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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/30/06 - Write A Comment!
Dawn Avril Fetish

For this update I went on a long, hard search. Very long and very hard. I was on a quest to find a girl who could fit into the fetish category without being a turned out cumslut from hell with as much appeal as a dead cow on the side of the road…

Surprisingly I found this girl on a ‘teen models’ site that seemed geared towards babes and bikinis. Her name is Dawn Avril and she kinda looks like another Avril who is famous for her musical talents.

When you click on her pic above and go to her gallery, you will see that one of the most appealing things about this girl is everything that is wrong with her. She also embodies that, “I know I’m beautiful and I hate it,” look. The anti, “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful,” ad. Her lip piercings are not destractive and her nipple piercings are extremely attractive. If you want to see anything else that may or may not be pierced you will need a membership.

Dawn’s beauty is undeniable and her website is much more energetic than I expected. Most ‘goth-mood’ websites have little to offer and the girl seems more interested in figuring out her party schedule for the weekend than she does in making money. updates a whopping five times a week with three sets of pictures and two sets of video. Dawn does custom photo shoots (that is custom as in you pick the clothes and the setting and she plays out your hottest fantasies!). She answers her email from her adoring fans regularly and even does webcam shows.

In the end, I was very happy with what my search turned up. This is a girl with a website that deserves lots of exposure. I only wish everyone else took their modeling career as serious as Dawn Avril does!

Click here for more of Dawn Avril


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Karen Palms Camel Toe

There is no better camel toe picture than a camel toe picture of a NATURAL camel toe!

Talk about making a guys manhood stand at attention! Sheesh!

This camel toe belongs to Karen Palms of Karen loves to dress up and looks great doing it.

Wow! Just look at that picture for a while. Ohh… note: when you click the above picture, the gallery behind has some dead thumb/links… I already emailed them about the problem and it might be fixed making this note a moot point.

Karen is a real hottie and the majority of her sets show off her assests nicely. Perfect tits, a cute face, full ass and a delicious clit. What more could you ask for? is 100% exclusive content shot just for your enjoyment. She updates her members area weekly with new pictures of her swollen nipples and new videos of her shaving that sexy pussy of hers. All of her content at is 100% downloadable so you can enjoy it offline too!

Click here for more of Karen Palms


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Cute Chloe Schoolgirl

When I look for a girl to post here I pass up on a lot of potential babes because of various reasons. Sometimes my search criteria will include a girl and some criteria is meant to exclude a girl.

First and foremost I want a girl that I can imagine myself with. Or to put it another way, I could imagine her being with me. does not accept Pamela Anderson types. I want fresh young girls who define the term, The Girl Nextdoor.

This lil’numbers name is Chloe and she can be found at Chloe is the GND and she is fresh faced. While she does have defined abs, her body isn’t barbie-fake. Her tits are real and more than a handful.

Cute Chloe loves to play dress up and I like to watch her do it. As you can see in this schoolgirl outfit, she makes a cock tingle. Chloe updates her website with twice a week with pictures and videos. She even takes suggestions (and now you know why I like her so damn much)!

This year Chloe added a forum for her fans (she needs members and posts, help her out!). Coming soon, she will have a store where you can buy Chloe’s worn clothing, DVDs and picture CDs so that you can enjoy from the privacy of a company paid hotel room in bum-fucked Egypt! (Shhh – What happens in bum-fucked Egypt, stays in bum-fucked Egypt)

Click here for more of Cute Chloe


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Tawnee Stone White Panties Upskirt

For those of you who are new to the internet I have two announcements.

1) Welcome to the internet! Glad you could join us!
2) This is Tawnee Stone from

I think the second announcement is the most important announcement by far.

So who is Tawnee Stone? Well, she was the first solo-model teen site I ever joined. This was back in 2001 when the web was a bit bland. Tawnee sure did help brighten it up. Tawnee is the most searched for internet model on the net. Miss Stone originally was a cheerleader regular on before the head master decided she could change the web forever.

If you have a thing for softcore, teasing, panties, lesbian kissing, lotion rubdowns or anything in between, then is going to give you a lot to fantasize about.

Having been on the net for over 4 years, Tawnee has amassed a collection of photos and videos that cannot be beat! To make your dick tingle even more, they will give you access to 10 other sites in the network for only $10 more! Check out this smoking hot deal at Tawnee Stone’s join page!

Click here for more of Tawnee Stone

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Jerk That Cock Missy

My first sexual encounter was with a neighbor’s cousin. The pic above of Missy from reminded me so much of it, I decided to include it here in my blog.

If you haven’t figured it out yet. I kinda have a thing for chicks in panties. I think it sprang out of that first encounter. Michelle (name changed to protect her) was siting indian style infront of me jerking me off because she wanted to see my cum. Missy here is pretty darn close only with bigger tits.

Missy Jerk That Cock!

Just like Missy, Michelle got tired after a while of giving me a handjob and had to lay down. She bent over a bit to try and catch my cum in her mouth but it was too late. I got it all over her cheeks and chin. Which is probably why I enjoy facialing girls so much.

