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Trista Stevens Pierced Clit

Girls come in all shapes and sizes. So do their genitalia. Take Trista Stevens for example. Her pierced clit is set higher on the pubic area than most other girls. Other girls might have a clit that starts where her clit piercing ends.

Trista’s clit placement can get her into all sorts of trouble. I had a girlfriend once with the same high placed clit. She didn’t enjoy fucking quite the same as other girls. She prefered to put my cock in her and then rub and grind trying to mash her clit on my pubic bone.

Like Trista she was one of those girls who can achive an orgasm by pushing on something but not necessarily needing to put that something between her legs. My exgirlfriend told me that while in class she could get away with masturbating much easier than the other girls.

She told me her favorite way to masturbate was to turn on the washer or dryer and then just lean up against it. While most girls would have to sit on it or get into some contorted position to achive an orgasm, she could just lean up against it. That made not getting caught masturbating much easier.

Trista Stevens is from British Columbia, Canada. The home of the World’s Best Pot. is one of the few solo model websites where you can see hardcore sex. Trista’s body is a tight package including her pert small tits.

Trista is a cock sucking teen. She gives live webcam shows of her masturbating and cock smoking some very lucky guys. Trista is also bisexual so if you like watching two girls go down on each other, you will love this site!

You can talk to Trista on her message board and read her sexy personal journal. In addition to her webcam shows, you get to see her friends shows too. Everything is uncensored including her wild cock smoking, facial videos and picture sets. There are two video and picture set updates per week.

Dreaming of a smoking hot brunette debutant you can never get tired of? Why just dream about it when Trista Stevens is right in front of you!

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Lovely Anne Teen Masturbating

Well, Anne isn’t exactly a small tits kind of teenager but she certainly is lovely when she masturbates!

There is nothing wrong with teen masturbation but for some reason moms always seem to want to catch you in the act so they can bust you and tell you how wrong it is. Even though mom did it when she was a girl. Dear ole’ hypocrytical Mom!

I like Lovely Anne’s big tits because they are natural. If I am going to sway away from small tits, they might as well be naturally big tits. Anne’s mellons also have some kickass tan lines. I wish more models kept their tan lines, they can be so alluring.

Lovely Anne has been online for almost two years now and during that time Anne’s face, body and tits have managed to look just as young as when she started. updates three times a week with new photos and videos of this naturally large breasted and quirky teenager.

Anne’s quirkiness is her most dominant and refreshing quality. I can never tire of seeing her blonde locks and blue-green eyes, cute button nose and youthful smile.

Even if you do need a break from Lovely Anne, you get access to four of her friends! But hurry, the offer won’t last for ever. So, lock in your ability to have plenty to look at!

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Jenny Reid Disco Dolly

I grew up a punk rocking surfer. A girl like Jenny Reid above would not have given me a boner infront of my friends. We used to call big hair latinas Disco Dollies.

Of course when I was alone at night, girls like Jenny would have given me a raging boner that I’d have to work out. Shit, I think that even if you were a white supremacist, you’d have to admit that you would rub one out over Jenny Reid. Perhaps even gay guys secretly rub one out over girls like this.

Sooo anyways… Yeah, Jenny has that big hair you would love to rub your cock off in, but she won’t let you near it. She will however let you near her budding breasts and hairless pussy. So I guess two out of three ain’t bad.

Did I say three? Oops, I meant four because Jenny Reid has one of the hottest asses you can find on a girl who weighs less than a hundred pounds while packing more juice than a lightning bolt. Honestly, I could never date this girl because I just don’t think I could keep up with her. But, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind having her around. updates three times a week with extreme high resolution photos and extra high-def videos. You had better hurry up, some insane dumb-fuck hit the five for one button, so you get access to four of Jenny’s friends!

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Sweet Leah Luv Fucked

I must be some kind of a perverted fuck of an asshole born to a whore in hells kitchen… Why? Because there is something deep inside of me that actually enjoys seeing some teenager with too much eye makeup on getting banged in every way imaginable.

When I feel the need to see this kind of abuse, I take myself over to Sweet Leah Luv is the perfect concoction of barely legal teenage slut content. Leah has braces, blonde hair and some of the smallest tits this side of the equater.

