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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/27/07 - Write A Comment!
” target=”_blank”>Sherri Angel

You like young“>young looking girls with “>small tits and fresh faces. You prefer “>skinny petite girls with lengthy legs and long thin arms. Ribs? The more, the merrier. She should be shy and she should be ready to be taught new and interesting things about herself.

To the rest of the world you are vile and disgusting. But you are not that way here.

Here you are taking care of yourself. You are using a safe outlet for your primal urges and no one can fault you for that. Certainly not “>Sherri Angel. No, she is a good little girl.

This “>barely legal brunette weighs in at only 84lbs (wet). Her hazel eyes have that pure untouched quality you have been yearning for. Curious and willing to take direction. The perfect girl of your dreams.

Sherri Angel has a cute little bum and loves to take baths for the camera. She is your own personal play toy and she really enjoys tempting and teasing you to the brink of ejaculation.

On she does what comes natural to all girls her age. She touches her little pussy and rubs her clit until she can’t take it anymore. At first it wasn’t about sex. She just knew it felt really, really good. Eventually guys like us would pervert that nakedness into a desire to watch us cum. To see how hard she can get us. To put us over the edge of control.

Members also get access to The perfect brunette to play the part of the big sister.

Find More Sherri Angel!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/23/07 - Write A Comment!
Hometown Holly

Yo, girls just wanna have fun!

And what better way than Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors to show a girl a really good time? Hometown Holly prefers the KandiScoops. That is where the entire thing is dipped in ball candies. She enjoys licking them off and who wouldn’t enjoy watching her do it?

Holly is one of those lucky girls where her beauty is a timeless one. She can throw on a Hello Kitty bra and panty set and put her hair in pigtails and you would never know she graduated high school a year ago. Shit, in some of her sets you might even wonder if she ever made it into high school.

The website has plenty of high quality video and thousands of photos of this spunky teenager. Holly is the definition of the girl nextdoor. 110lbs, 36-24-34 with a 36B bustline. And she is only 5’3″, which means she fits perfectly into your shirt pocket.

The initial month at Hometown Holly is $24.95 but drops to $19.95 for each additional month as a loyalty discount. Personally I like to move around but with that discount I might let it rebill once or twice.

She is fresh and her looks are invitingly cute. Holly is the any-mans wet dream teen!

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Cali Logan

I like girls with tits of all shapes and sizes but for some reason C’s on a 32 to 34 inch frame really turn me on. Cali Logan here has a set of 34C’s that you can really sink your teeth into.

Doing a Hooters photo spread was a great idea for Cali. I imagine that Cali would make an awesome Hooters waitress and I wouldn’t mind checking out her cute little ass in those orange shorts while pounding some wings and Hef.

At you get an inside look into this teenagers life. For those who like to get personal and upclose, she regularly answers members emails and chats in her forum.

As with most solo models you get sets with lots of frilly undergarments and bikinis. Cali’s big tits look awesome in lingerie, bikinis and especially, naked.

In addition to the weekly updates you also get complete uncensored access to

Get your Fleshlight and some lube, it is going to be a long weekend!

Find More Cali Logan!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/14/07 - Write A Comment!
Casey Parker

No, that stud is not me. If it were me, that blonde vixen sitting next to him would be thinking something more along the lines of, “Wow, this guy has a lot of hair growing out of his ears!

The blondes name is Casey Parker. I real California girl living on the coast and surfing when ever she can. Some where along the road of college study boredom Casey got this crazy idea to share her sexual exploits with the rest of us. Lucky us!

The free video from the index page is a pretty good measure of what you can expect from this spunky surfer girl. I don’t know what they are putting in the water in California, but I like what it does to the girls.

Casey does live video chats with the members and has a pretty nice collection of her past sexual encounters. The videos are downloable and crystal clear. The pics are even better with quality photography and lighting. is brought to your by the guys who made a huge success. If you don’t know who the Shane’s World people are then you are definately new to porn. There is a video out there in the viral networks where about 6 sorority sisters are having a lesbian slumber party. The main event is a 5 inch in diameter, 10 inch long dildo. One of them fucks the another with it and I swear it looks too painful and too explosively hot all at the same time!

Since Paris Hilton hasn’t done anymore hardcore, ditsy blonde porn lately, Casey Parker makes a great standin!

Find More Casey Parker!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/13/07 - Write A Comment!
Real8Teens Abby Barely Legal

Seeing Abby from above is like checking out Wiki for the term Barely Legal.

