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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/28/12 - Write A Comment!


Some girls don’t have to smile. Ariel Rebel is one of those girls. Her beauty is so undeniable that it punches you square in the face. DUCK!!!

These are some nude pictures Ariel took just days after her 18th birthday. Her perky boobs are very small. They are just barely growing in. While she shaves her pussy in these photos you will have a hard time finding a hair follicle. She is that smooth! is still updating with her new photos and if you search my blog you can find some of them. She still looks quite young and her body is still very petite and perky.

When you join her site Ariel Rebel gives you access to her friends as well. There are over 80 sites and many of them are worth the full price of membership on their own merits. Especially Andi Pink!

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South Africa is back in the news with miners striking and getting killed. White people there have had a long history of keeping the brothas down. We all know the real reason why; they don’t want their white women experiencing the black cock. They fear they will never come back!

Since the fall of Apartheid a lot of blacks in teens sites have sprung up. I haven’t talked much about them here. Not that I am a hater. I just don’t get a lot of searches on the subject. Today I got a flurry of them so I decided it was about time I put a post up about it. Are you a black guy looking for white girls hungry for dark meat? Click the pic!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/18/12 - Write A Comment!


Oh the games we would play!

Did you ever notice that when your sister invited friends over they always locked her door and turned on the radio? There is a reason for that. Girls are more apt to share their sexuality with their girlfriends more than boys. While boys are out catching lizards and snakes girls are experimenting with what feels good and sharing their favorite masturbation techniques with each other.

Lili Jensen is one such girl. This is her friend Cali Logan and Lili is in such a sharing mood she has decided to unlock the door and let us in to see what really goes on when the radio blares.

It would be an understatement to say that Lili Jensen is a hawt babe. Her small tits are very perky and her skin is very tan. Her skin contrasts with her bright eyes so well you won’t have a problem jacking off to them. Yeah, I know. Who jacks off to a girls eyes? You do!

Along with those bright eyes are some soft pink lips. Now do you want to masturbate? Don’t deny her. That would be rather rude of you; don’t you think?

I am a big time fan of camel toe. Especially when a girl has a cleft of Venus that really enjoys the taste of a girls panties. Lili Jensen has a pussy with an insatiable appetite for panties. It is like a match made in heaven. is giving you access to all of her friends with one password. Again, don’t be rude. Take this girl up on her offer before she slaps you!

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I think it is safe to say that Paulina 18 fits into the nubile teen category. Her small tits have barely even started to grow. To be honest I don’t see them "growing" for much longer either!

Paulina 18 likes to wear bright and shiny things. From her panties to her bracelets she is a girly-girl. Most of her galleries have the cameras peeking up her skirt to see her cotton print panties.

It only takes one password for one dollar to unlock and all of her friends sites too. That password is the Premium GFs. With only one password you can access over 30 solo model teen sites. Plus, they have lots of multi-model sites with niches like anal and gramps on teens!

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I am almost certain that Emily 18 has her tattoos to protect herself and her users. A sort of age identification. As you can see from the second picture above of her bum she does look very young!

Emily has been modeling now for about five years and she still looks barely legal. She loves to wear cute stuff like her cotton print panties above. In her newer stuff her boobs are finally too big for a training bra, but her older stuff is packed with pictures of her in them.

Although they are bigger than they were when she was just a barely legal girl, Emily’s boobs can still be considered small tits and they are as springy as ever. Take a look at and see for yourself!

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June is such a naughty 24 years old bisexual who’ll do her best to make you feel comfortable inside her live sex chat room and enjoy her private representations. If you’re then you must have been seeking a place to chat with naughty babes and have virtual sex. The good news is you don’t have to look any further as we have pretty much everything here.

Besides June there are hundreds of other amazing chicks willing to offer you unforgettable moments of pleasure inside their private chat rooms. So hurry up, click her preview image and enter her room instantly.

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This here is Hanna from Club Seventeen. She is a great example of a coed with small tits. I usually delve into fantasies about banging a bro’s younger sister, but when it comes to Hanna it is time to flip the fantasy to banging a bro’s older sister. If she will let you!

Hanna reminds me of a buddy’s sister that once gave me a mercy jerk. She was so fucking far out of my league. Not that I was ugly by any meaning of the word. I just wasn’t on the same level as her. She was a cheerleader, I introduced our school to computers in the drafting department. By some unwritten rule we were not supposed to associate or fornicate for that matter.

One day when I went over to his house to see if he was around she answered the door wearing a bikini. I had never seen her in one and my immediate reaction was to drop my chin down to the floor. No matter how hard I tried not to drool over her tan skin and perky tits I couldn’t. I was like a dear in headlights!

She told me to come in and she closed the door behind me. I expected her to call for her brother, but she just motioned for me to head out back. I figured he must be in the pool too. Damn. I didn’t have any trunks.

When I went into the backyard I stopped when I didn’t see him. She pushed me from behind and I went a few more steps towards the pool area. My buddy’s sister grabbed my hand and ushered me to some sun chairs where she sat down before handing me a bottle.

