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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/31/11 - Write A Comment!


Oh no girls. Watch out for the big, scary, perverted man on the other side of that camera!

Seriously though. Have you ever seen something this cute? Three petite girls with perky small tits keeping warm in the shallow end. My mind races with thoughts of the naughty things a guy could do with this trio!

Little Summer is no stranger to naughty men. She has been fending them off, and in some cases inviting them in, for years. All throughout high school she had one horny dude or another trying to slip a hand into her panties. While the guys were mostly out of luck the girls scored on a daily basis!

Grab a pass and watch Little Summer share her tight little pussy with her friends like Little Lexie and Little Lara. With one password you get access to over 20 teen sites mostly made up of solo models like /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree, Tiny Tyler and Teen Topanga!

While summer is still a few months away, a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass could help you to heat things up a little earlier than usual with hot teen bodies like the ones you will find at!

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Hot. Dawwwg!

One of the scariest things about banging a new chick is having her see your cock for the first time. Is she going to think it is big? Is she going to appreciate the color scheme?

I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that Tessa Taylor is truly amazed by the site of this hard member. In fact, it looks like she already has some crazy ideas on what to do with it. Namely put it into her warm, wet, perdie mouth!

With one password to 18 Years Old you get barely legal sex on a grand scale. As a Porn Pros member you also get access to dozens of other sites like Jurassic Cock and Teen BFF. With a huge network you get multiple daily updates and hundreds, upon hundreds, of girls to choose from!

As I often say, take the tour and check the join page for more juicy details. Until then, see you in the Porn Pros members area!

Oh, and you have to see this girls vagina!

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Two sets of small tits so perky you can’t help but squeeze them a little bit! That is what the doctor ordered for today and I have to say, that doctor is one smart cookie! Should there be anymore pain and discomfort he also says you should chase those tits down with some camel toe and these two lesbian teens have that on tap`o-plenty!

They hail from the land of Horny Lil Nymphs where it is all teen, all of the time. No dicks to get in the way. just cute girls with tight bodies and even tighter snatches!

Of course even the most devout lesbian sex fan can get a bit tired of seeing hundreds of lesbian girls having sex so the people that created the site also give you access to My Secret Time and Teen Sex Secrets!

I just wrote about My Secret Time below this post so if you missed it, scroll down. Otherwise, you can watch a clip from Teen Sex Secrets of hot teens having sex below!


Take the Horny Lil Nymphs tour and work that sore muscle in your pants!

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Most guys in high school assume girls don’t masturbate. In fact, they believe they are the only ones. Nothing can be further from the truth and you’d be surprised what lengths most girls would go to hit the big O!

I once dated a girl that swore up and down that she didn’t masturbate and she even went as far as to say it was gross. She had me totally convinced. Then one day I was out rummaging around the trails behind our houses and low and behold, who do I see? None other than Miss Prissy, "I don’t masturbate", herself!

She was kneeling behind a tree and working her clit. It seemed like she was watching something in front of her and whatever it was, she couldn’t take her steely little eyes off of it. I moved through a shadowy mass of trees so I could see what she was looking at and get a better shot of her front side.

There in a small clearing was a couple only a few years older than we were and the girl was sucking the guys dick porn star style. She was really going to town on him and guess what? This crazy bitch was frigging herself off too!

I moved towards my girlfriend a bit more and now I could see her really working herself into a frenzy. For a bit I contemplated what to do. Should I let her know I was there watching? Should I attempt to have sex with her? No, she’d be too surprised and probably scream loud enough to get the attention of her exhibitionists.

Having moved back behind her I waited until she was done. Watching her orgasm was amazing. She was kneeling down and propping herself up with one hand on a tree. She almost fell over!

Once she finished masturbating she started back down the trail towards our houses. I had already positioned myself between her and the neighborhood, and once she got about thirty feet down the trail I stepped out from behind some tall grass and bushes.

She didn’t know I was watching her and tried to act like nothing was up. As I reached out to her she put her hand in mine. Probably thinking we’d walk back home hand in hand. Instead I pulled her to a stop and held her hand up to my nose. I could smell the sweet smell of her pussy juice all over her fingers!

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"I saw what you did." I responded.

"What are you talking about?" She stammered.

"I watched you watch that couple as she sucked his cock and you were frigging your clit. Don’t try to deny it. You were kneeling right next to that tree!" I pointed in the direction of where she was kneeling.

She tried to defend herself and I pulled her hand up to her nose. She could smell herself on her fingers and she went super red. I then pulled her into the thick grass and we found a meadow of our own. Next, I unzipped my pants while pulling her down to her knees with my other hand. My cock flopped out in front of her face and she looked at me with a pleading look.

