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This is one little cutie with small tits I wouldn’t mind having as a DJ for my life’s soundtrack. Her name is Rachel Sexton. She has been modeling for a few years now, but you wouldn’t know it. She never ages. Her body looks as nubile now as it did when she started just days after her eighteenth birthday.

Rachel Sexton has a tight body from any angle you look at it. Her ass is rock hard. Her legs are lean and limber. Her stomach is tight without looking too much like a wash board. Her pussy is out of this world!



Rachel’s main goal in life is to be happy without taking from the happiness of others. She really enjoys modeling and being naked in general. Despite what Oprah says, some girls really do enjoy traipsing around their apartments in the nude!

Join and switch out that drumstick for your fuck stick!

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Girls and boys handle masturbation differently. Boys can just look down and see their cock, and their balls. Girls have to use a mirror to see their nether regions. If they experiment with other girls they will notice that their pussy might look very different then that of the girls they play with.

Possibly for this reason girls will often play with themselves while using a mirror. Something most guys don’t do. I once caught the sister of a friend of mine playing with her pussy while leaning up against her mom and dads bed using their full length closet mirrors.

She was a year younger than I was and she had a major crush on me. His sister was cute and she had perky new breasts. They were barely going from A’s to B’s and would eventually fill out into C’s before she finally graduated high school. Her pussy was naturally hairless around the lips with only a small patch of thin hair on top. This allowed me a very clear view of what she was doing to herself.

There were no lights on in the hallway I was standing in so she could not see me, but her parent’s room was brightly lit. I found her in there when I awoke in her brother’s room to the sounds of somebody moving around the house. I assumed it was her brother getting off of work. Her brother and I were supposed to drive to Vegas that night when he got off to enjoy the Super Bowl in Vegas.

Quietly hopping out of bed, I crept to the door and opened it just a crack. I saw his sister creeping out of her room into her parents room. Her parents had flown to the actual Super Bowl the night before for a vacation. I wondered what she was up to. I checked my watch and saw that her brother wasn’t due home for another hour. The bath turned on and I could hear sounds of her playing with the water. I went to investigate.

After carefully peaking around corners and tip toing down corridors I found her naked in her parents bathtub. She was on all fours with her head under the faucet water washing shampoo out of her hair. Her young boobs were so hard and perky they didn’t sag, or hang down at all. I whipped out my dick and instantly started stroking it without any consideration as if doing so was all instinct.

As I watched my buddy’s sister she seemed to be finishing up her bath before I was ready to cum. I put my dick back into my pants and crept back into her brothers room with the door barely open listening for her. As I listened she brushed her hair and sounded as if she were coming my way. Then nothing. I sat there and started counting. By the time I got to thirty I was intrigued. What was she doing?

At this point I tucked my hardon into the waist of my pants and quietly walked over to her parents door. Peering around the corner I saw her sitting on the floor while leaning against their bed. She had her legs parted wide. She was checking out her pussy in their full length closet door mirrors!

From my vantage point I could see her, but she couldn’t see me. I was looking through the gap between the door and the doorjamb. My cock fell out of the waistline of my pants reminding me it was time to stroke. I released it from the zipper quietly and began to beat off to the sight in front of me.

My friend’s sister, Holly, was pulling her lips open and trying to see up inside her vulva. After that she put a finger inside her pussy and pulled it out looking at the wetness on it. She sniffed her finger and then stuck it into her mouth and tasted it! I thought about how great it would have been to have had a video camera!

Once her pussy made enough wetness she brought some up to her clit and rubbed it in slow circles. She parted her lips with her other hand so she could maximize the sensations her clit was receiving. After several seconds of this she released her pussy lips and brought her other hand up to caress one of her nubile breasts.

Several more minutes went by of her caressing her boob before she used her hand to jamb two fingers into her pussy. I could tell she was massaging her gspot and wondered if she knew what she was doing. Suddenly she started to cum. As she did her body jerked forward. I watched as she moaned several times, her body twitching. She ended up in a heap doubled over on to herself, breathing in a labored fashion.

Before she could find me I backed away from her parent’s bedroom door and back towards her brothers room. As I did so my eyes caught sight of her clothes laid out on her bed. In particular I noticed her bra and panties. I had to have a quick look. With my dick still in my head I tip-toed into her room and picked up her soft panties. As I rubbed them on my cock I heard a gasp and looked up.

