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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/25/07 - Write A Comment!
Kaley Kennedy

I don’t know who is in charge of coming up with stripper names but, Kaley? Is that shit for real?

Despite having a first name only white trash living in the high-desert can pronounce correctly, Kaley Kennedy is one hot babe. Her ass and legs are a bit thick without dimples. And despite having thick thighs, her legs are long… Perfect for wrapping around your hips when you are fucking her silly.

Take a gander at the gallery and watch two hot teen girls kissing. Topless and in g-string panties no less. That shit plays out like a natural form of Viagra if you ask me! updates two to three times a week with both videos and photo sets. Kaley gets 100% naked and shows off one hell of a shaved beaver. She loves to masturbate and has recently taken a bi-sexual attitude.

At 24.95 Kaley Kennedy’s web site is a good deal. With 42 videos available to download and over 98 galleries to gawk at you will have a lot to do for the next 30 days… So stop reading my blog and start downloading her videos!

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Kat Young

Ohh the joys of being a young girl in this day and age. Freedom to do anything you want without being targeted. Perhaps one of the best freedoms girls have now is that they can have sex and everyone thinks it is like… way cool!

I remember growing up, back in school we had two girls that liked to fool around. Sadly they had to hide it (as best they could, after all, we found out about it). Once word spread no other girls would hang out with them out of fear of being labeled a lesbian.

A girl I dated at the time was bisexual (not openly) and she wouldn’t even hang out with them. How is that for hypocracy?

And so here we are 15 years later with parties springing up where chicks kissing is the norm. If two chicks don’t kiss then they are the outcasts. Go figure!

Right now we are going to focus on the girls in the video above. There is nothing like girls kissing videos to brighten your day. Especially when they are both hot. Kat Young (the dark one) and Brooke Skye (the light one) are two of the hottest chicks on the Internet.

How hot you ask? Sizzling. Try number 1 and number 2 according to the amount of searches done on Overture (Yahoo) search partners. To get two hotties like this in the same room is rare. Enjoy it while you can! updates twice a week with new videos and photo sets so you never get bored. She also isn’t shy when it comes to her webcam. I have to say, she is very flirty and spunky. I’d tap that shit in an instant but since that isn’t going to happen, I just signed up for the 3-day trial. WTF, it’s only a buck… I always forget to cancel that shit but ohh well, looks like I am going to jacking off with my fleshlight to high def Kat Young videos for a while.

Peace out…

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Cherry Petite

You have probably seen her in plenty of places on the net. Her name is Cherry Petite. She also headlined a website called No matter what you call her, it had better be beautiful!

Cherry was blessed with one of those timeless bodies. The kind that never age. She still looks just as tight as she did on her 18th birthday. Just about the only problem I have with her is her tattoos. I never really understood why people get them. I am sure I probably would get one if I was in WWII and part of a bomber crew, but I wasn’t. I was born decades to late.

Another model with the same rock hard body with small tits is Emily18. She also has tattoos and lucky for me, she also has plenty of shots where she angles them out of the shot. I guess it is so she can appeal to both tattoo lovers and haters alike.

Cherry Petite is one of the few girls left in porn that can still wear size small clothing. I wouldn’t mind puting her to bed in that outfit. But this post isn’t just about Cherry. It is about girls like Cherry from all over the world!

At you don’t just get one model, you get almost 50 of them! With so many models to choose from it is mind boggling. Plenty of solo models with their own websites do guest shots for Flashy Babes like Ariel Rebel. But the girls range in all shapes and sizes. Literally everything is available here!

Chanty is probably my favorite blonde at Flashy Babes. She has a killer athletic body with a nice round ass. Plus her tits are fucking ginormous without being too distracting.

There are over 425 videos and 23,000 photos of these lovely ladies in the members area. Updates come in daily so there is always something new to look at.

Cherry will be doing live shows where members can chat her up and there are quite a few archives shows so you can get to know her better. As an added bonus, your membership at also gets you unlimited access to, her very own website! Annnnd, you get access to What are you waiting for? Get your password today!

Find More Cherry Petite!

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Nubiles Alana

Boy ohh boy does this pic bring me back. The girls name is Alana and she is from Nubiles. It brings me back because I once busted my best friends sister masturbating to her dads porn on the livingroom couch. And this is just about the same pose she was in when I caught her.

My buddy was at football practice and forgot his helmet as his house and I was passing by so I stopped over and picked it up for him. Lucky for his sister she heard my car door but it was no where near enough time for her to look normal. In retrospect she could have just grabbed a blanket and stopped the video…

Instead she reached for her pants (which she had apparently taken completely off). Perhaps she was expecting me to be a parent or something. Someone who would wonder about why she had a blanket on when it is ninety degrees outside. Guys just aren’t that smart. I would have never picked up on it.

