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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/28/08 - Write A Comment!

I have to say, when it comes to small tits and barely legal, Paulina 18 has this thing locked up. Who is Paulina 18? Keep reading…

Paulina18 is the Internet’s newest Latina solo model. Her site was created by the same people that did Little Lupe and Trixie Teen so it should feel familiar. Along with having built her site they also do the photography and the videos. Everything is top notch and in high definition.

As you can see looking above Paulina is the definition of barely legal. Her tits couldn’t be smaller and her ass is almost non-existent, though it does have a bit of a cheekiness to it.

Anyone into the barely legal niche will absolutely fall in love with Paulina and her fresh looks. Paulina 18 loves to masturbate and has sex with her girlfriends. Watching two barely legal teens sixty-nine each others small boobs is amazing. Watching them lick each others bald pussies is even better!

Along with licking pussy, Paulina 18 sucks cock too. She is a little fuck monster with an insatiable appetite for older men. At eighteen years old just about any guy is older to her.

I know you have been trolling the Internet looking for something new and exciting and Paulina18 is it. Grab a Fleshlight and you can really get a sense of what fucking a tight pussy like Paulina’s would be like!

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Looking at the header to my blog it is painfully obvious that I have a sweet spot in my heart for teens in the pool. Tara Ryan reminds me of the first girl I ever skinny dipped with.

I will start off by putting it out there; Tara Ryan is not your ideal teeny bopper blonde bimbo from the club. She is a real girl. Real boobs, real hips, real measurements. A true girl next door. Only this girl is naked in the pool.

My own Tara Ryan had very similar measurements. I used to wonder if she shaved her pussy completely bare and would gaze at her crotch when she would lay out. She had no idea I had such a big fascination with her female parts.

I didn’t have to wonder if she shaved the whole thing for very long. We got drunk one night during the summer months and went for a swim. She took off her bottoms and dared me to do the same, telling me that we couldn’t see what was under the water anyway.

Up until this point me and my Tara Ryan never fooled around, but after that night she became a friend with benefits.

I took the bait and removed my trunks and she asked me to hand them over to her. When I did she threw them and her own bottoms over the gate around the pool. Now one of us would eventually have to get out, naked, and retrieve them. That is when I figured this thing might go further than I had expected it to.

Once she removed her top and threw it over the gate she suggested we play Marco Polo. I said sure and she was "it" first. When she started out towards me I backed up to the pool steps and figured I’d get out and jump in behind her. My boner was hard and flapped around as I skipped past her.

She heard my feet and yelled, "fish out of water?" I was caught and said so. She immediately opened her eyes and saw my boner while I was in the air. Tara smiled at my hardon. This was a good sign and I closed my eyes.

I called out Marco but didn’t get an answer for a while. Then I heard her surface and go back under. How was I supposed to find her if she didn’t say Polo do to being under water all of the time? I felt something move past me in the water. I jumped that way and tagged her on her boob.

When I opened my eyes she was standing in front of me with goggles on! She was checking out my boner from under the water! I told her that wasn’t fair and stated that she should show me hers. Tara pulled herself out of the water and sat on the side of the pool with her legs spread.

Sure enough, my assumptions were correct. She shaved all of her pubic hair off. That would explain the camel toe when her suit got wet. Sometimes it even creeped up when she was dry!

When I moved in for a closer look at her shave job Tara grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into her pussy, instructing me to lick it. She said, "I know you have wanted to eat my pussy for a long time!"

How right she was.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/23/08 - Write A Comment!


Ashley Brookes closed her site. But – wait a minute… She is also Nikki Nevada?!?!

Sweet! Now you can hop on over there instead!
Yeah! Who here never played doctor with the girl next door?

I have to say, Ashley Brookes and her fan-fucking-tabulous ass make for a fun girl-next-door doctor session if you ask me. Adding in a redhead nurse with big tits just makes the whole thing tastier.

Ashley Brookes has been teasing guys with her girl next door looks for almost a year now. That means you have just found one of the only Teen sites with a REAL TEEN on it!

AshleyBrookes updates weekly with a new video and picture sets. Ashley loves to masturbate with objects and gets super kinky doing it too. An example would be a rather large candy cane inserted into her vagina at warp speeds for Christmas. Get the idea?

Though Ashley Brookes has only been open for a year it has plenty of updates because of its aggressive schedule. Guys into naughty teens, panty fetish, teen masturbation and teen lesbians will find plenty to do here… Hell, even the ladies will too!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/16/08 - Write A Comment!

Parents, let this be a lesson to you. When you send you daughter off to college you need to give her enough money to buy more than just books, room and board and any other necessities. If you don’t, these guys are going to give her the beer money and it ain’t going to be pretty.

Exploited College Girls finds the naive nubile freshmen girls looking for easy cash and turns them into amateur porn stars. Great idea as long as her cousins or even her dad doesn’t see her on the site. But hey, it isn’t her fault…

The parents should have realized this would happen the first time she snuck out of the house back when she was living with them. Either give her what she wants or prepare to tell grandma her grand-daughter is a cock smoking, cum shot guzzling, dime store whore for beer money. I’m sure that will go over well.

