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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/01/14 - Write A Comment!

emily18 underoos cartoon panties

And here I thought I was the most ardent fan of Emily18!

As it turns out the guy who created is an even bigger Emily 18 fan than I am. If that is even possible. I have posted more than two dozen posts about my small tits crush. This guy has even more and they all come with galleries of Emily 18 nude pics!

Each gallery has been scored by members of the site and people just passing by looking for quality solo model porn. The picture sets are only a small portion of the site. The video side is even bigger.

New videos get added all day long so there is never a dull moment. Videos run as long as an hour with most in the twenty minute range. Some of their clip sized vids have full scenes, but with the lame stuff removed.

Check them out and tell Emily I said hello!

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Girls go through phases in life. At one point a girl might be trying to lose all of the weight she can and a few years later she might be a lovely chunky babe. Fast forward some more and the ribs come out again. Emily 18 is like this and you can keep up with the changes by joining her site. On there are hundreds of videos from the past decade. All of the videos have picture sets in high resolution and then there are plenty more picture sets without corresponding videos.

Emily has small tits, a bubble butt and a cute way about her. In the videos you literally get to see her mature from a pubescent teen into a fine babe as a young woman. At age 18 Emily looked like she was still in middle school. By the time she was of legal drinking age she still looked like she hadn’t graduated high school yet. She has been capitalizing on her youthful appearance as an internet sensation!

I would like to say that Emily is one of a kind, but she is not. There is another girl named Ariel Rebel who shares her same condition. Between the two it is too hard to choose so love them both!

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/16/14 - Write A Comment!

emily18 puffy nipples on small tits teen tied up in bed

In this day and age of free porn being all over the internet is there still any reason to join a site like Emily18? Wouldn’t it just be smarter to try and watch her videos on some tube and save some money? To answer that we will have to get our hands dirty. Really dirty.

Emily is now in her late twenties, but she still looks like she is eighteen years old. She won the lottery for looking young. When she first went online with her site ten years ago people thought there was no way she could be legal. Her body failed some of the tests used to gage how old a girl is based on how far along she is in puberty.

As a member of Emily’s site you get instant access to her content from those first years of her online life. In it you will see a girl grow her perky small tits with puffy nipples. Girls get puffy nipples when their boobies first start to grow and then most lose the puffiness as they mature. Back then her pussy only had little wisps of hair so she didn’t shave it. Not even enough to cover it really.

Emily looked like total jailbait!

In the videos her young skin looks so beautiful. There is one of her in the pool with the water washing over her puffy pink nipples. You want to jump through your monitor and suck on those little wonders!

So is joining her site a good idea? I would have to say yes. While you can find her videos out there in the wild they are hard to come by and they are not very high quality. A copy of a copy of a copy at best. On her site they are crystal clear. Plus you get access to a decade of them. Including the recent girl/girl stuff she has been making.

Take the tour for a hot trailer clip of her growing up online.


Posted By Teen Porn on 12/17/13 - Write A Comment!

Emily 18 small perky tits with flower panties

Watching a girl masturbate for the first time in her life isn’t easy to do. They only do it once in their lifetime so you have to be there before they start. I was lucky enough to see three girls each do it for their first time by using a little trickery.

To pull off my trick I taught each of the girls how to kiss. While kissing I knew their pussies were getting wet. One of them was in a bikini and I could literally see a wet spot growing between her legs.

While kissing them I would stop to ask sexual stuff. Things like asking them if they did masturbate or not, or had they ever had their pussy licked. All of them answered no. So I licked and sucked their fingers giving them the idea of what it would feel like down there. Their faces went from, "Eww that’s gross," to, "wow, that feels really good!"

After I knew their pussies were good and wet I suggested they should try masturbating. Then gave them some science to back up my suggestion. "Your pussy gets wet so you can rub it without getting a burn from it getting hot. It lubricates everything. It also tastes good!"

That last little part was to see if they would actually taste their pussy juices after digging their fingers into themselves. Two of them did end up trying the taste and both ended up eventually becoming bisexual.

Emily 18 reminds me of those girls. Her perky breasts are not much more than small tits, but they are plenty big when matched up with her petite frame. For such a small girl she has a nice bubble butt. Emily loves to touch her pussy while you watch. She also loves to show you all of her girly panties, clothes and hairstyles. She is a lot of fun to play with!

