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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/28/12 - Write A Comment!


I love this photo of Chloe 18. It 100% captures her in all of her youthful glory. This is when she is at her absolute cutest. Her small tits are capped with puffy nipples girls get when their young boobs are brand new. Her little butt has tan lines reminiscent of one of those Coppertone ads. Too cute!

With a Premium GFs you can enjoy daily updates to a network of solo sites that include Her friends are all curious and willing to try just about anything new to them on their quest to find the ultimate orgasm.

Are you willing to help a girl out?

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So I try not to be superstitious, but there are times when I get the heebie-jeebies. A blogger buddy of mine sent me this and it says you must post it or you will suffer great hardship. Not my normal kind of porn, I know. Just making sure the world will not have to suffer because of my lack of respect for the dark arts.

That being said, I would let this girl suck my cock if she promised no blowjob pics would ever see the light of day!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/21/12 - Write A Comment!


If only you could be so lucky.

Little Summer and her friend Little Lexie just finished cheer practice and believe it or not, even cheer girls get horny looking at other girls in cheerleader uniforms. Especially girls that have had a crush on each other ever since they met!

These small tits blonde teens first laid eyes on each other while doing their freshman orientation class while still in high school. Summer wore a super high skirt and some sexy thong panties. Between the two of them not much was left to the imagination.

Little Lexie pulled the, "Oops, I dropped a pencil," trick. While down there Summer opened her legs and gave her newly discovered BFF an excellent shot of her thong covered pussy lips. The thin material was almost see through and Lexie could see that Summer was getting wet.

After the orientation was over both girls hooked up on the way to get their books and schedules. Summer invited Lexie over to her house to talk about everything that had transpired that day and Lexie accepted.

The entire way home both girls flirted with one another. When they passed some hedges Lexie felt Summer push her in and then flip her around so she was facing her. Their eyes met and both girls giggled. Then they both got real serious and touched their lips together.

"Like strawberries." Thought Lexie of her friends lips.

Summer could taste the watermelon in Lexie’s lip gloss and wondered if Lexie could taste hers. As the tastes melded together in their pouty teen mouths both girls really began to enjoy the taste.

The girls embraced each other in a blinding moment of passion. Neither cared if anybody saw them. They only wanted to spend the rest of their lives in that very moment.

As a rush of adrenalin hit Summer’s heart she quickly regained conscious-ness again. She remembered that she was kissing a girl in her neighbors hedges. Then she remembered she actually did care if anybody saw her kissing another teenage girl and broke off their embrace.

Lexie’s eyes popped open and she looked at her kissing partner puzzled. Not wanting to make her friend think she wasn’t enjoying their kiss Summer quickly pulled her into her backyard and resumed right where they left off.

After several more minutes of kissing both girls began to explore the other ones body with her hands. Little Summer bent down and began kissing Lexie’s chest working her shirt up so she could switch to her small tits. Lexie offered no resistance. She even undid her bra letting it fall to the ground.

Summer’s parents lived in a one story suburban neighborhood where most houses, including Summer’s own house, had large block walls. None of her neighbors could see over without climbing a latter. And that is just what I did!

Just as I had peered over the wall the girls both sat on a bench and began rubbing each other’s pussies. At this point they seemed to lose all of their inhibitions, if they had any to begin with, and stripped completely naked.

I waited until I could hear Summer moaning and looked over the wall again. Little Lexie was kneeling in front of Summer with her head in Summer’s crotch. Her tongue was slowly moving from Summer’s vulva to her clit and back down again. Each time she made it down she thrust it into Summer as far as it would go and then brought it back to her clit again.

This was my queue to pull my cock out and start jacking off. Which I did.

As I looked back Lexie pushed two fingers into her friends tight virgin pussy and put her tongue exclusively on clit duty. This seemed to drive Summer wild and in no time we both came together!

Unfortunately I let own a moan as well and both girls stopped what they were doing to look my way. I jumped down before they could see me and pretended to be a dog scratching at my back door hoping the girls wouldn’t look over the wall. They didn’t.

I got to watch them on many occasions after that, but my favorites were always Summer’s pool parties. You can watch the videos in the members area with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

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What would you do if you happened upon a small tits teen that was tied up with a body as nubile as this one? Natasha Shy dares you to explore some of your deepest sexual desires while she explores her own!

I have joined 100’s of solo model sites with barely legal teens like Natasha and I am often let down by the quality of their content. That was not the case here. delivers on all levels as far as the quality goes. Her pictures and her videos are so crystal clear and well staged that they border on being nude art. On top of that the fantasies she delves into are out of this world and completely over the top.

