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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/16/13 - Write A Comment!


Stuck at home all alone? So is Emily 18. Her parents went out and grounded her for bad grades. Now she is looking for something she can do at home so she can be there when they call to check up on her. Got any suggestions?


Once her boobs started growing in Emily noticed guys of all ages suddenly took an interest in her. Boys in her school acted like she was the most popular girl around. Her teachers wanted to talk to her after class. Even men in her family suddenly wanted to hear what she had to say. Even though she has small tits, she felt like they made her into a somebody.


Not long after her boobs came in Emily18 started growing a fleshy bubble butt. It was like blossoming all over again. Now the boys wanted to dance with her at school dances. Some of them grinded their crotches into her booty and she could feel their hard cocks. It made Emily feel empowered knowing she had that kind of effect on boys.

She began to wonder if it also worked on men. So one day she sat on a teacher’s lap when he kept her after class. She found every reason in the book to shift her weight here and there until she could feel his cock getting hard. Once she was sure about her ability to make men excited she gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran out of the room.


Is Emily having that kind of effect on you as well? Don’t spend the night alone when Emily is only a heartbeat away. Join and get immediate access to every video and every picture set. Watch her grow up right before your very eyes!

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It is time to get up close and personal with Joon Mali and her sexy camel toe in pink butterfly bikini panties. Joon is the Queen of Camel Toe and lives in Thailand. Her web site allows her to share her bubble butt and her perky small tits with the world. It also allows her to live a life she never could have imagined otherwise. has dozens of videos of Joon and her friends posing, getting naked and playing with themselves. Joon has the perfect body for bikini shoots on nude beaches with her bubble butt and her tanned skin. Her tiny pussy is almost always clearly viable through her wet bikinis. So hot!


As a member you aren’t just relieving yourself of your nut-juice to stave off the onset of blue-balls, you are helping a girl in a second world country realize her dreams. Her fantasies become your fantasies. It is a win-win.

Join and start downloading her videos now!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/17/12 - Write A Comment!


Wow. What a tasty looking morsel. Those cherry print cotton panties belong to a special schoolgirl from Thailand named Joon Mali. She is the epitome of teenage fuck-bunny. With her small tits and her bubble butt she makes staying in bed seem like the best idea no matter how many times it comes up!

Joon Mali has been online now for a few years and being Asian means she hasn’t aged a bit visually. Her smoothly shaved cunny still swallows up panties for some serious camel toe and she still hasn’t lost her desire to wear the cutest panties you have ever seen.

An upskirt from this little Asian teen is well worth her weight in gold!

Being from Thailand Joon Mali spends a lot of time at the beach and she takes her video camera right along with her. Seeing her bald beaver in a flimsily thin bikini bottom is divine. Truly a sight for sore eyes that leaves nothing to the imagination. except for what it’d be like to have that tight beaver of hers wrapped snuggly around your throbbing cock!

Joon updates her site several times a week and her she includes lots of knick-knacks like wallpapers, naughty games, and such. I spend so much time checking out her panties I never have time to look at that other stuff. But you can try!

Get more of this bubble butt cutie at!

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/04/11 - Write A Comment!


Question: Why did the barely legal model with small tits and a bubble butt get her first tattoo?

Answer: To dispel the rumor that she was jailbait!

Emily 18 has been modeling online ever since her friend Alice started playing with a camera while Emily was half naked. Not a whole lot has changed since then, except that Emily now gets fully nude and masturbates in her members only videos!

This nymph cutie still has perky small tits and a great smile. While she isn’t 18 years old anymore, she certainly doesn’t look like she is in her twenties either. All of her photo sets and videos from her first and second year of modeling are available in the members area. So if you think Emily 18 looks super cute now, wait until you see those first episodes!

Watch free videos at!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/19/11 - Write A Comment!


Seven years ago a girl named Emily 18 had the courage to stand out. With some help from a friend she opened up one of the first solo model sites to feature a real-life teen model. Prior to Emily 18 all of the “teen” models on the Internet were noticeably into their mid to late twenties. After her? A bouquet of barely legal models blossomed!

Right away grew a large fan base. Guys (and girls) couldn’t get enough of Emily. Her small tits are so fluffy and light. Her bouncy attitude and demeanor can make you feel younger just by watching her videos!

