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Are you in the mood for some truly toe-curling girl-on-girl fucking? Of course you are. We ALL are. No one can deny that lesbian porn is one of the best inventions since garlic bread and we can’t get enough of either one! If you agree then you’re going to be extremely happy you ended up on this site today. Why is that you ask? Because today you can save 82% with a discount to Girlfriends Films.

You have never seen cunts this juicy, this yummy, this absolutely dripping with magic before. You’ll wish you were tonsils deep with your tongue buried inside one of these naughty nymphos. With over 1,100 videos filled with finger-fucking and clit sucking perfection, you won’t run out of reasons to masturbate any time this next century.

Look out for talents such as Shylah Jennings, Jelena Jensen, Julia Ann, India Summer, Faye Reagan, Brandi Love, Chastity Lynn and Aidra Fox. Act now and we’ll even through in bonus sites like Cheer Squad Parties and Mother Daughter Exchange Club!

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So my buddy comes over and he wants to check out the porn girls I “work with” all of the time. Most people get a totally wrong idea of what I actually do when it comes to porn. It isn’t like I work at Playboy and shoot pictures of the girls. I just write about them. And yeah. That is basically it!

He was looking at this picture of the small tits teen Gerra A from MET-Art and he was like, “Dude, check out her little butt. She almost looks like a kid or something. Isn’t this #$%^&*()##? Um, no. Gerra is over 18 years old and she can’t help it if her butt still looks as tight and firm after high school as it did when she was a freshman.


There can be no doubt about whether or not MET-Art has some of the hottest girls in the world shooting for them. Gerra is an extreme example of the nymph looking beauties that await you in the members area.

There are hundreds of girls to choose from at and the true beauty of it is you don’t have to choose. You get all of them!

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I know when I’m feeling in the mood for top-quality naked girls there’s no place quite like Metart. For me, pure nude beauty is more interesting than watching a guy and girl fucking. We see that action all the time and I’m starting to find it boring. I like seeing 2,500+ fresh faces at MetArt and I like watching them in intimate videos shot in pure HD. Most of all, I take pure enjoyment from being able to see totally naked girls in a more art-inspired setting.

Now, you might be thinking a site like this would cost loads to join. Even if it did it would still be worth it. But, I can show you how to get instant access with this MetArt discount for 80% off! This is a limited-time offer though, so I implore you to join. If MetArt’s beautiful naked models of high quality sound like fun, join up right now to see more!

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little summer kimmie little lexy swimming pool lesbian teens with small tits and braces

Get your swimming trunks ready. It is time to dive in with Little Summer, Lil Lexy and their best friend Kimmie. Between the three of them they have just enough titty to make a C-cup. What they lack in modesty they more than make up for in spunk. Sit back and let these small tits teens make your winter a lot warmer.

Summer and her friends remind me of a girl that used to live behind me. Her backyard had tons of trees and shrubbery to block the views of what transpired there. One day while I was pulling weeds in the backyard I could hear them giggling and the pitter patter of their little feet as they chased each other around the pool deck. I had to get a look.

After rummaging around the fence between our two properties I managed to find a knot I could push out to make a knothole in the fence. It wasn’t very big, but that was the point. I wanted to see them without them knowing I could. Between the branches of a tree I could see them in their skimpy bikinis chasing each other around and slapping each other on the fanny.

My pulse quickened at the sight of their teenage buns bouncing around as they moved. Without warning Summer reached out and pulled her friend Lexy’s top off. She cupped her boobies pretty fast, but I got enough of a glimpse that my cock was straining inside my pants. Summer through Lexy’s bathing suit top into the pool and it sunk to the bottom. After looking around for a little bit Lexy realized that nobody but her friends could see her so she let her boobies go and resumed trying to tag her friends.

As Lexy ran around her little titties barely moved. They were as hard as rocks! She was only just beginning to grow her boobs so there wasn’t much to bounce anyway. Even with how small they were, though, she looked darling. They matched well with her super petite body.

The next girl to lose her top was Summer. I always had this idea about Summer. She seemed like the kind of girl that gets a thrill from being naked and having other people see her. Summer is a walking definition of an exhibitionist.

Finally both of the girls cornered Kimmie, the redhead. She acted like she didn’t want to lose her top, but you could tell she was just being a flirt. Once she lost her top something I didn’t expect happened. Summer and Lexy bent down and started sucking on Kimmie’s nipples!

Now it was time to break out my cock and start stroking!