For just $4.99 you get trial access and can check out all 54 websites in the network these Jerk That Cock people run. This is definately one of those win-win porn deals! Each site has both exlusive and licensed content with downloadable full length videos! Every niche is covered so there is no excuse! Join right now!

Click here for more of Jerk That Cock

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/30/06 - Write A Comment!
Milton Twins Sarah

OK, Hotshot, pop question:

Q: What is hotter than dating a blonde girl who likes to make out with her girlfriends?

A: Dating twin blonde girls who like to share their girlfriends!

Join me in welcoming the Milton Twins, Marissa and Melissa from These two teens are like straight out of a fairy tale.

The Milton Twins website is generating a lot of buzz. Is this legal? Is it real? Are they twins?

Who gives a fuck? Not me, that is for sure.

At you can catch Marissa and Melissa in high quality photos and videos. The videos are DVD quality in WMV and MPEG formats at 556K and 996K. The photos are 960×1260. They will fill your screen!

The girls regularly bring back their girlfriends so you can enjoy their romping action over and over again. They also have a live webcam every week!

The MiltonTwins are every mans fantasy come true! (and a few women)

Click on the pic above and watch how they pay special attention to their Milton Twins friend Sarah!

Click here for more of Milton Twins

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Emily 18 Sucking

I would like to tell you that finding a category for Emily 18 was a difficult job but I think we can all agree she is the definition of Barely Legal. You definately have to go to and check her out.

As far as I can tell Emily is from Israel. Now I know why George Bush wants to increase Israel’s defense stipend from the United States. To protect Emily 18!

Since congress can’t get its head out of its ass, I think we should all buy a membership to just so she has plenty of money to catch a flight should the need ever arise.

I checked out her site last year and couldn’t find any nudity. This year Emily can’t seem to keep her top on. Probably her boobs growing on her and all that jazz.

Emily is the panty mans plan for the first quarter in 2006. She updates 2 times a week with new pics and videos. Emily’s tour will have your cock exploding, so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Click here for more of Emily 18

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/27/06 - Write A Comment!
Kari Sweets Blue Bikini

Well, I got so worked up on the coming out of the pool wer fantasy from the Gia of Pacinos World post that I decided to find someone for you to think about too.

Meet Kari Sweets of All I can say is hubba hubba hubba… But that would be to small of a post.

Kari has one of the finest asses of any solo girl model site out there. Matching her tan up with this bathing suit is a stroke of genius on the photographers part. A stroke of luck for us – and luck ain’t all you’ll be stroking I imagine.

Check out her freckles when you click Kari’s pic above and see the whole gallery. Damn skippy I had a hard fucking time figuring out what category to file Kari Sweets under. Barely Legal? Small Boobs? Do I need to create a Girl Nextdoor? Bikini? Take your pic because she is all and more!

I finally decided on NonNude since her site contains no nudity. If you are looking for a teasing solo model site to whack off to, is definately going to fit the bill!

Click here for more of Kari Sweets


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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/27/06 - Write A Comment!
Gia Smoking Hot Latina Teen in Pink Panties

Some times I get it right… Other times I get it so fucking right it is insane!

This time I think I got both… Huh? Me neither…

But this is Gia from Pacinos World and I think we can both agree she is so hot our moms slapped us on the back of the hand and so NO, YOU’LL GET BURNED!

Well, mom, no I won’t because the happy people (I figure if you get to take pictures of Gia you must be happy, or have a happy boner) said I can look at Gia all I want too! So there!

Actually mom is right, because I can’t touch… …Gia

Gia has to be one of the most girl nextdoor type latina models I have ever seen. Fortunately for her, she isn’t my neighbor. Fortunately for me, I have an active imagination. Right now she is getting out of the pool and blowing me kisses (she doesn’t realize her top fell off). Hmm? Ohh…

The happy people over at add new girls like Gia monthly and update the sets three, count them, one, two, three, times a week. They have both topless and nude girls to choose from.

I like that because sometimes my imagination wants them to toy with me.

Click here for more of Pacinos World

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/26/06 - Write A Comment!
HomeTown Holly Panties Outside

If your dick isn’t pretending to be the Empire State Building at this very moment, you must be gay. This here is an exposé… My first.

I am talking to a buddy of mine named Gunner and he is bouncing all over the couches telling me I am not going to believe this. I ask, “Did Tom and that Katie Holmes chick lose their baby?” And he is like, “NO! What gave you that idea?” And I am like, “Ohh, the couch bouncing thing. I thought it was a hint – a Tom Cruise impression.”

As it turns out, I am shitty at charades if you didn’t already know and Tom and Katie still have a bun in the oven. No exposé there.

No this is about Hometown Holly. The girl above that gave you the woody that I just turned soft with all of this talk about Tom Cruise. No, she isn’t having Tom Cruise’s baby. She is going to be in Stuff Magazine!

BTW, if you don’t already know about Stuff Magazine you are a fool. But you don’t need to be a fool any longer. Go to the local news stand and get a copy.

