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Eve Evans in I Swallow 2Eve Evans in I Swallow 2

This is something I had no idea existed until just recently. The service is called FyreTV and it bills itself as the Netflix of porn. What it basically allows you to do is stream porn over the Internet right to your Apple TV, BOXEE, Roku, Android, iPhone, tablet or iPad device. In this way it is very must like Netflix only all of the titles feature hot babes gobbling hard cock.

As you can see I was interested in the Eve Evans "thriller" I Swallow 2. While the movie does have MacKenzee Pierce, Jasmine Delatori and Madelyn Monroe as costars I am a fan of the main actress. I like her small tits and her tight little body. That being said, when I am in the mood for some "best friend’s older sister" fantasies I do like MaxKenzee for that.

Members of the service can choose to subscribe to certain porn studios like Diabolic for as little as $5, however, Diabolic is an $8 studio. What can I say? I like the expensive things in life ;)

There are 438 titles in the Diabolic studio porn library to choose from. In all that gives you just under 1500 models and over 2700 scenes to view on an unlimited basis.

With porn moving into the mobile market and making its way to the TV via internet streaming technology it is nice to have a service that allows you to get your favorite titles at an affordable price. I know the last thing you want is the cops pulling up to your door because you illegally downloaded porn in some other way. Keep it legal with FyreTV!

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I was looking back and noticed I haven’t posted much about Private School Jewel in a while. When it comes to small tits I have to tip my hand to Canada for this one. They produced one ripe little apple here. She has some perky B-cup boobies that barely make it out of her A-cup training bra.

Along with her puberty challenged boobs she has one heck of a peach between her legs. A sexy little slit that isn’t but more than a gash. Good luck trying to get your fat cock inside her tight little snatch. Though I am sure the trouble you will go through to get it in there will be plenty worth the work.

Jewel has been updating her site for years now and I have to say that she doesn’t look a day over eighteen still. Just about the only thing that has changed in she is a lot more bold these days then she was in the beginning of her solo model career. I look forward to many more years of jacking off to this babe.

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Some of what arguably could be considered the best porn out there isn’t being made by pornographers these days. Technically it isn’t even porn. Girls from around the world are producing photos far more sexy and artistic than anything the big porn producers are putting out and sites like Watch My GF are making it easier for you to find the best photos out there.

There are free places you could go to find this kind of stuff like Tumblr, but they have a few flaws. First they have a lot of other stuff you don’t want mixed in. Second they are loaded with illegal photos you don’t want to have on your computer. With the NSA tapping internet companies these days you don’t want to get swept up in some international CP sting!


I prefer to stick to looking at photos and videos that are legal. Well, somewhat legal. Some of the best uploaders at Watch My GF are hackers that get into girls Facebook and Photobucket accounts. Then they post the naughty gems like the ones above that the girls were saving for their boyfriends. Sorry, girls. Your parents will be so proud!


Don’t hate! You have been trying on your sisters panties for years. It is only fair that she get to see what yours are like as well. Besides, she looks cuter in yours then you do in hers by far.


How can anybody say this is not an art form?


See? She artistically kept this photo PG-13 by obscuring her perky small tits behind the camera. Some girls are so crazy that way. updates throughout the day and includes a network of sister sites with nonnude girls, nude girls and teen sex. It is kind of a smorgasbord of teen fun!

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This video is pretty sexy in some strange ways. In particular I like watching this girl write in her diary while she wears some bikini panties. A girl I used to date wore panties like these and one day she asked if I would like to try them on. I guess I hesitated long enough for her to know I did and she quickly peeled them off and started putting them on me.

Once they were on me I could feel them digging into my butt cheeks. For some reason that turned me on and my cock started releasing a lot of precum. She squeezed my pecker hard and told me that she could tell I liked wearing her panties.

Before I knew it she was pulling me out of her room and into her kitchen. Nobody else was home, but it felt weird being so far away from my own clothes. If anybody did come home I’d have only seconds to make it back into her room or they’d see me in her panties. My cock really started oozing precum now.

The next thing I knew she opened the sliding glass door and pulled me outside into the sun. All of her neighbors had single story homes so nobody could see us back there. But not it was impossible to hide if somebody were to return home. My excitement was turning to fear and she sensed it.

To make me calm down she pushed me down onto a lounge chair and then got on her knees next to me. Her naked body was very athletic and in the summer sun it looked exceptional. I reached out and began to play with her pussy. She told me to jerk myself off and I gripped my cock through her panties. The soft material felt great as I stroked it back and forth over my cock.

As I played with her pussy we heard a commotion inside her house. Somebody was home! We bolted to the side yard and looked inside her house from one of the windows. It was her brother. He went into his room and closed the door. Should we try and make it into her room without him hearing us?

My girlfriend grabbed my butt and told me that she didn’t remember ever telling me to stop jerking off for her. I looked at her like she was crazy, but her look back at me said she meant business. I reluctantly started jerking my cock again as she sat down in the grass with her back to the house. As I jerked my cock she rubbed her clit with one hand and fucked herself with the other.