My girlfriend is bisexual and I often bring her along for the ride when i review sites in which the main model is also bisexual. She could not stop gushing about how great Natasha is. She enjoyed her beauty and she also enjoyed a ride she described as going back in time!

Natasha Shy has a cheerleader hazing video that really got my GFs rocks off, as well as my own! For the panty lover she often wears girlie stuff and/or flimsy stuff that will really turn you on.

Unlike many of the solo models I review Natasha does have sex with boys, though she doesn’t have nearly as many boy/girl videos as she does lesbian and masturbation videos.

Let your mind wander at!

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This is by far one of my favorite Emily 18 galleries. It was shot when Emily was only a few weeks over her 18th birthday. Back then her nipples were still very puffy because of her newly growing boobs. Nothing says bon appetite like puffy nipples on a set of small tits!

Emily 18 is one of those truly special models where she looks a lot younger than she is. These days Emily is now in her twenties and her latest photo sets make her look like she just turned 18 years old! Do some math in your head and you will see why her first sets are so freaking awesome.

When she first starting shooting for her site Emily wasn’t so sure about this nudity thing. She knew she was good looking, but worthy of having her own site? Once her site opened she was flooded with fan mail. It seemed everyone took a liking to this barely legal sweetheart.

Now that Emily has gotten some experience under her belt she is getting more and more daring. has plenty of photos and videos of Emily 18 exposing her pussy and masturbating to orgasm.

There is something about those first year galleries though. So cute, so naive, so pure; so much like a princess!

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Lately there have been a lot of candid photo sites, or ex-girlfriend sites, popping up like Watch My GF and GF Revenge. These sites are pretty darn good, but the pictures and videos lack clarity. What can you expect? They are often shot with cheap cell phone cameras.

I like sites like Ivana Fukalot because the photos depict candid moments, but have the crispness and clarity that come from having a professional camera and lighting. If a girl is wearing lace rimmed panties you can actually see the lace!


One thing all of these sites have is an overabundance of small tits teens in the members areas. Even though Ivana Fukalot is a solo model site her friends are in every other photo shoot. And looking mighty cute doing it might I add.


Much of the content on the site was shot back when Ivana had just turned 18 years old. She and her friends played lots of games back then. These days she is still up for a game of doctor.


You could say that Ivana was the perfect sister. Good looking enough that she was able to bring good looking friends home with her after school! Get unlimited access to Ivana Fukalot and years of teen porn!

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-- Young Legal Porn2 --

The absolute best blowjob I have ever received was my first one. It happened back when I was in high school and it was a rather strange night.

Our group of friends were hanging out at a house where the parents went away for the weekend. We all ended up in the hot tub, but nobody brought trunks so we just went in our skivvies.

This girl I had a crush on was there and she was wearing a white pair of panties and a training bra. Her small tits barely made a dent in her bra cups. Once they got wet they were completely see through. With a mixture of alcohol and pot in her system she was open to doing just about anything anybody asked of her. At this point it was to be our bar bitch so we could see her nipples, pussy and ass each and every time we needed a drink.

We made real sure to never finish a drink at the same time so she would have to do double duty. She was smart in so many ways, but completely naive when it came to sexual harassment.

-- Young Legal Porn --

After a while everybody was getting dehydrated in the hot tub so we all retreated to the house. Our party became almost like a toga party since everyone was wearing beach blankets.

My crush and I somehow ended up sitting next to each other and we started talking. The host passed out some cream filled cum cakes. Oops, cupcakes. and this girl starts eating one of them. She got some cream on her lip and when I went to tell her about it, pointing at her lip, she lunged forward and took my index finger into her mouth.

The sensation was wild. Her tongue felt amazing. Her mouth as so soft and so were her lips. Everything was warm inside there. My dick jumped at the thought of replacing my finger.

Just as soon as it had started it had ended. She resumed eating her cupcake. When she got to her last bite I stole some frosting off the top of it with my finger and held it up to her face. She closed her eyes and again gave my finger a blowjob. I had to get this girl upstairs!

I yanked my finger out of her mouth and grabbed her by the hand pulling her up the stairs with me. We found an empty room and dashed inside locking the door behind us. Our lips met and we kissed passionately. I felt her grab my cock as she pushed me towards the bed.

With a plop I fell back onto the bed. She knelt in front of me and undid my pants. My cock was rock hard and already spurting out precum which she used to lube a few strokes of my cock.

