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Asian Girl in Yellow Bikini
Joon Mali Movies

I am a busy man and I don’t have time for traveling the Pacific Ocean. That is why I am a member of Joon Mali. She brings Thailand to me!

My obsession for this Asian teen started about one year ago. There is something about Joon that is so damn exotic that it is hard to put it into words. I will try…

Joon Mali is like many niches all rolled into one. For starters she is Asian so her age is hard to pin down. It is that way with most Asian women. So Joon Mali easily fits into the barely legal category and I have a feeling she will have her foot in that category for many years to come. Joon also has small tits and a small frame so fitting her into the barely legal category isn’t to much of a stretch for the imagination. Of course there is another way to look at this exotic beauty.

Joon also has some soul to her. She has a deep, dark tan and soft, smooth skin. She has dick sucking lips and beautiful, long black hair. Then there is her ass. How many Asian girls even have an ass to speak of? Joon Mali has more junk in the trunk that a thrift store. Well, OK, I am exagerating a bit but because her frame is so small her ass looks huge. Plump. I could spend all day just having sex with her ass.

In addition to being known as a bubble butt asian , Joon is also known for having one cute beaver. She makes it a point to include at least a few pictures of her panties going up her shaven pussy crack in every gallery. Let me take a moment to say, "We all thank you for the camel toes Joon!" Plus, her printed panty shots all play into her barely legal role. updates three times a week with new videos and photos so there is always something to keep you busy through out the week. Joon gets fully nude and loves to make out with her friends like Lily Koh with all of us watching. The videos are also downloadable to your IPOD for when you are on the go.

So why haven’t you given Joon Mali a try?

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My Sex Life

Well, Labor Day is just around the corner and what better way to spend it than looking at tits and ass? Don’t answer that because if you don’t reply tits and ass you are gay and this blog doesn’t do gay… sorry!

OK… I have just been informed there is indeed another way to enjoy this holiday… A BBQ, some cigars, cold beer and pussy at the end of the night. I guess I will have to make an exception!

Normally I would say, back to business, but that last comment hit the business nail on the head. The girl above is named Lori Anderson and she has one hell of a pussy. All business aside, you really should click her picture above and check it out.

Fucking tight pussy huh? I told you!

Lori Anderson got her start in porn in the Hustler’s Beaver Hunt. The crazy shit is that I remember her! I don’t have any of my old Hustlers anymore but the year was either 1998 or ’99. She was hot then and she is even hotter now!

At everything is amateur. That is good because it reflects the fact that Lori is a hometown honey! The type of girl you can pick up in any bar, in any-town – USA. I prefer these chicks to the usual pornstar bullshit mass-porn-media shoves down our throats. Have you seen Jenna Jameson lately? Fucking retarded fool. God gave her a picture perfect body and she fucked it up like Michael Jackson! I’d take Lori Anderson over her any day.

Members of My Sex Life get access to a huge and ever growing archive of this amateur pornstar’s videos and picture sets. If you pay extra for a live one-on-one webcam show with her you get access to her bedroom telephone number and the bedroom web cam feed. Talk about up close and personal! This lady knows how to service a guy, huh?

The weekend is here and you have been jacking off to the same old bitch for a while now… and I am not talking about your wife! You owe it to yourself to get back to the girl next door type and give Lori Anderson some of your hard earned money!

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Teenage Queen

The next time you have a conversation with God can you thank him for me? What better creation is there than teenage angst? None, I tell you and Sexy Lette is the living definition of teenage angst!

Forget, if you will, that the webmaster running her website has no design sense what so ever. When it comes to making free hosted galleries (the page you go to when you click her picture above… yeah… those are called FHG’s)… I think my dog could have thrown something together with more pizzazz!

Lucky for Lette and us as well, the webmaster didn’t design her actual website. And because he didn’t design it, rocks! Make sure you turn down your speakers because the movie trailer starts on its own. Right away you get the sense that this girl is going to be big. No… not fat big. Pornstar big. She is one of those girls that labeled herself a slut. You gotta love those kinds of girls!

Sexy Lette just opened up in July so a few kinks are being worked out. But the main portions of the website are up and running. In particular the pictures and videos are working just fine but the tour isn’t updating properly to show you the new stuff in the previews.

Lette isn’t for the timid. She does everything in high definition and she likes to abuse herself for your amusement. A softcore model she is not and that is exactly why you are going to love her!

Find More Sexy Lette

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ATK-Natural and Hairy
By far – one of the most requested niches here at is teens with hairy pussies. Even during a time when waxed is the norm, many of you are requesting a full bush. A hairy and natural bush. I put in a request to several websites for a gallery and the people at ATKingdom were happy to oblige and sent me this gallery of Maria for you to enjoy.

I have to admit… two things… First, I resisted making a hairy bush post because I personally prefer shaved beavers to the naturally bushy pussies. Second, a nice gal at ATK turned me on to Maria and when I say, “Turned me on,” I mean turned me on!

I was told to remember that shaving a beaver is a two step process. First, you have to GROW the hairand then you get to shave it. She asked me if I could imagine myself fantasizing about shaving Maria’s full bush? I thought about it and said, “Hell-fucking-yes!”

So there you have it… One hersuit beaver and two sides to the coin (or fantasy). Of course Maria’s small tits also helped me to make my decision! has over 1,300 naturally hairy bushes for you to enjoy. Plus, ATK is more than just a website. It is also a magazine. You get articles on mild, extremely hairy and everything in between. Hundreds of video clips and over 800,000 images! They add over 4,000 new hairy pussy pics a week. These people take hairy pussies seriously!

Even if you are just curious, this is definitely a website you should be a member of. At $29.99 is a bargain considering how much content you get. Some girls are even lighter than Maria’s mild bush and others are sporting full-blown shag carpets so I am sure there will be someone you will enjoy.

Find More ATK-Natural and Hairy!

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Topanga in her bedroom.

Just a quick glance of her eyes is enough to melt your heart.

This smiling eighteen year old is Teen Topanga. She is a college coed in So Cal and you know what that means. Topanga goes both ways!

In the free teen topanga gallery above she is wearing only a pink t-shirt and some very skimpy panties. She has a cheeky face with Bambi-like eye lashes. With her barrettes and braces I bet she would get carded trying to buy cigarettes.

Topanga has small boobs and a tight body. Just imagine rubbing warm oil over her hard nipples and down her belly. Bringing both hands down her thighs, past the backs of her knees and to her calves, squeezing them, then back up again. Rubbing the oil into her tight buttocks. Watching her eyes roll back and her mouth open and moan.

With you get Teen Topanga and her girlfriends. You get to watch her rubbing hot oil into her clit. See her poke her fingers into her shaven pussy. Hear her coo when her rubs her bald mound. Listen to the sounds when two teenage girls kiss for the first time. See their tongues intertwine.

Teen Topanga has schoolgirls, shower scenes, upskirt, panties, everything you want to see a college teen in. With so many updates it is impossible to get bored!

Find More Teen Topanga!

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