Lately she has been hitting both sides of the barely legal line. So even if you are tired of pseudo-bopping a teeny you can always imagine yourself six inches (or more) deep into the blonde babe that Leah has become.

Sweet Leah Luv is all things in one. She does both softcore and hardcore videos and photo sets. She fingers herself and plows herself with extremely large dildos and then vibrates her clit to pure orgasmic madness. But she isn’t just about doing things solo…

Leah also smokes a mean cock. Leah’s has this insane ability to make a POV headjob turn into mind blowing excitement! After she is done pseudo-sucking your cock to the point of gagging on it, you almost feel bad for her… I said almost.

This blonde cutie also enjoys lesbian games with her friends. She often updates with sets of her and one or two of her friends going down on each other. You could say she is almost as good with her tongue on a pussy as she is with her lips on your throbbing hard cock. I said almost!

If your interests include blonde teens with small tits then you and Sweet Leah Luv have a lot to work out.

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Natalie Sparks Desire

Let me start off this post by saying, I know a lot of Natalies and not one of them is ugly… go figure! Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

I am not sure where Natalie Sparks got her last name but I do know that it does spark my desire for her. Everything about this B-Cup brunette teen says, "Desire me, you fool!" And I happly oblidge.

At nineteen, Natalie is like a breath of fresh air. is all about making you feel welcomed and appreciated. Natalie regularly thanks her fans in her journal and in her forum. She is a real gem!

The weekly updates come in as 2 photosets, 2 videos and 2 webcam shows, plus she also includes bonus galleries, webcam archives and wallpapers. Obviously this is one teenager is who willing to please!

While the tour photos give you an idea of what to expect, they pail in comparison to the quality of photos in the members area. Imagine her hard iced up nipple sitting atop her pert tits taking up your entire screen. It is enough to make your mouth water!

At only 82 cents a day don’t you think you can sponsor a teenager while she explores her sexuality on screen for your enjoyement? I think you can!

Find More Natalie Sparks!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/22/06 - Write A Comment!
Karen Dreams

It is common for a man to develop an obsession over a females article of clothing. For some guys it is bras, for others panties and for some it might be a short skirt or pantyhose… or both!

How does an obsession become an obsession? Well, we might see a girl wearing the particular garment we are obsessing over. I can see how someone might obsess over Karen Dreams’ bra in the picture gallery above.

It is hard not to realize that all it would take is one twitch of either thumb and one of Karen’s heavenly boobs would be exposed.

When I was growing up I had an obession for womens bathing suits. To think, the only thing between seeing her pussy and not seeing it was a millimeter of fabric was just to much for me to handle.

I am sure you have an obsession about something a past girlfriend or childhood crush was wearing. Leave a comment and tell us what it was.

Speaking of Karen Dreams, she has been quite an obsession of mine for a long time. It is just shy of four years now. I got on the Internet back in 1996 and believe me, there weren’t any hot teens on the Internet back then. In fact, most of the porn was shitty 70’s porn… think ugly chicks and a forest of pussy hair.

Porn companies have cleaned up their act since then. Karen’s website,, was one of the first solo model teen sites on the web. Even in the beginning it was cutting edge. The graphics were slick and you could tell it’d be a winner. Currently her website regularly gets over 30,000 unique visitors a day. Not a month and not page views, we are talking about uniques visitors a day!

After four years of updates at three to five times a week which comprise of 107 videos, 359 picture sets, 128 bonus sets of her friends and 75 hours of recorded webcam sessions, this teen solo model has all of your obsessions covered!

Find More Karen Dreams!

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Sex on the Side Club

When I saw Daria’s pert tits I was dumbfounded. I literally sat here for about 10 seconds just studying her tits

Daria is not perfect. She has some flaws. I won’t point them out to you. Instead I will point out what she has going for her. I already mentioned her pert tits, so let’s move on to her tight, rock hard body and firm, yet thick, ass. Do you like those little blonde hairs and the way they contrast with her tan skin? I do! You can find more smoking hot babes like Daria at

This Sex on the Side Club is for people who want to have real sexual encounters. You need to click the 4 or 5 continue links to get past the annoying video chat ads, but once you do, it is all ripe and ready for the taking!