Exploited College Girls is the premier teen site for anyone that enjoys watching girls masturbate, take cumshots, facials, money shots, cream pies and even go anal for the first time.

If you like it raw and uncut grab an password and stop looking for free porn you aren’t going to find.

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/08 - Write A Comment!

What is life but a string of happy coincidences?

I have a confession to make. I have been trolling around the Internet for about two months now looking for more of this wonderful bitch. Yeah I called her a bitch. I am a man. We don’t go shopping. We enter the store and we get what we want and we get the fuck out (unless we are at Bass Pro Shops). Mai has had me running willy-nilly all over the fucking Internet. Up until now…

You may have seen her previously at Rookie Babe or FTV Girls. Now you don’t have to go running all around to see this wonderful, beautiful, curvy babe. She is right here at Mai Crush.

So what does Mai do? She achieves some awesome orgasms with fingers, toys and other girls. Mai sticks things into her pussy that normally don’t belong there. No, I am not talking about dildos. I am talking about everything else in the kitchen, bathroom and jewelry drawer.

Mai Crush updates multiple times a week. Members get her Email address and get to watch her streaming video chats. Mai Ly often brings friends to her webcam chats to make things more interesting. As if Mai wasn’t interesting enough!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/08 - Write A Comment!

(Ashley Steele)

Well, I am fucking horny!

That sexy coed teen is Ashley. And Ashley wants to go to college. Unfortunately blonde coeds parents didn’t set aside any money for that to happen so Ashley took it upon herself to make the cash on her own.

Send Ashley to College is Ashley’s ambitious attempt to pay her college tuition and I have to say, I love it. This is one of the best ideas I have ever come across.

Ashley entertains members of Send Ashley to College by having sex with her hot coed girlfriends. She also masturbates on video. Ashley updates her site weekly and promises to only talk about Neuroscience with her clothes off.

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/06/08 - Write A Comment!

Am I perverted because I call watching eighteen year old girls walking around in bathing suits entertainment? What if I enjoy watching their bikini bottoms ride up their ass cheeks when they bend over to test the water, am I perverted if watching girls do that excites me?

I don’t care if it is perverted. I enjoy it and that is all that matters. On cold days I can’t watch the girls at the pool in my condo complex so I have to resort to other means of getting my fix. One such method is

At Nubiles I can navigate their vast assortment of over 440 models using terms like girls with braces, wearing a bikini and sporting a camel toe. I prefer the girls with small breasts and nubiles is full of them. Hundreds of them. If you prefer girls with large tits don’t worry. They have a hundred of them too.

Another area where we might differ is the level of sexuality depicted in galleries and videos. I prefer softcore, but there is plenty of hardcore for those of you who are into it. Nubiles updates multiple times a day and adds three new models a week. One of those models always does hardcore.

Nubiles really is a one-stop-shop for everything teen.

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/02/08 - Write A Comment!

I think I’m turning Japanese… I think I’m turning Japanese… I really think so… [dewww] [daaawww] [duwwww]

Yuki, you are fucking amazing. A mouth full of teeth. Almond eyes. Big dick sucking lips. Small tits. An ass with a lot of bun. All around… exotic.

Rookie Babe scours the United States looking for the ultimate hottie to add to their rapidly growing collection of the worlds finest babes.  Models like Yuki are a refreshing sight that make this whole process a worth while adventure.

Currently there are 119 Rookie Babe girls with 12 hours of intimate video between them. Rookie Babe is a site like no other since the girls often enjoy the site so much they stick around for months to years. The girls do parties both public and private. They have shown up at strip clubs around the US, Playboy parties, porn conventions, etc… updates three to four times a week with new videos and pics. The girls often do several sets of pics and more than one video. Rookie Babe videos are pretty intimate. Girls get interviewed, girls get naked and often masturbate to real sensual orgasms. Watching a naked hottie give an interview on her first time having sex, her first time masturbating, etc is a huge, cock-throbber!

The pics at Rookie Babe are huge. You can probably tell that by looking at the pic above. Yes, the pic above is only 448 pixels across but I have to save on bandwidth here. Look at the detail. Pics shrunken down like this usually don’t have that much detail because it all gets lost in translation. Not at Rookie Babe. They start with a hot babe so they can take large, extra large and extra-extra large photos!

Members get to talk to the babes and I have to say, it is amazing to talk to someone that gave you a couch dance only days before. It is like having access to Playboy playmates. I honestly hope this site never gets too big or I fear this level of interaction will erode for the models safety.

Until that day comes I will enjoy the free Rookie Babe DVD they gave me with my membership and the desktop wallpapers members get access to. A new Rookie Babe is added each month and the weekly updates consist of both the Rookie and the veterans that beef up their individual content sections.

For those of you looking for an insane deal to spend your tax refund on, has a 3 months for $49.95 option with the free DVD. That makes the monthly price $16.65 a month. This is an awesome deal.

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