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Women get the wrong idea when we look at younger girls like Emily18. They assume we are looking at them because they have younger skin, perkier small tits or because their pussies aren’t all stretched out from having kids. Those qualities are all good, but the true foundation for looking at them has to do with their athleticism. Younger girls enjoy getting into kinky sexual positions. Like how Emily is offering up her pussy for you to eat in the bathtub.

If you were to lie underneath Emily her pussy would be perfectly at mouth height for easy eating. Emily wouldn’t mind it if you also tongue her little ass crack sometimes on your way back down to her vaginal canal. But she doesn’t want to cum on your tongue. She wants to do that on your cock!

Find more of her at and get complete access to her friends sites as well. Check the bottom of the tour page. You will be amazed!

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small tits teen showing her panties at the beach

Check out this gallery of Emily 18 flashing her small tits at the beach. I don’t care what anybody says, I think Emily 18 is the hottest solo model on line since she originally began her career in 2004. She is one of the only models still working and adding new content to her site from back then. The crazy shit is that she still looks amazing and young at 28 years old now!

You can see all of the old content from the beginning to the newest stuff coming off of the press right now. Emily is also giving you access to her friends sites. There has never been a better time to enjoy this little hottie. You can literally see her progress from a young lady into a smoking hot babe!

Stop acting like she didn’t make your cock hard as a rock. Go find more and show this girl some love!

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a00sugarastrid emily 18 looking webcam model stripping naked

Damn does this girl ever remind me of Emily 18. She goes by the nickname A00SugarAstrid on Live Naked Chat cams network. She has beautiful small tits and her sexy little body. At 18 years old she is just old enough to go nude on live cams, but not old enough to know others might not think highly of it. The perfect little play thing if you want to get very dirty with a barely legal girl that doesn’t know any better!

On her free live cams you can see her doing the handbra things and covering her crotch here and there. She often slips up when moving form position to position and when typing on the keyboard. So hot!

Get her in private and you can see a whole lot more of her. She shaves her tender pussy unlike Emily who leaves a bit of hair on it. I think for Emily she did it to kind of let people of authority know she was barely legal even if she looked younger. I like the shaved look at Astrid is my total fantasy come true.

Make love with nude chat room girls on tonight!

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emily18 puffy nipples on small tits teen tied up in bed

In this day and age of free porn being all over the internet is there still any reason to join a site like Emily18? Wouldn’t it just be smarter to try and watch her videos on some tube and save some money? To answer that we will have to get our hands dirty. Really dirty.

Emily is now in her late twenties, but she still looks like she is eighteen years old. She won the lottery for looking young. When she first went online with her site ten years ago people thought there was no way she could be legal. Her body failed some of the tests used to gage how old a girl is based on how far along she is in puberty.

As a member of Emily’s site you get instant access to her content from those first years of her online life. In it you will see a girl grow her perky small tits with puffy nipples. Girls get puffy nipples when their boobies first start to grow and then most lose the puffiness as they mature. Back then her pussy only had little wisps of hair so she didn’t shave it. Not even enough to cover it really.

Emily looked like total jailbait!

In the videos her young skin looks so beautiful. There is one of her in the pool with the water washing over her puffy pink nipples. You want to jump through your monitor and suck on those little wonders!

So is joining her site a good idea? I would have to say yes. While you can find her videos out there in the wild they are hard to come by and they are not very high quality. A copy of a copy of a copy at best. On her site they are crystal clear. Plus you get access to a decade of them. Including the recent girl/girl stuff she has been making.

Take the tour for a hot trailer clip of her growing up online.


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I was running around my network and came across this ad creative I had made for Emily 18 a few years back.

Damn was it ever a popular ad for people to click on. I think the reason why is because it really touched on why people like small tits models like Emily in the first place. She was barely legal when she shot the first pictures on her site.

Not to take anything away from her latest sets and videos. I love them all. But those original pictures and videos were of a girl you would have been stupid not to I.D. before sticking your dick in her!

Here is to some of the hottest small tits on the planet. And a girl that has a spunky attitude and a way about her that makes you feel ten years younger just looking at her!