"You know you want to do it and I’ll do you after. Now suck!" I commanded.

She started out slow, but after a few minutes she was working my cock the same way she saw the other girl do it. It didn’t take long for my hot goo to spurt out and she pulled back once it started hitting the back of her throat. More cum drizzled out and began hitting her small tits. Just then we heard some boys coming down the trail and we hid.

It looked like my blowjob was going to be a freebie!

My Secret Time shoots high definition videos of girls having a some alone time. The variety is amazing. Girls indoors, outdoors, by the pool, in the bathtub, in the kitchen, in front of a computer (just like you) and more!

One password gets you access to all of their teen sites. Take the tour and check the join page for all of the sites!

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You enjoy watching barely legal girls get naked for you. That is why you are here. Seeing the nubile bodies of naked girls does something to you. Maybe seeing them brings you back to days when sex was the most exciting. Back when it was an unknown adventure! What ever your reasons for wanting to see girls naked, Little Lexie has a secret to share with you. She enjoys getting naked and watching guys jackoff to her small tits and tight pussy!

Lexie has been teasing boys with “accidental” upskirt shots of her panties for years. She always wondered if guys found her so hot they had to touch themselves like she did. Once she was old enough to pose nude legally she jumped at the chance!

With one password you can watch Little Lexie and all of her teenage friends as they experiment with sex. They have just one stipulation… that you show them how much you like looking at their naked bodies!

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Back when I was a young buck we had Polaroid cameras and VHS camcorders. Those pieces of shits were clunky, expensive and a royal pain the ass. not to mention the media quality was crap too!

These days girls have 5 mega pixel cameras that shoot 720p HD video and way too much time on their hands. It is inevitable that once you buy your little girl a camera she is going to want to take "grown up" photos of herself and send them to a friend.

That friend ends up liking the pics and has to show everyone else your daughters handy work and before long those pics are all over her school, her work place, the list goes on. Those pics, and naughty videos, eventually make their way to the Internet and once they are there, they tend to spread like a wildfire!

That is where Busted By Daddy comes in. They collect all of these homemade sex tapes and candid photos so you don’t have to spend countless hours trolling the Internet looking for them!

Never before has it been easier to find thousands of small tits teens flashing their naked bodies for all to see. This is barely legal porn on an unprecedented scale!

Take the Busted By Daddy tour. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find your favorite girl from next door on there. literally!

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This new blog design allows for much larger pictures and it just wouldn’t be right to re-open the blog without a post about Emily 18. After all, this little cutie not only helped to make this blog what it is today, she also has a killer body that can handle the increased picture size!

Emily18 has small tits capped with puffy nipples and a bubble butt that is just too cute. Every time I write about her I am blown away by her undying beauty. She has been shooting now for years and she still looks like a little angel.

With you get a true teen solo model site. She started shooting right after her 18th birthday and in the beginning she really enjoyed dressing up in her girly-girl clothing. She still pulls out those Hello Kitty panties once in a while, but I really like seeing her fleshy butt in a thong panties.

I’m pretty confident you will too!

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Having sex with college students doesn’t have to be hard. Mike from Mikes Apartment came up with a fantastic way to get girls like Angill Summers to offer up their tight teen pussy to his hard pecker.

First Mike offers the girls a place to stay free of rent for a bit. He usually finds hotties with no job skills and no current employment. Once the free time runs out it is time to kick them out.. unless.

Unless she can "make it up" to him. Even the densest girls figure out what that means and they have no problem letting this perverted stud stick his cock into every tight orifice. If she is a real treat like Angill he might even take a taste of that teenage peach!

Around campus Mike is known as The Ass Master. Over the years he has shown hundreds of girls the pleasures of anal sex. You’d have to wonder if a few dozen of those girls moved into his spare room all the while knowing that one day they’d take that meaty cock of his right up their tight little sphincter!

Mike has a thing for girls with small tits and petite frames. He also enjoys banging two chicks on occasion. Even with the hundreds of girls Mikes Apartment has shot video of, the concept can get old after a while. So Mike gives you access to the entire Reality Kings network!

With one password you can enjoy sites like Pure 18, Big Naturals, Street Blowjobs, In The VIP, Captain Stabbin and they are always adding new sites to the mix like Happy Tugs. One password and you get terabytes of porn!

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Some girls are like a work of art. Nastya J. from Met-Art is one such girl. Her naked form is like that of a goddess. While she has small tits, she also has them capped off with puffy nipples. Her pussy makes a nice cleft of Venus. Her proportions are all perfectly dialed in.

Met-Art has thousands of naked girls like Nastya and they update their collection six times a day.  If you looked in an encyclopedia for erotic art the picture would be of a Met-Art model.