Holly was standing there naked staring at me. She quickly covered her boobs and her crotch with her hands. I was just about to cum when she appeared and there was no stopping it now. My balls released their spunk into her panties as I leaned against her bed for support. Her bright pink panties turned red where my sperm began to fill them.

I looked up to find Holly standing there like a deer in headlights. She had a blank expression. Her eyes were fixed on her panties. I pulled them off of my cock and kneaded more sperm out of my cock. It dripped into the pool of sperm that was quickly saturating her undergarment.

Again I looked up to find Holly just standing there. What was she thinking? I gave my cock another jerk and more cum dripped into her panties. Further tries brought a bit more fluid, but no more gobs of cum. I didn’t know what to do next. My cum drip show seemed to have stopped time between her and I, and I didn’t want time to start up again if it was going to have a negative outcome.

Just then headlights shined on her window blinds. Her brother was home. I walked over to Holly and handed her back her panties. She looked at me still in shock. I bent in and kissed her with a peck and then darted passed her into the bathroom.

I heard Holly close her door and wondered what she was thinking. I leaned against the counter and while I contemplated how to handle the ordeal I noticed what looked like the lace trim of a pair of panties peaking out of the hamper top. I lifted it and right on top of the hamper were a soiled pair of Holly’s print panties! Instinctively I checked the crotch to find a snail trail left there by her pussy juice. One sniff and I instantly felt like I was in heaven.

My pussy high ended when Holly’s brother knocked on the bathroom door telling me to pinch it, we needed to get on the road. I put the panties back into the hamper and flushed the toilet as if I were actually using it. Then I looked back at the hamper and decided to put her panties in my pocket. I was going to have a souvenir.

At Watch My GF you can relive the most intimate times of your life or hop on board and take part in the most intimate parts of other people’s lives. The site gets updated regularly throughout the week and is part of a larger network with sites like Me and My Asian. This is one trip you will want to go on!

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Imagine walking in on your friends sister while she is diddling her little pussy with a purple vibrator. Now stop imagining it and start doing it with Chloe 18. She is naughty. She is kinky. She is young and eager to learn all of the new sexual positions you are willing to show her.

Chloe is a chloe-18/6355/teen.htm”>barely legal teenager in Los Angeles, California. While all of her friends were signing up for another four years of school Chloe decided to forego higher learning for something a lot more fun. Chloe always had an exhibitionist streak in her. She liked the attention flashing her lace trimmed panties to men at the mall got her. She especially liked the shy ones that got noticeably uncomfortable as their dicks got hard in public.

Who could avoid getting a hard cock when Chloe’s panties fit so snuggly against her pussy cleft that they get sucked inside? Certainly not me! I am a big fan of camel toe!

Get the Premium GFs and you can enjoy, plus over 30 other teen models. Take her tour for a visual list of all of her friends.

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Watching two girls kissing never gets old. I could watch it for hours so long as it is real. Abby Winters features beautiful girls REALLY kissing. They don’t spit in each others mouths or moan like a banshee. They kiss passionately like girls do when they get home from class and want to blow off some steam with a friend.

My fascination with watching girls kiss started when I was in middle school. I had heard rumors that two girls were getting friendlier than normal. By then I was already getting friendly than normal with girls. I did some thinking and figured I should try looking for them in the places I would have taken a girl without my parents knowing.

Eventually I caught the girls kissing in one of their backyards. They were on the side of the house with no windows and they were not only kissing, they were fondling each others boobies. From where I was I could see them through a hole in the fence without anyone else seeing me on account of being behind a hedge row of bushes.


While I watched the girls played with each others boobs and made motions as if wanting to go lower, but neither of them would take the plunge into her friend’s panties. I got my cock out and stroked myself off quickly not knowing how long this was going to go on for.


Soon the blonde girl pulled her brunette friend’s dress up over her head, removing it and exposing her perky little breasts. My cock got hard again real quick and I resumed my jerking. Next the brunette stripped the blonde down too. They sat in the grass pinching each others hard nipples wearing only their panties. Again they kept bringing their hands down to each others legs and stomachs, but didn’t have the courage yet to explore inside the other girls panties.


