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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/31/06 - Write A Comment!
TeenDreams Orchid

What man in his right mind would not fuck this fine specimen of female flesh? Right… I can’t think of anyone stupid enough to turn Orchid down either.

Orchid has many positive qualities. We can start with her looks. Sparkling eyes, those cheeks and her long hair. Yummy. Her small boobs are still a good handful and her nipples are a puffy pink. Even more yummy is Orchid’s shaven pussy. I can only imagine the camel-toes she sports with this thing!

You can catch Orchid along with 5600 other models at The girls range in age from teens to thirtysomething or so. If you cannot find a girl to fantasize about here you might want to get your head examined.

Teen Dreams is one of the first websites I ever joined. I think it was around number six. For months I didn’t join another website because of the shear size of their content. They have over 1,000,000 photos and over 1,000 videos for your viewing pleasure. has won awards for their navigational skills. Finding girls that will appeal to your own personal desires is a snap with their search function. You can even create your own mix and match photo sets to zip up and download. Great for setting yourself up with some teen pics and videos to look at when traveling.

Take the TeenDreams tour and check out the members favorites link. I can only hope that you will return to at some point. I fear they might have so much content now, you won’t need me anymore!

Find More TeenDreams!


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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/31/06 - Write A Comment!
Emily18 Pink Panties

I have to post this girl again because so many of you have a hardon for her. For those of you who are new to, this is Emily from the website

Emily falls under the category of barely legal and I don’t think you need much of an explaination on why that is. I will go ahead and spell it out for you anyway. Emily has a young fresh face and chubby cheeks. It is not a bad thing to have them so chubby, I don’t see anyone complaining. Emily’s ass is tight and firm and so are her perky boobs. is the perfect spot for you to work out some fantasies. Emily 18 updates three times a week and she is getting more and more involved. Some people think that she is being pimped out and made to look younger but I have met her at a porn convention and you cannot fake her youth. The latest changes to her website were overseen and requested by her!

With her high quality pictures and videos you will have a lot of working to do. Don’t forget to use a fleshlight during that work out session! You can even talk to her on her message board… Get her to write you something sexy, open a video and your favorite photo, then get the fleshlight and walla, it is as close to fucking the real Emily18 as you can cum!

  – some miss spellings for those who cannot spell :(
  – emili18 emili 18 emely18 emely18 – yes, I get a lot of people searching for the wrong spelling!

Find More Emily18!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/24/06 - Write A Comment!
Little Danni Schoolgirl Sucker

Say hello to the newest addition to, Little Danni.

Looking to fucking cute in her schoolgirl gallery above, Danni is 18yo and is still a virgin! At, she plans to explore her sexuality along with you! I have a feeling nothing else on the internet can compare to the experience Little Danni is about to give us all.

There are three updates a week at and it is all 100% exclusive. You can chat with Danni on her sexy message board and you also get to see her hot girlfriends, Karina and Anna.

Unlike a lot of solo models out there, Danni gets completely naked in her members area. She also seems to have a facination with getting naked in public. Always a plus!

Danni’s young boobs are pert and do not require a bra to hold them up. I bet her nipples would taste sooo good! Her ass is almost juvenile, making it hard to realize she is over 18 years old.

Take the tour, you won’t be sorry you did!

Find More Little Danni!

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Kari Sweets Sleeping

I am sure this post is gonna get me into some hot water. I decided to switch things up a bit and do a successful search, melding it with an unsuccessful one. I don’t do posts on underaged girls. So you can stop searching for 14yo and other such searches.

However, Kari Sweets looks fourteen years old here and that is about as close as you are going to get to the real thing. In reality Kari is 18yo and one of the few internet models who looks sexy in freckles!

While Kari appears to be sleeping, she isn’t. She is just waiting to catch you jacking off and stealing a glimpse of her care bear panties. In the free gallery above she also shows off her sexy feet. Damn would I love a footjob from her!

Kari Sweets is one of the most successful models I have ever written about. Her posts sell more memberships than any other solo model. While sites like do better, they have lots of models, Kari sells herself just fine!

At you will see one of the hottest tours on the net. In the members area you can talk to her in her forum, download her wallpapers and win clothes from her shoots that are autographed by her! She updates her photos and videos twice a week and includes candid pics in her diary along with juicy stories.

If you are looking for a solo model with a young look, Kari Sweets is your girl!

Find More Kari Sweets!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/21/06 - Write A Comment!
Sadie Jones

I am checking the unsuccessful searches today. This cute little teenager is named Sadie Jones and she bubbled up to the top.

