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Talk about a deer caught in headlights. The only problem is I am not sure if I am talking  about doe eyed Teen Topanga and her small boobs, or you and your hard cock. LOL

Topanga is one of the original Premium GFs girls. Her site has a massive amount of barely legal videos and picture sets. The network spans all of the girls members areas so you can get everything from back in Teen Topanga‘s day and everything from the new girls like Little Bailey.




Barely legal girls like Teen Topanga make it really easy to forget about your stressful workweek. They also make it easier to have sex believe it or not. After watching her videos I am sure you will want to fuck your wife more because you will have something, or better yet, someone, to think about while you are giving her the Polish sausage.

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When Lil Candy first started modeling she was overwhelmed by the response her site garnered. She received a torrent of Email telling her how beautiful she was and how she shouldn’t get self-conscious about her small tits. Men wanted her to know they were beautiful. That she was beautiful just how God made her.

After this initial flood of Emails Candy began to receive Emails of another kind. They were from the jealous wives of the men that had previously told her how beautiful she looked. These Emails contained some very nasty words and openly wondered why a girl would whore herself out like Candy was doing. Above all they wanted to know why Candy looked so young. Was she trying to act younger than she was?

The sad thing is that these women weren’t keeping an open mind. Could it be possible that a barely legal teen like Lil Candy that looks like jailbait also feels just as youthful inside as she does on the outside? I think so. Candy doesn’t do anything girls her age aren’t doing already. If she is flirty around older men it is because girls her age get that way around older men. If she is playing on their desire to be with a younger lady then so be it. A large percentage of girls her age do the exact same thing!



Believe me. Candy would love to look older and be able to flaunt big boobs, but that wasn’t the hand she was dealt. So now is she supposed to just stop playing the game or play her hand in a way she can actually come out on top?

Ponder those questions and more at Watch her seduce men with her tiny tits and her nubile body. Best of all, watch a girl play with her pussy when there are no boys around. She looks adorable!

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MalvinaU showing off her small tits on free teen cam

It is becoming an epidemic problem of the largest magnitude. Over and over again it is hitting the news about teen girls getting tricked, or forced, into stripping and showing off their small tits on free teen cam sites. While it sucks for the girls and their parents I have to admit it is a pretty sweet deal for us guys!

Watching the videos is pretty cool, but it can’t hold a candle to having a live chat with a girl and having her show off her small tits. This blue eyed cutie has the perkiest tits I have ever seen. They are capped with pink nipples and look delicious.

You would be amazed at how much you can do with a free account here. New girls like MalvinaU above are so nubile and naive they don’t know any better. Sometimes I will switch over to the mature section to pay some horny housewife a compliment and the next thing you know she is stripping it all off to pay me back. WTF?

Their lack of brain power is our gain for sure. Try it out!

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Tiny Tabby isn’t the sort of girl that likes to get into trouble. She isn’t interested in enduring a consequence or anything like that, but she does enjoy doing the sorts of things that get girls into trouble.

Tabby didn’t start developing like the other girls did at her school. While they were growing real boobs she was stuffing her bra in a vein attempt to look like they did. Even with some tissues in her bra she still could only manage an A-cup on her little frame without looking like some kind of freak.

While she could stuff her bra to look fuller up top, Tabby couldn’t do anything about the size and shape, or lack thereof, of her little butt. She had no figure to speak of. The boys didn’t even pay her any attention as they were all too interested in the growing developments going on with the other girls to even notice her.

One group of people at her school did seem to pay her more attention than they paid to the other girls. Tiny Tabby‘s teachers didn’t seem to mind her small tits. In fact it seems as if they tried peeking at her small boobies just as much as the boys were trying to peek at her fellow female classmates.

As the days pressed on Tabby grew increasingly frustrated with her lack of development. She wanted to be noticed. She wanted to date a boy. She longed to kiss a boy for the first time. Just about the only thing she dreaded was having a boy put his hand up her shirt and finding out her bra was padded. As if there wasn’t a single person at her school that didn’t already know she was stuffing her bra.

By the time Tabby was a senior she hit her 18th birthday two months before graduation. The only difference between her freshman picture and her senior picture in the yearbook was that the later was in full color while the former was in black and white. She hadn’t gained a pound, added an inch in height or added a cup size to her boobs. Tabby was getting depressed. Would she still look like an 8th grader by the time college started in the Fall?