It has been seven glorious years and Emily 18 is still releasing new content. While we have all added almost a decade to our receding hairlines Emily 18 hasn’t aged much at all. She still passes for jailbait!

So if Emily is still passing for jailbait right now, how old do you think she looked seven years ago? I just had a thought. Back then, Emily 18 looked a lot like Alyssa Milano‘s character on Who’s The Boss?. If you want a more definitive answer to that question, go read the Alyssa Milano Wikipedia entry. Although her role in Commando is probably closer.

Anyway. Emily 18 has seven years of archives waiting for you!



emily11 updates several times a week with fresh new content. She doesn’t regurgitate old stuff. Emily actually works hard on her site and is not a contract model. Her site is her baby! Now it is time to make Emily 18 a happy part of your life!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/16/11 - Write A Comment!


When a girl puts on her first mini-skirt strange things happen. Even the most timid girl is suddenly transformed into a wild and flirtatious nymph! Take Emily 18 for example. Once she put her first mini-skirt on she couldn’t stop flashing people her panties!

That is one of the strange things about girls and what they wear. We aren’t supposed to give them any attention, but, come on, who could possibly pass up on looking up Emily’s mini skirt?


Posted By Teen Porn on 03/29/11 - Write A Comment!


This new blog design allows for much larger pictures and it just wouldn’t be right to re-open the blog without a post about Emily 18. After all, this little cutie not only helped to make this blog what it is today, she also has a killer body that can handle the increased picture size!

Emily18 has small tits capped with puffy nipples and a bubble butt that is just too cute. Every time I write about her I am blown away by her undying beauty. She has been shooting now for years and she still looks like a little angel.

With you get a true teen solo model site. She started shooting right after her 18th birthday and in the beginning she really enjoyed dressing up in her girly-girl clothing. She still pulls out those Hello Kitty panties once in a while, but I really like seeing her fleshy butt in a thong panties.

I’m pretty confident you will too!

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Certain girls in the solo model world should be considered staples of the good surfers catelog. Lili Jensen is one such girl with her flawless skin and her barely legal looks. It’s weird, she obviously isn’t the girl next door, but she looks like a close cousin!

As with most of the girls I review here, Lili Jensen has small tits and a bonus with her slightly bubble butt. Like two halves of a volleyball, her ass is just asking to get served!

Some might think Lili a dick tease, but I enjoy her softcore ways. Sometimes it is better to leave certain aspects of a magic trick unknown and in Lili’s case this most certainly rings true!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/24/11 - Write A Comment!


Naked girls are a wonderful thing. Take Emily 18 for example, she has young breasts with puffy nipples and a little bubble butt devoid of imperfections. Emily’s cute face reminds us that no matter how old she gets, she is still young at heart. She still wants to be our little cutie.

Emily 18 gets completely nude and she updates her site several times a week. Over the years she has been amassing a large collection of her picture galleries and videos. If you’ve never been a member do yourself a favor and become one now. If you have been a member in the past there has never been a better time to refresh your personal Emily 18 collection!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/08/11 - Write A Comment!


For a young broad Sandy Fair sure does have one heck of a womanly ass! You could bounce a quarter off that thing! Plus, having extra padding means you can really hit it hard on her from behind!

Sandy Fair is a little princess with small tits and an athletic body. Like most girls Sandy loves to place dress up. She has naughty nurse uniforms, naughty maid uniforms, naughty schoolgirl outfits and more.

When you join you get unlimited access to her friends like Amy Days, Cofi Milan, Holli Paige, several more solo model sites and multi-model sites as well!

Yet another network pass filled with teenagers with small tits!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/20/11 - Write A Comment!


A lot of things came together at the same time when Emily 18 started modeling on the web. She had just turned 18 years old and her body was just starting to wake up sexually. Her small tits were brand new with puffy nipples. Her tiny butt started turning into a young girls version of a bubble butt. You can totally tell that Emily is a bit nervous in these photos. She has to be wondering if we will like them!

As it would turn out, guys found Emily18 simply adorable! They couldn’t get enough of her. Even with three updates a week it seemed like torture waiting for the next episode!

