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Teen with small tits playing in ocean

Looking at this picture of Isabella 18 reminds me off a girl I once had the pleasure of seeing the first time I went to a nude beach. I was 19 and my girlfriend at the time invited me to go to a nude beach I didn’t even know existed. I was amazed at the sights you could see. In particular was the sight of a barely legal girl with perky young boobs and a killer body. Her ass was divine!

It was hard not to notice this girl and I was afraid my GF would flip if she caught me looking at her sun kissed body as she was frolicking in the water wearing only her bikini bottoms. To my surprise my GF brought her to my attention telling me how cute she looked. Was this some kind of trick?

My girlfriend took off her own top and let her D-cup boobs hang. She walked to the water letting them bounce. They made quite a spectacle and the entire beach watched the show, or so it seemed. I thought it somewhat comical how my friends all raved about her huge tits and I wasn’t particularly fond of them.

The barely legal girl with the small tits stopped to take notice of my girlfriend and they exchanged introductions. The girl couldn’t take her eyes off of my GF’s enormous rack. Was she a big tits fan as well? Did she wish her own boobs were that big? I hoped not. I thought her perky boobs were darling enough just as they were.

Over time my GF got this college coed to bring her stuff over to our spot and I got to enjoy the up close view of her from behind my sunglasses.

When the day was drawing to an end my GF asked her if she would like to go back to our hotel to shower and find some clubs to try and get into. The younger girl said yes while gazing right at my girlfriend’s huge rack of boobs. Plus one for a threesome?

Find more pics of this beautiful teen girl on Isabella 18.

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Work sucks. Even when you are a writer for porn blogs work can suck. One thing that always refreshes my batteries is chatting with teen girls for free. Today I decided to try it out on my mobile phone while I took a break on my back patio.

Before Android there was no way to chat with girls on a mobile phone. Now you can chat with girls and have a picture quality equal to that of your computer. This is truly amazing technology. The next time I go on some boring retreat with some friends I now know I can excuse myself for an hour and chat with girls to spice things up a bit.

There are lots of small tits cam girls to choose from. Even on the mobile site your options are extensive. Most of them will chat for free and many will expose themselves if you know the right way to ask.

Use your mobile phone to find free teen webcams anywhere and at anytime. Hurry up, the girls are waiting.

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Do you remember the part in the movie Contact when the billionaire tells the main character about the first rule in government spending? He says something about not settling for one thing when you can have two for twice the price. Well, this is sort of like that. Why settle for one Abby Winters gallery when you can have two and they are both free?

This time we also have two girls in the gallery. Why have only one when two are twice as nice?

Both girls have small tits and a flirtatious nature about them. Seeing them frolic in their clingy panties is almost too much to bear. (Did somebody get their dose of the Great Gatsby last night?) Somehow, though, I think we will find a way to manage.

With Abby Winters you get a whole different perspective on teen sex. They use real girls from Australia without resorting to cookie cutter bullshit. The worst part about most porn sites is that they are all the same. Abby lets the girls explore their individuality in exciting and fresh ways.

Again, do something different and exciting this time. Give Abby Winters a try, will us old sport?

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Phillipa masturbation hand in her panties

One of the things you really begin to miss as you get older is watching real girls masturbate in real ways. While doing this job I either buy or receive dozens of teen porn site memberships a month. Even with all of that porn at my finger tips I still get tired of it all. I want to watch the girl next door rub her pussy!

There is only one site that gives me my girl next door fix in a consistent way and it is called Abby Winters. I have been a member of this site for almost and entire decade. Even after all of that time I am still not caught up on the updates. I don’t think it is possible to catch up at this point. That is one of the beautiful things about this site. You know there will always be more waiting for you tomorrow.

Have an intimate moment with the girls from down under on Abby Winters.

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With the price of a decent college education starting in the low twenty-thousands it isn’t too surprising that many coed girls out there are flashing their small tits and their cute smiles on live naked cams. Many girls out there are finding that doing cam shows pays better than the career they were studying for anyway. If they continue with school it is only as a backup plan. For them, making money online is more fun and rewarding then siting in a cubicle.

Webcams used to be super expensive. Some still are. You can watch entire webcam shows for much less than you would think by sticking to girls doing Gold Shows. These shows allow you to tip the girl a bare minimum amount and that is it, unless you want to tip her more.

As you can see above Rachell is racking up tips trying to get her show started. Many of the models will still do the show even if they don’t hit their target amount. In this case that is exactly what Rachell did. As you can see I wasn’t even logged in so I didn’t tip or watch the show when it started, but I was treated to her small tits and I got to watch her bate her little pussy.

Stop paying full price for cams when you can enjoy the show for pennies on the dollar and still get high quality live naked cams.

