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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/29/08 - Write A Comment!

Once again I was checking my search stats and noticed there are a lot of you interested in Beach Hanjobs. Having never received a beach handjob I decided to investigate.

Turns out there are lots of sites featuring Beach Hanjobs but one of them stood out to me. It is also one of the oldest handjobs sites on the net and it is run by he Fathers of Reality Porn, The Bangbros. updates with a new handjob video and picture set each week and has been online for half a decade. If you are new to Tugjobs or haven’t been there in a while there has never been a better time to explore the massive archives of handjobs.


They found Ashlynn here walking around a beach in Miami and decided she would make an awesome addition to their already overflowing archive of porn. Ashlynn has a perfect body and an even sweeter set of tits.

Watch the videos above and see why Tugjobs is handjobs heaven.

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lesbian pic
This lesbian pic brings me back to a conversation I once had with a hot lesbian friend of mine. Our conversation centered around how many smoking hot girls in the world are bisexual. Being a lesbian she was telling me that she had just as  hard a time finding a hot lesbian girlfriend as guys do. Sex partners? A dime a dozen… But a committed relationship was almost impossible to find.

Turns out most hot chicks like dick. Funny how that works out. We don’t even need an experiment to draw a conclusion. Hot chicks like the ones above are obvious Estrogen powerhouses. Ugly skanks are usually more manly in appearance and they go lighter on the Estrogen and throw in some Testosterone to spice things up a bit. Well, when it comes to girls, we don’t need spicy. We need curvaceous and cute!

And this is why Ellen DeGeneres keeps finding hot babes to sixty-nine with. What I always wonder is… Why don’t the hot lesbian friends of Ellen ditch her and just date each other?

We will probably never know why Ellen’s girlfriends don’t date each other but we don’t need to know that. What we need to know is where to find wall-to-wall hot lesbian pics and lesbian videos all in one location!

That place is the site named Here you will find the world’s most delicious group of 7’s through 10’s getting it on for your entertainment.

The Lesbian Archive updates daily and currently has more than 700 models in it. Finding the picture sets and lesbian videos you want it easy when you use the search function. You can search for blondes only with bikinis that shave their pussy hair into a landing strip. The Les Archive returns dozens of videos featuring girls that conform to your specifications!

At Les Archive there is an extensive voting system so newbies can instantly find the hottest lesbian babes as soon as they enter the members area. Along with site wide voting you can keep personal favorites and sort them out too.

The lesbian videos are encoded in AVI, MPG and WMV. Each video is high def with up to 1280×780 resolution. Big enough to watch on your big screen TV. The lesbian pics at feature a mouth watering 1720×1280 resolution. You almost feel like you are in the room with the girls.

Join my lesbian friend and get your Les Archive password now!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/27/08 - Write A Comment!

Every once in a while a girl comes across my computer desk that defies aging. Today that girl is Holly from Nubiles. This blonde, barely legal teenager has a pussy that looks just as tasty as a Georgia peach.

Holly has four videos and four picture sets at Nubiles. Most of the models have just as many. That is because Nubiles updates multiple times a day. With this accelerated  update schedule you almost find it too hard to keep up with them all! But who is complaining? Not me!

Photos on Nubiles have two settings, large and small. The large pics are a wad blowing 2400×1600. I have 24″ monitors and they span the entire thing. Imagine that picture above at that size. It is like having the real one right in front of you. Shit, I can almost taste it for Christ’s sakes!

Nubiles videos are broken down into several chunks for easy viewing. For those with broadband connections you can download the entire thing in one fowl swoop. All 120mb of it. Plus, if you don’t want shit lingering around on your hard drive for someone else to see it you can stream the videos via their flash player.

Members can rate the girls and their individual updates too. Makes finding the cream of the crop a cinch.

The search functions at Nubiles also make finding what you like a cinch too. Here, lets run one shall we? How about Girls with shaved pussies that do hardcore sex with guys, wear a bikini and show camel toe… I just got 27 girls and I have to say…


Along with all of these great features there is still more… Members can tag photos and videos so that you can search for some very specific topics like a puffy pussy. You can view up to the minute data like who just rated whom last and what they gave her. It is fucking amazing!

The Nubiles girls are regulars in the message board at You can interact with them or with the other Nubiles fans. The girls accept private messages too.

No other barely legal site has this many girls and this level of fan interaction. Nubiles is the one that broke the mold!

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/24/08 - Write A Comment!

Old men like the beach. Not because there are plenty of old ladies there to pick up… No, old men like the beach because there are plenty of young 18 Years Old ladies to gawk at. During the summer there can be hundreds, if not thousands, of them!

