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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/26/06 - Write A Comment!
Sherri Angel Small Tits

So I once dated a punk rock chick and well, you guessed it, Sherri Angel reminded me of her. Am I nostalgic? Sure, why wouldn’t I be? Damn I remember how spunky she was and how she loved to fuck until the sun came up. Two oragasms? Hell no, three, four, five… she was multiorgasmic. So can you understand why I am nostalgic?

Sure, she had small tits but damn if her body wasn’t chiseled out of marble, man! When I say spunky I mean, don’t talk shit because she is gonna pour a pitcher of beer over your ass. Fun to be around. Always good for a laugh and a lay. Those are the best ones!

Sherri Angel is just like her. Half angel and half something else. No, not a demon, but an elf. She’d have you under her spell with just a glance. I swear if you looked her in the eye it was over. More than a crush, sure… you didn’t know what you were doing. is where Sherri gets naked in pics and videos. Damn, sorry, I am trying to move on but it was more than a crush. I can’t move. Why do the innocent ones capture us so hard? Feels like they have us in a web. Sure the rest of the world sees it differently, but is it? I say no.

Sherri has her friends do cameos and she masturbated in her videos. The bathtub video is worth her weight in gold, which is currently, $837,296. So this is a damn good deal!

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Teen Kelly Girls Kissing

You know… I love moments like this. Moments when two teenage girls can make out in the privacy of their own room without their parents baring down on them and telling them it is wrong for teen girls to kiss. If you are anything like me, then you are basking in this moment too.

This blonde beauty is Teen Kelly and her brunette friend’s name is Kimberly. A Christian friend of mine told me it is wrong for girls to kiss and so I checked out this gallery for about… ahh… 15 minutes or so and for the life of me I couldn’t understand what my friend was talking about. I look at these pictures and to me, it looks like chicks were made to kiss each other!

When two girls kiss their erect nipples touch and thumb at each other. Girls 69’ing each other is like yin and yang. Scientifically speaking chicks kissing is easily explainable. OK, take two long magnets. Each has a Northern pole and a Southern pole. Those poles repel each other. Now sixty-nine them. Walla, they attract. There you go, scientifically, girls kissing each others vaginas is inline with the natural order of things.

Still not convinced? OK, no problem, get yourself a pass to and see for yourself. Hey, why would I lie to you? To make a buck? Shit, I could put anything else here and do that. I made a special deal with Teen Kelly, you can do a seven day trial for the price of a porno mag, what do you have to lose?

Find More Teen Kelly!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/18/06 - Write A Comment!
Jenna Swish River Girl

Who is she? Jenna Swish!

Why do we like her? She has big teeth, thin lips and freckles.

I know.. You are thinking those are reasons not to like this chick, but then you are probably the paycheck to paycheck type. Living for the weekend. No plans of any kind.

I am not that type. And just as much as I like money in the bank, I like pussy in the sack. This is the perfect girl to find at the river. And seeing as how Labor Day is coming up, I am going to do some schooling for your own sake.

Sure, you can try to pick up on that hot blonde. You just might get her to fuck you or she is going to play you no matter how good you are and string you along until the last day and maybe fuck you if nothing better comes along. Jenna Swish is going to fuck you the first night, blow your cock the next morning and then let you and two of your closest friends ass fuck her by noon. After that it is time for a circle jerk to get her skin ohh so soft and then maybe she will invite a girlfriend over so you can tag team them.

Now you know why Jenna Swish is going to be funner than the other bitch. Why chase a cat when you can have a dog come to you?

Now why do I like Because she isn’t one of those teasing, whiney, bitchy internet models that won’t get naked. Not only does Jenna get naked, she has a fetish for masturbating with water faucets. I love that kinda shit.

Jenna is the girl nextdoor with the killer pussy and tight body that always tries to get caught naked. You know the type, going into the backyard with four feet high fences topless and expecting no one to see a thing. Changing from her wet bottoms to dry shorts right out in the open. Oops! Oops my ass, she is a slut and she knows it. She just hides behind that shyness to throw us off. But we know.

Access to will also get you access to two of her friends sites. Full sites, not bullshit members area plugins. Members also get to talk to Jenna in her forum and live webcam. Sweet!

Find More Jenna Swish!

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Young Porn Bathroom Dildo Voyeur

Hey, I like watching women without them knowing it just as much as the next guy. But, I like fantasizing about the girls I have watched in the past just as much, if not more. That is why I enjoy

Now don’t get crazy. This isn’t illegal stuff, just your average barely legal girls play acting situations from their past. In the gallery above the blonde girl remenisces about not wanting to look retarded when she sucks her boyfriends cock the first time. She practices on a small dildo infront of her bathroom mirror.