So be the first to join Hometown Holly at! This way when your friends say, wow, she is fucking hawt-ahhhwww… You can say you fucked her (figuratively speaking of course). Or you can just be witty and say, “Been there, done that…” or even, “I already Stuffed her…”

No matter what your motives are, just get into and start expressing them immediately. OK, I am done. You can have your hardon back…

And click here => Katie Holmes – To see Katie naked! Nice tits! I have to say, I had no idea her naked tits were that full! Amazing!

Click here for more of Hometown Holly

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/25/06 - Write A Comment!

Ain’t she just one hell of a fucking brick house?

She goes by Niki73 and you can catch her at Don’t know what it is? Well, retard, Amateur Match is an adult dating site. I can’t guarantee that you will get laid but I can say that it is highly likely.

Niki was born in 1973, hence the 73 in her name. For those who failed math, she is 32 and is looking for a man to caress those insane tits of hers.

Right, I know, she probably isn’t looking for you. Why did you have to point that out? Do you enjoy beating yourself up? There are hundreds of thousands of girls at Amateur Match who are interested in adult dating and I think you just might be able to fuck 10 of them if you get up off your ass and join, FOR FREE!

But I am affraid of women… No problemo douche-bag! These chicks want to cyber date too! But I am ugly.. No shit, Sherlock… Erotic Email, Cyber Sex, Erotic Photo Exchange (show her your Willy!), Descreet Relationship (what over your shoulder), Casual Sex (Boing!), Group Sex (why not fuck 2 bitches?), Bondage, Spanking, Kinky Shit, Voyuerism, Sadism, Masochism or what ever floats your boat!

It is free and your old lady doesn’t need to know… Just like she doesn’t know you bought that membership to Danni Virgin and then cancelled it after you downloaded the entire website. Asshole!

Click here for more of Amateur Match!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/23/06 - Write A Comment!
Planet Katie Panties

I am going to take you back to your teenage-hood. You are in math class and Nicole (that so fucking hot blonde chick who pays you no attention what so ever) has accidentally flashed you her panty covered crotch. Hot damn! Instant chubby…

Unfortunately you just got called up to work out a math problem on the board and walking to the front of the class with a pup tent leading your way is the last thing you need!

Fortunately I have a solution for you. You are older now and you can view Katie’s panty covered crotch at in the privacy of your own home. Just mentally overlay Nicole’s face on Katie’s body and you are good to go!

I ain’t done yet and this shit only gets better! Planet Katie features two photo set updates a week and one video update on Fridays. Add in her archive updates and the live webcam show at 9PM CST where you can chat and interact with Katie and you have some real jackoff material. She even posts her daily journal with audio commentary!

Click here for more of Planet Katie

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Planet Brooke Big Tits Teen

If you are like me then you love your job. You also like to surf porn on the weekend. It is obvious why I love my job and unless you post a comment we will probably never know why you like your job, but there is something I know we both like and that is Brooke from

I put this under Big Tits Teen even though she isn’t exactly a double-Dcup girl. Brooke’s body is so killer and tight that it makes her soft, perky, thick boobs look even better!

After I joined her site it became obvious that Brooke would make one hell of a Victoria’s Secrets model. She looks tasty in all colors and styles of lingerie.

So, why did I mention that I prefer to surf porn on the weekends? Planet Brooke updates 2 photo sets, 1 video and 1 archived set throughout the week. This means my porn is waiting for me on Friday night. I even get to chat live with her and interact during the Tuesday night live webcam show at 7PM CST. If you are really nice she will even give you her AIM screen name so you can chat with Brooke OFF of the website!

Now get your credit card out and put your dick in your free hand, you have a lot of catching up with Brooke to do!

Click here for more of Planet Brooke

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Planet Reanna Bathtub

So, young blonde hotties isn’t your thang… No problemo, Senior!

Take a good look at Reanna taking a bath from and I am sure you will agree that she is something to behold. Reanna is a little more edgy than most solo model girls with her piercings and her raven hair (which Reanna changes the color of to match the seasons). offers up a demanding schedule. There are two Hi-Res photo updates each and every week in addition to a video update on Fridays and an archives update on Saturdays. (Well, now you know what you will be doing this weekend!)

If static content (pics and videos) doesn’t make your mouth water then you will also enjoy the fact that each Thursday is webcam show day. Reanna goes live at 8PM CST. What better way to interact with your teen idol than to chat with her live?

Perhaps one of Reanna’s best talents is her ability to pout her lips and look so damn good in panties and bikini bottoms. This girl is a panty aficionados dream come true! All said, I truely believe you will enjoy your stay at Planet Reanna.

Click here for more of Planet Reanna

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Sweet Lea Luv Strawberry

So you wanna talk about young blonde hotties?

Check out Sweet Leah Luv from! Her facial videos are unbelievable. She takes the cum and eats it too.

When it comes to small tits teens I don’t think they can get any cuter than Sweet Leah Luv. Leah is the princess of the “Come Fuck Me Boys,” look. Members get to talk personally with Leah Luv through email and she regulary posts to her diary about her life. even has a store where you can purchase Leah’s panties, videos and other naughty things. If you enjoy solo model sites where the girls are interactive with their fans and offer lots of extras to them, then is the right place for you!

Click here for more of Sweet Lea Luv


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