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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/29/10 - Write A Comment!


I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than stuck inside this little vixen’s web! Liz Vicious is the freaky girl even the most conservative pervert wouldn’t mind sticking his cock into!

As a member you get to watch this dirty little cock sucker. well. suck cock! She is nasty is such an innocent nubile way. It’s like she is playing dress up as a prostitute and you are the John. Since it’s all legal you have nothing to worry about. That is my kind of walking on the wild side. Yeah. I am a bit conservative!

Liz Vicious has been known to meat. oops. Meet her members. Liz goes to clubs around the US and Canada stripping for guys that want more than to only see her through their monitor.

Like most of my solo models Liz Vicious has small tits and a petite figure. She looks insanely hot in a clingy pair of panties. which many of her photo sets feature her in. If you have ever had a thing for Avril Lavigne, this is the closest you are ever going to cum to seeing her naked!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/28/10 - Write A Comment!


Rod Stewart says that some guys have all the luck. When it comes to Charlie Sheen he is both right and wrong about that. On one hand, Charlie has been known to bang some of the hottest broads in Hollywood. On the other, Charlie Sheen has been known to get caught up in scandals he helps to create more than any other leading man in Hollywood!

This month’s scandal includes Capri Anderson. She is the reason Charlie ran around a New York hotel doing a Daffy Duck impression. It isn’t hard to see why. This girl is driving me bananas too!

As it turns out my GF did a profile of Capri Anderson just last month on her site Cassie’s Teens. If you enjoy reading about porn from a lesbian perspective and you enjoy lesbian stories, you should bookmark her site!

Being a small tits lover I have to commend Charlie on his choice of porn stars. I hate fake tits and I don’t mind natural ones. no matter how large or small they may be. And that little puter of hers. WOW!

So Met-Art happens to have a lot of Capri Anderson. Apparently they were shooting pics of her long before she decided to create Club Capri Anderson. The big hoopla about Met-Art is that they have 39 mega-pixel pics of Capri Anderson and all of the other girls they shoot. If you thought your personal 12mp camera kicked ass, wait until you see 39mp photos. You can zoom in until her clit takes up the entire monitor and it is still crystal fucking clear!

Met-Art is currently running a special deal. If you signup for a month they will give you unlimited access to for free! Why give two shits about Nubiles? Because, they have sets of Capri Anderson too!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/26/10 - Write A Comment!


I remember the first time I had a little play date with a girl like Lil Candy like it was yesterday. She was a little older than I was and I had a huge crush on her. One day she asked me if I wanted to do something with her and, to be honest, her secretiveness made me super excited to see what she was talking about!

My Lil Candy was growing some boobs that seemed big to me then, but in reality they were small tits. Large or small, they were the first set of tits I saw naked and actually got to play with so I was happier than a clam!

Candy was wearing an oversized t-shirt and some booty socks. She took into her room and sat me on the floor in the middle of her room. Next, I had to promise not to kiss and tell, which I did. Then, Lil Candy sat Indian style on the floor in front of me.

As she went down (slowly) and her shirt began to ride up her legs it became apparent that she wasn’t wearing any shorts. I tried my best not to look for panties, but keeping my eyes locked on hers was just too much to ask for!

By the time Candy’s butt hit the carpet I could see that she had shaved off all of her carpet “down there”. Her pink, hairless pussy was staring back at me from underneath the hem of her shirt. My dick twitched and immediately began to grow, quite painfully. I had to move in order to adjust myself so my cock wouldn’t break itself in half!

“What’s that thing you have there?” Candy asked as she pointed at my pecker, clearly visible underneath my shorts.

“I think you already know what it is!” I exclaimed.

“Are you going to let me see it?” She asked as she mock-covered her pussy with her shirt letting me know there was a price to be paid for this show to continue.

I stood up with every intention of paying my dues, but then I remembered she was older and had probably seen dicks bigger than my own. I got embarrassed and abruptly stopped unbuttoning my shorts.

“Come on,” she said, “I want to see that big cock of yours!”

That was all of the confidence booster I needed to muster the guts to let Herman out. Candy pulled her shirt up a lot this time and I had a very clear view of her pussy lips. My dick started throbbing and a little bit of pre-cum began to drip out. Again I was embarrassed.

“Can I taste it?”


“Can I taste your stuff?”

Lil Candy wanted to taste my pre-cum. I really didn’t know what to think about that one. I wanted to taste her pussy juice too so I told her that’d be fine in hopes she would reciprocate later.

Before I knew what happened the head of my cock was suddenly in the warmest, moistest and softest place it had ever been in. Candy wrapped her hand around the base and used it to pull me further into her mouth. Now one half of my cock was inside her mouth and I could feel her tongue rolling around the underside. My legs got weak.

An eternity seem to go by in an instant as my cock enjoyed its bath in Candy’s mouth. Suddenly I wanted to see her pussy and I bent to the side a little to try and get a look. She must have sensed what I wanted and Candy used her free hand to spread her pussy lips apart.

Now I was imagining what it’d be like to stick my entire cock into that warm hole between her legs. She had begun to work my cock with her hand and use her tongue on the head. I could feel my balls getting ready to blow my hot cum into her mouth. Part of me wanted to pull back and spare her the mouth full of sperm, but another part figured she already knew what was coming (literally).

My cum began to flow into her mouth and as it did her tongue continued to tickle my cock-head. It was all I could do to keep my balance and not fall onto her. As my orgasm subsided I began to think, “My turn!”