This girl took half of my cock into her mouth and began working her tongue all over the head of my cock while her hand pumped the base. The pumping action caused my cock skin to move across her lips adding more sensation into the mix.

It didn’t take long for me to shoot my load down this girls throat. She swallowed it just as fast as I shot it into her mouth. I had begun to wonder if she has ever done this before?

Just then there was a loud knocking on the bedroom door. The brother of the party host had come home and apparently we were in his room. I buttoned up my pants and we bolted to the door hoping he’d go soft on us. When I opened the door he looked ready to beat the crap out of me. Then he saw his crush standing there before him. She smiled, I left the two of them and headed downstairs.

Later on they came downstairs and she had a hard time making eye contact with me. I was happy for the blowjob. If she wasn’t going to be my girl, oh well!

She planted a big, soppy, wet kiss on his lips and they shared some tongue. Then she broke it off and smiled at me. I laughed. He was tasting my cum. LOL!

The best place to find young porn is at They have the hottest barely legal girls. The girls wear what girls with small tits wear, matching print bras and panties. Sometimes the girls are alone. Sometimes they have several girlfriends. And a lot of the time they have a boy or two to discover sex with.

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Some girls are blessed with young looks. Selina 18 from the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass is one of them. In these pictures she is a freshman is college, but most people would mistake her for a girl in high school. Maybe even a freshmen in high school!

I am not really sure why girls get jealous of barely legal teens like Selina 18. It isn’t her fault she is so pretty and petite. I am sure genetics places a part of it, but she also doesn’t smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol or sun damage her skin. If a women is going to do any of those things, or all of those things, then she has no excuse being jealous!

Being an adult webmaster has its privileges. I got to meet Selina 18 at an adult webmasters convention once. She is very personable and nice. I was a bit surprised by how short she is. I mean, I shouldn’t have been since I had seen every one of her pictures, but when you see somebody in person certain things get skewed.

Along with being short she is exceptionally petite. So petite in fact that her small tits actually look big in her pictures and videos. In reality they aren’t much bigger than any other girl her age. Chock it up to being an optical illusion.



These pictures (and the accompanying video) were taken at the hotel the convention was at. Selina acted like a professional. There were at least forty or more guys watching this shoot from the other side of the pool and she acted like it was any other day of the week. What a star!

Get a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass and you can enjoy Selina 18 and all of her barely legal friends. Most have small tits that make Selina’s boobs look huge. Some of my own favorites are Little Summer, Little Lupe and the Texas Twins.

With over 30 sites in the network I am sure your favorites will differ from my own. Find your favorite solo model with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

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If she were a guy I’d say that Meghan has one hell of a set of balls. Since she isn’t I will instead say that she has one sweet set of tits. Point is. it takes a set of something to masturbate in full view of the public!

This video from FTV Girls reminded me of a girlfriend I once had back in college. She liked to have sex in public so one day I asked her to try masturbating in public while I video taped it. This was a pretty big deal because unlike cameras today, my old video camera was huge! It alone could draw a crowd just because video cameras weren’t common and stuck out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, I started the camera rolling and we were at a hotel that was off season. She started out with taking off her panties and stuffing them inside her pussy. Then she started rubbing her clit. Before she started we had made a deal. Get right to the point of orgasm then stop and ask for instruction.

She got to that point and stopped wondering what was next. I looked around and upon seeing nobody else I told her to remove her dress and sit on it. She stood up, looked around and then did as she was asked. Now I was video taping my GF masturbating her clit with her panties inside her pussy and her dress underneath her!

Unfortunately VHS tapes have a rather crapper shelf life and can only be played so many times before they begin to turn to utter crap. But I used to watch that video at least several times a week for years! has hundreds of full length, very high resolution videos for you to enjoy. I have about 200 or more in my own personal collection. They add more each week and each video set comes with high resolution pics.

Tip: After joining, go to cancel. During the process they will access if you want to stay a member for $10 less a month. Say yes. Save mad cash!

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If that picture doesn’t peak your interest in Asian Suck Dolls and their small tits Asian cuties, I don’t know what will! The site has dozens of hot young Thai girls that specialize in blowing cock and getting creampie pussies.

I almost feel dirty sending you to a site like this because these girls look really young. But I know the site owners and they are top notch people. They would never do you wrong!

Along with your access to Asian Suck Dolls you get access to sites like Hennessie. That girl is so small you could bang her all night and then put her in your back pocket until you need her again!

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