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The world is full of hot teens. You can find them at the park, the mall, college campuses, etc. The world is not full of hot teens willing to masturbate for you on the Internet. Lucky for you, Cierra Spice doesn’t mind if you come along for the ride.

Girls find lots of ways to masturbate. Some use kitchen utensils, others use stuff you might find in the bathroom. Like a Prell bottle for example. Cierra Spice found out bath water running over her clit feels like when one of her boyfriends lick her pussy. No fingering or fiddling or shoving or ramming. Just turn it on, lay back and enjoy the ride. I wonder if we will ever know whether or not Roman women used this technique in ancient times.

Cierra is 19 years old and going to college. (See, I told you that you can find hot teens on college campuses!) She has small tits (but not tiny) and a slightly athletic, slightly soft look. She keeps her pussy shaved and fuck me if it doesn’t look 100% inviting! Almost virgin!

CierraSpice04 updates several times a week with a new video and pics. Cierra keeps a weekly journal to let her fans know what is going on in her life.

As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to more spicy latinas like Pamela Spice and red hot Gigi Spice. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for more details. If you like young Latinas, you’re going to love this pass!

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Her site just came out and already the small tits model /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree is making quite a buzz. Her youthful appearance blurs the line between jailbait and barely legal. Don’t worry, you aren’t breaking any laws checking this brunette teenager out.

/” target=”_blank”>Little Bree  is the little teenager with a body that never grew up. While her body is taking the slow road her mind has been running full speed ever since she turned 18 years old. She can’t get enough cock in her!

Growing up Bree liked to experiment with her girlfriends. They would try things out like French kissing and stuff. Over the years Bree and her girlfriends branched out into seeing what it’d feel like to have their pussies licked. During all of this experimentation /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree developed a knack for getting her girlfriends to cum in no time at all!

You can watch /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree licking her friends pussy by clicking the pic above. Want more? Like see her sucking cock? You will need a pass to /” target=”_blank”> for that. Even better, get the ” “” target=”_blank”>Teens Access Pass! Then you will have /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree and several of her friends including three sets of twins!

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As the old saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Today the grease will be all over Lorelei’s ass. Why? Because at Flower Tucci that is how things are done. Tons of petroleum products and lots of skin!

Someone searched for Lorelei Lee and it is easy to see why. This blonde bombshell puts the B in bomb! She has ass-a-plenty and a sweet set of palm-able tits. I can already taste her nipples!

Sure, I like em young like Nubiles, but once in a while it is nice to bounce back to reality. The reality of it is America has more women like Lorelei Lee than it does of Emily 18. So here I am fulfilling a request and wondering what it’d be like to have two 40 inch plus babes blowing my cock at the same time!

Flower Tucci has stopped updating her site recently. She is on a tour of America doing shows, strip clubs, guest shoots for other porn stars sites and what not. I hope she comes back soon. is like a window into the life of a porn star goddess. She has all of the hottest porn stars stopping by and having sex. Tons of big tits, wide ass girls.

Being a member of Flower Tucci has its benefits. One of the is Pure 18. As a member of you get unlimited access to the entire Reality Kings network. There are over 25 sites to choose from and multiple daily updates.

Remember, use the search feature if you want to request your favorite girl for a review or send it to me at rhinos girls at j2media dot net. Will be right back with some more /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree!

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While I was in high school I used to have this friend. We never did actually date per-se, we mostly just buddied around and had sex here and there. One of the things she was most fascinated by was watching me masturbate. This worked out well because I also enjoyed watching her masturbate to my own masturbation.

Another great aspect of our dual masturbation sessions is that she often liked to use various household items. So, since she was always wanting to see how I masturbate with “things”, I got to see how she masturbated with “things”.

Ever since I first laid eyes on a girls hairbrush handle I wondered, “Damn, that thing seems more like it was molded for masturbation then for grip!”

On one fateful day I asked her if she ever used her hairbrush to masturbate and she got one and showed me how she did it. Looking back I wonder how she was able to do so much without any lube. Then again, I guess putting on a show for me made her very wet. Especially since I was putting on a show for her at the same time.

While she was pushing the handle of her hairbrush into her pussy I wondered aloud how crazy it is that her hairbrush can fit all the way into her pussy. She pulled it out and put it next to my swollen cock. My cock was about an inch and a half bigger. She said something about my cock being longer and thicker and that the hairbrush was actually easier to get all the way in!

It didn’t take long for her hairbrush masturbation technique to send her over the edge. Lucky for her she preferred to cum with something inside her instead of rubbing her clit. I always enjoyed fucking her because of it. For some reason I got more satisfaction making her cum by fucking her then having to rub her clit too.

At FTVGirls there are quite a few girls that masturbate with a hairbrush. The web site is well known for the girls using all sorts of items in their masturbation videos. Almost all of the girls perform some kind of public masturbation too. Often right out in the open!

Perhaps one of the hottest sets of videos at FTV Girls is the one where two petite blonde girls eat each other out in a very public park! Then there are the brunettes that lick each other to orgasm in a parking lot with guys snapping cell phone pics walking by.

By far FTVGirls is the place to go if you want both softcore and hardcore masturbation videos with lots of lesbian videos thrown in for good measure!

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If you think this side looks tasty, wait until you see the other side. This blonde babe is Keymy from Nubiles. A lot of you keep searching for her as Nubiles Keyme. Since this is Rhino’s Girls and not Google my search engine isn’t smart enough to show you her with that term. until now.