She asked, "Would you mind rubbing some of that on my back?"

I mumbled something about it not being a problem and I could already feel my dick twitching at the idea of rubbing oil into this girls skin. Then I looked around to see if maybe some guys were hiding on the side of the house waiting to kick my ass or something.

With trembling hands I squirting some oil into my palms and rubbed them together. I took one last look at the corner of the house to make sure we were actually alone before touching her soft skin.

She seemed to notice I was looking around and told me her brother was at some physical checkup for wrestling. Both he and her mom would be gone for a few hours. Sweet!

As I rubbed lotion into her back she asked me to undo her strings so she wouldn’t get lines. Holy shit! Now my dick was getting too big to hide from her. No matter how I shifted or moved my legs it was packing a punch on the right leg of my shorts.

When I finished her back and shoulders she asked me to do her legs as well. Now there would be no way I was going to be able to hide my hardon. Regardless, I started at her feet and worked up her calves to the backs of her knees. While down there I tried not to peek too much at her crotch, but once I got to her thighs she parted her legs.

My eyes were blessed with the site of her camel toe. Her bikini bottoms bit into her hairless pussy lips. I could totally make out her every nook and cranny of her vagina. I could even make out her tiny clit peeking through her clitoral hood.

By now my hardon was massive. It looked like a had stuck a sock in my shorts going down my right leg. As I approached her buttocks she reached back and pulled her bikini bottoms tight into her ass cheeks. Oh no, I thought as precum oozed out of my hardon soaking into my shorts creating a dark spot.

As my hands caressed her ass my cock brushed up against her hand. I was trying to make sure that wouldn’t happen, but she must have moved her hand while I was focusing so hard on her ass cheeks.

Suddenly she popped up on her right elbow and looked back at me. She grabbed my hardon and squeezed it painfully in her left hand.

"What is this?" She asked knowing full well what it was. "Did you get a hardon you little pervert?"

Figuring it was a rhetorical question I played possum and just sat there frozen.

"You poor thing. It looks painfully hard. I bet your balls are turning blue with all of that cum inside them," she said coyly. "I will tell you what; if you promise not to tell a soul I will jerk you off and you can rub me off too, or – would you rather go home and jerk off without me?"

I was horrified by that last part. How did she know I jerked off? Was she going to tell everyone? Did she know? Did I just give it away?

"Well?." She asked.

"OK," was all I could manage.

My bro’s sis turned over exposing her perky small tits to me. They were so young and fresh that they didn’t sag even when she flipped over onto her back. My heart was beating out of my chest and I was really hoping she would think my dick was big enough.

As I reached down to undo my zipper she put both of her thumbs underneath her bikini bottoms. I made another check at the side of the house and then pulled my zipper down. As I unbuttoned the waist and began to pull my shorts and underwear down she began moving her bikini down too.

We both sighed in satisfaction once our genitals were fully exposed to each other. She grabbed the oil and squirted some onto the shaft of my cock, and then dribbled some on her small tits and tight pussy. Suddenly I felt her hand pumping my cock and I reached forward with both hands.

My left hand focused on her little boobs. I was amazed at how hard they were. She winced a bit when I squeezed one a little too hard, but then seemed to be soothed when I massaged them softly, alternating between the two.

My right hand found her pussy to be pretty wet. I stuck the tip of my finger inside just to see how wet she was. I wanted to know if she was turned on when I was rubbing lotion into her legs. Judging by the level of wetness inside her pussy I gaged that she was indeed just as turned on as I was. Could it be that she had some kind of crush on me too?

I brought a finger up to her clit and slowly rubbed it in an elliptical orbit with more up and down then side to side. We both tried not to focus on the funny faces we were making and instead tried to focus on each others genitals.

As we both got ready to cum we closed our eyes and I wondered what she imagined in her head. Just as soon as I had that thought I felt my cum spurt and I felt her jerk in shock as my cum splattered on her belly. I briefly opened my eyes to see the second spurt of my cum hit the first making even more of a mess. She had her eyes open too and then she closed them tightly as her orgasm hit her.

My friend’s older sister’s stomach muscles flexed and tightened as she came. By then I had two fingers inside her pussy and my thumb was rubbing her clit. Those two fingers were being painfully choked out by her strong pussy muscles. It was so painfully that I was actually happy my dick wasn’t in there!

When her orgasm subsided I handed her a towel for her stomach and noticed her face was dripping in sweat. Both of us were; head to toe!

"You’d better go," Hanna informed me. "I’m not really sure if it will take them several hours to get back."

Not wanting to get anybody – especially me – in trouble I tucked my cock into the hem of my shorts and pulled my shirt over it. On my way out she stopped me and gave me a kiss on the lips. No tongue, but long enough to let me know she was sorry to be rushing me out.

At Club Seventeen it is almost too easy to relive those old memories. It is even easier to come up with some new fantasies that might not have happened yet. They update daily and there are thousands of girls. I am sure at least one of them is going to look like that girl next door you had a crush on!

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