As I watched them the girls all took turns being "it" which meant they were the one receiving the tongue lashing from the other two.

summer getting her pussy licked by lexy and kimmie

By the time Summer was cumming I was ready to cum too. But I didn’t want this to be over so soon. Then it hit me. I could get hard again after they switched to the next girl and cum right along with her as well. I let bursts of cum fly. They hit the fence a little louder than I had anticipated. Summer’s moans were loud enough to drown it out though. I would just have to remember the next time to shoot my cum into the dirt.

summer not happy she is not tasting kimmies pussy juice

When Kimmie bared her pussy for the other girls Summer seemed a little upset that Lexy wouldn’t move off of her pussy. She kept licking and sucking away to the point where I thought Kimmie would cum. Summer brightened up a little when she got the kinky idea of sticking two fingers into Lexy’s tight pussy and her thumb up her butt. That had Lexy moaning and humping her hips as much as Kimmie was.

I came with Kimmie and get ready for Lexy’s turn. Both girls spent a lot of time on her small tits before working their way to her pussy. With her legs spread out wide they managed to eat her out at the same time!

Being on my third orgasm I wasn’t ready to cum when Kimmie did, but then I also didn’t have two hot teenagers licking my genitals either. Once Kimmie came the girls realized how much time had past and ran into the house. I figured Summer’s parents must be expected to arrive soon. For a bit I continued to jerk off playing back what I saw in my mind. I actually thought more about the images of their bouncing buns and their sprite titties than anything else.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my wife!

She looked at the cum I had already shot on the fence and into the dirt. Then she brushed me aside looking through the knothole to see what I was looking at. Luckily the girls had already made it inside. She would have freaked if she’d known I was checking out the neighbors teenage daughter. This girl babysat our son before he went to summer camp.

I had to put off that third orgasm until later on that night when my wife went to bed. I had told her that I was checking out the neighbors topless wife, not their kid. In reality I couldn’t get Little Summer out of my head. her perky small breasts and little fanny was etched into my mind.

Get the Premium Gfs pass and gain access to over 60 porn sites with most of them teen solo model sites. This is a mountain of porn!

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Abby Winters - Peta & Paula Video

Putting your hand down a girls panties while locked in a passionate kiss with her never gets old. In this moment you have complete control over her. She wants nothing more than to cum on your hand. This kind of erotic sensuality is why Abby Winters is by far one of the hottest sites on the Internet. You cannot beat their quality, their quantity or their style.

The girls at range from the average girl to total hot stuff. They have a lot of in between there. One of the best things about the site is you know you could get with any one of these girls. They are not out of reach. These girls are real.

Some of the best videos on the site are the Intimate Moments. They often have girls masturbating on the same bed that have never done anything like that in front of anybody before and/or have not been in pornography before. You end up with some truly intimate moments!

There are certain sites out there that everybody should join at least once. Abby Winters is one of those sites. It is also a site that updates so often you should join it at least once a year to grab the new updates. Happy fapping!

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Ever heard of Naughty America? They are one of the top five porn producers in the world. They just came out with a new site called Naughty Bookworms. Why should you care? Did you even look at Stella’s tiny tits capped with pink nipples?

I am a big fan of small tits teens in porn. This site is filled with girls I’d like to fuck. I want to fuck them so bad I am currently debating whether or not I should take some computer courses in the next community college session just so I can be closer to teen beauties like Stella.

So why did I open with Naughty America? It is because they are on the cutting edge when it comes to porn technology. All of their sites are highly customized to work seamlessly with all wireless products from cell phones to tablets!

One thing I really hate are mobile-porn sites that don’t work right or only work on the iPad, but not on an Android device, or vise-versa. That isn’t an issue here. Take the plunge and enjoy getting your porn right on your phone!

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Somebody was searching for Kimmy Teen and I remembered this gallery from her site. In it Kimmy and a small tits friend temp you with their teen bodies wearing less and less in each shot until they are both in their skivvies!


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I am almost certain that Emily 18 has her tattoos to protect herself and her users. A sort of age identification. As you can see from the second picture above of her bum she does look very young!

Emily has been modeling now for about five years and she still looks barely legal. She loves to wear cute stuff like her cotton print panties above. In her newer stuff her boobs are finally too big for a training bra, but her older stuff is packed with pictures of her in them.

Although they are bigger than they were when she was just a barely legal girl, Emily’s boobs can still be considered small tits and they are as springy as ever. Take a look at and see for yourself!

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Some girls are blessed with young looks. Selina 18 from the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass is one of them. In these pictures she is a freshman is college, but most people would mistake her for a girl in high school. Maybe even a freshmen in high school!

I am not really sure why girls get jealous of barely legal teens like Selina 18. It isn’t her fault she is so pretty and petite. I am sure genetics places a part of it, but she also doesn’t smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol or sun damage her skin. If a women is going to do any of those things, or all of those things, then she has no excuse being jealous!

