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A girl has to be pretty fucking hot to get me to jackoff without her taking a single stitch of clothing off. Natasha Belle is that hot. Not that she doesn’t take her clothing off for her members. I am just saying this girl is flawless!

From her perky small tits to her cute button nose Natasha Belle has a way of making my balls tingle. Sometimes I am into booty and I like Emily 18 for those times. But other times I want a firm ass. A volleyball players ass. Natasha has one of those asses!


I was pretty lucky growing up in that I knew a girl like Natasha Belle. She taught me the art of the tease. Strange because in reality you come away from her thinking, damn, what a slut! But she never takes her clothes off!

This girl I knew used to like watching me jackoff while she showed me progressively more and more of herself. First it was her ass in her short-shorts, then it was her handbra small tits, then her camel toe panties. You get the idea.

It took weeks before I finally got to see her pussy and the entire time she got to watch me jackoff and shoot my cum all over the place. Slut!

If you like the tease and you like flawless girls now and then, get yourself a membership to Natasha Belle. You won’t be sorry. I assure you!

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"Hey, mister. Can you spare a money shot to my small tits?"

OK, so no girls call out to guys on the street asking to get plastered with cum. Let a fella dream will ya?

This small tits teen is named Francesca and she is posing for the site X-Art. They find petite girls in a A-cup range and put just enough oil on them to make you want to do the horizontal bop. ASAP!

I can’t say all of the girls have little boobies that can barely fill a training bra, but hey, since when is variety a bad thing? What I can tell you is that each and every one of the girls at X-Art is plenty fuckable and more than worthy of a money shot from you!

It is time to load up that gun of yours and take your best shot!

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During my numerous years of being a pervert I have learned a few things. One thing I have learned that stands out above all others is to do things slowly. It is best to be patient!

Girls want to be naughty. I mean really super naughty. At some point while their clitoris was still in dormancy they found their mommies sexy lingerie she saved from her wedding night. After puberty girls usually want to take the dress-up game to a whole new level on account of this discovery. That is when parents really should start worrying!

While I was in school I used to hang out with a particularly good looking group of girls. We are talking way out of my league! But I had some tricks up my sleeve. One of them was patience and a seemingly nonchalant feeling towards sexuality.

One day while we were all laying out I offered to be the lotion boy. Since I never got fresh with any of the girls they were more than happy to allow me to work my hands over just about ever square inch of their teenage bodies!

Little did they know my mind was secretly video taping every microsecond of the entire day for future playback at a later time.

An entire summer of rubbing lotion into each girl led to some pretty intimate conversations about bikini waxing, landing strips and lack thereof. After many weeks the girls really let their guard down.

Once I was sure I had penetrated their defenses and was safely behind enemy lines it was time to strike. My first volley was to bring up tan lines. Things went innocently enough. The girls let me untie their bathing suit tops and get rid of the pesky tan lines the drawstrings usually leave behind.

Next, I worked on the idea of wearing Band-Aids to cover their nipples. This allowed them to look more sophisticated and older. Like a true lady. or so I told them. They bought it hook, line and sinker!


Soon I was staring at some very tan titties and I got to rub lotion into those perky small tits!

It was time to step my game up a little more and I suggested allowing me to untie their bikini bottoms in order to hide the draw strings there too. Eventually they even let me roll the hem in, first on the top, then on the sides. The girls started shaving their pubes down to landing strips in order to hide them.


Over time I had obtained the girl’s complete trust. They didn’t suspect a thing and it was time to get even bolder.

I suggested to the girls that they could roll their bottoms down for a period of time and get rid of the tan lines on their young booties altogether. The fabric would still cover their crotch so nobody could see anything.

It worked!

Now I was rubbing suntan lotion into all three of their fabulously young booties!

One girl in particular seemed to be getting excited at the idea of me being able to see so much of her. She would pull her bikini bottoms all the way down to her knees giving me a great view of her pussy cleft. She had a tiny little clit and almost no inner lips. I could see her moist juices between her cleft and her bikini bottoms usually had some juice on them too!

She was the first to suggest that I should also be getting rid of my tan lines. The other girls jumped on the idea too so I started pulling them down as well. I would often breath deep and pretend to fall asleep. The girls would then pop up a bit checking out my butt. Especially the horny little redhead!

This kinky little ginger also suggested that we should do the same maneuver, only this time facing up. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that one since I wasn’t sure what they’d think of my hard penis. One, would it be as big as others they had seen? Two, would it gross them out? After all, I was supposed to be being nonchalant!