Have a play date with Emily at!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/16/13 - Write A Comment!


Stuck at home all alone? So is Emily 18. Her parents went out and grounded her for bad grades. Now she is looking for something she can do at home so she can be there when they call to check up on her. Got any suggestions?


Once her boobs started growing in Emily noticed guys of all ages suddenly took an interest in her. Boys in her school acted like she was the most popular girl around. Her teachers wanted to talk to her after class. Even men in her family suddenly wanted to hear what she had to say. Even though she has small tits, she felt like they made her into a somebody.


Not long after her boobs came in Emily18 started growing a fleshy bubble butt. It was like blossoming all over again. Now the boys wanted to dance with her at school dances. Some of them grinded their crotches into her booty and she could feel their hard cocks. It made Emily feel empowered knowing she had that kind of effect on boys.

She began to wonder if it also worked on men. So one day she sat on a teacher’s lap when he kept her after class. She found every reason in the book to shift her weight here and there until she could feel his cock getting hard. Once she was sure about her ability to make men excited she gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran out of the room.


Is Emily having that kind of effect on you as well? Don’t spend the night alone when Emily is only a heartbeat away. Join and get immediate access to every video and every picture set. Watch her grow up right before your very eyes!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/18/12 - Write A Comment!


Is it really that obvious that I have a thing for this girl? I have written many posts about Emily 18 and every time I think I am over her I get right back on that naughty little horse and ride it until I have speed burns! Maybe having a thing for such a cute girl isn’t such a bad thing. She keeps me young!

This photo from her hammock picture set is a perfect visual buffet. You have her lips bathed in lip gloss. You have her small tits perfectly perky even when she is on her back. Her shorts are ready to slide over and reveal her panties. Her panties are ready to slide over and reveal her tender pussy lips. All she has to do is sit back and relax while your tongue does all of the work.

I will go on record as saying that even if Emily 18 told me we couldn’t fuck and basically I was only going to get a handjob every once in a while, I would still lick her pussy and suck on her small tits on a daily basis. Several times a day if she would let me.

Does that make me her sex slave? I hope so! I truly hope so!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/17/12 - Write A Comment!


This is by far one of my favorite Emily 18 galleries. It was shot when Emily was only a few weeks over her 18th birthday. Back then her nipples were still very puffy because of her newly growing boobs. Nothing says bon appetite like puffy nipples on a set of small tits!

Emily 18 is one of those truly special models where she looks a lot younger than she is. These days Emily is now in her twenties and her latest photo sets make her look like she just turned 18 years old! Do some math in your head and you will see why her first sets are so freaking awesome.

When she first starting shooting for her site Emily wasn’t so sure about this nudity thing. She knew she was good looking, but worthy of having her own site? Once her site opened she was flooded with fan mail. It seemed everyone took a liking to this barely legal sweetheart.

Now that Emily has gotten some experience under her belt she is getting more and more daring. has plenty of photos and videos of Emily 18 exposing her pussy and masturbating to orgasm.

There is something about those first year galleries though. So cute, so naive, so pure; so much like a princess!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/13/12 - Write A Comment!


I remember when my girlfriend used to give me this look. Even back then she was self conscious. Not that she needed to be. Sure, she had a bit of a bubble butt, but then she also had tight skin so it looked good on her. These days she is even more self conscious so she hasn’t posed for me in years!


These days my GF knows she has lost that spark. Other guys say I am lucky because she doesn’t mind me looking at girls with perky small tits like Emily 18. To be brutally honest, I’d much rather be looking at my GF, but you just never know where life is going to eventually take you and I sure am glad I get my consolation prize!

Emily 18 has been giving guys hardons for years. She got her start when a girl she knew saw her and suggested she become a model. Over time Emily wanted more and more money (you know how girls are!) so she opened up a solo site where she could grow a fan club.

That fan club is now over 10,000 members strong! No wonder really, I mean, just look at her! She is darling!


Plus, Emily18 has that teenage bubble butt your old lady used to have! Shapely and round with nary a dimple in site!

Back when Emily first started she looked super young. There were all kinds of investigations by various government agencies because every-body thought Emily was jailbait. As it turns out she was barely legal and totally hawt!

These days features her completely nude. Emily didn’t used to take her panties off before, but now she does! I still love her old sets in her print panties and bras. The members area is filled with them. Her newer stuff is pretty darn sweet too on account of her showing her perdy-lil vag!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/01/12 - Write A Comment!