Before the girls could get to the next level I heard one of them being called for by her mother. They hurriedly put their dresses back on and exited the side yard.

At Abby Winters there are no pesky parents around to spoil the fun. You get to watch girls with no previous knowledge of each other with curiosity about bi-sexuality explore each other and recount their past explorations with other girls in their lives. The videos are highly erotic and extremely personal.

Members enjoy up to a dozen updates every week. This is one website subscription you won’t want to cancel!

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There is a reason I have been a member of for six years running. It has to do with the fact that they update the site three times a day (sometimes more) and the fact that they add three new models every week. Even after six years as a member I still haven’t seen all there is to see. I still find girls that blow me away.

This is Nubiles Kennedy. She is a puffy nipples teen. You can actually search their members area for criteria like puffy nipples. Maybe I should officially put that down as a third reason I love this site?

I found Kennedy by accident. Most of the time when I login to my account I check the latest updates, but for an entire week I kept going straight in to a hottie I had my eye on for a while. Then I did a search for more girls like her by searching for puffy nipple girls in the shower. Bam! There was Kennedy in all of her puffy goodness!


As an added bonus Kennedy also has a very pink pussy. I am really particular about a lot of things when it comes to a girls body. I like those nipples and I really like a girl with a pink pussy. I don’t like red. I don’t like purple or brown. I like my pussy pink!

I don’t think I could have asked for a more pink pussy than hers is.

Watch that video of her soaping that tits of hers in the shower. Check out the pics by clicking on the pictures above. When you are done I am sure you will develop an infatuation with Nubiles like me!

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I haven’t seen Caprice from Joymii since I posted about her solo model site Little Caprice. That was three and a half years ago. My how time flies. She still has her small tits and her petite body. Caprice only got hotter with age.

What I really love about Caprice is her clit. As you can see it sits high on her pubic bone. Probably an inch and a half higher than most girls. I once dated a girl with a clit like hers and I used to love watching her rub it on stuff.

When most girls rub on things they straddle them. Like if a girl is going to hump the armrest of a couch she will put both legs on other side of it and sit down on it before rolling their hips forwards and backwards. Not this girl. She could “hump” the armrest just by leaning up against it and “bumping” into it. I caught her masturbating with the armrest of a couch and had she not been having an orgasm when I entered the room I wouldn’t have realized that was what she was doing.


Along with her small tits, petite figure and front facing clit Caprice also has a nice ass. I’d eat off of her ass nightly if she would let me. I am sure you would to. Find more of her and hundreds of other hot babes at!

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In this post we will celebrate one of the least recognized, most abundant, insanely beautiful resources the world has. They are in every city in the world. Every street has at lease one. I am referring to the girl next door. If you are unlucky enough to live on a street devoid of one I happily suggest you go to and enjoy over 1,000 of them!

Besides her perky small tits the thing that makes Zana so special is that you actually have a chance with her. Like Cramer’s wife on Cheers, when Zana lets her hair down and takes off her glasses she is actually pretty damn hot!


As you would expect this girl next door likes cotton print panties. To quote them, "What do I see?"




Only those Zana chooses to allow get to see her tattoo. She likes to call it giving the blue star treatment. Consider yourself lucky. Abby Winters updates up to twelve times a week. The girls are real. The orgasms are real. The situations are real. So no to fake porn and do something for real this time!

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What a wonderful set of puffy nipples on an equally wonderful set of naturally large boobs. These girls went camping and brought their boobies, but left their brains at home. They took pictures of themselves in their tent without really thinking things through. When you put four girls into a situation there is always going to be one of them with a blabber mouth. Or in this case, a need to share photos.

Those kinky photos of their nude camping experience went viral on The site started as a forum where users could join by uploading 25 good photos nobody had seen before. As the site grew they decided to let anybody who wanted to pay a small fee in even if they didn’t have any photos to share. This helps pay for the bandwidth of all of those photos.


Get instant access to xPosing and enjoy updates like these as guys from around the world upload photos in so many niches it will make your eyes bleed.

Okay, your eyes won’t really bleed, but you have to admit, these girls do make you want to bleed white cum out of your cock!

