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I like spunky girls and Casey Hays is one of my favorite small tits solo models with a lot of spunk. She is both a tease and a girl that delivers. Casey Hays wears many hats in her quest to evacuate your sperm!

In the free Casey Hays masturbation videos above you get to see both her tempting side and her no holds, barred side. She loves to model her panties and show off how they get sucked into her tight pussy crack. Then, Casey shows you how she drills her cunny while she dreams about you. A win-win!

You can take her trial membership for only a buck. I doubt you will find many solo models willing to do that!

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Are you a fan of small tits? I know I am and I know where to go to get dozens, if not hundreds, of them all for one low price. The place to go is the Latin Teen Pass network.

They have six solo sites featuring spicy Latina teens and one featuring twins! Three of the solo models have small tits and so do the twins.

But wait – there is more!

You also get access to the multi-model sites featuring hundreds of spicy Latinas with small tits. The solo models got their start on these sites so you know the quality is there.

The small tits solo models include Pamela Spice, Gigi Spice and Cierra Spice. And when you get tired of small tits, if that is even possible, they have large tits too!

Grab a Latin Teen Pass and take a trip South of the border!

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I have a fascination with small tits teens. Especially the artistic sites and how they depict them. I guess you could say they look somewhat angelic.

Of course the other obvious reason to like artistic nude sites like X-Art is that they shoot their pics in such an incredible resolution. These ones are at 4000 pixels in the members area!

X-Art updates every three to four days with a new picture set and while I cannot guarantee the girls will all have small tits, I can say that the majority of them do. Each girl comes back and does several picture sets so you can get to know them better.

Another one of my favorite small tits updates is Little Love with Chloe. She has tiny tits and a cute, firm butt. In this set she poses wearing only some soft pink socks. I wonder what we are supposed to fantasize she is going to do with them? Oh, and her pussy looks virgin like. So angelic!

X-Art isn’t just softcore nudity. You also get to see Chloe’s tight pussy wrapped around some hard cock! This site blends the best of softcore nudity and hardcore sex into one hot picture!

Now picture this: You get up to 67% off with our X-Art discount and it gets even better. You can also use the first month option of $9.95 to score a deal that will keep your wallet nice and fat with cash. This offer is only for a limited time so don’t waste it!

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There are not many solo model porn stars I’d like to bang. Sure there are plenty of hotties like Emily 18, Gigi Spice, Kaira 18 and more, but none of them are full fledged porn stars. Aaliyah Love is a porn star. You can buy her DVD’s in stores and see her on hundreds of web sites were she has been a featured model.

Only at can you see all of her content in one convenient place and also see content you cannot find anywhere else!

Aaliyah Love is special in the porn star industry because she is one of the few hotties that kept her small tits. Her small A-Cup boobies are way hotter IMHO than anything a doctor could do for her. They are pert and have perfecting matched nipples.

Not only does she have a barely legal body, Aaliyah Love also has a barely legal pussy. Watching her cram a dildo into her tight pussy in the gallery above leads me to believe a big fat cock would have a tough time making it all the way inside.

Aaliyah updates her site daily with new pics and videos and regularly updates her blog. She is an active porn star that isn’t going any where so you don’t have to worry about getting in only to find her getting out.

Videos are encoded in four different formats to ensure you can play them anywhere you want to. Everything is downloadable and in high definition.

Members of Aaliyah Love also get access to her friends including teens like, Leah Luv and Ashley Fires, plus, access to several other porn star sites like, Monica Mayhem and Cassandra Calogera, plus, many more!

So if you are looking for a hot small tits teen to fantasize about tonight, you found her in Aaliyah Love!

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While I was in high school I used to have this friend. We never did actually date per-se, we mostly just buddied around and had sex here and there. One of the things she was most fascinated by was watching me masturbate. This worked out well because I also enjoyed watching her masturbate to my own masturbation.

Another great aspect of our dual masturbation sessions is that she often liked to use various household items. So, since she was always wanting to see how I masturbate with “things”, I got to see how she masturbated with “things”.