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Previously I have written a lot about getting caught masturbating. This time I will talk about catching somebody else. I decided to try catching somebody else masturbating based on my own experienced with getting caught. Could I now be the aggressor? Would she submit to me?

Back when my family wasn’t home and the house was empty I would slip into my sisters room to go through her things. Sometimes I would go through her clothes hamper looking for used panties. When I’d find them I would sniff the crotch and find them to be quite intoxicating. If I was super horny I would even lick them and taste her pussy.

After an olfactory reintroduction to my sisters used panties I was usually pretty horny. Enough so that I would take her panties with me over to her bed and jerk off into them. I loved the feeling of the cool, soft, puffy comforter on her bed almost as much as I enjoyed the feeling of her soft cotton panties on my hard cock.

During one of my expeditions into the princess lair of our home I found a naughty book. I could tell it was well read and I could also tell by looking at the cracking on the binder where it was most often opened to. It was a story about a girl that has sex with a professor in college. It was very dirty and included her sucking on his cock and letting him fuck her asshole. Up until then the thought never occurred to me to fuck a girl in that way.

Now I was 99.9% certain my sister masturbated. I wanted to watch her do it, but wasn’t sure how. My mind came up with all sorts of ideas. Some of them revolved around peeping at her in the shower. But then she might not masturbate in there. So they moved on to possibly drilling a hole in the walls between our rooms. If I got caught it would be really bad news. Then it hit me. What if I caught her masturbating?

To set it up I paid attention to her moods and habits. She was a pretty regimented person. I wondered if she only masturbated at night before bed or if she also did it during the daytime too.

When she was getting particularly edgy and possibly sexually frustrated I pretended to be going with some friends to a movie. She bit and the trap was set.

After about five minutes I reentered our house. I quietly tip-toed towards the stairs and was shocked to find her rubbing her pussy on the couch. I quickly back peddled into the entry way and peaked around the wall to watch her. Her hand was deep into her panties and it looked far enough that she was finger fucking herself.

Her breathing, which was already pretty heavy, started to get really heavy. Like as if she were running a marathon. Did I get that loud? She reached her other hand into her panties and began to rub her clit in unison with her finger fucking motion.

As she licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, I could tell she was ready to orgasm. I walked into the room loud enough to make my presence known. My sister opened her eyes and had a shocked look on her face. She then glanced down at my pants and saw my cock was pitching a tent. After that she just froze there looking at me.


I really didn’t know what to do. I was taking the sight in and wishing I had a camera. She looked back down at my cock again. I instinctively reached down and began to undo my zipper. She started moving the hand that was still inside her panties in circles around her clit, and gripped her small tit with her free hand, giving it a squeeze.

That was all I needed and it was off to the races. I had my cock out of my pants in less than a second. I walked towards her while jerking myself off for her enjoyment. Wanting to see her pussy I removed my clothes and looked at her expectantly. She quickly removed her own.

Her small tits were very perky. Even when she was lying on her back they stood straight up without sagging. Her pussy was shaved completely bare. I had seen it back when we were kids and, to be honest, it looked exactly the same. Smooth as a babies bottom and as pink as her shirt.

Now that I was totally naked I did some stuff I didn’t normally do like grip my balls and use two hands to jerk my cock off. She seemed to enjoy the show and used both hands on her pussy in the same arrangement they were in when I had entered the room. I moved a little to the right so I could see her finger go into her pussy.

I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but she was my sister. Jerking off in front of her and dreaming of fucking her is one thing. Actually fucking her is a whole different thing entirely. Besides, I was sure she didn’t have the same perverted feelings towards me as I had towards her. Or, to put it another way, the same feelings towards me as she might be having for her teacher.

Both of us were beginning to breath pretty heavy. I could tell I was going to cum within the next thirty seconds. As I increased my pace jerking off she seemed to get the hint and also increased her own pace as well. Just before she orgasmed I shot my load onto her chest. It hit her left boob. My next shots after the first landed increasingly closer to me with each burst.