While everybody was roaming around campus days before graduation signing each others yearbooks Tabby noticed one of her teachers looking at her from the other end of a long hallway. Tabby always had a crush on this teacher. He was in his mid-twenties and while he was taller than Tabby he was shorter than most men making him look more like an older brother than her teacher.

Tabby rushed over to him to have him sign her yearbook. He beckoned her into his classroom and noticed once she got in there that the shades were all drawn over the windows. When he closed the door behind her she heard it lock. Then lock again as he bolted a lock only the Principal had a key for. He motioned for her to have a seat at one of the front desks.

As she sat and listened he delicately brought up the fact that he had noticed her infatuation with him. Her cheeks went beet red. Then he backed that up with the fact that he also shared the same infatuation for her as well. Her mind began to swim and she was having a hard time grasping a single clear thought so she just sat and listened.

Her teacher went on about key figures in history that also had the same feelings towards little girls as he had. He pointed out that the key difference with him was that he didn’t act impulsively. He didn’t want to disrupt a girls childhood. He waiting for girls to turn 18 years old before he let them know about his feelings towards them.


Her school teacher went on to tell her about how he noticed she felt uncomfortable about her lack of development. He told her not to worry or do anything rash about her appearance. And that if a man truly loved her he would accept her for who she was. Not only that, he would specifically enjoy her because she was who she was.

Tabby’s mind was still reeling trying to take all of what her teacher was saying in. Was he just being informative or was this going somewhere else? Why were the shades drawn? Was was the door locked and bolted? Why did he have a hardon?

As she looked down at his growing bulge Tabby’s teacher expressed his sorrow about not having better control over his emotions. Not wanting to make him feel weird Tabby told her teacher that she felt the same for him and that. she paused.

Before he knew what hit him Tabby jumped up from her desk chair and planted a big kiss on his lips. He was her first kiss. He felt her braces digging into his lips so he parted them to get them out of the way and then felt her tongue enter his mouth in search of his own.

With that his cock practically burst right through his pants. Tabby felt it hit her stomach and she pressed hard into his body lost in the lustful moment of her first ever kiss hoping it would never end. Her teacher put his strong arms around her and cradled her youthful body to his own.

After several seconds of kissing that felt like minutes he brought his hands to her little fanny. She brought her hands down from his shoulders to his waist. He took that as a sign he wasn’t doing anything she didn’t want him to do.

Tabby’s teacher lifted her up and sat her on the desk top. As he moved closer her legs parted and her skirt rode up. Tabby instinctively wrapped her legs around her teachers hips pulling him closer. His hard cock brushed up against her panties and she could feel wetness soaking into her panty crotch.


Once he felt her warm teen pussy on his cock her teacher wrapped his hands around her buttocks and pulled her even tighter into him. She began to buck her hips as he thrust back and forth. Tiny Tabby was having her first dry humping session. And it was with her teacher. An older man!

As they kissed Tabby felt her teacher fiddling around with his pants. Then she felt something big and hard pressing into her panties. It pushed them an inch into her wet pussy. Her panties were so soaked it looked as if she had peed in them.


It took about a minute or so for Tabby to finally realize what her teacher wanted her to do. He wanted her to be the one that pulled her panties over. He wanted her to be the one that chose to lose her virginity to an older man. She could still walk away from this. All she needed to do was tell him it wasn’t the right time.

But that was the last thing Tabby wanted to do. She wanted to feel his big cock inside her tight teen pussy. She had been masturbating with her hairbrush handle for far too long. It was time for the real thing.

Tabby pulled her soaked panties to the side and once again used her legs to corral her teacher in towards her. Once he felt her legs on his buttocks he thrust towards his student and felt his cock sink about an inch and a half into her tight pussy. It stopped not because she wasn’t wet enough, but because the difference between the girth of his cock and the tightness of her virgin pussy was too much.

Slowly Tabby’s teacher pulled out and pushed in with his cock and she could feel her pussy loosening up. Two inches. Two and a half inches. Three inches. Four inches. Five inches. Six inches. Six and a half inches and it stopped short of the full seven on account of it hitting her cervix deep inside her.

His cock was much longer and a lot wider than her hairbrush handle was. Tabby felt as if her pussy might tear. As he continued to work his cock in and out of her Tabby felt the walls of her pussy relaxing as they stretched to accommodate him. Soon that tearing feeling was gone and all she could feel was how good it felt to finally have some dick in her.