Ever since I first laid eyes on a girls hairbrush handle I wondered, “Damn, that thing seems more like it was molded for masturbation then for grip!”

On one fateful day I asked her if she ever used her hairbrush to masturbate and she got one and showed me how she did it. Looking back I wonder how she was able to do so much without any lube. Then again, I guess putting on a show for me made her very wet. Especially since I was putting on a show for her at the same time.

While she was pushing the handle of her hairbrush into her pussy I wondered aloud how crazy it is that her hairbrush can fit all the way into her pussy. She pulled it out and put it next to my swollen cock. My cock was about an inch and a half bigger. She said something about my cock being longer and thicker and that the hairbrush was actually easier to get all the way in!

It didn’t take long for her hairbrush masturbation technique to send her over the edge. Lucky for her she preferred to cum with something inside her instead of rubbing her clit. I always enjoyed fucking her because of it. For some reason I got more satisfaction making her cum by fucking her then having to rub her clit too.

At FTVGirls there are quite a few girls that masturbate with a hairbrush. The web site is well known for the girls using all sorts of items in their masturbation videos. Almost all of the girls perform some kind of public masturbation too. Often right out in the open!

Perhaps one of the hottest sets of videos at FTV Girls is the one where two petite blonde girls eat each other out in a very public park! Then there are the brunettes that lick each other to orgasm in a parking lot with guys snapping cell phone pics walking by.

By far FTVGirls is the place to go if you want both softcore and hardcore masturbation videos with lots of lesbian videos thrown in for good measure!

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Every once in a while I pat myself on the back when I make a great find. This is one of those times. Kasia from Face Down Ass Up University is one heck of a hot, blonde, blue eyed, small tits hottie!

Everything about this girl excites me. Like how her small tits are capped with puffy pink nipples. Her ass isn’t too big or too small, it is just fucking right. A little ribs showing, but enough meat on her bones to make boning her a dream come true.

If I ever released a genie out of a bottle Kasia would be my first wish!

Kasia is one of 37 students/models (and growing) at Face Down Ass Up University. What exactly is FDAU University? The brain-child of one of the Internet’s most respected teen photographers Phil Flash. This guy specializes in finding hot teens and succulent babes. He has been photographing them doing all sorts of naughty things for over a decade.

I know. We still have no clue about the university. OK, the idea behind this all girls private school is that they take in softcore freshmen teens and turns them into hardcore sex craving seniors by the time they graduate. So when you examine the schools videos and picture sets you can keep within certain niches you are looking for by staying within a particular class of students.

As always with Phil Flash panties are a big part of every shoot. So are socks and small tits. well, ok, some girls have big tits. The point is that things move slow with lots of teasing and then as things develop the girls get naughty and naughtier until they are cumming right along with you!

All of the Face Down Ass Up University picture galleries and videos have the girls wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits and uniforms. Currently I know of no other 100% schoolgirl site better than FDAU University.

As an added bonus members are privy to Phil’s stable of 16 web cam girls. Each of whom have weekly shows.

Personally I think Kasia is plenty reason enough to join!

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While I can’t say for certain that Joe Plumber is going to get lucky today, I can say that Joe Boxer is stepping up to the plate and he is ready to hit this one out of the ballpark!

This scene from Gigi Spice brings me back to my own first threesome. I had two teenage girls (one with braces) ready to suck my cock. I couldn’t help but wonder if the rumors were true about girls blowing cock with braces on. Would I have a dick left or would this little wood-chuck gnaw it down to a stub?

There was only one way to find out and that was a game of show me yours and I show you mine. At first I had thought that I had put the drop on these two little girls, but I was wrong. It turned out they had it in for my hardon the entire time. I was like puddy in their hands.

Gigi Spice has those same youthful looks and small tits my first blowjob sweethearts had. It is amazing how soft and smooth a barely legal teens skin can get. Feeling their hard boobies rubbing on my legs while they worked their warm, wet mouths on my cock was more than I could handle.