If you are brand new to you will be happy to know that there are years of updates already in her members area. Obviously guys are drawn to this little nubile because she looks a lot younger than she really is. Imagine what she looks like in her bright colored clothes playing on a jungle gym! Or don’t! Grab a password and see for yourself inside!

Past members will find that Emily started shooting her new content in high definition and now Emily 18 gets completely nude! No more blowing up panty shot pics in Photoshop and trying x-ray techniques to see what is under those panties, Emily is ready to show you!

Take the Emily 18 tour and fall in love with a naturally beautiful sweetheart!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/03/11 - Write A Comment!

Kylie James bubble butt barely legal teen

Kylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teenKylie James bubble butt barely legal teen

There are several different criteria that go into making a girl a hottie. She has to have great skin for sure. I can’t remember any girl I thought was a knock out 10 with skin like Edward James Olmos. She has to have a pretty face. Again, thinking 10’s here. She has to have a proportional body with great tits and a bubble butt. No saggy tits or square booties!

To be honest, it is hard being a girl! Thinking back to high school I feel so sorry for all of the torment we put girls through for not being. perfect! There is one girl I know of that didn’t have problems in high school and her name is Kylie James!

She has flawless skin, a cute, bright face, gorgeous boobs, a bubble butt and one of the hottest pussies in the industry! So pink. So soft. So fucking amazingly beautiful!

There is only one way to see what I am talking about when I talk about Kylie James and her nubile pussy. and that is to join her site! Kylie updates her site two times a week and gets fully nude inside her members area.

It doesn’t matter what part of the United States you grew up in, shit, it doesn’t even matter if you were born in the U.S., Kylie James is a cutie in any part of the world!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/17/10 - Write A Comment!


I have written many posts featuring Joon Mali and I still can’t believe just how insanely hot she is. Her Asian heritage means she is going to continue to look 18 years old for another decade! Seriously, you look at his first sets from two years ago and then you look at the latest ones and you can’t tell she has aged!

Go ahead and rub one out checking out her panties. She is used to it. Guys have been trying to see up her skirt for years. She likes teasing them by playing with their cocks with her booty sock feet and she doesn’t stop there. Joon Mali isn’t some kind of tease, she gets 100% nude and rubs one out with you!

Joon has a fleshy toosh and her small tits are perky as ever. She does plenty of sets with her friends and you could say she has a taste for Thai pussy just like you!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/23/10 - Write A Comment!


I get tons of requests from webmasters from around the world to review their sites. They often have a lot of questions about the review process. For the most part it is pretty straight forward. Your girl must meet several criteria. She must be hot! I must have a burning desire to put my dick in her. The only exceptions? If a surfer searches for her and I don’t have her already, I will often add her on my own.

Most webmasters and probably some of you surfers don’t realize that I will review girls that don’t get fully nude. If she is hot, and I want to fuck her. I don’t care if she gets completely naked. TBH, I enjoy the nonnude ones more than the nude ones -  most of the time!

Naughty Paige doesn’t get fully nude. Not a problem. If you cannot see her vagina through her wet panties while she is in the tub then you are blind.

I like these kinds of girls. I grew up drooling over these kinds of girls. It seems as though girls like Naughty Paige can smell me from a mile away. They instantly pick up on the fact that they can get me to do almost anything for a look up their skirts!

Members of Naughty Paige get access to the NN All Access network. Four nonnude sites for the price of one!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/08/09 - Write A Comment!


There are a lot of solo models out there and many of them are smoking hot. Only a handful of them are smoking hot and cute at the same time though. One such model is Emily 18. She has been online now for four years and looks every bit as cute now as she did in the beginning!

Back when Emily got her start on the Internet she was a Myspace girl. She had a huge following of small tits fans. She liked to post her candids on various forums and she had a huge following in them too. Nobody believed that she was really 18. She looked so much younger than that.

A girl named Alice befriended Emily 18. They teamed up and created  and the rest is history. As with her previous online success, Emily found her site was quite popular among older men.

As a member of Emily 18 you get three updates a week. She goes fully nude now. You get four years worth of updates. Like I said, she barely looks 18 years old now. Four years ago she looked much younger!

Emily talks to her members via her message board. Plus, you get to interact with her like minded fans too. Emily 18 is more than just a solo model site, it is a community!

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