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Anybody that enjoys looking at younger looking girls in a matching print bra and panty set will love this gallery from FTV Girls. If you have never experienced their site I highly suggest you do. It is one of the few sites I have let rebill for years. Why? For two reasons: 1) They have hundreds of videos from hundreds of girls. Each girl does full length videos in very high resolutions. 2) I received a little tip I am going to pass on to you. After you join, go to cancel. It will then ask you if you would like to stay a member at a much lower rate. Say yes and you get all of the benefits with less of the bill!

Getting back to this little cutie in the cotton print panties. Isn’t she just adorable? Her cheeky little butt looks too cute in those panties. I want to stick my cock between her cheeks with her panties on and cum in her ass crack.


Don’t feel bad, sweetie. Plenty of guys enjoy girls with small tits like yours. Madison has four picture sets at FTV Girls and as many videos. Each of the girls on the site do several picture sets and videos. Some even come back for encore  performances later on.


Here Madison is peeing water out of her vulva. A girl I used to have a crush on back in the day used to do this with the water jets on her pool cleaner. I don’t know how we got to a point where she showed me, but it was mesmerizing. I went home and jerked off like 5 or 6 times to my mental recording of that!


Another thing that girl showed me was how she masturbated with the water jet. On that day I learned what a clit was. Prior to her showing me it wasn’t that I didn’t know where it was, it was that I didn’t even know it existed in the first place.

I guarantee you are going to go down some interesting paths on memory lane when you join There are so many girls and so many zany videos it is impossible not to find somebody that reminds you of an old flame.

Just incase you are wondering what zany means. check out this video of two girls eating each other out in an office park. Some lucky guy walks up and starts shooting some video of his own on his cell phone camera.

Go take the FTV Girls tour and see what you have been missing!

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Moms Bang Teens Eva Cole

If only we could be so lucky!

You don’t see a whole lot of MILF on my blog, and for that matter, you also don’t see a whole lot of big tits either. That can I say? Today is a special day.

We have all dated a girl during high school or college that had a mom that was as hot, if not hotter, than she was. Henceforth, we have all dreamed of banging them both at the same time. Incest? Fuck it!

At Moms Bang Teens they have step-moms have sex with their step-sons and step-daughters. They also have have sex with their respective others. It is a safe way to play out all of those fantasies we have all carried with us from our childhood. It is especially safe when your fantasy started later on with a mother you are dating and her young daughter.

Don’t do anything stupid in real life that will get you 20 years in the pen. Live out your fantasies with the hot moms and cute daughters on Moms Bang Teens. Just another way the Reality Kings are keeping themselves above the pack. If you aren’t a member you don’t know what you have been missing and you can score a sweet discount of 51% off at to make things all that much more sexy!

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Usually I like to know where I am going. That is why I like my Android phone. Unlike the iPhone it doesn’t navigate me into a desert sixty miles from my intended destination. But sometimes going off in random directions can be fun and adventurous. This is one of those times.

I am going to post some random pics featuring Ariel Rebel and her small tits. I have had a thing for her small tits ever since the first time I saw her. She is so cute and cuddly. While other solo models are getting to drugs and looking pretty used up, Ariel is still hotter than ever.

Ariel got into modeling back in 2005. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since she started. Mainly because she does look barely legal to this day. As a member you can get immediate access to her older stuff and anything new she puts out. Ariel is still very active and engaging with her members.


Perhaps the quality I like best in Ariel is that she loves to joke around. Her spunky attitude makes me feel younger. With Ariel you don’t have to feel weird about anything because she is weird about everything!


This picture of Ariel and Mandy eating ice cream on a bridge was taken about a year ago. Does Ariel Rebel look like she is 24 years old in that picture? Not to me. To me she looks like she could easily pass for a high school girl. Is Twenty-One Jump Street doing a squeal?


Ever spy on a girl when she is getting dressed? Girls like Ariel look like angels. Her body is so perfect. Whenever I think God might not exist Ariel’s body reminds me that he must. There is no way that kind of beauty happens by accident!


Here she is in something Christmassy. She reminds me of a flirtatious cousin. A girl you aren’t supposed to fall in love with, but cannot possibly help it when she is this cute.


This is a photo of Ariel from her first year of modeling. How old, or young, does she look now? has hundreds of photos sets and videos of this babe in every stage of womanhood. You can watch a ton of free Ariel Rebel videos on a fan site I created about her. It is pretty cheesy, but it is mine so it must be good!