I like shit that is real, so I called up an ex-girlfriend and asked her how she prepared to suck my dick the first time. She said she used a banana. So I am like, "Ohh shit, you actually practiced?" She did. Wow… I had no idea this is what teenage girls do to prepare.

So back to our little blonde friend above and the countless others at Young Porn. Not only do these barely legal babes practice, they put their new found techniques to the test on real guys. When they can’t get a guy they practice on themselves or even with other girls. has collected over 1200 hours of video plus over 220,000 images. It is like a lifetime of porn! Now hear this: The 7 day trial is free! FREE! And you get access to 5 bonus teen sites. My favorite is I Fuck Them. A girl goes out and finds bicurious girls and fucks them with her strap on.

How whacked is that? You have to get in here!

Find More Young Porn!

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Raven Riley Fleshlight

So I am trolling along the internet looking for something that is Rhino’s Girls worthy and come across this gallery of Raven Riley giving a tutorial on Fleshlight usage. And I am thinking…. PERFECT!

Why so PERFECT? Well because the Fleshlight is God’s gift to man. You see, after God fucked up by plagueing man with women, God wised up and gave man a Fleshlight so he could get pussy without all of the extra baggage.

What if you don’t want pussy, maybe you want a blowjob? No problemo my friend, just switch out the vagina top with the mouth top and you are good to go.

Don’t have anyone to think about while you are shoving your cock into a Fleshlight? Well, why not get yourself a membership to the teen solo model site and watch her video on Fleshlights?! Like I said, PERFECT!

Never heard of Raven Riley? Shit, you must be in Siberia. Raven came on the scene right around Thanksgiving in 2004. She had one goal, kick ass and chew gum and she ran all out of gum right around Christmas that same year. In 2005 she basically kicked every solo models ass and in 2006 redefined what it means to be a teen solo model entirely.

Raven Riley hasn’t been open for two years yet and she already has 302 sets available. That means she has been adding new galleries every two days. That is a busy schedule but like I said, this girl is commited to being the best.

Currently Raven has 131 teen videos. In them Raven masturbates, has lesbian sex, gets fucked and Raven Riley even sucks dick. This isn’t one of those softcore no boobs, no ass, no vaginal shots websites. Raven Riley ranges from softcore sets to hardcore sets to very hardcore sets. The themes range from cheerleader teasing to nipple clamps and french maid outfits to giving a guy the best blowjob he will ever receive in his life!

Hey, like I said, PERFECT! Now get your Fleshlight and tell your wife to take the kids and visit grandma, it is time for daddy to have some fun!

Find More Raven Riley!

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8Teenies Friends Sister

Have you ever walked in on your friend’s hot sister while she was getting dressed or maybe fantasized about it? Well, I did both…

This model reminds me of both the moment and the girl I was with. They both have cute little asses and both have small tits. My buddies sister didn’t have this fresh of a face but then she wasn’t an internet model like this beauty is.

At 8Teenies there are a lot of hot innocent girls. 8Teenies happens to be the launching point for many internet models who go solo. Think of it like you would Playboy, only these girls are mostly barely legal.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down and you will see my post on Ketty Dreams. Ketty got her start here at as Julia. After she had proven she could draw in the men looking for a hottie they gave her a chance at being a solo model, she is doing quite well!

Each week there are new galleries posted of the girls and new girls are added to the roster month to month. Galleries range from softcore nonnude to hardcore lesbian action and masturbation with vibrators and fingers.

If you like watching barely legal teens getting sexual and exploring themselves then you need to get a password now!

Find More 8Teenies!

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Panty Jobs Naomi

Prepare, for you are about to witness the finest in erotica, the panty job.

First, let me warn you, panty jobs are very addicting and should only be performed by a qualified panty job techinician. Of course your neighbors wife will usually suffice or any girl over the age of 18 for that matter…

The girl wearing those sexy light blue panties above goes by the name Naomi. She is only 19 years old but she can give amazing pantyjobs! Naomi is a bit chunky, almost like she never lost her baby fat.

The girls on (Naomi included) begin their videos talking about their past panty related encounters. As far as hot talk goes, this segment of the video is steamy! Then they get down to business and work the camera mans cock, alternating between handjob, blowjob and pantyjob.

