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Posted By Teen Porn on 01/18/08 - Write A Comment!

Holy f-ing shit!

I just scored what I believe to be the biggest exclusive on the planet. Her name is Selina 18 and she is a fucking barely legal knock-out. One look at her and the only question is, “Where do I join?”

Selina shot her first set of pics for the site on her fucking birthday! How is that for barely legal? Her members area is already finished but they didn’t have any promotional material as of yet so you pretty much need to join if you want to see her naked. Once they do release the promotional stuff I will be linking those pics above to the galleries they belong to.

Selina likes older men and girls. Perfect combonation, Selina! When she isn’t touching herself or another girls pussies she is taking cock, sucking cock and sometimes even sucking two cocks at the same time! This girl leaves nothing to the imagination. She is hardcore as well as softcore.

Her solo sets tend to capitalize on her youthful appearence. She wears pattern undies and bright clothing. is going to be a very popular site once they get the promos done but you can get in now before everyone else does.

Selina 18 updates weekly with new pics and videos and already has six months worth of updates for pics and eight months worth of updates for videos, so there is plenty to keep you busy.

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Selina 18

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/15/08 - Write A Comment!
Feet Fetish

Let me start out by pointing out that I am not a foot guy. I think certain girls have cuter feet than other girls but I don’t dream about them. Hey, I wouldn’t be caught dead turning down a foot job, but I am not going to suck on a girls toes to save my life!

Even though Teen Feet Dreams is centered around the foot fetish, the site has other characteristics that make it a good choice for just about anyone that enjoys teen girls.

For starters, most girls that are showing off their feet are doing so at the expense of sitting appropriately. Well, what their mother would call appropriate. If a girl wants to show me her panties, I am all for it! Next, girls showing off their feet are great at teasing. Lots of toe sucking going on and licking too! The gallery above is a good visual example of what I mean. is an excellent site no matter whether your favorite niche is feet, panties, teasing or clothed teens. I cannot stress enough about how they got that last part right. Teens! The site is populated by teen models. You might find three or four “girls” over the age of twenty-three but that is about it. Pretty much the girls are eighteen, nineteen or at least in college.

Most of the models are scantly clad. In a good portion of the galleries the girls underwear works its way up into her vagina. On occasion you can even see a hard clit pressing on the fabric. Check out Chrissy part way down the tour page at Teen Feet Dreams. Ohh the things I would do to her clit once I am done with her feet!

Teen Feet Dreams isn’t just about high resolution photos either. The girls also make videos and they run in length any where from a few minutes to 20 minutes. The girls spend their time either rubbing oil into their feet, painting their toe nails or twisting and turning in ways that stretch their panties over their pussies. Totally erotic!

Some girls interact with guys who lick, massage and enjoy their feet. Some girls do everything solo and still more girls interact with each other. There is nothing like the sight of two teens in panties frolicking around the bed and massaging each other’s feet.

If you are looking for a web site that captures teens in a highly erotic way, is the place to be!

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Teen Feet Dreams

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/06/08 - Write A Comment!

Harmony 18

Now that is one heck of a nice camel toe. I finally got my girlfriend to realize that a camel toe is a good thing. Back when she went to school, if you didn’t have bush, you were a dyke. Sad because then all of these anti-dyke chicks go to college and what do they become? Dykes!… Well, part-timers, but the point is still relevant. Not that I am complaining. I think all (hot) chicks should kiss each other.

So about that camel toe? That is Harmony 18’s camel toe and I have to say it is a work of art. Smooth, no stuble, relaxed and lickable. It is camel toes like these that make one of my favorite solo girl sites.

In addition to having the camel toe down pat, Harmony has the whole solo girl attitude down pat too. Solo girls should be fun and energetic like Harmony is. When I go to a girls site I should feel like a kid again. Feel like all of my problems just melted away. It is just her and I and we have our whole lives ahead of us! OK… I am going overboard here but you get the picture.

Harmony is a full service solo model. She is barely legal. She has small but very pert tits. She has awesome eyes and eye lashes. Her face is totally cute! Her body is fucking amazing to look at. And… She does hardcore!

You don’t find many solo girls with all of those qualities. Some days I feel like watching her masturbate with a vibrator and on others I want to see her finger herself to orgasm. No problem. She has plenty of each. Then again, I might want to see her suck cock or take it anal. Again, no problem! But wait! What about kissing other girls, licking their clits, etc? Again, Harmony 18 is full service. It is no problem!

Perhaps one of the best qualities of is that it is one of the only full-service solo model sites with a trial! For $4.95 you can sample the site for 3 days and see if you like it. Canceling is done online and requires a few clicks. No pressure tactics. Videos are all downloadable and they have no digital rights management to turn them off if you cancel. This is win-win people!

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Harmony 18

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