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Growing up I used to think I was a seriously perverted and demented individual. For starters I thought I was the only one in my school that masturbated. It wasn’t until my senior year that I actually realized other people did indeed jerkoff and they did it just as often as I did. Sometimes several times a day. LOL

This was an odd revelation to have only because of my other passion. Watching girls masturbate themselves to sleep. Doing so always made me feel guilty, but that often just increased the pleasure as well. Again, I thought I was the only one. It wasn’t until college that I learned I was just one of many boys doing such naughty things.

In my senior year I dated a girl that looked remarkably like Emily 18 above. She used to masturbate too. One night when I was over at her house I made up an excuse to have to leave early. Instead of actually leaving I doubled back around and watched her frigging her clit madly in her bedroom. I came all over the wall outside her house.

Several weeks later while I was at her house I went into the restroom to go pee after she had exited it upon finishing her shower. Her soiled panties were laying gusset up on the top of the clothes hamper!

As I peed I fought hard with my instincts not to lift them up to my nose and smell her pussy. By the time I finished peeing my nose was covered in her scent. I inhaled deeply. I even licked the residue in them to taste her!

Then for a brief moment I snapped back. It was so stupid of me. What was I doing?

Before I could finish that thought I found myself inhaling her scent again and again. My cock grew hard and I began pumping it. I didn’t have much time as I didn’t know how long she would take getting dressed and brushing out her hair. I furiously pumped my cock. I moaned.

Oh shit! I stopped and listened. No footsteps coming to ask me if I was okay. Nothing.

I furiously resumed pumping. Before I knew it I was cumming into her toilet. I controlled the moan, but me breathing was very heavy. If anyone were standing by the door they’d have wondered if I was giving birth in there.

Once I was done spurting cum I flushed the toilet and put her panties back only I didn’t have the heart to leave them so exposed so I placed them inside-in on top of the hamper. I had to wait a minute or two for my hardon to go down more before opening the door.

When my hardon was pretty far down I opened the door to head out. Standing on the other side of it was Emily 18 smiling at me like she knew. Emily entered the restroom forcing me back and looked at the clothes hamper. When she saw her underwear weren’t how she left them she looked down at the toilet and so did I. Running down the side was a drip of my cum!

Emily grabbed her panties and balled them up before stuffing them into my pocket.

She said, "I knew you were a panty boy," coyly.

I just sat there dumbfounded.

"Come on, we are going to be late for the party." Emily pointed for me to head towards the front door of her house.

That night I spend four hours at a party trying to forget about the panties in my pocket. Every time they got the better of my I had to find a place to sit and look casual as I battled with my libido trying to keep my cock from going full mast!

Emily 18 is going to tease you. She is going to feed your desires. Emily is going to consume you and spit you out. And you are going to enjoy every minute of it!

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Lately I have been doing a lot of web cam chatting. It is oddly exhil-arating to chat with live girls over watching videos. For one the chat girls are usually total girl next door types and the idea of banging my neighbors daughter, albeit cyber-banging her, makes my cock extra hard!

I found this small tits teen chat girl on CamJog. Her screen name is Brileiddd. As you can see her tits are fucking tiny. I found her on like page four. There were plenty of other girls with B-cup titties, but I wanted one as flat as can be. She fit the bill nicely!


I just missed snapping a great shot of her sitting with her legs parted more. It was a great shot because she was sporting an awesome camel toe. You can chat with girls like her for free. If you want to tell her what to do you have to go private though.

You can get free web cam credits using that link.

Before you even ask me about the quality of free chat girls I am just going to show you:

Lianitta video chat room -

Tell me you wouldn’t give her the time of day!

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Why is it that every time I am stranded on a desert island I am not stranded with a small tits cutie like Isabella 18? Being stuck there for the rest of my life would be inconsequential in comparison to the joy I would feel waking up to this little beauty every day!

Isabella 18 has a phenomenal body most girls would die for. She is so flirty and carefree you would think she has no idea just how beautiful she is. In most of her sets she poses nude outdoors. Sometimes in places you’d think she’d get arrested for doing it.

Members get access to a huge network of sites that includes everything from nude pictures of Emma Watson to crazy stuff like futanari girls. You haven’t seen a porn network like this one before and you won’t want to see another porn network after because no other can hold a candle to it.

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Ever heard of Naughty America? They are one of the top five porn producers in the world. They just came out with a new site called Naughty Bookworms. Why should you care? Did you even look at Stella’s tiny tits capped with pink nipples?

I am a big fan of small tits teens in porn. This site is filled with girls I’d like to fuck. I want to fuck them so bad I am currently debating whether or not I should take some computer courses in the next community college session just so I can be closer to teen beauties like Stella.

So why did I open with Naughty America? It is because they are on the cutting edge when it comes to porn technology. All of their sites are highly customized to work seamlessly with all wireless products from cell phones to tablets!