So there we were… For about two or three seconds that seemed like an eternity we just sat there looking at each other. My eyes moved down the her crotch and her eyes moved to mine. In 2.37 seconds my dick managed to go from ho-hum to fully erect. She smiled at that since it meant I was probably not a threat. I was turned on… I might not tell anyone… she sighed in relief.

I was at a loss for words… I walked to the end of the hall and grabbed her bothers helmet and held it up as if to say, “Just coming for this, didn’t know I get that too.” She waved goodbye and the encounter was over – for a time… Eventually we would share our sexual fantasies together. But that is for another post.. this one is long enough as it is… and I haven’t even gotten to the website yet.

As I was saying earlier, Nubile Alana is one hell of a Nubile specimen. She has small pert tits and a cute little nose. Her eyes and lips are to die for. Her body is as youthful as it was when she wasn’t legal. is the industry leader in girls like Alana. Check out her gallery and the sample video of Alana masturbating feverishly with a pink vibrator and I think you will agree. Nubiles has over 300 models to choose from. Not only will you find the girl of your dreams but you will find several of them!

Each week three new girls are added to the site. Some of the videos are 640×480 encoded at 1500kb/s. That is as crystal clear as it gets. Video big enough to take up almost the entire screen without zooming. You will come to know these girls up-close and personal. spends a considerable amount of time finding gems like Bente, Micah and Brea. Girls you cannot find anywhere else. Plus they also work deals to bring in your favorite established solo models like Ariel Rebel. You get all of this and we have a 79% off discount to you can use to make it fit into any budget!

It’s late… You are wasting your life away looking for free porn. Stop spinning your wheels and give yourself the quality of life you deserve. At $29.31 it isn’t like it is going to break your monthly budget. You are probably wasting that kind of money on porno mags anyway. Get your Nubiles password today. Alana is waiting!

Find More Nubiles!

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Liz Vicious

I am not a complete sleezball. Emphasis on complete. I am like any other warm blooded male and even a few females out there. It saddens me when a good girl goes bad. But it also chums the water and like any other predatory animal I heed the call.

Liz Vicious isn’t just any good girl gone bad. She is a hot good girl gone bad and they makes this call double hard not to heed!

There is no mistake about it, this girl looks young. Barely legal young. She has small tits and the sweetest face… anyone would fall victim to her charms.

Liz is more than just a solo model. She is an addiction. An addiction that is fed by her desire to please… and not just me, she wants to please us all. Can I share? Do I have a choice? No… and sometimes the mental bondage feels so damn seductive! is her home away from home. She basically lives her life on the net and this is her address. Like most goth girls, Liz is hardcore to the bone… unlike most solo models out there, Liz is hardcore to the bone! She harbors no inhibitions when it comes to sex, especially taboo sex acts. And that is the fuel for the addiction that is Liz Vicious.

Her website updates two times a week with this 19 year old teens nude pics and videos. She also does webcam shows and live appearances. Look for her at a nudie theater near you!

Find More Liz Vicious!

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Sexy Teen Ella

I am not sure how this young nubile teen got away from me for so long but here she is, Sexy Teen Ella for all to enjoy.

Now one of the first things you are all going to point out to me is that her last update was in 2006. No shit. I know, I know, I fucking know! Really, your point is? You cheap fuckers never let anything rebill any way so I am not sure what your point is

With one membership you get access to eight different websites. They are a mixture of all of the things a "dirty old man" would love. Young teens who are the age they say they are (hence the lack of updates, she turned 19) and shit like voyeur pics (who among us doesn’t like skimpy bikinis on teen bodies?)…

That means you are getting more than your money’s worth and you don’t need to let it rebill if you don’t think you want to stick around!

But this one girl is plenty worth the price of admission. She has some great tits, a youthful and sporty body and best of all, her face looks so darn barely legal it isn’t even funny. It would not surprise me if this girl shot these picks while still a senior in high school.

So for those of you that can look past the obvious and can dig deeper to find the real true bargains, I give you! Enjoy!

Find More Sexy Teen Ella!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/01/07 - Write A Comment!

Alright people, I just scored some clips of the Jordan Capri Honeymoon Video. This shit is even bigger than the Hotel Heiress, Paris Hilton because Jordan Capri actually is hot. Not only is she hot but we have all jacked off to her at some point. This is a once in a lifetime chance to see a softcore model doing hardcore!

This is made even more spectacular because almost lost Jordan Capri! Yup, she was planning on going the Jesus route and leaving porn all together. Yes, we were that close to losing one of our best lovelies! But cooler heads prevailed and she realized that she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Getting naked infront of a camera is not the same as picking up Johns on a street corner.

So here we almost lost her and then bamb, this hardcore video of her pops up… talk about a complete 180! This is the kind of shit that dreams are made of.

So with no further ado, check out the Jordan Capri honeymoon video and don’t forget the Fleshlight. The only male sex toy that makes a great talking piece.

Find More Jordan Capri!

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