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Don’t have Obsessed With Myself that send you pics like these? Well, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be wasting money on numerous girls just to get these kinds of pics. Not when Obsessed With Myself is giving them away for free!

No other site has the balls to give you a free membership. They are that confident you will stay. And why would you go when you get girls like the one above sending in pics on a daily basis?

Along with the pics you get the videos. Homemade porn tapes and tons of other goodies. You also get the hacked Photobucket and Myspace accounts. These silly girls thought they could password protect those naked vids? Think again! Obsessed With Myself figured out how to crack them!

Grab your free pass and have a field day in the members area. Everything you download is yours to keep even if you cancel!

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It has been a long time since I have written about Teen Katie. She was, and still is, one of my most favorite small tits models. I am so happy to see her still producing content. So many models have come and gone, but Teen Katie is still going strong!

In this Halloween gallery you get to see the bisexual side of this girl. Katie not only has small tits, her tits are barely even buds making her body look very hot and barely legal. She also has a very cute pussy that creates some amazing camel toes in her panty photos.

Teen Katie shoots everything in high definition and with a body like hers it is a real treat. Especially the pics! With HD video taking over the majority of members areas (Katie has lots of HD video too) it is nice to see a members area for a solo model that also remains true to the core of solo model content. Those high resolution pics!

You now how it was back in high school, the skinny girls hang out with other skinny girls. Well, the same holds true here. is full of photo sets and videos with Katie and her female friends. All of Teen Katie’s friends have small tits and petite figures. It is like getting several models for the price of one!

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Just about the only shitty part of reviewing a site with super sweet, high resolution videos is that the marketing materials they give you have a much lower resolution. The video above from GFs Movies gives you the basic idea of what you are in for at, but it doesn’t even come close to how crystal clear the videos are in the members area.

Another problem with the video above is that it is cropped. There is no pussy in that video. On the site there are plenty of pussies. Plenty of hot chicks with small tits and plenty of amateurs to go around!

Got a hot girlfriend? You can submit her to the site and be entered into their free cash and memberships weekly drawing. In order to submit you must have either a video or 5 pics. That last stipulation is great because it means all of the GFs Movies girls have a series of pics. None of that one pic shit here. I love it!

You can see some of the pics in their amateur candids galleries. Again, the stuff in the galleries is low resolution. In the members area everything is much sweeter.

If you are tired of the reality porn model that is obviously fake, amateur sites like GFS Movies is taking things to a higher level!

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I have been waiting weeks for this day to arrive. No, I don’t give a flying fuck about Windows 7. That is not the occasion that has my interest peaked on this day. What is peaking my interest is the picture of Tiny Tyler with her small tits and satin bra and panties!

Tiny Tyler is now open for business and you can see her and all of her solo model friends like Teen Topanga, Trixie Teen, Little Summer, Little Lupe, Selina 18 and more, with a Tiny Teen Pass.

One pass gets you inside twelve solo models’ panties. No shit!

You will want to pay special attention to the Little Summer videos. Lots of them feature lesbian sex between her and Topanga. Plus, you get to see her with Kimmie. Her blonde friend.

Keep in mind that if you want more Kimmie you can always get more at Lil Lexy. A site built around Kimmie. gives you access to several other solo model sites, but sadly is not part of the Tiny Teen Pass network.

Decisions, decisions. Fuck it. get both!

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If it weren’t for the fact that I know Gene Simmons already has a daughter named Sophie I would have assumed this girl was definitely his offspring.

At Obsessed With Myself you are treated to gigs of pics and video submitted by the Obsessed With Myself themselves. These guys get so many submissions they often have to close the submission form because it is just too many to keep up with.

What does that mean for you? Well, on top of the fact that you can join Obsessed With Myself for free, you get daily updates. Many of the girls that send their homemade porn in send a series of pics of themselves. They also send in their homemade sex videos!

Why pay for porn when these guys are giving away the girl next door, schoolgirl next door, cheerleader next door and an endless assortment of bikini clad small tits and big tits babes for free?!?!

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If there is one thing I learned in my years of being a pervert it is that the girl most likely to flash her pussy to you in a public setting and be a generally all-around fucktabulous sex partner, isn’t always the girl that is a stunner. Piper Fox isn’t exactly ugly, but she isn’t Megan Fox either. One thing is for sure, I bet you Megan isn’t going to give you the photo opportunity you see above!

That is because girls like Piper Fox are fun. They don’t have some bullshit image to live up to. We know they have flaws. Girls like Piper are aware of their own flaws. They also know they have some great pussy.

I have also learned another thing about these Piper Fox types. Where there are one, there are more. How many times have you been to the river and you find some Megan Fox types and they are a complete bore. They just want you to buy them drinks and be respectable. Fuck that!

The girls like Piper always have several friends with them and all of them consider drinking the first step in foreplay. Next comes flirting and possibly even some chicks kissing other chicks. Then you get to bang one of them all night long and if you play your cards right, you get to bang two!

Piper Fox brings along plenty of friends on her shoots and does a ton of them outdoors. You don’t have to fantasize about a girl flashing you her pussy, Piper Fox does that for you!

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Lets be honest here. I know, I know, a pornographer is going to be honest for a change? Hey, in my defense, I am actually a pretty honest guy which makes me 2000% more honest then the next pornographer!

So anyway. Anyone can make a teen site. They can find some high school drop out or druggy and offer them a couple grand and get some videos and some pics done. Walla, instant teen site right?


Sure, there are plenty of teen sites like I just described out there, but they pale in comparison to sites of caliber like Little Summer. This young, blonde, small tits sprite of a teen is fun, exciting and generally a pleasure to be around.

It takes more than just being easy on the eyes to be an Internet model! Girls like Little Summer take their sites and their fans seriously. This is more than just fantasy. This is overall well being and I know my well being goes up a few dozen points every time I log into!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Little Summer has many friends. With a Tiny Teen Pass you get Summer and all of her friends including twins like the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins. Some of her friends like Trixie Teen and Teen Topanga have been modeling for years and other friends like Kacey 18 and Selina 18 just got their start this year.

Whether you are into softcore girls like Little Summer or hardcore babysitter sex videos from Kacey 18, the Tiny Teen Pass has you covered!

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So you are shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island. After several days of existing on nothing but coconuts and saliva you are losing hope. Then you go down to the bay to once again try and fish and there she is. Selina 18 is a native girl that was some how left behind!

Two things go through your mind. Can she cook and does she swallow? Who knows, maybe this could be better than the Hawaiian vacation you are missing out on with that fat slug you invited.

As it turns out this barely legal, fuck-wonder needs a hard throbbing cock to satisfy that fire in her loins and you are the perfect candidate to put that fire out! (breeeeeath)

Grab your very own Selina 18 pass and start living the dream. Or better yet, grab a Tiny Teen Pass and start enjoying 12 sites for the price of one. Or even better, take the $1 trial and enjoy the pass for up to two days before you commit!

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