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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/18/07 - Write A Comment!

Bailey’s Room

And here we are. With life coming around full circle we are back inside Bailey’s Room.

I know what you are thinking. Why this girl? What is so special about her. Plenty of girls have a nice firm rack. Any chick with long enough hair can wear pigtails. What is so damn special about Bailey?

To be honest with you, I am not sure what it is about Bailey that turns me on. So I will do some thinking and see what turns up.

It could be her flirtaceous ways. She is always giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Bringing us back to those high school days where a peek might as well have been a full blown porno because when we got home it was all about turning on the sink (for some background noise) and masturbating to that visual image until the water bill was sitting around $400.

We all had some chick that was always oopsing. Yeah right, like you didn’t mean to show six drunk and horny dudes your sheer pink panties. Like we wouldn’t notice the hot pink or anything. Suuuure!

When Bailey isn’t doing panty tease moves she is moving like a spunky crazy bitch. One of those girls that has you completely under her spell and then she makes some face only a mother could love and she leaves you wondering what the fuck is up with her. Does she want to freak or just give you blue balls or better yet – is she waiting to freak you after she gives you blue balls? Crazy bitch, this is torture! updates regularly with some pretty shocking content. This girl doesn’t seem to mind that one of her relatives probably reads my blog and visits her website for all of the juicy gossip on her life.

If you are into good times and hot panty shots you might want to get a password. Or… if you are just a hot blooded male you will want a Baileys Room password. Or…. if you are a girl and enjoy seeing other girls get naked…. you also need a Bailey’s Room password!

Get More Bailey’s Room!

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Little Lupe

You can skip calling your Congressman…. I already told him about this website and he is hooked on it like chronic.

That barely legal teen with the blue eyes and the dick sucking lips is Little Lupe. Everyone say hello to your new toy!

As a rule I usually don’t include much hardcore nudity here. Personally, I enjoy a good tease from a barely legal teen. But I had to make a point where is concerned.

This website is hardcore! This isn’t a website built around a hot small tits model that never shows her pussy. This is an in your face, cock-popping, jaw dropping, spank it until you can’t spank it anymore kind of website. The kind where a warm towel and high-viscosity lube are not only suggested, but required!

*** A Fleshlight is not required but is highly recommended! ***

The photographer for LittleLupe is a genius. Well, perhaps that is going a bit to far since good lighting and clear pics seem like a no-brainer, but most photographers miss the bar by a longshot. Not here! Crystal clear vids and pics and it is all shot in Hi-Def.

Not into seeing naked dudes in your porn? Hey, lets start a bowling team because I ain’t into that shit either! The last thing I want to see in my porn is a hairy ass with butt-dimples.

No problem, man…. Little Lupe is full of sets and videos of her masturbating and getting naughty with her girlfriends. Who doesn’t like to see two hot teens kissing?

Before I am done though, I have to say, that shot on her main page at the bottom… the one with a cock in her mouth and jism running down… it makes me reconsider my stance on porn… Oh how I would love to rub those nipples of hers while Lupe swallows my load!

Click here for more of Little Lupe

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/01/07 - Write A Comment!
Model Beth Barely Legal

Perhaps I should create a category called, Worth the Wait. Because Beth here from is definately worth the wait!

Beth puts a whole new face on the barely legal issue. She is fresh and cute. She has a youthful appearance as well as a heart melting smile.

Model Beth does both picture and video galleries with weekly updates. She also poses with her friends too. I am not sure if she has a webcam schedule because she always seems to be doing something on it in between classes at school. She also invites her cute model friends to the webcam shows too.

If you are looking for the girl nextdoor who just might actually be the girl nextdoor (if you live in Florida), has much to offer you.

Click here for more of Model Beth

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