After you enter your email it is going to ask you if you want to join. You don’t need to join for money. You can go to your email and click the confirmation link and start scouting out the chicks before you actually pay to get access to the girls you will find. And you will find many ready and willing girls.

I went ahead and paid so I could find out what you get as a member. Lucky me… So I search out some profiles and happen on three girls I’d like to meat, if you catch my drift.

One glaring quality about Sex on the Side Club is that it is pretty amateur. But if you have been in the online dating scene you would know that is a good quality. It means that the chicks are real and not a bunch of fake profiles.

First I looked for escorts. On my first try I’d actually like to find a girl who can’t say no… lol.. I centered on a 19 year old babe who lives locally. I know I can score there so I move on to number two.

I am not an actor and I certainly don’t look like one, so I go for a woman with kids and married. I find a smoking hot MILF age 25 about 10 miles away and she takes a day to get back to me but says we can exchange hot emails and photos of our private parts but she isn’t sure about actually meeting people. Sounds great. Better to do this than play solitare when you are bored! Time for the last one…

She lives in the city next door, has kids but isn’t married. She takes only 2 hours to respond and basically says she likes nights out and if she likes the guy, she fucks em. Kids go with the grandparents and she doesn’t want a real relationship. Fucking sweet! Exactly what I wanted. 23 year old MILF!

While I am not Brad Pitt looking, I am younger than most of you so perhaps I got lucky in that regard. But, money talks and bullshit walks. If you want to bang a 19 year old, get on SexOnTheSideClub and look for profiles where she says she wants an older guy to treat her right (or wrong).

Out of 4 pages I found 2 profiles from college age girls looking for sugar daddy’s. Crazy girls! It is mind blowing how many girls there are in my area looking for sex. Fucking nuts!

If you are tired of being the one getting cheated on, pick up one of these cheating wives!

Find More Sex on the Side Club!

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Cynthia Sin Secretary

Behind every good man there is a good woman. Sure, OK, but behind every great boss is a smoking hot, totally fuckable secretary. And that is where Cynthia Sin comes in… or rather, where I cum into Cynthia Sin.

Yes Holloween is almost here so lets keep the girls dressed up in costumes that only a pervert could love. Sure, it’s a costume to us working stiffs, but fuck-an-aye… some guys actually get to come to work and have this bitch waiting for them. Lucky fuckers!

Cynthia has all of the qualities you would want in a fuckable secretary. She has big tits that fill up a bra and a shirt and still spill out all over the place. Pierced nipples, sexy slutty pierced nipples. The kind your wife won’t get and that is why they are perrrrrfect on your slutty secretary.

On Cynthia’s website, you will see her wearing different outfits each week. They are always slutty and the tops are always 2 sizes to small to hold her big tits. Plus her skirts are two inches too small to hide her shapely ass.

The photography is exceptional. You get to see every nook and cranny of her shaven pussy peeking out behind her lace panties. Yes, I enjoy that kind shit and I know you do too.

The videos are crystal clear and if you try watching the video on the tour, here is a tip, click the video, not the text and it will download. The speed is also great, I have Verizon FIOS and achive 400K per second. Plenty fast enough to stream large videos in Hi-Def.

If naughty, slutty girls are your thing, Cynthia Sin is your match!

Find More Cynthia Sin!

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Mariah Spice Big Tits Latina

Did you hear the news?

There is a new spice from Mexico that is supposed to make you feel 10 years younger and increase your stamina to that of a cheetah!

OK, so those projections are a bit lofty, but hey, so are her boobs!

Everyone say hello to Mariah Spice, the new latina sensation with natural D-Cup tits!

Mariah got into modeling when her best friend Bella Spice found out she had just turned 18… and therefor became barely legal! Sure she was nervous at first but after a few shoots Mariah became known as "The Natural," and not just because of her big tits. updates weekly with new videos and photos of this soon to be Latina Legend. Currently Mariah gets topless but you know how that goes… A little prodding from us members and the next thing you know, she is taking the plung. I think it’s funny how Internet models come out acting innocent but we all know they masturbate. You don’t take your clothes off publicly by being a prude!