After a few minutes I was ready to cum and told her so. She told me to go ahead and just cum in "your" panties. I felt strange hearing her say they were my panties and not her panties. I also hadn’t ever cummed in my shorts before so I wasn’t sure about doing it at that moment.

To help me she started talking dirty to me. She told me she wanted to see my cum soak my panties so she could see my hard cock through them. As I listened I felt my balls tighten. I closed my eyes and blew large gobs of cum into the panties. It spread all over me and some ran down to pull near my nuts. I looked down and the entire front of my panties were soaked.

She started rubbing the rub all over the front of the panties and finally hit her own orgasm. It was much stronger than any orgasm I had ever seen her have in my presence. I guess seeing me in cum soaked panties really drove her over the edge.

At that moment her brother left his room and headed into the bathroom carrying a towel and some clothes. He was going to take a shower. It was time for us to sneak back into her room. As we got to the backdoor my wet panties were actually getting very cold. By the time we got to her room (in her air conditioned house) my cock was tiny from the cold. She laughed at the site of it sticking straight out and only being about three inches long.

I went to remove the panties and she stopped me. She told me to wear them for her still. I put my boxers and my shorts on over the panties hoping the wetness wouldn’t seep through. We got in her car and to my surprise we didn’t head towards my house. Instead she drove us to the mall "to get a few things" real quick.

Just as I had figured a few things were more like a dozen and every one of them was in a different store in a different section of the mall. I kept having to fight the urge to pull my panties out of my butt.

For the last thing we headed into the lingerie section of a major department store. She made me stand next to her as she talked about how soft a certain pair of panties were, making me stroke them to see what she was talking about. My cock started to stir. My panties were still cum soaked. I could feel it growing and as it grew my cock-head slid against the soft gooey material. This made it even more excited and before long I had seven inches of pure excitement pitching a tent in my pants. Luckily this was the last shop so I had plenty of bags to cover myself with.

After what seemed like forever and a day she brought some panties to the changing rooms. Normally I would have stood outside, but she insisted I come in with her. We went into a stall and I put down the bags. She saw my boner and giggled loud enough that people might get the wrong idea. Though, they’d be 100% right about the wrong idea.

My girlfriend took off her shorts and panties before pulling on some thong underwear. She turned into the mirror to check them out and asked how they looked. I told her they looked great on her. Then she held some up towards me and told me it was my turn.

The panties she had selected were a Hello Kitty brand of cotton bikini style. I signed heavily and took off my shorts and boxers. Then I took off my panties and hung them on the door. I pulled on the Hello Kitty panties and they fit a little more snug than the other ones did. My cock barely fit inside them and I had to angle it sideways. She twirled a finger in the air as if to tell me to turn around. I did and she slapped me on the ass. HARD!

I let out a yelp and she laughed telling me she had always wanted to crack a guy on the ass like that. I pulled off the panties and handed them back to her. She handed me my cum soaked ones and my shorts. We got dressed. I opened the stall door to find several women glaring at us and looking down at my ass as I walked on by in disgust.

Once we were at the register I noticed a mirror attached to a pillar. I walked over to it to check out my ass and there was a hint of visible panty lines. Oh shit!

When we got to my house my girlfriend handed me my new panties. She told me to be a good boy and fill them with plenty of cum before I saw her again. She didn’t have to ask me to do that. I was going to anyway. In fact, I jerked off as soon as she left twice. Then later on she called me and we had phone sex. Later that night I jerked off in them again. By the time I got to her house that evening they were so soaked they never dried. She was very pleased with my work. And the fact that I was wearing my new Hello Kitty panties.

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One of my favorite niches has to do with panty jobs. I enjoy receiving them and a girls willingness to give them to me is kind of a make it or break it relationship trait that must be fulfilled. My first panty job was giving to me by a girl during a sleepover at a friends house. I had stolen her panties from her night bag and she caught me playing with them. Ever since I have been hooked on all things panty related.

I normally focus on girls with small tits here at Rhino’s Girls. This gallery of Lisa Lexington closely resembled a girl I once dated that had panty jobs down to a science. I enjoyed sucking on her tits while she stroked me off into her panties. We never ever fucked, but I felt as if we had since she liked to get on top of me and put my cock inside her panties for some grinding action. My cock occasionally slipped an inch or two into her pussy, but she never once tried to ride it. I shot a lot of cum into her panties. I am surprised she never got knocked up during those wet hump sessions.

There weren’t any videos of Lisa I could used here so I grabbed two of Nichole Heiress instead. She is a hot blonde with puffy nipples. She also reminds me of a girl I once received a pantyjob from. She had puffy nipples and she was grinding on me while I sucked on them. We both came at the same time. Boy was she a fun ride!

Watch hundreds of pov panty job videos and take a gander at their pics. You will be amazed at the quality of these videos. Crystal clear and the girls are gorgeous. They have girls with petite bodies and flat chests, girls with B-cups and a fleshy ass, and more girls with thick hips and juggy tits. The variety of girls and panty styles makes a winner for anyone with a fetish for panties.

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I snapped this screen shot while watching some free teen webcams. The girl had the hottest fucking body on the planet. Her tits were small and her gap was large. Having a large gap meant her shorts could crease right up into her pussy lips!