Tabby leaned back and used her arms to buttress herself as her teacher began to thrust harder and faster. Tabby was beginning to feel faint as she started to hyperventilate in all of the excitement. Her pussy began to quiver and she felt as if she was going to cum. Tabby looked up and she could see that her teacher was going to cum as well. While she wanted more than anything to cum at the same time as him, Tabby definitely did not want to get pregnant.

As her teacher pounded his cock inside her pussy she could feel it getting extremely stiff and large. She tried to recall when her last period was and if she was near her ovulation date. Her mind was too fuzzy. She wanted to cum. Suddenly he thrust real hard into her and Tabby could feel a sense of warmth deep inside her belly. He was cumming!

Since it was too late to do anything about it Tabby closed her eyes and bucked at her teacher with her feet letting him know he should continue to fuck her. He opened his eyes to see his petite student beginning to show beads of sweat on her brow. Her face contorted as if she were having a scary dream and then he felt her pussy begin to squeeze his cock in pulsating contractions.

Tabby let out a high pitched squeal and then a loud moan. Not wanting anyone to hear her in the hallway or a neighboring classroom her teacher pulled her up so her face got buried into her chest. She continued to moan, but not it sounded muffled as if she were moaning into a pillow. She wrapped her arms around him and he did the same to her. They held each other in an intimate embrace.

As the endorphins ran dry in her brain Tabby began to think again. She thought about pinching herself just to make sure what happened really happened. Her teacher drew back to look at her and she gazed up at him. He told her how amazing he felt with her. How incredibly beautiful she was. Tabby felt amazing and beautiful. She had just (possibly) begun a relationship with an older man. Screw all of the other girls in her class that were dating jocks. She was better than they were!

Her teacher told her that he would get some tissue so she could clean up and when he pulled out of her she instinctively put her hand between her crotch to keep his cum from dripping down onto her skirt. He returned with a wad of tissue and she used it to wipe herself up. Tabby squeezed her pussy a bit and more of his cum squirted out. Again she tried to remember when she had her last period.

With a Premium GFs you can watch youthful girls like Tabby as they seduce their teachers, their classmates and other girls. With one password you get access to over 30 solo model sites. Almost every girl is barely legal like Tabby is. A few of my favorites are Little Summer, Little Lupe and ” target=”_blank”>Chloe18. You might like Selina 18 or Paulina 18 more than my favorite three.

With 30+ girls you can have a dozen favorites and more than a dozen alternates to keep you company. Never spend another night alone!

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This small tits teen is simply too cute for words. However, this being a blog I am going to put down a few anyway.

Her name is Marina Sunny. You can find more sets of her on Her look is very barely legal and soft. She is a girl next door for sure. Her small tits have some cute pink nipples that beg for you to suck on them.

Taking her clothes off would be like unwrapping the greatest gift from God ever bestowed on a man.




I am usually a cleft of Venus kind of guy. In this case I think I can make an exception.



Makes you wish you could have been there the first time she played with her pussy doesn’t it?

Get your membership and see the rest of her!

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small tits

Back in the day I had a friend that couldn’t stop gushing about this girl he met at school. She was from Columbia and she didn’t look like the other "Mexican" chicks. There was something more exotic about her look. Plus, she looked like she was twelve years old or something!

When I laid my eyes on her I didn’t immediately fall for her. My thing at the time was sandy blonde surfer girls. My buddy became chummy with her and she invited all of us over to go swimming at her house. If seeing her in a bikini didn’t make me want her, nothing would.

Her parents house was huge. My buddy and I wondered aloud to each other about whether or not her father was some drug king pin or something. She told us he was a lawyer. We assumed his clients were drug kind pins then.

Once we got to the pool she removed her towel and we were introduced to the thong bikini look. I actually had to sit down because her tanned skin and that Columbian booty of hers was making my dick hard. My buddy sat down as well and gave me a look that said we had stuck gold.


Tobie Teen knew we were tripping on her booty and style of bathing suit. She flashed us a smile and then dove into the pool. While she was under water we were high fiving each other and fist pumping like a heavy metal band on stage. As if on cue we went back to cool, calm and collect once she surfaced.

Our little Columbian beauty wanted to know if we minded if she went topless. There was a dramatic pause while we tried to process what we had just heard. At the same time we both blurted out that it would be just fine. Tobie untied her bikini top and tossed it are way.