Looking at that picture I just remembered how I first heard about Ariel. When she started she was on I couldn’t find a free gallery of Ariel there, but I did find another barely legal girl that got her start in porn at about the same time as Ariel.

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I love it when small tits girls do the whole push up the boobs thing trying to create cleavage completely missing the point of why guys adore them so much. Instead of wishing they had bigger boobs they could be spending their time noticing the guys that enjoy them for their small tits and be happy with themselves.

Psychologically it is probably for the better that Bombshell23 couldn’t find comfort in her small boobs. A driving need to hear men tell her how hot she is most likely drove her to being a web cam model. Well, that, and the money!

Enjoy watching this young brunette coed shaking her body online. Shower her with praise and you just might get to see her pretty pink nipples without having to pay a dime. That’s right! You can chat with her without even joining the site. Guests can chat for free and I have been quite successful at getting girls to do more than tease!

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These days amateur girls from around the world are changing the face of porn and taking the world by storm. In this new digital age a girl can snap a pic and upload it to her social media sites in seconds. This flood of amateur self shot candids has begun to change how people view porn. Gone are the days of heading into that secret room at the video store, now you can fap to real people fucking right in the privacy of your own home at!

I know most of you are big time fans of girls with small tits. They have plenty of those kinds of girls there. They also have a huge assortment of teens with big tits too. This is one of the most well rounded candid photography sites I have seen of late.

They get the majority of their pictures from the girls themselves. Believe it or not Kim Kardashian and the Hotel Heiress have spawned an Internet phenomenon where girls are so eager to get noticed that they will do some of the darndest things. Like uploading photos of themselves sans clothing!


Personally I am a big time fan of small tits, but even I wouldn’t mind getting ridden by this hot babe while being smothered by her huge rack!

Take the tour and enjoy the boobs. Large or small!

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I came across an old Email from the webmaster at Total Super Cuties today and in it he was telling me about Angie. She is a very barely legal model he shot the day he sent the Email. This small tits blonde nymph popped into his office on her birthday. He made her go get her birth certificate, her drivers license and then gave her $100 and told her to get a non-student checking account.

When Angie came back with all three and they said she was 18 years old he went ahead and fired up the photography equipment. On that day she went from daddy’s little girl to a young woman eager to show the world she was an adult.

And show us she did. The webmaster recounted to me how she popped out of her clothes like magic. She had no qualms about posing nude. Angie informed him of the fact that she had wanted to pose nude for a long time. Angie told him she liked to strip nude and hang out in her room that way when her parents were home. When they were away she liked to walk around the house nude!


Angie has a pussy like a peach with a little gash in it. Her outer lips are very puffy making her shorts go full camel toe. At first she was embarrassed by this, but eventually she began to enjoy the attention having a camel toe pussy got her. Knowing that boys could see her pussy slit through her clothing helped prepare her for getting naked on film.


Less than a millimeter of material separates Angie’s pussy from your tongue!


When Angie put the broomstick on her butt like this the photographer asked her if she had ever thought about doing anal. She said she had and that she had practiced several times. Cumming with something in her butt made her orgasm so much more intense!

There was a lot of drool on the floor the day of that shoot.

You can pick your jaw up off the floor if you want. has plenty of hot body babes in all shapes and sizes. Angie has taken the cake on the petite end of the spectrum and girls like Total Super Cuties Laura take the cake on the larger end.

Oh, and before I forget, Total Super Cuties Angie has 22 updates with seven videos!

2257 Data can be found here.

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Even though George Michael hasn’t performed in concert as a musical duo with his Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley since 1991 that hasn’t stopped the beautiful AshleyR from wearing 80’s pop inspired outfits on her free teen webcam shows.

Ashley has some of the hottest green eyes you will ever see. She also has some very perky small tits and a teen body that will rock your world. Like most girls her age she got into performing on web cams the old fashioned way. she started out just talking to guys and progressed from there.

While sitting in one of her favorite chat rooms a girl she knew informed her of the money she could be making if she did the same thing she was doing then, only at instead. AshleyR loves to touch her teen pussy and gets off knowing guys are watching her.

You can talk to Ashley for free. She is very outgoing and has a great personality. I got her to flash me those cute little boobs of hers for free. I had to tip her though to see her vag. Totally worth it though!

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