Like the rest of the Spice Girls, Mariah Spice is shot in high definition with attention to detail. In a break from tradition, you get access to Bella Spice for free when you join Mariah Spice now! Get your credit cards out boys, tonight is going to get hot and spicey!

Find More Mariah Spice!

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Slippery Sara Bathtub Lesbians

Every good girl has a bad girl inside of her. It is pretty obvious that the redhead is a bad girl… Most redheads are! But I am sure the brunettes parents will vouch for her being a good girl; her teachers would vouch for her too.

But Slippery Sara has a way of making good girls want to be bad. To want to taste what it is like to do things; things that others think are taboo. Like take a bath with another girl. Like soap up her pink nipples and feel a hidden hornyness build up inside her until she cannot ignore it any more.

Even good girls share kisses… on the cheek. That is how she will make it all seem OK in her mind. But good girls don’t share tongue kisses. Lesbian tongue kisses. But, that’s OK too, Sara’s tongue on her clit is going to make everything better… or atleast feel like it is.

Sara is the 19 year old cutie with a B-cup from Like most bad girls she enjoys pretty much any movie with Johnny Depp in it. Sara is slipping into the idea of getting naked more and more with each shoot. She promises that all future shoots will contain topless nudity. I am sticking around waiting for her to slip up and share a pussy lip with the internet.

Find More Slippery Sara!

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With Holloween fast approaching us it is time to pay some homage to the little teen girl that goes by DevilGirl from DevilGirl will give you anything you desire. Well, so long as it can be performed over an internet connection anyway.

Webcams are the Internet version of the 976Porn line. It is funny to think that our kids will grow up never knowing what a 976 line is! All they will ever know is long distance sex on the internet. is my favorite place to go when I want to see a hot babe doing exactly like what I want her to do. It is like being the director on a porn set. You tell her what you want and she performs it on screen for you. Now that is what I call, good customer service!

Cams have come a long way since their introduction around the dot com bubble and subsequent burst. Back then there would be only ten to twenty girls on at a time. is not only a leader in webcam entertainment, they are also pioneers in developing the backend technology. Because of their forethough you now have access to hundreds of girls on at the same time.

Another big innovation in webcams is the introduction of niches. I guess you need niches to break down the hundreds of cams offered at any given moment into a menu you can choose your perfect girl (or guy) from.

Currently has Solo models ranging from teens to MILF to GILF. You can watch lesbians, male and female couples, threesomes and even transgendered models. There are interracial couples, BBW, hardcore fetish models and gay models too!

Becoming a member is FREE and painless. Just enter your email and pick a handle. You can chat with models that aren’t in private sessions for free. Things can get flirty so be prepared with plenty of lube on hand. Even better, you can enter a private one on one session, two on one, three on one, etc… Things tend to get pretty spicey!

So if you are tired of looking at a screen that won’t address you by your name (or handle), give a free try!

Find More [email protected]!

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Real8Teens Abby Small Tits
Who here doesn’t like being lied to? Well, I for one don’t like being lied to and it really ticks me off when sites pretend their girls are 18 or name themselves “teen” something when every girl on the website is obviously over 25 years old. is full of girls who really are 18 years old. Just one look at Abby above and you’d think she is the definition of barely legal! Small tits, a firm tight body and a youthful face. Anyone want to card this girl?

And Abby isn’t the only one! Click the Girls button on the site and check out the photo array of truely barely legal girls they have there. All shapes and sizes with every hair color God intended and then some he didn’t.

Ophelia with her small hard nipples set atop her small tits looks mighty tasty! But so does Nadia with her C-cups and her puffy nipples! Where does one start? I’ll tell you where, you start by getting yourself a pass and enjoying yourself!

Think about it for a second, if these girls are the definition of barely legal, then you are the definition of “The Man Who Deserves Them.” We are talking about a videos every week and two new photo sets, sometimes three!. More barely legal booty in one place then you could find at MySpace.

Click on through to Real 8 Teens and make sure to check out the updates button too. It’ll blow your freakin mind!

Find More Real8Teens!

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