When she got out of the pool Tobie’s bikini bottom was almost completely see through. Either she didn’t grow hair yet or she shaved it off because her pussy was. THERE! Bare and there. Not only that her perky small tits were very hard. And. There! They didn’t bounce at all when she walked over to us to get her towel.


Try as we might we could not keep our eyes off of her tiny slit and her boobies. She muttered something about how us American boys only think with our dicks. Then she asked if we were going to swim too. Both of us were rock hard. Getting up was the last thing we wanted to do. I realized if I sprinted to the pool and jumped in they would both be to my backside so they wouldn’t see my hardon. I bolted!

My buddy realized what I was doing and he quickly deduced that if he jumped in before I surfaced he would be able to do the same thing. He bolted for the pool as well.

After we surfaced Tobie’s mother came out of the house wearing a bright yellow bikini. She was the polar opposite of Tobie Teen. Her big tits looked like they were going to spill out of her tiny suit. Her booty was huge, but hard as a rock. It didn’t giggle much when she walked. With her small waist her body made a perfect hourglass.

She stopped next to Tobie and gave her some stern words in Spanish. We had no idea what she said, but it must have been about putting her top back on because she reluctantly fetched it and did so. While she was grabbing it from the ground my buddy and I were treated to a very inviting shot of her young booty.

It took about an hour for us to loose our hardons and get out of the pool with the mother daughter Columbian combo sunning before us. I could tell Tobie’s mother didn’t like us much. I couldn’t blame her. We were both mind fucking her daughter. Shit, we were both mind fucking her and her daughter.

Mind fuck Tobie Teen and her nubile body tonight. Her small tits are so cute with her tan lines. Her little fanny is just plump enough to be a booty without taking over the show.

Tobie does hardcore, softcore and lesbian videos. With a Legal Bait Pass you can get her and all of her friends. Check it out!

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I think the last time I saw something like this it was while I was still in school. A friend of mine went down the slide while we were at the park and she was wearing a skirt. At the end of the ride she instinctively parted her legs to land and I got a great view of her panties. From then on she was my favorite fantasy at night for months. It wasn’t until I actually got inside those panties on Prom night that I switched up the visual to her actual pussy. Then again, I still came back to this shot in my memory ever now and then. Even after we broke up.

Every now and then I used to tease that girl about her little girls panties. She would get so flustered about it. While all of the other girls were switching to thongs and lacey style panties she still preferred her cotton bikini style ones. Not that I wanted her to change. I actually enjoyed her panties. I must have unloaded a gallon or two of cum into those things when I jerked off into them in the bathroom!


This shot reminds me of her in our motel room after the Prom. She wanted to be "sexy," but she had no idea how to do it. She gave me a very silly strip show during which we both laughed hysterically. The high point was in receiving my first blowjob. We had fucked a few times before that, but nothing can match the softness and warmth inside a girls mouth!

Normally I could last hours if need be. My friends always joked that I should become a porn star because I could cum on cue. But this time I came in three or four minutes. I wanted her to think giving blowjobs was cool. It worked. She gave me a blowjob a few times a week after that. She would always ask for pointers and tips on how to do it better the next time. Who ever married that bitch owes me!


It really is too bad more girls don’t wear these old style panties anymore. When I got with my current girlfriend I actually tricked her into thinking a pair I had plucked from a past girlfriend decades before were brand new and a present for her. God am I ever a bad man! LOL

But now I get to enjoy those panties all over again!

If you like the old school bikini panties I suggest you get a membership to Just as the sites name would suggest they have thousands of completely legal, but very young looking, girls wearing things only skinny girls can still fit into. Like their little old panties!

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There are two general rules in high school. The first is that any boy who tells you he doesn’t jerkoff is lying. If he is lying about his most basic instincts there is no telling what else he is lying to you about. The other rule states that if a girl tells you she never fooled around with other girls before she is either lying or just plain ugly. Cute girls with cute little bodies share them with each other. It is another basic instinct.

When you think about it those rules make perfect sense. They explain why guys are so shady in high school. And so fucking eager to get even the tiniest glimpse up a girls skirt. No matter how fleeting. They also explain why your girlfriend was able to hold out so long when it came to giving you sex. She probably already banged her best friend an hour before you got there!