Sadie is one hell of a cutie. While time has been very good to Sadie, she is a real teen doll, circumstances have not been good. Her production company shut her website down. They also seem to have shut all of their other models websites down and converted into a magazine business model with multiple girls all on one website.

So there isn’t much I can tell you about other than if you don’t already have a pass, you cannot get one now. But her beauty will live on her at and that is what is really important!

Find More Sadie Jones!

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Sapphic Erotica Girls Kissing

So I am having a nice conversation with my ex-wife. We got together in high school and were married up until a few years after. During high school she was always very prudish about girl/girl sex.

“Ewww… that’s gross,” she’d say.

Well, now she is like, “Yeah, back when you were checking out girls in the JCPennys catalog, us girls were too!” WTF?

So it pretty much begs the question, “So, did you ever kiss another girl?”

The answer, “Hell YES!”

Turns out she was banging more tail then I was! No shit! She sent me to a website that had a masturbation survey and some of the questions were about girl on girl encounters. A full one quarter of the girls and women who answered the survey had slept with another girl at some point in their life. One eighth considered themselves bisexual for life!

So I guess this Sapphic Erotica thing is a bit bigger than any of us could have imagined. (Especially when your girlfriend is doing the whole, “Ewww,” thing…) I asked her if two chicks kissing turned her on and she replied with something like, why wouldn’t it? “Especially if they were both hot.

Well, is full of hot babes kissing, finger banging and all sorts of other lesbian stuff that will make your dick (or clit) pop! The price at Sapphic Erotica is a bit steep. Like $29.95 a month. But you get over 600 models all having lesbian sex with each other. You cannot go wrong here!

116 hours of video doesn’t hurt your chances to find something erotic every time you show up. The updates come in 5 times a week and also include hires photos. Over 86,000 of them. Like I said, you will have something to.. ahhh… do every time you login!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/12/06 - Write A Comment!
Rookie Babe Michelle

So…… Why do I love this site so fucking much?

Perhaps it is because the girls are so damn approachable. I was talking with my buddy Mike and that is basically the first thing that popped out of his mouth when he saw Rookie Babe Michelle.

Like he could totally imagine meeting Michelle at a bar and hooking up and having a wonderful time fucking her brains out. Not only can I picture myself scoring with Michelle but damn I could rub that ass all night long. As for tits, I love her "scoops," just big enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Real nice. is full of the girl nextdoor types. All of them totally worthy of a money shot. You can download videos, photos and even get warez such as wallpapers, screen savers and get E-Telegrams and other personalized content from the girls.

Try the three day trial for $5.95 and see if you like it. I doubt you will want to cancel on the girl nextdoor!

Find More Rookie Babe!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/11/06 - Write A Comment!
The Candid Place Red Bikini

I recently had a discussion with some friends about fine asses. That ass above is a very fine ass indeed. My buddy Tony says fine asses are all over the place. He pointed to a friend of ours named Robert who has a fine ass, but he is a man. I am not much into butt dimples and therefor will refrain from endorsing Robert’s ass as a fine ass.

During the conversation it became apparent that fine asses are applenty in certain locations. One such location is Miami. Others include just about anywhere that hosts Spring Break. But where do all of these fine asses go for the rest of the year? I couldn’t tell you, but I do know one guy who collects them all together in a fine archive. His name is Candid Bob and he runs

The girl above with the fine ass and red bikini is a perfect example of what you can expect at The Candid Place! This website is dedicated to candid photography. The majority of the content is candid beach photos with a few other locals thrown in. If you are a candid photos fan then this website is perfect for you.

The Candid Place updates three times a week with topless beach photos, bikini clad beauties, wet-look shots, bend overs, ass shots and every other shot you can think of. All candid photos are hi-resolution and crystal clear. even accepts photos from the public to keep things extremely candid and original. This truely is the best place on the net to find candid beach photos!

Find More The Candid Place!

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Panty Jobs FaithPanty Jobs Faith
Panty Jobs Faith

I am sure that most of you have experiences a headjob and even a handjob but have you received a panty job?

I consider myself lucky enough to be able to say yes. My old girlfriend used to use her cotton panties on my cock, stroking me into an awesome orgasm. She liked to see the panties turn color when my cum soaked into them.

My current girlfriend is a natural at panty jobs. She uses cocoa butter for lube and then soaks the panties in water. With this method even lace panties feel like satin panties! Once she even fucked me with her panties wrapped around the head of my cock. Feeling the satin panties on my cock head and her warm and wet pussy on the shaft just about blew my mind!