I know what you are thinking. Perhaps you tried buffing your own cock with a pair of your girlfriends see-thru panties… and it didn’t feel very erotic. In fact it was quite coarse and down right gritty. Not the type of fabric you want near your glands.

But, remember what I said? This type of erotica should only be performed by qualified technicians! So you might need some training from a local 18 or 19 year old. Or maybe you can get some pointers at

Some pointers… Oil, oil, oil and lots of oil! You cannot have to much oil… Cocoa Butter is also good. Get the panties wet, water and oil don’t mix so things get really slippery. Bring a warm, heated towel and get it slightly wet (with hot water?) and use that over the panties towards the end before you cum. It tends to keep liquids from exploading all over the place which allows you to concentrate on the matter at hand.

Panty Jobs has fequent updates and plenty of pantyjob content in the archives to get you on the right track. The only thing you have to lose is your pantyjob virginity, so give it a try!

Find More Panty Jobs!

Find More Free Pantyhose Sex

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Only Teen Blowjobs Cris Taliana

There is nothing sexier than a teen ready and willing to blow your cock for you. Most guys don’t take enough time to find that teen, instead they hitch themselves to some chick who thinks life revolves around her. But that girl who is waiting to suck your dick like its a lollipop is out there. In fact, they are everywhere, you just need to keep looking!

Even the hardiest of men can’t have a cock sucking teen around 24/7 so it is important to have a backup plan. My own personal backup plan is Here you will find real 18 & 19 year old teens who want nothing more than to suck your cock for you.

Cris Taliana here is one of those cock hungry teens. Her tits are small but full and firm. Check out that ass of hers. Cris’s ass has about a half inch of fat on it making it juicy and gripable.

Your membership to Only Teen Blowjobs will also get you access to, a blonde cock fiend. Plus you also get cream of the crop facial sites,, (personal favorite) and

That is a lot of teen facial content. Make sure you have plenty of lube handy.

Find More Only Teen Blowjobs!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/08/06 - Write A Comment!
Ketty Dreams Deja Vu

Now that is a nice set of blue eyes. Boys, meet Ketty, enjoy her sweet smile and her youthful attitude. Just looking at her can make you feel years younger and reduce blood pressure by as much as 20 points.

I am not sure what country people name their kids Ketty in but I am sure it is a country worth seeing at least once. Perhaps even bringing a bride home with you!?!?

Ketty dreams of being the best and most sought after Internet model. I am not sure if she can pull this one off but I can say that I have pulled quite off a few checking out her site. Ketty’s stomache is probably one of her cutest assets. Still a lit bit of baby fat but you can only see it if she is sitting down.

Ketty loves to tease in her videos. You can stream them and watch her getting naked at or download the videos and watch them later. Like when you go on a business trip and need some company in your hotel room. I am sure the wife won’t mind. [wink] [wink]

She updates her dreamy little pics twice a week and her videos once a week. Since she has been on the net for a while now she has quite a large archive of content to keep you… ahh.. busy. Don’t forget to check out the update called, “Booty Shaker.” While Ketty’s booty is little, she really seems to know what to do with it!

Find More Ketty Dreams!

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Vika Dreams Barely Legal

Hmm… Can you say, "Barely legal and small tits?"

I knew you could. This is Vika from and she is basically the definition of barely legal as well as small tits. Vika has tope skin coloring and some pert boobies with soft pink nipples. Her bikini tan lines are a nice gift since they are becoming more and more rare.

Some other nice qualities that round out this teen solo model are her firm butt and freckles. So many webmasters now-a-days remove the freckles from their models. Why? Who knows, but they are ruining some of the best features their models possess.

Vika’s picture sets are added about every 3 or 4 days and her small tits videos come in about once a week. To get a true idea of what you are going to get be sure check out the tour. Check out the photo and video updates pages. This girl truely is a barely legal fans dream!

At only $19.95 Vika Dreams is one membership that is sure to be a keeper!

Find More Vika Dreams!

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Love Jannah Pink Panties

Hubba-Hubba Huuuub-baaa!

Up until now I only promoted this teen babe from the links on the right. But I was checking my sales stats for the POTD links and noticed she sells like hot cakes!

Jannah’s ass is amazing in those pink panties. This teenager symbolizes just about everything you would want to see in a Lufthansa flight attendant! Blonde hair bordering a cute round face with a matching cute round ass. A mouth full of white teeth and I stress the white part! Pouty full lips with big sexy eyes. Yeah, I’d fuck her, 2x’s!

So who wouldn’t love Jannah? Homosexual men, that is who! Lesbian women on the other hand would be licking the hell out of her swollen pink clit.