Think about this for a second. How many times did you pull up to your girlfriends house only to find out her friend was "just leaving" and they both looked a little out of breath? They were fuzz bumping only minutes before you arrived. That is why!

Now is the time to get yourself a Premium GFs so you can get a first hand look at all of the action you missed during the drive over. The girls share their most intimate moments and secrets. There are over 30 teen solo models for you to explore.

Two of my personal favorites are Selina 18 and Paulina 18. Both girls have small tits, but Paulina’s are the tiniest of the two of them. Watching these two lick each others pussy and squeeze each others butts is going to make you rock hard. Seeing them stick their fingers into their tight pussies is going to make you blow your cum load all over the place.

Both girls do hardcore. Both girls invite other girls to their homes to practice sex. And when they are alone, both girls try their best to use household objects as stand ins for a big strong cock like yours!

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When VioletU was in high school all of the boys complimented her on her eyes. She didn’t think she was that beautiful though. In fact, she thought she was just a plain-Jane kind of girl. What she didn’t know is that the boys were all too nervous to ask her out. They figured she would just turn them down. Violet ended up being alone most nights believe it or not!

Violet thought it was something to do with her. She figured something was wrong with her. To try and make herself stand out she got a tattoo. Sure it made her stand out, but not nearly as much as she thought it would. Guys still didn’t hit on her.

Then VioletU got a laptop with a webcam and she went online. Guys couldn’t get enough of her on her free teen cams. They often tipped her for getting naked and she really began to enjoy all of the attention. She thought it was exciting to feel like a Playboy Playmate for a change.

Now you can enjoy Violet’s webcam shows for free on the largest cam site in the world. Along with the teen cams they have lots of porn stars. Real porn stars! Who is going to direct them all? Hmm?

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It would appear that a cold breeze was blowing across the rocky beach on the day of this FemJoy shoot featuring Mira B. Her small breasts look so tantalizing with the addition of goose pimples and her hard nipples. I bet you she would really enjoy having your warm mouth keeping those cold boobies company!

What is it about young girls and goose pimples that makes the protector inside all warm blooded males come out? Nothing could be more natural than having Mira snuggle up to your warm body while you stroke her back with your warm hands. I bet she wouldn’t even fidget when she feels your hard cock on her tight little buns.




Mira is very flexible. Her leggy body can be contorted into any position you desire. Her favorite thing to do since she is so light is to be lifted up onto your shoulders against a wall and have you eat her pussy way up off of the ground. I think it has something to do with her need to feel vulnerable.

Get more small tits babes at They update daily and have been doing so for years. The pictures in the members area are up to 10 times larger than those above. We are talking huge. As in counting those goose pimples huge!

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When parents buy their teen girls cell phones they do so with their kids safety in mind. If their teenage girls have a cell phone they can do things like call for help or tell their parents where they going to be when plans change. Most parents want their best for their daughters so they get them way overpowered phones. The reality is that a girl only needs a simple cell phone, but most parents get them smart phones instead. Phones with high quality cameras and Internet connections.

If you are a perverted sum’bitch like me then this works in your favor. Silly girls put on skimpy outfits and take pictures of themselves all of the time. At this very second there are thousands of teen girls around the world taking sexy pictures of themselves to send to their boyfriends. Once those guys kiss and tell the pictures end up getting uploaded to Watch My GF.


Check out the perky small tits on these two. Right now these girls are the cutest they will ever be. I am glad they are taking pictures to document the occasion.




Get the entire set and more at!

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I find it funny how girls do everything in their power to avoid this look. No I am not talking about the barely legal finger in the mouth look. Women spend big money trying to get back to that look again. I am talking about the stringy haired look. My own GF will do stuff like rub talcum powder into her hair to dry it up to avoid even the minimalist case of stringy hair. Why?

The funny shit is that guys love this look. Guys don’t know it is a fashion faux pas. They grew up reading Playboy and looking at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. In them they saw girls with wet stringy hair at the beach or all oiled up for a photo shoot. To guys stringy hair is sexy. Maybe it is because it reminds them of what a girl looks like after a hot and sweaty sex session?

Emily 18 has plenty of stringy hair photo sets and even a few videos of her sporting the hairdo. I am a big fan of giving a congratulation over hating on someone for looking like a hawt slut after a heated night of sex. I wish everybody felt that way. We might see world peace in 2013!

