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Valley Girl
Joon Mali

Asian teens are something to behold. They are the embodiment of pure energy. A youthful spark of energy capable of making you feel a full ten years younger. It isn’t hard to imagine why men spend thousands on vacations to the Orient and leave their wives behind.

Joon Mali is a good example of why a guy will shell out that kind of dough. When she is thirty she will still look like she is still cardable for alcohol in the states. It is funny how you can go dancing with an Asian girl like Joon Mali all night long and drink like a sailor. Then, while slow dancing with the old lady back home you feel winded after the first fifteen seconds!

Joon’s web site is like a smorgasbord of niches. You get the exotic Asian, the nubile teen, a bikini model with a rock hard body, the only Asian teen with a thick booty, small tits, Asian girls kissing, camel toes… Anything I missed? Ohh… Panty shots galore! You get the idea. I hope!

Joon updates her web site three times a week and each time she plays her part perfectly. You know the part… "Ohh my gosh, I have never seen my pussy before [insert bewildered look], I must explore this thing!" Great, Joon, because we love to watch you investigate your pussy in new ways each and every week!

Joon Mali videos come in three formats: WMV, Real Player and IPOD for those on the go. Asians are very accommodating and Joon Mali is no different. Ideas for up coming shoots are taking from members requests. Enjoy your vacation!

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Girls Kissing
So… you know when you run up two or three flights of stairs and your chest is pounding and your heart feels like it is gonna burst? Well, that is how my dick is behaving right about now. There is something that is so darn sexy about two chicks getting intimate.

While this story is about Andi Pink, it is important to mention that her friend in the gallery above is Ariel Rebel and she has her own website too! Andi and Ariel love to get kinky with each other and appear on each others websites on a regular basis.

Andi’s last name, Pink, is so puuurfect! It accurately describes this teenager beauty to a “T”. Her nipples are pink and her pussy looks like a soft pink rose. I can only imagine the grip that pussy must have. So tight it might even be considered painful! But hey, no pain, no gain right? is like an oasis from the daily grind. A place where you can go and lose yourself. With 136 videos and more added on a weekly basis there is an awful lot of exploring you can do. Plus there is the 359 picture sets. Each week I look forward to seeing what Andi will dress up in this time.

When you get an password you also get access to four more websites. I hope you like chicks in panties and I hope you like lots of nubile teen models… with your password you are going to get heaping spoonfuls of both!

I mentioned Andi Pink’s tight pussy earlier… One way to experience her tightness for real is to get a Fleshlight, the only male sex toy. With Andi and a fleshlight you won’t masturbate the old fashion way ever again!

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Pink Sweater
Total Super Cuties

Sweet Jesus if Nicole isn’t the most beautiful definition of the girl next door I have ever seen!

Nicole has been showing off a lot of her barely legal body lately at where she has over 18 picture sets. If you like panties wrapped around a tight but plump fannies then you will go nuts at checking out Nicole!

Total Super Cuties has over 50 models, 340 movies and 132,000+ photos of young but legal teenage girls. Half of them look like they did the shoot for their eighteinth birthday! Most of these girls are first timers to getting nude and taking pictures. You get to see them in all of the quirkiness doing first time videos.

Other models are seasoned solo teens with their own web sites. You will probably recognize a few of them like Angel Button. The photos and videos in these sets are generally shot before their websites opened. I guess you could think of them as their rookie cards.

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Emily18 - Hit That Shit!
Emily 18

Go ahead… Tell me about how you wouldn’t hit that shit. Tell me how Emily 18 looks too young for you. You lying sack of perverted shit! You mean to tell me that Emily could have her small tits and girly panties showing and you wouldn’t hit it because she looks barely legal? Bullshit, mother fucker!

The truth is, you are just as perverted as the rest of us. The truth is that you have thought about girls like Emily18 before. Fun, carefree, flirty! The truth is you are thinking about Emily’s barely legal body right now and you have every right to.

Emily was born with one of those bodies that never ages. She looks just as young and fresh as the day her site opened. The only difference between now and that first day is that she is even wilder than ever before. Now you get to see more of her and you even get Emily with her girlfriends. does three new updates a week. Each new video is hotter than the last. Each new picture set gets even more daring. All the while Emily is teasing the cum out of you. You can even talk to her on her message board and share incites with other devoted fans!

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Asian Girl in Yellow Bikini
Kari Sweets

If you are anything like me then you probably feel the same way I do when it comes to teen sites. When I plunk down hard earned cash buying a teen site membership all I ask is that it have at least one teen model on the fucking thing! is one teen model web site that has this concept covered. Kari Sweets is definately a teen model. No mistaking it. When she does high school bleacher pics, I get a sense she could actually be attending that school. The heart starts to thumping and things begin to happen downstairs.

Not only is Kari Sweets a teen model, she is a hot teen model. With out a doubt, Kari’s web site touches on a lot of things a guy like me can savor. First, Kari has an ass like no other teenager on the planet. I don’t think they made teen ass like Kari’s back when I was in high school.

Next, Kari loves to wear skimpy panties and she loves to show them off. Well, Kari my dear, I have to say thank you because I love looking at your panties. Each week updates with a video and picture set of Kari modeling those oh-so-cute panties.

Finally, Kari Sweets is a smart little cookie. She has had me rebilling now for a little over a year. Why? Because Kari doesn’t let you see the goods. Whahhht??? Hey, reader, your cigar just fell out of your mouth and hit the floor. Get it, I’ll wait…

No really, she does not get completely naked and that is a good thing. Now I know you are probably wondering, "How this can be a good thing?" And I will inform you. Once a model gives up the goods, you want to leave… the fantasy is over. It is just like back in high school. Boy meets girl. Boy gets girl. Boy meats girl. Boy leaves girl and tells all his buddies that she is a slut.

Kari is no slut so if you join keep that in mind. Speaking of minds, prepare to be mind-fucked by this flirtacious little devil because she has been driving men bananas for over two years now and has gotten quite good at it.

In addition to the twice weekly updates members also get access to her message board, extra stuff like wallpapers and contest prizes and the twelve thousand +plus photos guys like me have been enjoying for some time now… Go ahead and get in, the pussy is warm!

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