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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/27/19 - Write A Comment!

There are times in your life that you just don’t know what will happen to you. Take any given Saturday. You might be changing the oil on your car. Or perhaps you are skimming leaves out of your pool. Or maybe you are just cruising to the store in your car – slow and low, now here’s the tempo!

The point here is that you don’t know what is around the corner or even where you will start from. What you do know is where you will eventually end up. Why? Because instead of being a sucker you decided to get an All Fine Girls discount for 85% off and so you know what you will be doing at the end of the day – and sometimes much sooner.

Why get one of these discount passes? Because life is fucking boring and you are past your prime. But you don’t have to be. You can invigorate your life. All Fine Girls is your chance to tell the world, “I am not dead yet, fuckers! Girls… come to daddy!”

Now there are going to be those who think you are nuts. You are way too old to be salivating over girls who are young enough to be your daughters, or granddaughters, but those people don’t like to live life to its fullest. They are haters. They are detractors. Fuck ’em! Get yours while your dick still works. And as always, thanks for reading!

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