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Young webcam couple do a live sex show

Let’s pretend you are a king. As a king you would wear a crown. Now lets pretend you are not a king. actually, we don’t even have to pretend about that one. So you aren’t a king, so fucking taking off the crown you douche bag! The same goes for Emma here. You aren’t are girl with tits, Emma. Take off the fucking bathing suit top. It serves no purpose!

Emma and her boyfriend Eddie are doing what is called a Gold Show. The performer gets a little riskier in the free area than normal. This generates a lot of buzz. Once the performer has been tipped the amount they set ($274 in this case) the show starts. Anybody in the room can tip the performers. They usually set a minimum tip amount as well. In this room it was $3 which is about the average.

Once the tip amount they are looking for is met the show starts. The major difference between this kind of show and the normal one on one show is that you can watch this one for as little as $3. The minimum tip amount. Fucking awesome!

Watch live sex cams and do it for the cheapest price possible.

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Small Tits on Ariel Rebel

Young girls like Ariel Rebel have bodies you can only seem to find on young girls. By that I mean girls like Ariel have attributes like perky small tits that you don’t find on girls in their twenties, thirties or forties. When you have a preference for small boobs you have to strike while the iron is hot. Hesitate and she just might grow old on you.

Then again, where Ariel is concerned this rule doesn’t apply. She still looks every bit as young and nubile now as she did when she was barely legal. In fact, I think she is one of the rare gems that look just as cute today as they did in their barely legal days.

Get every photo and every video when you join Ariel still updates regularly and gives you access to dozens of solo model friends. Take the tour and check the join page for the long list and more details.

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Previously I have written a lot about getting caught masturbating. This time I will talk about catching somebody else. I decided to try catching somebody else masturbating based on my own experienced with getting caught. Could I now be the aggressor? Would she submit to me?

Back when my family wasn’t home and the house was empty I would slip into my sisters room to go through her things. Sometimes I would go through her clothes hamper looking for used panties. When I’d find them I would sniff the crotch and find them to be quite intoxicating. If I was super horny I would even lick them and taste her pussy.

After an olfactory reintroduction to my sisters used panties I was usually pretty horny. Enough so that I would take her panties with me over to her bed and jerk off into them. I loved the feeling of the cool, soft, puffy comforter on her bed almost as much as I enjoyed the feeling of her soft cotton panties on my hard cock.

During one of my expeditions into the princess lair of our home I found a naughty book. I could tell it was well read and I could also tell by looking at the cracking on the binder where it was most often opened to. It was a story about a girl that has sex with a professor in college. It was very dirty and included her sucking on his cock and letting him fuck her asshole. Up until then the thought never occurred to me to fuck a girl in that way.

Now I was 99.9% certain my sister masturbated. I wanted to watch her do it, but wasn’t sure how. My mind came up with all sorts of ideas. Some of them revolved around peeping at her in the shower. But then she might not masturbate in there. So they moved on to possibly drilling a hole in the walls between our rooms. If I got caught it would be really bad news. Then it hit me. What if I caught her masturbating?

To set it up I paid attention to her moods and habits. She was a pretty regimented person. I wondered if she only masturbated at night before bed or if she also did it during the daytime too.

When she was getting particularly edgy and possibly sexually frustrated I pretended to be going with some friends to a movie. She bit and the trap was set.

After about five minutes I reentered our house. I quietly tip-toed towards the stairs and was shocked to find her rubbing her pussy on the couch. I quickly back peddled into the entry way and peaked around the wall to watch her. Her hand was deep into her panties and it looked far enough that she was finger fucking herself.

Her breathing, which was already pretty heavy, started to get really heavy. Like as if she were running a marathon. Did I get that loud? She reached her other hand into her panties and began to rub her clit in unison with her finger fucking motion.

As she licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, I could tell she was ready to orgasm. I walked into the room loud enough to make my presence known. My sister opened her eyes and had a shocked look on her face. She then glanced down at my pants and saw my cock was pitching a tent. After that she just froze there looking at me.


I really didn’t know what to do. I was taking the sight in and wishing I had a camera. She looked back down at my cock again. I instinctively reached down and began to undo my zipper. She started moving the hand that was still inside her panties in circles around her clit, and gripped her small tit with her free hand, giving it a squeeze.

That was all I needed and it was off to the races. I had my cock out of my pants in less than a second. I walked towards her while jerking myself off for her enjoyment. Wanting to see her pussy I removed my clothes and looked at her expectantly. She quickly removed her own.

Her small tits were very perky. Even when she was lying on her back they stood straight up without sagging. Her pussy was shaved completely bare. I had seen it back when we were kids and, to be honest, it looked exactly the same. Smooth as a babies bottom and as pink as her shirt.