My favorite spot on the net to go and rehash those panty memories is at In the Panty Jobs gallery above this text you can see Faith using different sets of panties to make guys cum. Faith’s youthful body is enough to give you an instant hardon and her technique is almost to much because you will probably cum before the video is over. is always adding more Panty Job models and they vary in all shapes and sizes. If you have a panty fetish then you cannot miss this website!

Find More Panty Jobs!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/05/06 - Write A Comment!
Lazona Modelos Cinco de Mayo

Once again, happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

You cannot have a great Cinco de Mayo without a big celebration and since I am all about the big celebration, here is a second gallery, with two hot Latina chicks in it!

If only the caption said, "Cat fight!" Fuck… that’d be sweet. Sorry but I am drunk… It is Cinco de Mayo after all so I think I have a good excuse. One of the perks about being a fulltime webmaster is that you get to work from home. My girlfriend is Mexican so she has been keeping me in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo all day long. Coronas, Margaritas and Mexican fish taco… Though I am lucky, her taco smells like chicken and tastes like chicken… no fish involved.

Sandra and Nikki are from At Lazona Modelos you will find never seen before teen Latina models. They shoot all of the models themselves so this content is exclusive. With updates three times and week and a new Latina model added each month you have plenty of skin to shake your dick at!

Find More Lazona Modelos!

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Selena Spice Cinco de Mayo

Well, happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

This spicy hot jalepeno is Selena Spice. Go figure!

Speaking of figures, I was figuring that I could fuck Selena and damn near have a heart attack doing it. And enjoying it. It isn’t often that a man doesn’t mind coming close to death just so he can get laid. But Selena wouldn’t be just any lay, would she be?

I love Latin women. My girlfriend, who I intend to marry someday, is a Latina. Year around tan skin and a tight body to boot. I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Selena make me into the happiest sandwich on Earth.

Selena has this layer of fat that drives my dick bananas. You can see it where her gstring bites into her hip. Do you know what that fatty layer means? It means you can grab onto that ass and ride it without slipping. You can massage that ass with oil and dream about how sweet her pussy is gonna feel.

That layer of fat isn’t just on her ass though, look at Selena’s Boobs! If I was ever going to define cock-knockers with a picture it would be a picture of Selena’s Tits! Now imagine rubbing oil into them and then sliding your cock between them… FUCK! updates twice a week and features 100% exclusive photos and videos that you cannot get anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to party, Selena style!

PS, I want you all to slap your wives or girlfriends (or both) on the ass today and think Selena Spice…. When she asks what that was for, say it is for the grip!

Find More Selena Spice!

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Alyssa Doll Exciting

Not sure why, but Alyssa Doll excites the fuck out of me… Or should I say, "Into me."

I could fuck her for a very long time. It might be her sexy eyes, I love the shape and her eyebrows. Or maybe it is that in most of the photos her mouth is open. Waiting, inviting, exciting!

Alyssa has the fucking hottest skin tone ever and it is as smooth as silk! I love that in a girl. Plus her neck is so damn inviting. And her back is so damn sexy. Can a girl have a sexy back? Sure, why the fuck not?

At you can see her doing all sorts of naughty things. Alyssa is such a vixen, she is one of the few girls that the Rhino has joined, I am sure you will enjoy your membership to her site as much as I do! Give this 18yo sweetie from small-town Indiana a chance!

Find More Alyssa Doll!

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Soph Dream Melanie Teen Ass

That fine piece of teen ass belongs to Melanie.

That is some really fine ass right there. Of course teen ass is fine about 90% of the time. But damn… I really like that ass.

Melanie and her ass can be found at The people at Soph Dream bill themselves as The Home of Real Amateur Teen Girls and I believe them. They shoot their own content and specialize in first time lesbians, teen pissing and anal pleasures.

Melanie’s hair reminds me of Mexico and Mexico reminds me of great times. Why Mexico? Because of the braids I guess. And she is so short. I like short chicks and tall chicks but a short chick with that fine of an ass is always a plus.

Another plus is Melanie’s shaved beaver with a clit piercing. I swear it is like springbreak in Cabo looking at her. This young girl has got it going on and damn if I wouldn’t treat her right. I am sure you would too! has 650 pictures and 12 videos of Melanie. Add that to the 65+ other teenage models and you end up with a lot of amateur teen content. So grab your fleshlight and some lube and get cracking!

Find More Soph Dream!

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