Just as the last bit of cum left my cock I heard her phone ring. She jumped up and checked the caller ID. It was her mom! She quickly spit my cum into the trashcan next to her desk and answered the phone while wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her mom was calling her from the car telling her to be ready to bring in the groceries, she was leaving the store!

I was hastily ushered out her front door and told to get moving. Doing as I was told I made it far enough down the street that her mom didn’t realize I was leaving her house right after shooting a load of cum into her daughter’s mouth.

Once I got home I went upstairs and started a shower. While there, my thoughts inevitably returned to my Candy-blowjob. just as they did for many years to cum! updates with exclusive pictures and videos you won’t find anywhere else. Her small tits beg for a training bra, but she prefers to let them out. Candy masturbates and does hardcore videos too. In fact, I’ll leave you with this little preview just so you know Lil Candy isn’t a dick tease like those other girls!


Take the tour and get inside that tight pussy right now!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/19/10 - Write A Comment!


Class, can you give a warm hand of applause to Adele from ALS Scan?

ALS Sc. what? It’s an abbreviation for All Ladies Shaved. Back in 1996 when the site opened the Internet was pretty much brand new. Back then pics were called scans because you scanned them into the computer and shot them on regular film. Digital wasn’t even invented yet!

The site updates daily and usually flips between a video or a picture set each new day. Most of the girls have small tits and look rather barely legal. was the first site to feature girls with shaved pussies exclusively.

It’s hard to believe in today’s climate, but back then they caught a lot of flack for, "trying to make girls look like jailbait." Even with her shaved pussy Adele doesn’t look like jailbait to me. She just looks like she has a clean, inviting, tasty looking pussy!

Since all of the girls are shaved this site has camel toe in just about every set and in most of the videos. Girls masturbate solo and go bisexual with other models. Many of the sets are shot outdoors and sometimes in public places. My personal fav is the lesbian pool videos. Nothing beats seeing a hottie in a wet bikini with camel toe showing. except for two hotties in wet bikinis with camel toe showing!

If you haven’t seen this site before grab a pass to ALS Scan. With 14 years under the belt there is so much content you couldn’t download it all in one month even if you wanted to!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/17/10 - Write A Comment!


Remember the first time you got a girl in this position and knew you were finally going to bang her? Teen Topanga makes it real easy to bring back those memories with 36 picture galleries featuring this small tits teen having sex with herself and her teen friends!

Along with the picture sets you get teen girls kissing videos too. Twenty-eight videos in all. Actually, strike that, because with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you can get Teen Topanga, Little Summer, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree, Little April, Little Lupe and more. 22 sites total!

With so many girls you can relive a lot of good memories from your past and make up some new fantasies with blonde teens, brunettes, Latinas, petite teens, chunky teens, small tits, ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>big tits, the list goes on!

The ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass is more than just a solo model network, it is a chance for you to get away! Take it!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/09/10 - Write A Comment!


Having a membership to Emily 18 is like winning the lottery. If you won $200 million what would you buy first? A house? A car? A yacht? A house for your momma?

That is what it is like when you enter the members area of Lots of questions and no right answers… oops… make that, and only right answers!

This kind of pandemonium occurs at Emily 18 because her site has so many nooks and crannies. As men we like to explore and there are many paths to explore with Emily. She has her old sets where her small tits and puffy nipples defy logic. She must be illegal! But no… She is 18 years old and perfectly legal… how can this be?

In Emily’s latest work you see her artistic side. While she still looks every bit like jailbait, she is actually in her low twenties. I know! It’s fucking amazing!

Emily 18 is very active on her site and has some videos that will blow your mind. There has never been a better time to become or member or renew an old flame with this girl. Where before she was a topless coy girl, now she goes full nude!

Time for you to see this beautiful girl completely naked!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/06/10 - Write A Comment!


I make a lot of posts and see a lot of sites, but it still amazes me how often I find a girl I have never seen before. This one is called Fuckable Lola and I have to say, her name really hits the nail on the head here because I’d hit that small tits honey 2x’s!

Some guys would call Fuckable Lola a tease. To be honest with you, I do too… The difference being that they mean it in a derogatory way and for me, girls teasing is just part of the game!

Fuckable Lola stands five feet, five inches tall and weighs in at only 86 lbs. Her petite figure and small tits will have you conjuring up fantasies of banging a schoolgirl or the girl next door. Not hard to do really since a lot of her galleries have her wearing clothes that match those fantasies.

While she doesn’t do hardcore Lola does masturbatea lot! She uses plenty of toys, her fingers, the faucet, a garden hose and just about everything else real girls try sticking up their vaginas! She also has a thing for panties and a rock hard body to display them with!

This girl is so the girl next door that she even dry humps just like young girls do when they experiment with what feels good. Any way, give Fuckable Lola a try and I’ll see you inside the members area!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/03/10 - Write A Comment!


For those into petite, barely legal girls with small tits it is time to give Paulina 18 a try. Her youthful frame and cute face make reliving the past almost too easy!

You can try out her A-cup boobs for only a buck and you get access to all of her friends. is like several sites in one. You get her solo model masturbation sets, her lesbian flings with girls from school and boy/girl scenes with Paulina and her boyfriends!

Nothing is left to the imagination and again, with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you can enjoy all of her small tits friends too!

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