In this particular set you also get to see a very fluffy and full Emily18. Probably the most chubby set she has. I like her barely legal petite sets and I like her thicker sets as well. What can I say? I am an equal opportunity teen sex fiend!

So enjoy this chunky Emily 18 picture gallery and have a great week!

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I am sure there is a name for this, but I can’t remember it right now. Anyway. This is a game where you give the order in which you would bang the girls above from left to right, front to back. Of course this is only hypothetical. Like if you were still in high school who would you give the hot sausage to who first?

I’ll go first: 51876423

There are tons more teen cheerleader pictures on Teenie Cheerleaders to continue this game. Leave your numbers below in the comment section. Enjoy!

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Sometimes a girl has to use a little improvisation to get her point across. This girl from Sweet Apples wants to get laid. To let her boyfriend know she wants to get laid she improvised a Playboy Bunny costume by using the stuff she already had in her home. One look at her and he knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to lose her virginity in a bad way!

Lets break down her costume shall we? We will go from head to toe. She started off with some white nylons she got one year with a Christmas dress. Or was it Easter? Who cares. they look a lot sexier on her now than they did back then. That is for sure!

Right after that she repurposed her leotard from dance class. Girls in leotards are always cute. It is why the gymnastics portion of the Olympics gets so many guys to watch. That and female diving. Oh, and don’t get me started on female water polo. Those girls are constantly pulling each others bathing suit tops over trying to get the ball!

The next thing in line on her bunny outfit is a fuzzy bowtie. She got that from her mom’s collection. Lord knows how many sex sessions that thing has seen!

Finally she has those rabbit ears that tie this costume together. Without those we might not make the connection and she might not get laid. Just kidding. The white leotard was plenty enough to get her laid.



Sure, she is missing a little cotton tail to put the final touch on her fuck-me-now-please bunny costume, but who is going to tell her she missed it? Kind of hard to do with her young titty in your mouth. Better to keep your mouth clamped around her nipple and power through it.




I wish I could show you the entire photo on this last shot. God is her pussy hungry! It is eating her leotard just enough to let you know exactly what her pussy looks like without you even having to see it naked. You can also tell she shaves.

At Sweet Apples they have dozens more photos of her as she slowly removes her costume to reveal the perkiest little titties you will ever see. Her pussy is as smooth as a babies bottom. Well, as smooth as her bottom actually.


How’d you like to bounce a quarter off of that little tushy?


Well. Are you going to deny her?

Don’t be a douche. Tour Sweet Apples and show this girl some love. Did I mention the video? You have to see the video!

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Growing up I had a crush that used to live a few doors down from me. She had a blonde friend that used to come over that was equally cute. The blonde was a bit out of my league and I was partial to brunettes so I always focused most of my attention on the brunette. She looked a lot like Chloe 18. Her friend Stacy looked similar to the blonde above. Maybe that is why I never got into blonde girls? They all look the same to me.

Anyway, these two were just beginning to like boys and I was lucky enough to be their test subject when it came to experimentation. This gallery from reminds me of a game we once played.

Our parents were all friends and thought of us all as siblings. What they didn’t know is we didn’t think that way. It worked to our advantage when the parents would all go to a bar for happy hour leaving us home alone to explore each other’s bodies.


Things started getting interesting when Chloe and Stacy began to notice my obsession with their hind regions. Both girls chloe-18/5746/teen.htm”>small boobs were filling in and their butts were becoming fleshy. Whenever I thought I could steal a glance without them seeing me I would. Occasionally I got caught.

One night they got together and busted me red handed. Stacy was wearing some pink terry cloth shorts that showed her ass cheeks and Chloe 18 was wearing some striped ones that were just as short. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of their teen booties.

The girls were going to make chocolate chip cookies and I watched from a seat at the kitchen table a few feet away. Both girls kept dropping things on the floor and bending over to pick them up. They found every reason imaginable to bend over the counter. My dick was beginning to get stiff and I kept having to think about things like snails to keep myself from pitching a pup tent in my pants.


Simultaneously the girls went from bending over to spinning around so their eyes were right at the same position their butts were only a second beforehand. They both wanted to know what I was looking at down there with giggles and laughter. I stuttered a bit and Stacy pulled her shorts up her butt asking me if that was what I was looking at. They could tell by the look on my face what the true answer was to that question.

Then Chloe got down on her knees and started kneading Stacy’s ass cheeks. She asked me if I liked her butt and I slowly nodded my head. The girls burst into laughter when Chloe brought up how red my face was getting.

