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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/29/07 - Write A Comment!
Totally Nubile Teen!


You don’t think I know it isn’t even December yet? Of course I know that. I hate Christmas music right after Thanksgiving just as much as the next guy. Trust me, I know what it is like to have to listen to an oldies station pumping that shit out 24/7. I know more than you will ever know. But this is different!

THIS is Sandy Summers. This is about a lucky candy cane. Damn I wish she was using that tongue on my cock right about now. Call it a pre-Xmas present. Call it what ever you want, but I want it!

Sandy has been around for some time now. She has bounced from site to site. Originally she was on a multi-girl site but then she got her own. Next thing you know something happened with the guy running it (I swear I have an alibi for that evening) and now she is at (hopefully forever) Don’t forget the hyphen!

Lucky for us she was able to retain all of her old sets and videos. That means you get over 150 Sandy Summers videos and more than 30,000 high res pictures to fantasize about. With Sandy’s blonde hair and blue eyes it isn’t too hard to conjure something up.

Sandy has more than enough boobs. In fact they are getting so big she is running out of nipple! No problem though… just more erogenous zone to suck on. Sandy Summers also has one fine tight pussy. A perfect shade of pink. Almost nubile!

The web site is updated three times a week with new videos and pics. Videos come in IPOD editions. Currently 80 of them are converted.

Plus, you get live cam shows. She gets naked and very explicit, they are something you don’t want to miss. The cam shows are your chance to interact with an Internet model. They are why I love Internet models over DVD pornstars. DVD pornstars are basically stuck up bitches. Internet models are more personal.

In the beginning Sandy was shy and softcore. Now she is getting bolder and more hardcore. Sandy has some amazing masturbation videos. She also found out that she is bisexual. What a treat watching her friends lick that tight pink pussy of hers. You can almost taste it!

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Sandy Summers

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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/20/07 - Write A Comment!
Big Tits Office Sex

One day I woke up. I went to the computer and I typed in an address I had typed in on many other occasions. On this fateful day I was stunned to receive an error instead of the web site I had previously enjoyed. My favorite web site had closed. I was so bummed.

That web sites name was Crush Photo. It was a web site not like any other site on the internet. These people really knew how to tease a guy. First they started with hot models. Then they backed that up with hot clothing to put the models in. And finally they backed that up with style. Throw in some awesome photography and you have a web site no one else can match.

But… Like I said, that web site died one fateful day. Until now! is open for business and waiting for you. All of your favorite models and some soon to be favorites in one place. If you have never experienced Crush Photo you need to check out Crush Empire. Lofty words like amazing can’t even come close to doing this web site justice.

Originally started as a non-nude concept it morphed into a semi-nude and eventually completely nude masterpiece. This was the first website to dare to show pictures of girls with shaved vaginas. No shit. Think back four to five years ago. Sure some girls had landing strips but no one shaved their entire pussy out of fear. Fear? Yes…. FEAR…

Back then Internet porn was just catching on. Big brother was watching like a hawk and using obsenity laws like a golfer uses golf clubs. Everyone was affraid of the barely legal niche. But not Crush Photo. They pioneered the bare pussy look. They weren’t affraid. They had all of the proper documentation in place and said, "Bring it on!"

Crush Photo lacked one thing though… A marketing brain. They still are not up to speed with Crush Empire, but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Though they lack galleries for me to show you, they have a pretty good tour. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. The photos at are shot in high resolution to the max. I am talking even a 30 inch monitor would have a hard time showing them full screen. They come in different formats so people with 17" to 20" monitors will have an easy time viewing them. And if you want to zoom in… boy oh boy can you ever zoooom in!

Updates come every other day and at $19.95 this site is going to be a keeper. I am sure you will find plenty of barely legal models to enjoy and each model has many photo sets to explore her with.

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Crush Empire

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/17/07 - Write A Comment!

Barely Legal and Ebony

I am going to be honest with you. I don’t like black girls. Well… most of them anyway. I like Beyonce and I like Lisa Bonet but lets be honest about that too… They are not your typical black girls. They are light skinned and obviously come from mixed races.

Kiss Promise is black. She is the real deal. And… I think she is fucking hot! I asked around… I picked two of my friends and let them read that opening paragraph and I asked them about Kiss Promise and they both felt the same way I do. One of my friends was black and the other Mexican so I know I am not being weird here.

The photography on is just as hot as she is. I get sick and tired of bad lighting and jacked up colors. Look at a few web sites at random and you will see what I am talking about. They make the tour photos pretty but leave the photo sets looking like my kid shot them with a snap and shoot camera. Not here. This shit is art.

In addition to being hot, Kiss Promise is also barely legal. And unlike other barely legal teens out there she gets 100% naked! Now I like a good tease just as much as the next guy but other times I enjoy closing the deal more. Kiss is one of those times where more is more. updates on a weekly basis and she has a ton of content already archived from past updates. Kiss is the queen of blending the color lines!

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Kiss Promise

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/09/07 - Write A Comment!
The Girl Next Door

It isn’t too hard to see why Hometown Holly is one of my most requested models ever. She is hot, but not too hot. She is sexy, but naturally.. She doesn’t have to work for it. She is the kind of girl you could see sitting across the table from you. Laughing at your jokes and letting you do things like take naked pictures of her.

That is what makes her so fucking fun. She is hot enough to make your friends jealous and quirky enough that she thinks you are just dreamy. The two qualities every girl should have and this girl has got them both.

Holly isn’t big chested, but then she isn’t small either. Her tits are the perfect one-size-fits-all type. Holly has a shapely ass and great legs. Long, lean and they go on forever. I can only dream of what it must be like to give her an ass massage. To work my hands down those thighs of hers. So tender. is full of photos and videos of her in panties. God I love this girl in panties. That ass and her little shaved slit. Mind blowing to say the least. Holly updates her website weekly with her hot pics and videos.

If you are looking for something different, you just found it in Hometown Holly!

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Hometown Holly

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Andi on a bicycle.

Ohh my sweet Andi Pink… Let me count the ways that I love you!

Out of all of the girls on Rhino’s Girls, Andi gets the most comments. Usually they are about her cute shaved beaver. A close second is the comments on how undeniably hot she is. Her face, her smooth skin, her hot body… her open mouth pics… Man… could you imagine your cock in that cute little warm mouth of hers.

This particular gallery reminds me of someone in my past though and I thought I would share that will you. This girl lived a few doors down and she was the first girl I ever had sex with. She looked remarkably like Andi Pink. But, then again, don’t they all at that age?

Anyway, she was a frisky tease. She taught me to jack off when I went to bed so she would know I was thinking about her and what we were doing. On occasion she would do things like ride by with no panties on and lift her naked butt up so I could get a full view of her sugar and spice. Sometimes it worked like foreplay and we’d go off some where so we could fool around. Other times I’d go off by myself and dream of her smooth pussy on my cock.

One day she was riding her bike kind of funny. Like really rubbing on it. No one was around and she didn’t know I was watching so I hid and watched her. Eventually she stopped the bike but her hips didn’t stop at all. They got faster! She started sweating and moaning and almost fell over. She hed just masturbated her clit on her bicycle seat. I couldn’t believe it!

I went home and whacked off three times in a row.

Seeing Andi Pink riding her bike totally reminded me of that day. It was the first time I ever saw a girl masturbate infront of me. Pretty wild stuff.

I know you like Andi’s smooth pussy. You can see it in depth and more often with an Andi Pink password.

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Andi Pink

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