Abby is just one of the 20 barely legal girls at Real 8 Teens. Each week you get a video and two photo sets of these cute beauties. Abby is my personal fav but you have plenty to choose from. Blondes, redheads, brunettes… Small tits, big tits, palm of your hand tits. One thing is for sure no matter who you choose, she is 18 and barely legal!

Be sure to click the Girls button on the tour at and check out the barely legal profiles. After you got a girl in mind, click the Updates button and see what your have been missing!

So stop missing out and get your barely legal password today.

Find More Real8Teens!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/13/07 - Write A Comment!
Danya Licious Upskirt

Any thoughts on that pic? Ohh come on, I know you have a few…

Reminds me of lunch back in school. I used to get some of the sweetest teen upskirt shots from chicks who didn’t know any better than to sit right infront of a pervert like me.

Danya is all-American and perfectly chunky. Check out the 2nd to last pic in the gallery: Yup, Danya, I said you have got curves… Don’t go getting all butt-hurt about it, curves are hot when you have them in the proper proportions like you do. updates her site with 2 photo galleries and a video gallery each and every week. I love Danya because she isn’t affraid of her bisexual curiosity. She has shoots with the other girls included.

Danya is a little thick around the hips and you know what they say, “Big girls need love too!” I like them plus sized hips because they don’t mind bare-backing and you can nut in em and they don’t mind that either. I’d be more than honored if she was carrying my baby.

For those that care, Danya Licious is from Texas and is the oldest girl here at Virgins 19. She is 21. Perfect because we are gonna hit the bars if I ever see her at an adult webmaster convention!

Find More Danya Licious!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/09/07 - Write A Comment!
Lacey Pink Camel Toe

Do you like Camel Toes?

Of course you do and Lacey Pink is the girl who is handing them out on a weekly basis. You would swear this girl was born with panties in her pussy.

Perhaps that is one of the best qualities of this spunky redhead. She is ready to try anything once and if it feels good, two, three, four-hundred more times.

The photography is top-notch at and her videos are amazingly clear. I don’t know how this girl managed to slip under the radar for so long. Especially since her monthly price is only $9.95!

Fuck yeah, I said $9.95 a month. I am sure you are thinking it is a mistake or that the website is as limited as the access you will be receiving. You couldn’t be more wrong. You get full access and her website is the real deal. Over five hours of video and all of the pictures you could ever want.

The sets range in flavors. In some she is a cute nubile teen playing with her pussy for the first time and in others she is a teen vixen with a hardcore dildo fetish.

Like I said earlier, she is very into camel toes so if you have a thing for chicks in panties, you are in the right place. – Hardcore videos, upskirt and panty shots and the right price.

Find More Lacey Pink!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/06/07 - Write A Comment!

Do you like blonde nonnude models who decide to go all the way?

What if she enjoys licking her friends pussies just as much as she enjoys masturbating her own… on video? Would it make a difference if she updates three to four times a week?

Get your ass over to Cassie’s Teens and check out her hot review of!

Read the Review of Ann Angel!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/04/07 - Write A Comment!
Pussy Licking

Damn… Innocent teenage pussy licking. What a way to start out the weekend!

Those guys over at Doghouse Digital really know how to pick ’em don’t they? Take one part small tits and barely legal Annie Berry and then add a dash of even smaller tits Cherry Potter. Mix in the tub for thirty minutes and then lick clean or until orgasm… and then keep going for more!

Annie Berry and Cherry Potter are like a dream team for the guy that considers himself a REAL TEEN connoisseur. These two look young enough to be your nextdoor neighbors daughters.

Signing up to either site has its bonuses. They are both part of the BrainPass Network which means you get access to over 30 websites covers way too many niches to list here. It’d probably be best just to click and check it out for yourself.

Find More Annie Berry!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/01/07 - Write A Comment!
Danni Virgin

When it comes to redhead virgins, Danni Virgin is the only virgin you will ever need.

I have been a loyal fan of this blue-eyed girl since the beginning. Danni’s members area is like the Hotel California. Once you enter you will never leave.

The just released Danni Virgin videos are a big tease and an even bigger turn on. Everything is clear and the images are in high resolution. You get to count every itty-bitty freckle on this 18 year old girl. is the ultimate fantasy starting point for those who crave petite little ladies that love to smile and make you proud. I bet you have plenty of ideas racing through your head about what you would like to do to her.

Grab your membership and let this barely legal redhead flirt the cum out of you tonight!

Find More Danni Virgin!

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