Both girls stood up and pulled their shorts down to show off their butts. My dick uncontrollably began to grow down the leg of my pants. This of course brought more laughter from the girls. My face was beet red by this point. My embarrassment was clearly visible.

That is when Chloe took pity on me. She moaned for me in sympathy and told me not to feel embarrassed. Both girls reassured me that they liked the fact that I was turned on by them. They walked over to me using that one foot in front of the other high heeled walk girls do when they are being sexy and trailed their fingers up my legs starting at the knee.

As Chloe’s fingers reached my cock she lightly gripped it between her thumb and forefinger giving it a squeeze. Stacy’s hand cupped my balls lightly squeezing them as well.

Chloe half asked, half commanded, "How about you let us see it?"

By then I was like putty in their hands. I didn’t answer and they took that as a yes. The girls quickly undid the buttons of my jeans. They gave them and my underwear a quick tug allowing my cock to pop out bouncing against my tummy.

"WOW!" The girls exclaimed. They then showered me with compliments about how big it was. Stacy said something about how it was much bigger than her little brother’s penis.

Chloe reached forward and grabbed it. As she did some precum came out of the tip. The girls looked at each other before sticking out their tongues and lowering their heads. Both of their tongues touched the head of my cock at the same time. I wanted to explode into their mouths right there and then. More precum came out and they tongue wrestled trying to be the one to lap it up.


At the time it didn’t occur to me that they had just, in effect, kissed with tongue. I was too busy enjoying the sensations of having such a soft body part roll over the most sensitive part of my body. Stacy began to play with my balls while Chloe began to stroke my dong. As I watched they used their tongues all over the head, and up and down the shaft of my cock.

Stacy pulled back and let Chloe have some solo time with my cock. Chloe took half of it into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. It felt amazing. Just as I was getting into her rhythm she pulled away and it was Stacy’s turn. She did the same as Chloe for a bit and then tried to go further down my cock taking about two-thirds of it into her mouth before gagging and pulling away.

The challenge was on. Now each girl would blow me for a few bobs up and down before ending it by trying to take more of my cock into her mouth than the previous girl had. Neither of them could get past three-quarters of the way down my cock. While it was that far in their mouths the sensations were out of this world. So warm; so wet; so soft. It was time to blow my load!

I timed it so I could cum in Chloe’s mouth since she was my crush. When it was time I gave her the courtesy of tapping her head to let he know I needed to blow. She pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and stroked the wet shaft with her hand. My balls exploded and she moaned in surprise as my spunk began to shoot into her mouth.

Stacy looked on expectantly like she wanted some too. I tapped Chloe again and she looked at Stacy as my sperm was still firing into the back of her throat. Chloe pulled away and Stacy got into position, but not before a shot hit her in the chin. Chloe grabbed a glass off of the table and spit my load into it before going down to lick my cum off of her friends chin. By then my sperm flow had stopped spurting and Stacy turned to meet Chloe with a kiss.

As I watched these two beautiful girls traded my future offspring between their mouths. Suddenly it was as if the wave of passion subsided and they came back down to reality. They broke their kiss and both began to giggle again. Chloe noticed more cum running down the fingers of her hand she still had wrapped around my cock and she lapped it up. Another bit of cum oozed out and also tried to get away, but not before Stacy got that gob too.

The girls remained on their knees watching my penis shrink, and as it did, more goo come out of the top. Just then they remembered their cookies and we all looked at the stove as smoke began to billow out of it. They bounded over to the stove and removed the cookies. Chloe turned on the exhaust fan while Stacy pushed open the kitchen window.

Chloe 18 looked at the time and called out that our parents were do home soon. I took this as my cue to put my pants back on. The girls ditched the cookies and turned off the stove before washing the pans. As I watched I couldn’t help but feel as though it was all a dream. Only minutes ago they were trading my sperm in a kiss.

Once their mess was picked up the girls bolted upstairs to Chloe’s room and locked the door. I could hear them giggling as they recounted to each other what had happened.

Over time we would progressively get more involved sexually. Eventually Stacy moved away and it was just Chloe and I. Two quasi-siblings having sex every time our parents left us alone! is part of the Premium GFs network. You get over 30 solo models and more multi-model sites for one price. Take the Chloe 18 tour and you will be amazed by the quality, quantity and barely legal beauty of the girls!

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