It usually takes me several minutes to cum and I have been known to be able to hold out for hours. Not on that day. Gigi Spice and her Latin friend made me blow my load in just under a minute. The funny thing is they went back for more because they didn’t feel like they tasted enough of it the first time. I was in heaven! updates weekly with a new video and picture sets. Her masturbation videos are very graphic and clear. Watching her play with that tender pussy of hers really brings me back. Watching her suck on a guys hard glands in blowjob videos brings me back even further.

Members of this spicey Latina jail bait get access to her spicey friends too. I suggest you take a look at the join page on Gigi Spice for all of the details.

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Every once in a while a girl comes across my computer desk that defies aging. Today that girl is Holly from Nubiles. This blonde, barely legal teenager has a pussy that looks just as tasty as a Georgia peach.

Holly has four videos and four picture sets at Nubiles. Most of the models have just as many. That is because Nubiles updates multiple times a day. With this accelerated  update schedule you almost find it too hard to keep up with them all! But who is complaining? Not me!

Photos on Nubiles have two settings, large and small. The large pics are a wad blowing 2400×1600. I have 24″ monitors and they span the entire thing. Imagine that picture above at that size. It is like having the real one right in front of you. Shit, I can almost taste it for Christ’s sakes!

Nubiles videos are broken down into several chunks for easy viewing. For those with broadband connections you can download the entire thing in one fowl swoop. All 120mb of it. Plus, if you don’t want shit lingering around on your hard drive for someone else to see it you can stream the videos via their flash player.

Members can rate the girls and their individual updates too. Makes finding the cream of the crop a cinch.

The search functions at Nubiles also make finding what you like a cinch too. Here, lets run one shall we? How about Girls with shaved pussies that do hardcore sex with guys, wear a bikini and show camel toe… I just got 27 girls and I have to say…


Along with all of these great features there is still more… Members can tag photos and videos so that you can search for some very specific topics like a puffy pussy. You can view up to the minute data like who just rated whom last and what they gave her. It is fucking amazing!

The Nubiles girls are regulars in the message board at You can interact with them or with the other Nubiles fans. The girls accept private messages too.

No other barely legal site has this many girls and this level of fan interaction. Nubiles is the one that broke the mold!

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One look at the enlarged photo behind that thumbnail above and I knew I had to post about this web site. It is called Get Naughty Girls and it is like a clearing house of hot teens and coed babes.

There has been an increase in sites bundling several models together with a few bundling hundreds of models together. I love mergers like these. Back in 2001 you had to pay $35 a month just for one girl. In 2008 you can pay much less and score dozens of girls in hundreds of videos!

Lets talk about why I chose this particular gallery to represent Get Naughty Girls. First the whole wet panties thing. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated with being able to see a girls pussy underneath her wet panties. When girls started shaving their pussies it only made things better.

Next we can talk about the Cleft of Venus. That is the spot you see just starting to suck those wet panties in. I have spent countless hours of spring break vacations checking out college girls with the Cleft of Venus showing through their skimpy bikinis. Each one is different so it never gets old. updates three to five times a week. Each update has several updates in it. So you might get five picture sets of a girl or two videos and two picture sets of another girl per update. That is enough updating to make you fee like Lucy Ricardo in a candy factory.

The babes at Get Naughty Girls often come from other sites with the same business model or they are brand new to the industry. So you end up with more sets of your favorites and the first sets of some rookies.

The guy running this site loves panties, wet panties, puffy nipples and masturbation. I swear it is like we are twin brothers or something. At $24.95 for over 60 models and new ones added constantly you will enjoy this membership intensely!

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So, some time early in the year a guy comes onto the webmaster boards talking about how he is going to be a pimp and a player and run the show… We all rag on him and tell him he is a douche bag because we get about 10 people a month telling us how they are God and have more traffic than God and will make more money than him too. They never get anywhere and fizzle out…

But not this guy… I mean, he didn’t fizzle out. In fact, he turned out to be true to his word and lined up some of the hottest babes in the industry including Shyla Jennings above. His web site is centered around one central niche. Hot teens riding the Sybian.