Being an adult webmaster has its privileges. I got to meet Selina 18 at an adult webmasters convention once. She is very personable and nice. I was a bit surprised by how short she is. I mean, I shouldn’t have been since I had seen every one of her pictures, but when you see somebody in person certain things get skewed.

Along with being short she is exceptionally petite. So petite in fact that her small tits actually look big in her pictures and videos. In reality they aren’t much bigger than any other girl her age. Chock it up to being an optical illusion.



These pictures (and the accompanying video) were taken at the hotel the convention was at. Selina acted like a professional. There were at least forty or more guys watching this shoot from the other side of the pool and she acted like it was any other day of the week. What a star!

Get a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass and you can enjoy Selina 18 and all of her barely legal friends. Most have small tits that make Selina’s boobs look huge. Some of my own favorites are Little Summer, Little Lupe and the Texas Twins.

With over 30 sites in the network I am sure your favorites will differ from my own. Find your favorite solo model with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

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I became a fan of Karups PC and the small tits babes they post on a daily basis over a decade ago. In fact, it was the first porn site I ever joined! Well, on the Internet anyway. No wait. I joined the Karups PC BBS before the Internet was widely available too!

Any who. Karups PC was like a clearing house for all things porn. One of the best parts about the site, and the BBS, is that they update six times a week and with multiple sets each update. So things never get boring there!

With so many updates it is impossible for them to afford to shoot a model of the caliber above. So many of the models are very girl next door looking. This is also a bonus, because with tens of thousands of models in the archives, you end up finding chicks that look just like the girl next door!

In fact, when I go through my personal porn archive on my own computer the stuff I keep going back to came from Karups PC. Why? Because the girl, or girls, in the pictures and videos look like girls I once banged back in high school and college. It is always nice to relive old memories with a little bit of eye candy!

Enjoy the Karups PC video!


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This is how it starts with those small tits girls. They find some Champaign in the fridge and decide to make this sleepover a night to remember.

Once the booze starts flowing the teen girls become more and more daring. What started as passing grapes turns into full mouth lip-locking. With tongue! Still, it is all giggles and good fun until.

Somebody starts the lick the cake frosting off of me game. First it is just licking it (and sucking it) off of her neck. But then it gets kinkier when she puts some frosting on her breast and one of the girls takes the plunge!

Before long all of the girls are licking frosting off of each others nipples and then someone loses her panties and the girls become curious about each other. They want to compare pussies and see if what feels good to their own pussy also feels good to their friends’ pussies too!

That my friends is the typical night (and day) at Virgin Off. The site recently got swallowed by 18 Only Girls so now you get even more girls in even more videos for the price of one!

Sample Virgin Off, then join 18 Only Girls!

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Teenage girls crave sharing. They share their clothes, their makeup and even their masturbation techniques!

In today’s small tits video Little Summer and Little Lexie take turns making each other cum. Sometimes when Summer’s parents aren’t home she challenges Lexie to a race to see who can cum the fastest!


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There is something magical about bath/shower time and a small tits teen like Autumn Riley. Her body is perfect from her small boobs to her skinny legs and sexy feet. Washing her entire body down with a bar of soap and warm hands would be more of an honor than a chore, that is for sure!

I am sure many of you have some special ideas on which parts would receive the most attention! Click more and watch her shower video so you can see every square inch of this hottie!


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I scour the Internet endlessly.  I am looking for naked girls with small tits and occasionally I find a true gem. Today I have for you a girl who’s beauty is undeniable. Her name is Tatjana and her small boobs are upstaged only by her cute tan lines!


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Ariel Rebel Unplugged - Tease of the day - Yellow Mellow - - www.arielrebelunplugged

Naked girls don’t get much more cuter than this. Today we watch as Ariel Rebel explores her tight, little body. just taking some time for herself!

Ariel Rebel started in the solo model business back in 2005. Yes, almost six long years ago. Since then we have all packed on a few pounds and maybe even grown some gray hair here and there, but not Ariel Rebel. She still looks just as nubile now as she did back then!

Ariel Rebel Unplugged - Teasex of the day - Yellow Mellow - - www.arielrebelunplugged

Originally Ariel Rebel got her start as a foot and panties model. She never took off the bottoms and her sets and videos often included her sexy little feet. Eventually she began to show off her perky small tits and started wearing see-thru panties giving us hints of what was underneath.

Once Ariel opened it was time to “let the cat out of the bag,” so to speak and she went full nude. Over the years she has become more and more daring and now she often includes her friends in her videos!


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