Now that I was totally naked I did some stuff I didn’t normally do like grip my balls and use two hands to jerk my cock off. She seemed to enjoy the show and used both hands on her pussy in the same arrangement they were in when I had entered the room. I moved a little to the right so I could see her finger go into her pussy.

I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but she was my sister. Jerking off in front of her and dreaming of fucking her is one thing. Actually fucking her is a whole different thing entirely. Besides, I was sure she didn’t have the same perverted feelings towards me as I had towards her. Or, to put it another way, the same feelings towards me as she might be having for her teacher.

Both of us were beginning to breath pretty heavy. I could tell I was going to cum within the next thirty seconds. As I increased my pace jerking off she seemed to get the hint and also increased her own pace as well. Just before she orgasmed I shot my load onto her chest. It hit her left boob. My next shots after the first landed increasingly closer to me with each burst.

My sister closed her eyes and she began to buck her hips. The hand she was using to rub her clit stopped and her legs closed, but I could tell she was still fingering her pussy. When her eyes opened again she smiled up at me and then looked down at the mess on her chest before smiling up at me again.

Cum was still dripping out of my cock when her orgasm was over and by then I was leaning over her to make sure it didn’t fall onto the couch. She gave me a look like "now what" once my balls were emptied.

I darted to the bathroom and got her a towel. I felt weird. Now that I had cum I felt paranoid. I knew our parents wouldn’t be home for hours, but it seemed like they could walk in at any minute and find their two naked children masturbating in front of one another. I guess you could say I felt exposed.

We both quickly promised to never tell anybody about what had just happened and went to our respective rooms. While in mine I wondered what she was doing in her own room. My dick started to get hard. I gripped it and wondered if maybe she was going to masturbate too.

Without hesitation I popped up out of bed and crept to my door. After opening it very quietly, I crept over to her door and got down on my hand and knees so I could listen for her heavy breathing through the gap between the bottom of her door and the floor. I could hear her muttering to herself, but not what she was saying. Then it went quiet. Suddenly I heard what sounded like her getting out of bed and I quickly, and quietly, scurried back into my room and closed the door.

I got into my bed and sat there listening quietly. She wasn’t as adept at spy techniques as I was and I heard her make a noise in the hallway. Then I heard what sounded like the carpet getting scraped. Was she doing the same thing at my door as I was trying to do to her?

Not wanting to disappoint my sister I started jerking off with enough fever to make my bed squeak ever so slightly. After some time I started to breath harder naturally and then kicked it up a notch so she could definitely hear me beyond the door.

My balls were ready to burst again. I quieted my breathing just enough to hear her labored breathing on the other side of my bedroom door. I thought to myself about how cool this was. I had no idea my sister got this horny.

When I came it shot straight up into the air and came back down right as the next shot went up. Cum fell all over me and I didn’t care. I only wished my sister could be in my room watching the fireworks. I heard a little yelp from her when her orgasm started. As I lay there listening I also heard her as she got up and crept back to her own room.

Again I lay there wondering if she was still horny. Again my cock started to get hard. I got up from my bed and used a shirt to wipe up my mess. Then I went to the wall and listened. Nothing. My cock was now rock hard again. Next I opened my door and crept over to her room. I got down on my hands and knees and listened for heavy breathing. Nothing.

While lying there on the floor I stroked my cock haphazardly not wanting it to go soft just in case. About a minute went by and I began to hear her breathing. Oh my God! She was doing it again!

Now I started jerking off faster realizing I had to catch up. She was probably already a minute in. As I listened her breathing got heavier and heavier. Occasionally her bed would make a small squeak. As more time went by her breathing and the squeaking got faster and faster. She was getting close.

It was at that moment that I realized I didn’t have anything to cum into. By now it was too late to go back to my room and get back in time to cum with her in unison. I pulled down my pants and underwear and pulled up my shirt. I was just going to have to cum all over myself again. Twice in one day!

We both came at the same time once more. I could hear her moaning a lot more this time. Had I not heard those sounds I probably wouldn’t have cummed very much, but they ratcheted up my orgasm. Once again my stomach and groin were covered in my own cum. I quietly got back up and headed over to my room.

After that day we started playing with ourselves in front of each other more often. Sometimes we would even race to see who can cum first. That sometimes led to us having rematches. Mostly they were two out of three, but once we went four out of seven. By game six my balls hurt from cumming too much and she won!

Emily 18 makes such a great stand in for all of the girls you have ever fantasized with. Her petite frame, baby face and small perky breasts make her a barely legal beauty you won’t be able to resist. Her site updates several times a week and her videos span all the way back to 2004!

Get instant download and streaming access to them at!