Open since 1999, Met-Art has amassed over 1,000,000 photos shot by the cream of the crop photographers. They shoot naked girl worldwide and in exotic locations. Met-Art is for guys that want only the best!

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If you want something to kickass you usually have to build it from scratch. It is just the way the world works. First there was Tower Records. Then there was Napster. Then there was iTunes. People went from paying, to free for all and back to paying again. iTunes is really that cool. Amazing!

Porn is the same way. But every once in a while somebody does something genius by doing the same thing as before, only better!

Miss Youth is a shining example of somebody creating an iTunes. It is the same music, only the experience is a lot different! Miss Youth has the same girls and even, in some cases, the same sets, but the experience is completely different and, in my humble opinion, way better!

If you are an Internet veteran Miss Youth will be like a walk down memory lane. All of your favorite sets, featuring your favorite cuties and more. Only this time it is hundreds of girls and hundreds of thousands of photos! And if you are brand new to the net this place is going to be an adventure you won’t want to pass up!

Just look at Alana Lopez. She looks so fucking hot fully clothed that I didn’t even need to show her tits to keep your attention. The vintage shirt, the soft soccer shorts, the leg warmers, platform shoes?

We haven’t even talked about her small tits, her smooth, tan skin, her long skinny legs or her fresh off the bus face. It is enough to make you want to coach a girls soccer team. you perv!

Miss Youth is filled with girls like her with a variety so vast it is hard to put it into words. Each of the girls has several photo sets and most also have several videos to watch. It is like a clearing house of teens!

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We all did it. Whether it was your own sister, a buddies sister or in the girls locker room at school, we all tried spying on a hot teen body in the shower.

This spicy video is hot enough to bring any voyeur’s blood to a boil. In it Kristina Fey shows off her nubile body. Her small tits are capped with, still growing, puffy nipples. She has bush, but that is only because back when this video was made, barely legal was raising way too many eyebrows in Washington.

Things have changed (for the better) now and so has Kristina Fey. New videos and picture galleries feature her bushless and so fucking nubile looking it is amazing. She ages slower than Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid)!

As a member you get access to an entire solo model network including Katie Fey, Felicity Fey, Andi Pink, Ariel Rebel and the list goes on! Go ahead, feast your eyes on the girl that started the barely legal niche!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/19/11 - Write A Comment!


Her real name is Chloe, but for all intensive purposes we are going to refer to her as your best friend’s little sister. You know the one. She had a huge crush on you are always set things up so you’d catch her naked hoping one thing would lead to another. Looks like today is her lucky day!

Total Super Cuties finds girls that are. well. totally super cute. Girls right out of the club you were in last night. Girls from the park you walk by on a daily basis. Girls from the beach. Girls from the soccer team in school. And every last one of them is totally super cute!

The site features over 60 models in over 350 movies. All of the girls are aged 18 to 23 years old. Content ranges from nonnude to completely naked and softcore sex. Each girl does several photo sets and videos. Chloe has 10 eye popping videos showing off her small tits.

Join Total Super Cuties and you’ll feel like a new man in no time! Oh, and tell you buddy’s sister I said hi!

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Hey, a girls gotta dream right? Why not do it online with a video camera rolling and an audience?!?! That must have been what was going through the mind of Emily 18 when she made this hot and steamy video!

With her perky young boobs and her soft angelic skin Emily 18 looks so fucking barely legal it ain’t even funny. Who would believe the girl you are looking at right now is a twenty-four year old woman? Nobody! I can’t even believe it myself and I have been writing about her since my blog started in 2005!

When a girl looks this good in her lower twenties you can only imagine what she looked like six years ago when she got started. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it because is filled with videos and picture sets from back then!

Do the math. She looks 18 or 19 now and five years ago she looked.

You dirty old man ;)

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You know, if I had a rocking body with perky small tits like Isabella 18 I’d be playing with them too. Watching this spunky 18 year old play with beach stones and fool around in the sand has the effect of clearing one’s mind from all of the day’s troubles. I could watch her play for hours on end and feel like it’s only been minutes.

Since time seems to fly when you’re having fun it is best to lock in an entire month of naked girl watching! With one pass you get hundreds of sites in dozens of niches from hard bodied solo girls to candid beach photos and visable panty lines.

Isabella 18 isn’t going to stay barely legal forever, but she is captured in this state of beauty in her members area and waiting for you right now!

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Emily 18 calls this cooling off, we call it heating things up a bit. The colder part of the year is almost over and already the girl next door is doing her sunning!

This is your chance to score a view of her nubile small tits. If you are lucky she will forget she untied her top so she could avoid the unsightly tan line from the draw string.

Until then, there is always Emily 18. With years of sets and videos in the archives it is always summer with!

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