I don’t mind if girls have small tits. I am not opposed to them having medium sized tits or big tits, it is just that when they are small they are nice and perky. Teen girls with perky tits never seem to go out of style.

Talking to girls on their cams is a good way to see what works before you try out stuff on girls in the real world. Throw out some one liners, some compliments, some back handed compliments, some dirty shit. If the girls online are responding you will know what to bring with you to the clubs and what to leave locked away in your perverted mind. At least until the third or forth date.

Grow some balls the size of chestnuts by chatting up girls online. That was a little tip from me to you. This shit has worked wonders for my confidence. If nothing else it is also fun to get crude with a girl when you are drunk and the worst thing that can happen is she kicks you out of her chat room. Have fun!

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Abby Winters - Peta & Paula Video

Putting your hand down a girls panties while locked in a passionate kiss with her never gets old. In this moment you have complete control over her. She wants nothing more than to cum on your hand. This kind of erotic sensuality is why Abby Winters is by far one of the hottest sites on the Internet. You cannot beat their quality, their quantity or their style.

The girls at range from the average girl to total hot stuff. They have a lot of in between there. One of the best things about the site is you know you could get with any one of these girls. They are not out of reach. These girls are real.

Some of the best videos on the site are the Intimate Moments. They often have girls masturbating on the same bed that have never done anything like that in front of anybody before and/or have not been in pornography before. You end up with some truly intimate moments!

There are certain sites out there that everybody should join at least once. Abby Winters is one of those sites. It is also a site that updates so often you should join it at least once a year to grab the new updates. Happy fapping!

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If there is one thing I miss while living here in Los Angeles it is Tom Lykis on talk radio. I miss it because during the summer he would have a part of the show called Flash Friday’s. On these days women all over L.A. would flash you if you had your headlights on during the daytime. While he was still on the radio I used to drive a shuttle bus to and from the airport. Once a carload of hot babes in a convertible flashed my shuttle bus. Good times!

Everyone on my shuttle was like, "What in the fuck as that about?" I turned the radio over to Tom’s show and they could hear people calling in about having been flashed. One of the customers called his show and told him about us getting flashed. The only lady in the back of the bus grabbed the phone and went off on Tom about how despicable this kind of thing was. How he should be fined and taken off of the radio. How this would never fly in Oklahoma where she was from. Over there he’d be shot!

Good times!

Little Lexie sucking cock

We aren’t in Oklahoma anymore. Shit, we aren’t in Kansas either. We are in the whacky place called the world wide web and I love it. I love it because girls like Little Lexie are willing to make our day for us. All it takes is a little cock sucking and some flashing of her small tits, and life is complete.

Sorry, old lady, but your time is over and we are in charge now. And we likey!

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Pussy lip slip

In my younger years I used to get my hands on pornography any way that I could. Back in those days it seemed every porno mag, whether it be Hustler, Penthouse, or whatever else, had the same kind of pussy in it no matter what. There was always enough inner lip to spread into a flower and enough outer lip to be considered puffy.

Now there are pussies of all shapes and sizes. I remember the first time I laid eyes on an actual pussy with the girl next door and I was shocked. Hers didn’t look anything like the ones in the magazines. It didn’t have hair for starters. But her inner lips were tiny and the outer were very puffy. It was what is now called a cleft of Venus. I ate it all the same.

Before laying eyes on an actual pussy I got hints of them from time to time. I used to jerkoff nightly to those hints. They were always at the top of my masturbation list. Which was funny because here I could be thinking of the actual pussy I saw and not the one I kind of saw, but it was always better to think about the real ones I could possibly fuck then the ones I saw in the magazines.

Seeing just that amount of pussy lip slip out of her panties above would have been more than enough jerkoff food to last me months!

Perky little tits

Me and my neighborly crush played spin the bottle alone once. She had to take off her top and I got to see her perky little tits. It made my cock so hard precum began to show through my shorts and underwear. She tried not to giggle at me, but she couldn’t help herself. I was so embarrassed back then. I had no idea it was normal.

We got our first game cut short when her little brother came home unexpectedly. I again used those little tits of hers as jerkoff food for weeks before we got to go further in a later game.

Enjoy more of Little Summer and her small tits with a Premium GFs. With it you get over 30 of her barely legal friends and they keep adding more and more sites every couple of months. This is by far the ultimate teen solo model network. You will enjoy all of the jerkoff food for years!

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Little Bailey blowjob teen

It looks like a girl won American Idol, but we all know the girl that won is not who is on your mind right now. That distinction hours to none other than America’s sweetheart Little Bailey. She loves to handle the mic if you know what I mean.

Bailey got her tongue pierced and I have to say, small tits girls don’t do that for their own pleasure, they do it for yours. I can’t think of a better way for a girl to express her delight in giving porn star style teen blowjobs. She also takes it up her ass too.

Little Bailey is just one of over thirty teen solo model sites you get with a “>Tiny Teen Pass. The network updates daily and most of the girls update several times a week. As new sites are added to the network you also get access to them as well. With so many positives why haven’t you joined yet?

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