The ginger went first and then the chunkier one. They both closed their eyes and took in a deep breath before pulled down their bathing suits as if they were about to jump out of an airplane or something. The ginger had a landing strip cut about a half in short and the chunky one was shaved completely bare!

"I need lotion!" The ginger piped out with a voice as high as a piccolo.

"I do too!" Followed the chunky one.

I knelt down between them both and squirted lotion on the gingers tuft of hair. She flinched as though it was ice water, but then relaxed again as my hand spread the warm lotion all over the pubic mound. Once I got to her pussy I wasn’t sure what to do. After all, who wants a tanned pussy?

"Do my lips too." Ginger commanded.

I guess that settled that question. I spread two fingers open and worked some lotion into either side of her pussy cleft.

Next I looked at the chunky girl and she was still laying there with her eyes clamped shut like she didn’t want to open them and wake up from her dream. I looked at the hot blonde and she smiled at me and then looked down at my now hard cock.

"Go ahead. You know you want to do hers too!" The blonde one quipped at me.

I squirted some lotion onto her pussy mound and most of it accidentally went down her pussy cleft. Instinctively I put my finger down their to damn it up before it made it’s way to her asshole and instead of doing so my finger sunk between her lips!

Before I knew it my finger was two knuckles inside this girls vagina. I quickly pulled it back out and apologized, trying to let her know I didn’t mean to break our trust. She told me it was OK and that it felt good!

Now one half of me was yearning to put my finger back inside her and the other was telling me that I’d come so far, and that I shouldn’t blow it now!

I listened to the Angel on my shoulder for this one. If you could call him that. Instead of jackhammering her tight teen snatch like I wanted to I slowly rubbed lotions into her pubic mound and her labia.

Once I was done with the chunky girl I looked at the blonde again. She just sat there looking at me too. I motioned as if to ask if she was ready for hers and she pointed at my rock hard cock.

"You first!" She commanded.

I hesitantly began to untie my bathing suit and pull it down when she told me to lie down next to the ginger. Both the chunky girl and the ginger popped their eyes open to watch the show. Now I was a bit embarrassed. I had never undressed for a girl before, much less three of them, since my mom gave me bath’s when I was five or six years old.

As I lay back on my towel all of the girls crowded up to watch me pull my shorts down. I slowly pulled them down in a way that pushed my hard cock down with them. I could see the anticipation of seeing my dick building on their faces.

By the time I got far enough down with my shorts for my cock to spring out the tension placed on my cock from angling it downwards literally made my cock spring out of my shorts!

The sudden unveiling of my hardened member made the girls yelp in unison. The ginger brought her hands up underneath her chin like she just received a car for her 16th birthday. The chunky girl let out a, "hah," sound and smiled. And finally, the blonde just smiled a smile that let me know my cock was to her liking.

"Who wants to put lotion on me?" I asked holding the bottle of suntan lotion up towards the girls.

"I do!" Both the ginger and the chunky girl exclaimed.

The girls got on their knees on either side of me reaching for the bottle. I handed it to the blonde and she reached forward squirting the warm oil all over my cock and balls completely missing my tummy and legs.

"Rub that in." The blonde commanded her compatriots.

The ginger grabbed the shaft of my cock and started jerking it up and down while the chunky girl started rubbing the oil into my ball sack. I looked down at the ginger’s pussy and she spread her legs open a bit as if she was inviting me to play with her genitals too. This also elicited a widening of the gap between the chunky girls legs so that I could play with her too.

I reached up on both sides of me and started rubbing each girls pussy in a round about way before finally settling on each of their clits. The chunky girl used her other hand to alternate between cupping  the head of my cock with her palm and strumming the eye hole with her fingers.

It didn’t take long before my cock was ready to blow and I looked over at the blonde to see what she thought of all of this. She had her hand inside her bikini bottoms fingering her clit feverishly. Damn! If only she would take those things off!

My cock tensed up as it does before I shoot my load and both of the girls handling it could tell something major was about to happen. Suddenly my cum was exploding through the chunky girls fingers as the ginger kneaded every last drop from my shaft.

Once I was done making a mess the chunky one put a finger in a small pool of my cum and brought it to her lips for a taste. Damn that girl was kinky! The ginger was next and she also seemed to enjoy the taste of my jizz. We all looked at the blonde girl and she didn’t seem to want any.

