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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/25/07 - Write A Comment!
Little Danni

I pay a lot of attention to blondes and brunettes and I often highlight some red headed solo models but today I will hit on a black haired beauty named Little Danni.

Everything about this teenager is little. From her little tits to her little ass. Just about the only things that don’t appear little are her long slender legs and her sexy long black hair.

Like most high schoolers without a chest Danni grew up shy and self conscious. But then the Internet blew up and suddenly it wasn’t just all about her home town anymore. She could find guys that find her appealing all over the world! And that is how was born.

Little Danni isn’t like a lot of the internet models out there. For starters she gets totally naked in her members area. Her first sets seem a little awkward but with all of the adoration she received from her loyal fans she quickly lost all of her inhibitions about being naked for us.

You could say that Danni is a show off now… but hey, who is complaning? If this little, hot 18 year old wants to show off then I say we let her do it! gives you a new picture set each week with an acompaning video to boot!

Not enough to wet your whistle? Then how about access to her friends too? That makes it 10 updates a week! That is Little Danni, Fun With Amber, Lana’s Fantasies, Debbi Teen and Busty Alli. All for one low price. You won’t find a better deal!

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Nubiles Gemini

You don’t see a set of tits like the ones Gemini from Nubiles is sporting above very often. Those knockers are 100% real and standing pretty tall and firm for some naturally big tits.

At twenty years old I think this girl has at least five more years of growth ahead of her. Plus if she ever decides to settle down with (one hell of a lucky fucking) dude and pops out a kid or two… OUCH! Those milk sacks are going to be ginormous!

Nubiles are the teen, babe and coed kings. At you get a smorgasboard of girls to choose from in every color of the rainbow and some in between. As the name suggests they got their start pushing nubile teens bordering on barely legal. But they have since branched out and I figured Gemini is a shining example of big tits and silver dollar nipples on a young frame.

Gemini gets fully nude and masturbates with her fingers and a few toys. You can get a good idea of what is in store for you from her free video samples.

With her 26 inch waist playing tricks on your eyes, her 36C tits look even bigger. Wouldn’t you would swear they look like a nice rack of D’s?

Between Gemini’s big tits and models like Belinda with small tits, I am sure you will find plenty at to think about. Nubiles features daily updates with three new girls added to the site every week! Videos are in full length and two minute clips in a variety of formats.

When you get your Nubiles password, prepare for sensory overload!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/18/07 - Write A Comment!
Elizabeth dormgirls

On your way back to your dorm room after a long night of studying you see a cute coed girl in a short little plaid skirt and tight top walking down the hall. She stops and asks you what you are doing up so late. When you tell her you were studying she asks you for some quick help with her Biology. Before you can say no she takes you by the hand and leads you into her dorm room.

The second the door is closed off comes the skirt and the top and you suddenly realize that this girl is fucking hot! She bends over and shows you that perfect, round, tight coed ass and says she needs you to check her out and see if she is okay. As you take a step forward she says she needs your cock inside her right now! You’re not even halfway across the room before your pants are around your ankles..

The girls at Dorm Angles are all hotties like Elizabeth that love to explore their wild side and show off their super tight bodies. These girls are only 18,19 or 20. They aren’t old enough to drink, but they are old enough to fuck.

If their parents knew what these horny little sluts wereup to they would cancel their tuition and bring them home.

With all exclusive content, Dorm Angles brings you the hottest coeds from around the country getting naked, getting wild with other girls and getting hardcore fucked!

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Kari Sweets

You are over at your buddies pad and his teenage sister is kicking it on her bed wearing a fishnet outfit complete with pink thong. Is it your fault you can’t take your eyes off of her? Hell no!

Lucky for you, she is so engrosed with her homework, she doesn’t even know you are there. Some sneaking down the hall to make sure your buddy is still watching TV and it is time to do some more gawking at his sister.

Your pulse pounds as your massage your manhood. What if she turns around or hears you? Then again…. would that be soooo bad?

Kari Sweets is the perfect girl for these fantasies and more. She can be anyone you want her to be. And she loves to wear panties and tight clothing for the camera.

Click a few pages into the tour at and you will get a good feel for what this website is all about. Mainly, a teen girl with rock hard legs and a firm and full ass. A girl with freckles, small tits and a youthful smile.

Kari is that schoolgirl you always wished you could talk to. The softball babe you wanted to see naked. The cheerleader who’s skirt you wanted to look up.

Now you can chat with Kari Sweets on her message board. She updates her website 2 times a week with photo sets and videos. Members also get chances to win Kari’s autographed clothes, posters, etc…

Are you man enough to be her biggest fan?

Find More Kari Sweets!

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No matter how hard I try to get away, Emily18 pulls me back in.

I have written quite a few posts about this barely legal teen. Emily has captured the heart of literally hundreds of thousands of men all over the world!

This little cutie is a timeless wonder. If it weren’t for her tatoos I would swear she was underage. But since she is over 18 we can consider ourselves blessed. Blessed with her unchanging beauty.

Emily 18 has everything a pervert like me would want. A cute little bum that is perfect for spanking. I can hear the crack sounds already. Then there is her small tits. Pert with puffy nipples waiting to be licked. Her body is practically asking to be shown the ways of sex.

Updates at are coming in at an average of one every two or three days. With two years and counting, that is a huge archive of barely legal content you can’t get anywhere else!

A good portion of Emily18’s shoots are done outdoors. Often at the lake so you get plenty of bikini shots. Emily also likes to wear both frilly panties and cotten print panties. Some times she wears a thong and other times she wears a full back. But, rest assured, she is always tasteful and beautiful no matter what she is wearing.

Grab a Fleshlight and give Emily 18 a try. Until you do, you will never know what you have been missing!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/03/07 - Write A Comment!
Bella Spice

She is a young latina and who happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.

Her name is Bella Spice and I swear her ass is one of the finest asses out there. Latina babes always have the sweetest asses and legs. Brown and round and hard like a rock with a little bit of jiggle.

Bella makes a great shorty. At 5’2" she fits the barely legal bill. Unlike most shorties, Bella has some big tits. Big, full latina tits with enough sag you can lift them up and suck on them when she is on top. Her tits are just squishy enough so that they smother you in lucious latina flesh.

You get three updates a week at Add that to the archived content she has already amassed and you have a jack-off dream come true!

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