My sister closed her eyes and she began to buck her hips. The hand she was using to rub her clit stopped and her legs closed, but I could tell she was still fingering her pussy. When her eyes opened again she smiled up at me and then looked down at the mess on her chest before smiling up at me again.

Cum was still dripping out of my cock when her orgasm was over and by then I was leaning over her to make sure it didn’t fall onto the couch. She gave me a look like "now what" once my balls were emptied.

I darted to the bathroom and got her a towel. I felt weird. Now that I had cum I felt paranoid. I knew our parents wouldn’t be home for hours, but it seemed like they could walk in at any minute and find their two naked children masturbating in front of one another. I guess you could say I felt exposed.

We both quickly promised to never tell anybody about what had just happened and went to our respective rooms. While in mine I wondered what she was doing in her own room. My dick started to get hard. I gripped it and wondered if maybe she was going to masturbate too.

Without hesitation I popped up out of bed and crept to my door. After opening it very quietly, I crept over to her door and got down on my hand and knees so I could listen for her heavy breathing through the gap between the bottom of her door and the floor. I could hear her muttering to herself, but not what she was saying. Then it went quiet. Suddenly I heard what sounded like her getting out of bed and I quickly, and quietly, scurried back into my room and closed the door.

I got into my bed and sat there listening quietly. She wasn’t as adept at spy techniques as I was and I heard her make a noise in the hallway. Then I heard what sounded like the carpet getting scraped. Was she doing the same thing at my door as I was trying to do to her?

Not wanting to disappoint my sister I started jerking off with enough fever to make my bed squeak ever so slightly. After some time I started to breath harder naturally and then kicked it up a notch so she could definitely hear me beyond the door.

My balls were ready to burst again. I quieted my breathing just enough to hear her labored breathing on the other side of my bedroom door. I thought to myself about how cool this was. I had no idea my sister got this horny.

When I came it shot straight up into the air and came back down right as the next shot went up. Cum fell all over me and I didn’t care. I only wished my sister could be in my room watching the fireworks. I heard a little yelp from her when her orgasm started. As I lay there listening I also heard her as she got up and crept back to her own room.

Again I lay there wondering if she was still horny. Again my cock started to get hard. I got up from my bed and used a shirt to wipe up my mess. Then I went to the wall and listened. Nothing. My cock was now rock hard again. Next I opened my door and crept over to her room. I got down on my hands and knees and listened for heavy breathing. Nothing.

While lying there on the floor I stroked my cock haphazardly not wanting it to go soft just in case. About a minute went by and I began to hear her breathing. Oh my God! She was doing it again!

Now I started jerking off faster realizing I had to catch up. She was probably already a minute in. As I listened her breathing got heavier and heavier. Occasionally her bed would make a small squeak. As more time went by her breathing and the squeaking got faster and faster. She was getting close.

It was at that moment that I realized I didn’t have anything to cum into. By now it was too late to go back to my room and get back in time to cum with her in unison. I pulled down my pants and underwear and pulled up my shirt. I was just going to have to cum all over myself again. Twice in one day!

We both came at the same time once more. I could hear her moaning a lot more this time. Had I not heard those sounds I probably wouldn’t have cummed very much, but they ratcheted up my orgasm. Once again my stomach and groin were covered in my own cum. I quietly got back up and headed over to my room.

After that day we started playing with ourselves in front of each other more often. Sometimes we would even race to see who can cum first. That sometimes led to us having rematches. Mostly they were two out of three, but once we went four out of seven. By game six my balls hurt from cumming too much and she won!

Emily 18 makes such a great stand in for all of the girls you have ever fantasized with. Her petite frame, baby face and small perky breasts make her a barely legal beauty you won’t be able to resist. Her site updates several times a week and her videos span all the way back to 2004!

Get instant download and streaming access to them at!

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Small tits skinny girl on cam

Sometimes I like girls that are nice and round like Emily 18. I want them to have a little bit of baby fat still on them. Today though, I am looking for a skinny girl with really small tits and Kylie is a perfect match with her button nose and braided hair.

I have dated girls like Kylie before. As with most girls with her tempera-ment there are upsides and there are downsides. The upside is that she is fun in bed. She likes to get directly to the sex. She can drink you under the table. She is good at just about everything. except for manors.