Every solo model has to start somewhere. Emily 18 got her start just days after she turned 18 years old. Her tiny tits and her cute little bum made Emily a fan favorite right from the first day. She was a barely legal princess!

These days Emily18 is still looking young. How does she do it? Good genetics! Emily didn’t hit puberty until she was just graduating high school. You can literally watch this girl grow up right before your eyes while surfing her members area.

In the beginning didn’t have a lot of nudity. Emily dared to tease her members and fans by keeping her panties on. Now she gets totally naked and she invites you to watch her touch herself as she reads her fan mail!

Emily 18 is well worth the price of admission!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/13/11 - Write A Comment!


Long before Kristen Stuart popularized Bella Swan for the world we had Emily 18. The original funky girl. Emily has made a career out of being that quirky girl next door that you would take a bullet for and so badly want to bang!

In this gallery Emily18 shows off her small tits. I used a picture from this very gallery to create the header here at Rhino’s Girls. Lots of touch up work, but not because Emily 18 needs touching up, she is fuck-tabulous! I just need to fix some stuff to make it work.

Emily got her start in online modeling many years ago and she still looks just as hot now as she did when she was barely legal. I get Emails all of the time from people thanking me for introducing them to this young cutie. They especially like her older stuff in the members area. Stuff that made Emily look much younger.

One thing that always surprises me is how many girls write me Emails about Emily 18! She has just as many girls wanting to get into her panties as she has guys!


Well. not really. I mean, she is cute!

Get all of the videos and all of the photo sets from years of updates. Emily is still very active on her site and adds new content several times a week. See why guys and girls from around the world can’t get enough of!

Posted By Teen Porn on 06/25/11 - Write A Comment!


Have you ever been laid by such a cute girl as Emily 18? I can honestly say I have, but that was a long time ago. I haven’t put my hands on a set of perky tits good in a long time. Emily 18 embodies everything a perverted guy looking to reminisce about old times could ever dream of.

Emily prefers bright colors, cotton print panties with matching bras and everything else that would remind her she is a princess. updates several times a week and Emily has been more and more daring with each new update!


Posted By Teen Porn on 05/16/11 - Write A Comment!


When a girl puts on her first mini-skirt strange things happen. Even the most timid girl is suddenly transformed into a wild and flirtatious nymph! Take Emily 18 for example. Once she put her first mini-skirt on she couldn’t stop flashing people her panties!

That is one of the strange things about girls and what they wear. We aren’t supposed to give them any attention, but, come on, who could possibly pass up on looking up Emily’s mini skirt?


Posted By Teen Porn on 03/12/11 - Write A Comment!


Emily 18 calls this cooling off, we call it heating things up a bit. The colder part of the year is almost over and already the girl next door is doing her sunning!

This is your chance to score a view of her nubile small tits. If you are lucky she will forget she untied her top so she could avoid the unsightly tan line from the draw string.

Until then, there is always Emily 18. With years of sets and videos in the archives it is always summer with!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/29/10 - Write A Comment!


One look at and it is obvious that this girl looks younger than she is. Emily 18 is barely legal for life, or so it would seem. The great thing about her little nymph looks is that she enjoys teasing you with them! They certainly don’t go to waste!

With big bright eyes and a cute little button nose Emily 18 looks like the perfect play date. She has a little, yet fleshy, butt that begs for some spankings. Her small tits are perky and capped with puffy nipples!

Emily has been updating her site three times a week for years now. She shoots everything in HD, however, the older content, where she looks the youngest, is shot in lower resolutions. Not that you are going to be worrying about that when you see her flashing you her print cotton panties on the jungle gym!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/12/10 - Write A Comment!


Yeah I know… It is hard to look at this picture of Emily 18 and her puffy nipples and not have naughty thoughts. The great thing about Emily is that she is legal so even though you are having naughty thoughts, they don’t have to make you feel naughty!

Emily18 has been open now for five years. Since its inception the site has been adding two new updates a week. That means you have hundreds of updates to look through and while you are doing that, she is adding even more for you!

Every so often nature gives us a girl that never ages. Emily 18 is one of those girls. So go ahead, think your naughty thoughts. Be safe in knowing that while she might look like jailbait, Emily 18 is barely legal!

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