Keymy is what Rhino’s Girls is all about. Her pussy looks like a peach (without the little hairs). Her small tits are not even big enough to fill an B-Cup bra. Truly a barely legal model if there ever was one.

Keymy is a softcore model. There are currently four photo sets and several videos of her on the site. Watching her press a pink vibrator into her tight Nubile pussy will have you lowering the shades and checking outside for any suspicious vehicles or activities. So barely legal you almost think she cannot possibly be legal! has 599 models with three new ones added each week. Most of the barely legal girls do softcore, but one model per week does hardcore too. Just to keep things on the spicy side.

Because each model is doing more than one set and video Nubiles releases updates daily. Often several times a day. Trust me when I tell you, you will have a hard time just keeping up! Never mind the archives!!!

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I am not all that different from you. I cannot afford to retain a monthly membership at 100’s of sites so I can keep my porn fantasies fresh. Who has that kind of cash?

So, in order to keep things fresh I maintain a membership at There are just under 600 teen models at Nubiles. Each one of them is special in their own way and today we will talk about April Oneil.

April has huge tits. In fact, her tits are way bigger than the girls I usually review. While I enjoy a nice set of Nubile tits just as much as the next guy, sometimes I want to keep things fresh. April’s big tits allow me to do that. After all, you can’t run your cock through a set of A-Cups can you?

While April’s natural big tits are huge, her pussy is nice and tight. You can watch her spread it by clicking on the picture of her in the shower above. With a hole as tiny as hers is you might wonder how you are going to get your cock in there. The answer? Lots and lots of foreplay my friend. You are going to have to work a finger in there and then another one and so on until you open her tight little pussy up wide enough to fit your cock into her. I am sure you won’t mind.

Including in the gallery above is one of Nubiles hottest lesbian scenes. To get the entire movie you are going to have to become a member, but until then the video above will have you conjuring up some delightfully naughty thoughts.

Each Nubiles model does several picture sets and videos. April O’Neil has seven sets of pics and over an hour of video. Specific video scenes are about 10 minutes long. Long enough for her to reach orgasm. You can find April under the model directory at and watch more video samples of her (and the other girls). Just remember, the members area has these videos in 1280×720 HD!

Nubiles adds 3 new models a week. One of the models does hardcore (guy/girl) and the others do softcore (masturbation/lesbian). Most of the Nubiles have small tits like Kacey. Who BTW does hardcore! When it comes to small tits, Fawn is one of my favs! Other girls like Amanda have big tits. You might have seen Amanda before if you subscribe to Playboy Magazine. She has been featured in their college girls issues!

Finding the perfect Nubile teen to receive your lustful attention couldn’t be easier. Nubiles has a search function that makes finding a big tits blonde like Amanda or a big tits brunette like April as easy as selecting a few choices from some drop down menus. Hit search and you suddenly have dozens of reasons to be happy.

Take the tour and find out for yourself why Nubiles is one of only a handful of sites I have been maintaining a membership to since 2003!

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Every once in a while I pat myself on the back when I make a great find. This is one of those times. Kasia from Face Down Ass Up University is one heck of a hot, blonde, blue eyed, small tits hottie!

Everything about this girl excites me. Like how her small tits are capped with puffy pink nipples. Her ass isn’t too big or too small, it is just fucking right. A little ribs showing, but enough meat on her bones to make boning her a dream come true.

If I ever released a genie out of a bottle Kasia would be my first wish!

Kasia is one of 37 students/models (and growing) at Face Down Ass Up University. What exactly is FDAU University? The brain-child of one of the Internet’s most respected teen photographers Phil Flash. This guy specializes in finding hot teens and succulent babes. He has been photographing them doing all sorts of naughty things for over a decade.

I know. We still have no clue about the university. OK, the idea behind this all girls private school is that they take in softcore freshmen teens and turns them into hardcore sex craving seniors by the time they graduate. So when you examine the schools videos and picture sets you can keep within certain niches you are looking for by staying within a particular class of students.

As always with Phil Flash panties are a big part of every shoot. So are socks and small tits. well, ok, some girls have big tits. The point is that things move slow with lots of teasing and then as things develop the girls get naughty and naughtier until they are cumming right along with you!

All of the Face Down Ass Up University picture galleries and videos have the girls wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits and uniforms. Currently I know of no other 100% schoolgirl site better than FDAU University.

As an added bonus members are privy to Phil’s stable of 16 web cam girls. Each of whom have weekly shows.

Personally I think Kasia is plenty reason enough to join!

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How fucking nice would it be if you found girls flashing on a park bench like this? Welcome to the wonderful world of Virgin Off. The barely legal site with a strange name. delivers on so many levels. First, the girls are all barely legal. Not one girl on this site could even remotely be mistaken for a MILF. Two, the chicks at Virgin Off enjoy both girls and boys. Tired of watching barely legal girls smoke cock and take it in the ass? (Shame on you!) No problem. You can watch the girls go down on each other!

This site prides itself on bringing the youthful experiences of girls all over the world to the Internet. That is why Virgin Off is swelling into one of the Internet’s busiest sites!

As a member you also get access to the entire Diesel Network. As usual, take the Virgin Off tour and check the bottom of the join page. I guarantee you haven’t owned a membership like this before!

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