Blondie was done fingering herself by then, now that I wasn’t garnering all of the attention anymore. She instructed the other two girls to wipe up the remaining sperm and to not let any of it touch their pussies or they could get pregnant. Like government employees working with plutonium they did as they were instructed.

I figured that was that and we’d start getting dressed, but the ginger asked me what happened to my cock. It was shrinking and was barely half-mast by then. I told her it was normal for it to rest a bit after cumming and that it would get bigger again if she played with it. I didn’t have to tell her twice!

After only two or three strokes my cock was as hard as a rock again. This time the ginger bent down and gave it a lick. Before I knew it she was bobbing on my knob!

Blonde pushed chunky back onto her towel and started playing with her pussy while she sucked on chunky’s nipples. That kind of blew me away. Ginger could feel my cock getting very stiff at the site of her two friends lezzing-out.

As if she was jealous the ginger knelt over me and straddled my head with her thighs. I couldn’t see anything except for her tight little beaver above me. Just then she lowered it onto my face and I started eating her out while she blew my cock. At first I had a hard time discerning her love juice from the taste of suntan lotion, but over time the continuous flow of her pussy oil overtook the suntan oil. I grabbed her by her hips and pushed her tender pussy hard onto my mouth!


Just like that I had seen and felt up three girls boobies. Seen two girls pussies. Finger banged a redhead and a chubby. Sixty-nined with a girl. And watched two girls lezzing-out on each other!

I hoped that summer would never end!

Unfortunately. It was the last weekend of summer and, as though in a movie, we all went our separate ways as our classes changed, one of us moved away and the blonde went full dyke!

Luckily for me I have a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. It allows you to access over 30 solo models sites like Cute Tabby above. Most of the girls are petite like Lil Kelly and Little Lupe. Others have a little bit of chunk on them. No matter what your memories and fantasies are like there is a girl or two, or three or twelve(!), just waiting to make them come true!

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If you have a hankering for watching super skinny girls with small tits getting sexed then I have the site for you to do it at! The site goes by the strange name Skinny Super Girl. Yeah, I know. Maybe SuperSkinnyGirl was already taken?

Anyway. The girls at are all pretty much petite when it comes to their figures and they all are fun to watch when they masturbate, get poked and prodded, or fuck in some pretty steamy teen sex videos!

This video is of Gloria, but you will also like other petite girls like Natasha Shy and Sasha Blonde. There are 100’s of girls and the site has multiple daily updates. Videos are in HD and you can really zoom this shit up without getting all blear-eyed!

The Skinny Super Girl videos feature a lot of sub-niches like feet, panties, clingy panties, super-clingy, super-camel-toe panties, lesbians, guys/girls, masturbation, bath faucet masturbation, household objects masturbation and much more!

You can also chat the many of the models live and completely free of charge!

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I don’t write much about girls with big tits. It isn’t that I am a tiny tits only kind of guy, I just prefer youthful boobies and girls with small tits tend to have them more often.

Busty Alli is one of the few big tits solo models with young looking big tits. Her boobies are springy and large enough to smother you with. She has the kind you like having dangled in front of you while she rides your cock!

Along with a sweet set of tits Busty Alli sports an awesome camel toe. Yes, a camel toe can leave you in a state of awe. It was only a short decade ago that camel toe was considered gross. Now it is the norm. I love evolution!

Speaking of evolution. I also love the evolving Internet and it’s pricing models. Now you can get Busty Alli and all of her friends like Kimmy Teen, Little Danni, Debbie Teen and more!

Check out this busty girl next door and enjoy hitting up her friends as well!

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I remember when my girlfriend used to give me this look. Even back then she was self conscious. Not that she needed to be. Sure, she had a bit of a bubble butt, but then she also had tight skin so it looked good on her. These days she is even more self conscious so she hasn’t posed for me in years!


These days my GF knows she has lost that spark. Other guys say I am lucky because she doesn’t mind me looking at girls with perky small tits like Emily 18. To be brutally honest, I’d much rather be looking at my GF, but you just never know where life is going to eventually take you and I sure am glad I get my consolation prize!

Emily 18 has been giving guys hardons for years. She got her start when a girl she knew saw her and suggested she become a model. Over time Emily wanted more and more money (you know how girls are!) so she opened up a solo site where she could grow a fan club.

That fan club is now over 10,000 members strong! No wonder really, I mean, just look at her! She is darling!