Throw in global warming and most areas having Summertime string all the way into the end of October and possibly November and you have hundreds of thousands of hot babes in bikinis to keep you company.

I like to make money and to make money I have to work so I cannot be at the beach 24/7 checking out the beauties walking around. In fact I don’t have time to have them brought to me either. I have just enough time for the meat and potatoes.

At they bring me the girls ready and willing to get laid. Just how I like it! Girls like Alexis Capri don’t have to pretend they are 18 years old because they are 18 years old! They don’t dress twenty-three year olds in braces and pigtails. They go out and find the Very Fine, Grade A Pussy you are looking for and they deliver!

As a member of you get access to the Porn Pros network. Nine sites with exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. Each site features weekly updates and they are adding new sites monthly.

Excuse me while I go and fuck Alexis Capri in my mind…

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/19/08 - Write A Comment!

emilys dream
It is because of big tits girls like Emily above that I now believe in a thing called the collective consciousness, A.K.A. the sub-conscious mind. It is a place where all of our dreams come together as one and we all share the same common interests.

Take Emily’s Dream for example. Emily is a big tits teen from Britain and she had a dream of one day showing her big tits and shapely ass off on the Internet. Likewise, we all had the same fucking dream! And now it is a reality. Go figure!

Imagine what we could be doing with this wondrous power… Cure cancer? End world hunger? See through girls bikinis at the beach? The possibilities are endless!

As it turns out this power is most widely used by porn fanatics like you and me to get our favorite girls next door (with big tits) to pose for naked pics.

Emilys Dream updates weekly with new pics and videos of this adorable, naturally 30G teen. When she gets together with her friends there is plenty of opportunity to see if the carpet matches the drapes… that is if she had pussy hair…

Along with the updates you also get to interact with Emily on her message board. Emily’s Dream + Chinese take-out delivery = No reason to leave the house…

This Internet porn thing really kicks ass! Big round Emily ass!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/18/08 - Write A Comment!

pink panties
This is just unfortunate.  Pink panties showing through some very wet white panties…. and that isn’t the unfortunate part! The shitty part is that the gallery this picture belongs to no longer exists! So in its place I have one of Cassie Leanne getting wet and showing white panties instead.

Cassie Leanne is a brunette teen with some big tits. Make that really big tits and a nice round ass.

You might have seen her posing with some of your favorite solo models and now she has her own web site. features this buxom brunette having her first girl/girl scene. Since having that scene she has even done a five girl lesbian wagon-train.

Cassie Leanne was born with some sweet puffy nipples. Most big tits girls outgrow their puffy nipples and turn them into sunny side up eggs. Not Cassie. Her thick, delicious pussy nipples are as fluffy as they come.

You can get some free pics of this hot big tits babe on her web site if you look towards the bottom of the page. Enjoy and don’t forget to bookmark Rhino’s Girls!

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NonNude teen
Just what exactly is Extreme NonNude?

Well, you take hot teens with barely legal looks and dress them up in clothing that just barely covers their sweet parts. When I say barely covers I mean it covers it completely but the material is see through so everything underneath is clearly visible.

With exotic girls from Columbia puts on a highly erotic, flesh filled show. Anyone into Latina teens will have a field day here. The sites non nude feel only heightens the promiscuously alluring qualities of the barely legal teens.

Unlike most Non Nude sites, NN Latin Teen updates on a daily basis and features 20+ models for you to get to know. Each model brings her own unique flare. Many of the girls slip up and show a little more than the sites charter allows for them to show.

At $24.95 the site is very competitively priced. Especially when you factor in all of those updates. NNLatinTeen is a panty lovers dream come true.

Posted By Teen Porn on 09/01/08 - Write A Comment!

phil flash cleft of venus
Today’s Cleft of Venus is brought to you by our sexy panties sponsors Phil Flash. The folks at have been bringing you insanely hot teens for almost six years. If you like barely legal, college coeds, babes in bikinis, teens masturbating or girls kissing and going all the way with each other, you will consider your membership to Phil Flash a necessary part of life.

Each girl on has several picture sets and steamy hot videos. The girls come back for encore performances all the time. As a member you also get access to Phil’s other projects… And by projects I mean solo model sites like Princess Blue Eyez, Seanna Teen, Kendall Blaze, Next Door Nikki and the Taylor Twins.

Along with the photo and video updates of all of the sites above you also get access to Phil’s candid photos and videos area. Take the tour and you can get a sense of how talented this guy is at capturing teen girls looking their best.

The webcam schedule features twelve Phil-Flash models and is so hectic that you get multiple girls a day. Their start times vary wildly so there is always a girl available when you are ready.

The Phil Flash members area is one of those places everyone should experience at least once in there lifetime.

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