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Small tits skinny girl on cam

Sometimes I like girls that are nice and round like Emily 18. I want them to have a little bit of baby fat still on them. Today though, I am looking for a skinny girl with really small tits and Kylie is a perfect match with her button nose and braided hair.

I have dated girls like Kylie before. As with most girls with her tempera-ment there are upsides and there are downsides. The upside is that she is fun in bed. She likes to get directly to the sex. She can drink you under the table. She is good at just about everything. except for manors.

The bad thing is that girls like Kylie are capable of chewing you up and spitting you out. While she cloaks herself in a veil of confidence she is actually very self conscious on the inside. Played correctly you can use this to your advantage. Played incorrectly it can come back to bite you in the ass.

Watch free teen webcams and exploit girls like Kylie into giving you a show for free. It is totally possible. You just have to word your compliments right and occasionally follow them up with a dig to play on that self conscious wound in her soul.

Happy hunting!

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It is getting hotter and hotter out there. Almost time to make a river trip. While we are waiting we can enjoy some hot girls in tight clothes. Wet tight clothes that are very see through once they get wet. I have seen girls wearing getups like this one more often at the sandbars on the Colorado River. I am sure they are getting this risque elsewhere as well.

Is it perverted of me to enjoy hanging around the sandbars to look at the camel toe on girls half my age? I actually bought my boat just to enjoy this sort of thing. I can’t see it as being perverted since the girls will often ask me to take their pictures. It isn’t like I am stealing them.


When I cannot make it to the river I don’t let it stop me from enjoying some very wonderful sights like this one above. With I can enjoy looking at girls in wet clothing year around and so can you.

Find more pics of this girls small tits and enjoy the summertime blues all year long. With blues this hot who needs country? Get every gallery and every video at!

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It would seem that a hairbrush handle is a perfect facsimile for girls looking to pretend they are fucking their boyfriend’s cock. Just about every girl I have ever known has stuck their hairbrush handle up their pussy at some point between reaching puberty and graduating college. Some have even pleasured themselves by sticking brushes up their asses!

With ALS Angels you get to see what goes on behind closed doors. They give you unrestricted access to watch girls doing to themselves the things girls do when there are no boys around. This includes having sex and experimenting with other girls.

ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved. There isn’t a pubic hair to be found on the site. Every single pussy is shaved smooth and many of them wax so you can’t even count their hairless hair follicles. Most of the girls also have small tits. Watching them rub oil into their perky nubile breasts is worth the price of admission. Watching them fuck their hairbrush handles? Even better!

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I haven’t posted a hardcore gallery in a while and I thought it was high time I did so. This teen sex video and free gallery of pics deals with schoolgirls giving blowjobs for grades. A fine American institution that has been in place ever since girls have been allowed to attend curricular classes with their male counterparts.

Today’s Pure 18 video features Alice March. A sexy schoolgirl with a knack for making her teacher’s cock rock hard. What she lacks in skill when it comes to things like science and arithmetic she more than makes up for in things like deep throating a cock or taking a nasty facial.

Her sensational teen body starts off with a face that is too cute with soft features and pretty blue eyes. Moving down we can see some perky small tits with pink nipples and a waste that says, "Salad for me. I’m on a diet." After that we can see a shapely ass she uses when performing her equestrian talents. Put all of that into a schoolgirls uniform and you have a prescription that can cure any man of erectile dysfunction.

View the gallery here.


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I just found a new site for lovers of girls with small tits. It is called Zishy and it is out of this world. There are dozens of models and every last one of them could use some man sausage. I wouldn’t turn any of them down. That is not to say I wouldn’t sort them by how desirable they are individually. I am just saying they all deserve your cock.

The girls are all barely legal to graduating coeds in age. Most are petite and most have small tits. Many of the photo shoots include lots of camel toe pics.

In addition to the amateur girls the site has a nice price. You can view massive amounts of photos for free. Join and you get many, many more. The monthly subscription is less than a fast food meal and the yearly is less than movie tickets and popcorn for two.

Check out!

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[nggallery id=12]

She might be holding on to a pear, but Tianna from MPL Studios is as sweet as a peach. Her boobs are pretty big, but also pretty perky for their size. She has a mixture of girl next door qualities and drop dead gorgeous babe qualities. Her pussy is so fucking hot and pink. I would tongue fuck that hole of hers for hours. It really looks that yummy.

If you have never heard of MPL Studios I suggest you take their tour. The site has hundreds of models and each one of them is hotter than the last. Their girl on girl galleries are testament to the idea of something being larger than the sum of its parts. They aren’t doubly hot. They are triple wide, triple dog dare, three run Jimmy Jack hot!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check them out for yourself!

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