Everyone has their own personal reasons for their fascination with watching girls ride Sybians. Mine stems from an old girlfriend I caught masturbating by riding the boarder board on the side of her bed. Instead of popping in the room I waiting until she was done. She was actually calling out my name when she orgasmed! Being a sneaky bastard I didn’t tell her I had caught her until the fourth or fifth time I caught her.

Seeing the girls at Pure Sybian riding their way to orgasm reminds me of that video reel in my head of my ex. It make it really easy to imagine her riding you and the best part of a Sybian is you get the adjust the controls. It feels so good and dirty to send a girl into a frenzy!

So all-in-all I have to say this Jay-Rock guy did an awesome job of creating an entertaining, appealing web site. Watching teens ride Sybians never gets old!

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Entering the gates of is like being the uninvited guest to your sister’s slumber party. Over a thousand girls grace the pages of this award winning web site.

The girls at Abby Winters are real. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world and I think I found four of my ex-girlfriend’s twins at Abby Winters. I never got to see any of them masturbate, though I suspected some of them did it. Now I get to see all of them masturbate and two of them make out with each other! Now there is a fantasy I always wanted to explore!

Your mind goes numb and finds it hard to process what it is seeing when you find the 227 girls in 240 girl-girl scenes. Where do I start? Oh shit! Wait a minute… There is even more girl-girl action in the Intimate Moments section!

Intimate Moments… They are just what they sound like. Girls masturbating to wonderfully explosive orgasms. These are not paid models that work in porn. They are girls from off the street. The kinds of girls you see around you in your everyday life. The grocery checker, the bank teller, the girl at the changing rooms at your local department store… Real girls. Masturbating about real guys (and girls).

Watching two Abby Winters girls share an Intimate Moment will get your pulse racing. A double masturbation session with girls that have never masturbated with someone else in the room before. Curiosity sets in and sometimes the girls begin to explore each other. A double Intimate Moment.

Most of the models at Abby Winters have several picture sets and videos. Many of the most popular models have Intimate Moments match ups and mash ups.

By far one of the most exhilarating adventures at is following along on a like minded, fellow user’s coattails. Users (including you) can create your own galleries with topics like feet/panties, nipple nibble and more.

Members of Abby Winters can download calendars featuring the girls along with wallpapers devoted to fan favorites.

Can an Abby Winters membership get any better than this? Sure, I haven’t even mentioned the discussion board yet. A place where you can interact with your favorite model(s). On the boards you can talk with dozens of models, like minded fans, make requests or talk about anything on your mind.

A full membership to Abby Winters gets you 11 new videos a week, 8 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models a week, 2 returning solo models a week, 2 new girl-girl videos a week, 3 one-girl masturbation videos a week, 2 two-girl masturbation videos a week, exclusive backstage content and access to eight years of archived material.

Every time you login to your account there is always something waiting for you!

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You have gotta love a place that specializes in candid photography. xPosing is the home of naked self portraits. There are literally thousands of them. Looking at teen chicks exposing their teen tits never gets old. Never!

xPosing started out as a surfers board where dedicated amateur candid photographers got together and shared their wares. You had to upload some photos that were new to the group to gain access and in order to see the best quality stuff you had to add 100’s of candid photos to the collection.

Today you don’t need to be a photographer to gain access. You can become a trusted member by paying a monthly fee. Now there are literally 1000’s of photographers including the girls themselves.

Along with candid pics there are candid videos. Everything is broken down into niches like beach voyeur and non nudes & underwear. Every time you login you never know what to expect. There is always some crazy teenage girl out there clicking pics of herself xPosing her private parts.

To make navigation at xPosing even easier you can use the search function to focus in on your favorite types of candid photography or candid videos.

Melding both amateur sex videos and candid photography into one unbelievably active forum makes a must have membership for anyone into teen candids and amateur teen sex videos.