You gotta click to the tour and check out the cheerleader pic on the bottom left of the page. Holy fuck, Batman, I swear to God it is like a step back in time. I swear I banged her back in my school days! Or wish I did…

The members area is filled with some of the hottest content I have seen to date. I have a thing for softcore and panties so thsi girl really does wonders for me. If you share my passion for sweet and innocent teens then you really should give Love Jannah a try!

Find More Love Jannah!

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Trixie Teen Schoolgirl

Wow… Is Trixie Teen a schoolgirl? Is Trixie a nubile teen or a barely legal teen or both or all three?

Who gives a shit? I mean really, who gives a shit if she is all three?

Well – I do for oneI can appreciate all three of those qualities in this spunky teenager. You could also add in her small tits and her DSL (Dick Sucking Lips).

I am pretty sure every guy out there with a pulse and cock can appreciate A lot of solo model sites come and go but Trixie Teen has been around now for two years and the teens kissing videos are to die for.

How often does someone tell you, "Go ahead, emerse yourself in her young world. Check out her pretty panties and her cute short skirts. Masturbate while she masturbates too. Watch as she kisses her girlfriends and bites their lips."

Pretty much never, huh? Well, go head, here is your invitation to!

Find More Trixie Teen!

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Teen Topanga Lick

Why is it that when you take a hot teen like Topanga and give her whipped cream and strawberries it equates to: instant boner action?

Could it be her small tits that can’t quite fill the palm of your hand yet? Or perhaps maybe it is her eyes… They look like they came off of the cutest baby raindeer, don’t they? No, it has to be her inviting smile and sensual lips.

We may never know why Teen Topanga causes boner explosion but that is just fine because it means we can come back to day after day to try and figure it out!

Teen Topanga is a bisexual nympho in sheeps clothing. Sure, she may look shy and quiet but as soon as her bedroom door closes she instantly forgets her parents are just down the hall. It is anybody’s guess why they don’t hear her muffled moans and whimpers when she masturbates to orgasm after orgasm.

Then there is the fact that parents often forget that their daughter could still be having sex even when she is in her room with a female friend. Eighteen to Nineteen years old is when most girls start having these naughty lesbian thoughts and Topanga is no stranger to them. Half of her galleries are of her and another girl exploring bisexuality.

Find More Teen Topanga!

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Little Summer Braces

Let’s talk about blonde teens wearing braces for a little bit, shall we?

I saw Little Summer about two months before her site came out. I was talking to the designer at a webmasters convention and noticed he had a lovely little blonde girl in tow that didn’t look familiar. I asked if she was his girlfriend and he told me he could only wish! No, she was his new pet project do out in two months.

Seeing Summer for the first time and in person was exhilarating. She was a bit shy since I am sure it was her first time doing anything like this and perhaps that was a good portion of why guys are drawn to her. You have this nubile barely legal teen and she has a cute brace-filled smile with small tits. But, this attraction is not purely physical!

Along with that cute face and teen braces is her teen mentality. She is sooo flirty. One of those girls who touches you while she talks to you. The type that grabs your arm and pulls you over here and then over there. Just having her around makes you feel 10 years younger!

At she even goes bisexual with some of her lesbian teen friends. We are talking lots of blonde, brunette and raven haired nymphs! Plus she loves to pull her panties into her crotch. She is so juvenile it should be illegal (but it isn’t)!

Find More Little Summer!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/05/06 - Write A Comment!
Milton Twins Kissing

Oh, come one! Bullshit, since when is watching chicks kissing a bad thing?

Ohh… It isn’t? OK, well, then here are the Milton Twins kissing yet another blonde hottie! This time it is in the backseat of daddy’s car.

So being a guy you already know that banging twins is pretty high up there on life’s to-do-list. But, did you know that for bisexual girls it is also high up on their list too? Damn that fact gives me a raging boner!

Yup, hot chicks would prefer to kiss twins over just having a pair of teen girls to kiss.

The Milton Twins are still mixing shit up on their site Don’t get them confused with Paris Hilton, unlike Paris these girls actually fuck on screen. You have probably seen them on a few other websites doing cameos. Now you can see all of their sexual exploits in one location,!

In the episode above the girls take a ride and get a little frisky with their blonde friend. Their friend is wondering if she has died and gone to twin bisexual heaven when these twins are kissing her nipples at the same time. She is all to eager to let them put their hands in her panties and rub her moist pussy. Eventually she gets both of their tongues on her clit at the same time!

Find More Milton Twins!

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