certain that Joe Plumber is going to get lucky today, I can say that Joe Boxer is stepping up to the plate and he is ready to hit this one out of the ballpark!

This scene from Gigi Spice brings me back to my own first threesome. I had two teenage girls (one with braces) ready to suck my cock. I couldn’t help but wonder if the rumors were true about girls blowing cock with braces on. Would I have a dick left or would this little wood-chuck gnaw it down to a stub?

There was only one way to find out and that was a game of show me yours and I show you mine. At first I had thought that I had put the drop on these two little girls, but I was wrong. It turned out they had it in for my hardon the entire time. I was like puddy in their hands.

Gigi Spice has those same youthful looks and small tits my first blowjob sweethearts had. It is amazing how soft and smooth a barely legal teens skin can get. Feeling their hard boobies rubbing on my legs while they worked their warm, wet mouths on my cock was more than I could handle.

It usually takes me several minutes to cum and I have been known to be able to hold out for hours. Not on that day. Gigi Spice and her Latin friend made me blow my load in just under a minute. The funny thing is they went back for more because they didn’t feel like they tasted enough of it the first time. I was in heaven! updates weekly with a new video and picture sets. Her masturbation videos are very graphic and clear. Watching her play with that tender pussy of hers really brings me back. Watching her suck on a guys hard glands in blowjob videos brings me back even further.

Members of this spicey Latina jail bait get access to her spicey friends too. I suggest you take a look at the join page on Gigi Spice for all of the details.

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/04/08 - Write A Comment!

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. What you are seeing is real. Ariel Rebel is so barely legal she could easily be your neighbors daughter. Don’t get in trouble peeking over the fence.

Peek at Ariel Rebel instead!

Ariel has been modeling now for three years. Somehow during that time she has managed to look just as innocent and barely legal now as she did on her first day. is updating 3 to 4 times a week and has been this aggressive since the beginning.

Currently, as I write this, the web sites home page is a little fuckered up and shows 0 videos and 0 pics… Seriously, lets all laugh about that. There are over 100 videos and thousands of pics. Like I said, this girl updates 3 to 4 times a week and has been in the business for three years now. I sent her webmaster a note.

I met Ariel Rebel a few times are webmaster conventions. There is one called the AVN Awards in the month of January in Vegas. You can meet Ariel there too. Totally cool chick. All of this notoriety is not going to her head. And she looks just as barely legal (and short) in person as she does on her web site.

Do yourself a favor and leave the neighbors daughter alone. Come see Ariel Rebel in Vegas instead!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/03/08 - Write A Comment!

I had a girlfriend once that wore satin panties. Pretty normal, I know, but this girl didn’t wear her panties the normal way. She liked to wear those satin panties inside out!

The first time I noticed we were at a party and I knew she had on ultra soft pink panties. Her skirt wasn’t very long and I caught a glimpse of white material covering her pussy. I thought that was weird since I didn’t see her change her panties since we left the house.

Whispering in her ear I asked her to follow me to the restroom. We picked the master bath since it usually gets less traffic. Once inside I pulled her skirt up and asked her why her panties were inside out.

She pulled her panties to the side and showed me to part touching her tender pussy lips. Everything was all wet. Her pussy lips and her panties!

She stated, “My Panties Are Wet.”

No shit! They were soaked. She told me the soft material reminded her of having her pussy licked. While she was saying that her fingers instinctively found their way to her clit and she began to run her panties into it. I instinctively whipped out my cock and started whacking it.

She put the toilet seat down and sat down so she could spread her legs while her fingers worked feverishly on her moist panties. I could tell she wasn’t far off so I got ready to blow my load. Right when I hit the point of no going back she wrapped her lips around my cock and I shot my load into her mouth.

As soon as I was done filling her mouth with my spunk she swallowed it and began her orgasm. She moaned pretty loud and kicked the wall so hard I thought she might leave a hole in it.

When we were done she took off her panties and offered me a lick. I ran my tongue through her juices and she took a taste too! Then she smelled her scent and threw them into her purse. She put a dry pair on and we were ready to exit the restroom.

Two hours and some tequila shots later she came over to me to whisper something into my ear.

She said, “My Panties Are Wet.” And off to the bathroom we went! is the premier panty site. Watch as teen girls and college coeds rub their soft panties into their pussies until you can see their wetness showing through.

Along with My Panties Are Wet you get the Super Site Pass. Your passport to all things fetish. Girls squirting, dildo drilling, lesbian step sisters and more. Take the tour and find out how you can enjoy all of the sites for one buck!

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