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I have no idea where this guy got the name of his web site from but I really enjoy his attention to detail. That has got to be one of the most wonderfully pealed, tight pussies I have ever seen. I could sit there lapping that clit of hers for hours and never get bored.

As it turns out the hot Latin teen holding that pussy open for us also has a smoking hot pussy of her own! Again… Where did this guy get the name Little Mutt from? It should be Little Tight Pussies!

The owner of Little Mutt spends countless hours looking for amateur girls willing to get naked for the camera. Once he has them in his lair he gets them to do more than they thought they could do. In some updates the girls get frisky with one another and in others they take on guys and/or girls and guys at the same time.

Members of Little Mutt are treated to four updates a week. There are more than 150 models at Little Mutt. With so many to choose from why not choose your favorite 4 or 5? Or even 20? Or 50?

While the girls are mostly girl next door types I have to say that he has great taste in teens! Fans of small tits will really enjoy Little Mutt. The site is full of tiny tits teens.

Little Mutt is one of the fastest growing amateur teen sites. A year ago I never heard of the place and now it is becoming a household name. Be the first on your block to see why Little Mutt is the teen site that could.

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Little Lupe

Don’t worry, Little Lupe isn’t going to get you into any trouble with the law. She might look young, but she is actually a year shy of being barely legal.

Of course you know what this means… You can unload all of your pent up sperm and cumshot fantasies all over her pretty little face and sleep well at night knowing no laws were broken. has only been open a few short months but she has already amassed an awesome cache of barely legal pics and sexy teen videos. This girl isn’t your usual solo model either. She does hardcore!

Now when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore! And not just with guys either, Little Lupe is about as bisexual as teen girls get. Hey, we aren’t done here, she even takes teen masturbation to whole new levels!

Have you ever seen a petite sub-100 lbs girl impale herself on a two and a half foot dildo? You will! Every other set Little Lupe gives you a chance to imagine shooting your cock juice all over her pretty little face. And, don’t even get me started on her little tight pussy. Holy shit, you almost feel sorry for the girl!

What your reasons are for buying a password, one thing is for sure, no matter how open minded your girlfriend or wife is, she will be jealous of Lupe! Insanely jealous and it isn’t hard to see why. So make sure you are careful and cover your tracks! I don’t want to be reading your obituary tomorrow.

* Want a real treat? Want to go past just imagining what Little Lupe’s asshole feels like? Want to experience her mouth around your swollen cock? Do you want to feel her teenage pussy fucking your hard cock? Get a Fleshlight and all is yours. The Fleshlight doesn’t just make a great male sex toy, it makes a statement. You don’t have everything there is to have until you have one of these babies!

Find More Little Lupe!

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Mackenzie Kayne
Mackenzie Kayne

Honey, I fucked the babysitter!

Well, ok, so I didn’t fuck her. I did give her some mind blowing orgasms though! Guys, this here is Mackenzie Kayne. She does all sorts of things. She isn’t like those other girls that tease you and don’t give you any action.

In the free gallery above you get to see what happens when the babysitter doesn’t make it home. Mackenzie gets a lesson on where her clit is and why so many girls like to rub it on something. When this guy is done with her she is going to be frigging herself hourly trying to find that sweet spot between her legs.

Mackenzie is just hot enough to get your dick hard and just slutty enough to make you believe that she’d give you the time of day. Mackenzie has very small tits and a really tight pussy. Unlike other girls Mackenzie does some very hard stuff on her website.

You can download a video clip on her tour page. In it she masturbates, gives her girlfriends passionate kisses, licks their wet teen pussies and has massive orgasms on screen. If you like teen porn then you will love!

In addition to the Mackenzie Kayne passwords you get access to 21 other websites in her network. These aren’t lame 70’s feeder content sites either. These are full websites with their own exclusive content!

Panty sites like Cotton Bottom Club, hardcore solo girls like September Scott and taboo fetish stuff like I Am Pierced! Sites with a level of content that you can’t get any where else.

Find More Mackenzie Kayne!

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