Plus, Emily18 has that teenage bubble butt your old lady used to have! Shapely and round with nary a dimple in site!

Back when Emily first started she looked super young. There were all kinds of investigations by various government agencies because every-body thought Emily was jailbait. As it turns out she was barely legal and totally hawt!

These days features her completely nude. Emily didn’t used to take her panties off before, but now she does! I still love her old sets in her print panties and bras. The members area is filled with them. Her newer stuff is pretty darn sweet too on account of her showing her perdy-lil vag!

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College is an awesome place. It puts small tits girls back into their place again. They leave high school as seniors thinking they are all high and mighty, but once they get to freshman orientation they are right back where they started four years ago. Ready and willing to make a good impression!

It really doesn’t matter how much confidence a girl graduates high school with, once she is in college she is naive and self conscious again! Hot little teens with small tits like the one above and again ready to suck your cock just so you and your frat brothers will like them. and give them beer.

If you don’t have the time or the money to go back to college I have news for you. You can relive those good times at! They do all of the hustling for you so you can save mad cash and tons of time!

The Porn Pros have been making porn for years and now they are seriously stepping up their game. Their sites include such gems as 40oz Bounce and Deep Throat Love. A good and kinky one you might like is called Jurassic Cock. Old men fucking young teens!

Find more 18 years old hotties all in one place with a Porn Pros network pass. You might want to put a rush on it. These little ladies aren’t going to stay 18 years old forever!

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TubeCamGirl - Free Tube Webcam Girls Live

Now here is something you don’t see every day. A truly free web cam site! I stumbled on this gem while searching the net for female masturbation videos and I am impressed!

OK. I am not impressed by the general layout of the site. It sucks ass! But where else can you go and watch a girl masturbate to orgasm without ever having to pay a single red penny? On top of that, with a free account you can actually chat with her while she is rubbing her snatch!

Most sites have girls wearing panties or bikini bottoms, and in order to see them naked you gotta pay. Sometimes even those sites have completely naked girls, but you definitely have to pay to see them masturbate, shove things in their vagina, finger their butthole, etc. Not here!

It is a completely free web cam site!

I am not sure how these people pay their hosting bill or how the girls make money. or how much money they make. You can tip the girls and some guys do. Which is awesome because then she invites a friend over and they have sex on cam and you don’t have to pay shit! LOL!

Check out Tube Cam Girl!

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With deep brown eyes Emery would be just another teen girl with small tits. Kinda cute, but not super cute by any means. Luckily she was born with pale blue eyes and they give her that exotic look blue eyed wolves have. You want to tame her!

Sweet Apples is great at finding the girl next door with some kind of exotic quality that puts them over the top. They have been open for years and the girls are all over the board when it comes to categories like hair color, eye color and body type.

My personal favorites are the ones with small tits, but they do have some with big tits and petite figures and big boobs with a chunky butt!


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Just like when you were in high school Alyssa Doll is filling that girl next door niche. She is super cute, but I wouldn’t say she is super hawt. There is something about her you just can’t quite put your finger on that makes her that somebody special you will defend to your friends and treat like she is a perfect 10!

One of the things I absolutely love about this girl in her open mouth look. How does she do that? If you or I got caught with our mouth open like that we’d look like retarded fools. Instead, Alyssa Doll can add that to her repertoire of why we think she is a cutie!

Alyssa has perky small tits and a fine little booty. She often dresses up in stuff like Superman Underoos. I wonder if she steals them from her little brother or what?

If you are looking for someone spunky and outside the box Alyssa Doll more than fits the bill!

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When it comes to small tits blonde hotties I really enjoy Rachel Sexton. I used to have a lot of fun with a girl next door that looked a lot like Rachel and going to her site always helps to bring the good memories back!

What is it about panty stuffing that is so fucking erotic? A girl can use her hairbrush, toothbrush, lighter, Magic Marker, but for some reason her panties are like a double down in Blackjack!

panty stuffingrubbing_clit

In this ZIP set Rachel Sexton gets her pussy super wet with some baby oil and then stuffs a few different pairs of her panties into her pussy. Each pair is slowly pulled back out before another is inserted.

My friend from down the street did this for me once. Then she forced me to put them into my mouth. LOL at the force part. She thought she was forcing. In truth I was more than honored to do it!

Get all of the pics and videos of Rachel Sexton, and watch her steamy cam shows. You can direct your own video by having Rachel do whatever you want on her cam!

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