One thing I really hate are mobile-porn sites that don’t work right or only work on the iPad, but not on an Android device, or vise-versa. That isn’t an issue here. Take the plunge and enjoy getting your porn right on your phone!

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Most fathers think of their little girls as being just that, little. Their mothers know a deep dark secret though. Think back to when your sister used to have her friends sleep over and your mom would get all giddy. Even more odd was that she got even more giddy the closer it got to bed time.

Why was mommy so excited about the girls going to bed? Because your mom knew what the girls were going to do once the lights went out. Where boys, well, most boys anyway, go to sleep, the girls start exploring each other – feeling each other out so to speak!

So how come your sister and her friends could have sex with each other, but you and your friends couldn’t? Seriously, bro. Do you really want to go there?

Little Summer is a great site for discovering what your sister and her friends were doing with their small tits. Summer and her friends like Little Lexie above play all sorts of naughty games with each other. Some of those games get pretty wicked!

With a Premium GFs you can watch more videos from other sites like Selina 18 and Chloe 18. There are over 30 sites in the network now and they plan to add even more by years end.

The economy might be in the shitter, but that doesn’t mean you porn has to be. Pep things up a bit and save a ton of cash with a Premium GFs!

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Odds are long before you got your dick wet inside her tight virgin pussy her hairbrush enjoyed that sort of comfort on a nightly basis!

Most girls won’t fess up to having tried it, but using a hairbrush to masturbate has long been the technique of choice for small tits girls that are too young to be able to buy sex toys. Catching them is often as easy as smelling the handle of their brush. In the beginning they are often careful and clean the brush handle after using it to masturbate. Over time, though, they get sloppy putting it back in the drawer coated in their pussy’s juice.


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Somebody was searching for Kimmy Teen and I remembered this gallery from her site. In it Kimmy and a small tits friend temp you with their teen bodies wearing less and less in each shot until they are both in their skivvies!


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How would you like to be soaping up these two little beauties? Teen Katie and her friend can easily make a guy jealous. Watching them get to play with each others tight bodies is almost too much!

Teen Katie gets 100% naked in her videos and teen photo galleries. Her small tits are capped with cute little nipples that beg to be sucked. No matter how many times to see it happen it always amazes me that such a cute little girl would want to expose herself on the Internet for so many. Talk about giving to those in need! And I am definitely in need of some small tits love!

Not only do these little teenies have nice little titties, they also have tight little fannies as well. I can imagine a scenario where you would be rubbing soap into that cute little booty and Oops! Your finger pokes into her little hiney. Instead of pulling away she pushes her tiny little butt back against you so it goes in further. Maybe it is time to make a woman out of this girl, huh?

Get every Teen Katie video immediately by joining her solo model site. You definitely won’t regret it!

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I swear I only turned around for a second and bam! Just like that there is a new small tits blonde teen solo model. Her name is Madison Lain and she is part of the Pacino network.

I am actually kind of shocked that she was able to surprise me when I spend so much time on teen porn sites. Usually I am the one breaking the news, not the other way around. I guess I can’t be "the man" every day of the year.

You can get up to the minute information on the newest and the best teen porn sites at My Porn Diary. It is where I go to find the newest girls in the porn industry. It also helps me to find other niches for my other blogs too. Maybe it will help you!

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When I look at Sweet Lilya I hear the audience from one of those daytime game shows like The Price Is Right in my head.

Does Lilya have medium size tits? Lower!

Does Lilya have small tits? LOWER!!!

Does Lilya have little tits? FUCK YEAH!

I knew my fair share of girls in high school with the nick name of Kansas, but Sweet Lilya is even smaller tits wise then they were. These days girls with small tits aren’t cast to the side though. Lilya is a very popular girl!

Lilya is a Russian model with a spunky attitude. She loves to change up her hair color and dress in all sorts of outfits. One day she might be a dark haired schoolgirl and the next she is a blonde teeny bopper. You never know what she is going to throw at you, but you always know it is going to be worthy of busting a nut to it!

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Lately I have been having a lot of users searching for young porn and I have to assume they are after natural looking girls with small tits. I found Elisa at one of my favorite erotic nude sit: MPL Studios.

What constitutes a favorite site for me you ask? It must have daily updates for one. I hate waiting around for my porn. Back in the day when modems were around waiting for porn was fine. Not anymore. These days I want my porn lightning fast and they have blazingly fast servers at MPL Studios.

Along with the speed I want high quality girls. I am not talking about bonafide porn models like Chloe 18 or Little Summer. I am talking about hot girls I could possibly have a chance in hell of fucking. Or have had a chance of fucking. I highly doubt Elisa is going to fuck me these days without a large sum of money changing hands, but back in my day, I’d have had no problem getting her to cozy up to my cock.

Find hundreds of small tits teens at MPL Studios and get used to having something to do on a daily basis.

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