The bad thing is that girls like Kylie are capable of chewing you up and spitting you out. While she cloaks herself in a veil of confidence she is actually very self conscious on the inside. Played correctly you can use this to your advantage. Played incorrectly it can come back to bite you in the ass.

Watch free teen webcams and exploit girls like Kylie into giving you a show for free. It is totally possible. You just have to word your compliments right and occasionally follow them up with a dig to play on that self conscious wound in her soul.

Happy hunting!

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Stuck at home all alone? So is Emily 18. Her parents went out and grounded her for bad grades. Now she is looking for something she can do at home so she can be there when they call to check up on her. Got any suggestions?


Once her boobs started growing in Emily noticed guys of all ages suddenly took an interest in her. Boys in her school acted like she was the most popular girl around. Her teachers wanted to talk to her after class. Even men in her family suddenly wanted to hear what she had to say. Even though she has small tits, she felt like they made her into a somebody.


Not long after her boobs came in Emily18 started growing a fleshy bubble butt. It was like blossoming all over again. Now the boys wanted to dance with her at school dances. Some of them grinded their crotches into her booty and she could feel their hard cocks. It made Emily feel empowered knowing she had that kind of effect on boys.

She began to wonder if it also worked on men. So one day she sat on a teacher’s lap when he kept her after class. She found every reason in the book to shift her weight here and there until she could feel his cock getting hard. Once she was sure about her ability to make men excited she gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran out of the room.


Is Emily having that kind of effect on you as well? Don’t spend the night alone when Emily is only a heartbeat away. Join and get immediate access to every video and every picture set. Watch her grow up right before your very eyes!

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I find it funny how girls do everything in their power to avoid this look. No I am not talking about the barely legal finger in the mouth look. Women spend big money trying to get back to that look again. I am talking about the stringy haired look. My own GF will do stuff like rub talcum powder into her hair to dry it up to avoid even the minimalist case of stringy hair. Why?

The funny shit is that guys love this look. Guys don’t know it is a fashion faux pas. They grew up reading Playboy and looking at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. In them they saw girls with wet stringy hair at the beach or all oiled up for a photo shoot. To guys stringy hair is sexy. Maybe it is because it reminds them of what a girl looks like after a hot and sweaty sex session?

Emily 18 has plenty of stringy hair photo sets and even a few videos of her sporting the hairdo. I am a big fan of giving a congratulation over hating on someone for looking like a hawt slut after a heated night of sex. I wish everybody felt that way. We might see world peace in 2013!

In this particular set you also get to see a very fluffy and full Emily18. Probably the most chubby set she has. I like her barely legal petite sets and I like her thicker sets as well. What can I say? I am an equal opportunity teen sex fiend!

So enjoy this chunky Emily 18 picture gallery and have a great week!

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Is it really that obvious that I have a thing for this girl? I have written many posts about Emily 18 and every time I think I am over her I get right back on that naughty little horse and ride it until I have speed burns! Maybe having a thing for such a cute girl isn’t such a bad thing. She keeps me young!

This photo from her hammock picture set is a perfect visual buffet. You have her lips bathed in lip gloss. You have her small tits perfectly perky even when she is on her back. Her shorts are ready to slide over and reveal her panties. Her panties are ready to slide over and reveal her tender pussy lips. All she has to do is sit back and relax while your tongue does all of the work.

I will go on record as saying that even if Emily 18 told me we couldn’t fuck and basically I was only going to get a handjob every once in a while, I would still lick her pussy and suck on her small tits on a daily basis. Several times a day if she would let me.

Does that make me her sex slave? I hope so! I truly hope so!

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Growing up I used to think I was a seriously perverted and demented individual. For starters I thought I was the only one in my school that masturbated. It wasn’t until my senior year that I actually realized other people did indeed jerkoff and they did it just as often as I did. Sometimes several times a day. LOL

This was an odd revelation to have only because of my other passion. Watching girls masturbate themselves to sleep. Doing so always made me feel guilty, but that often just increased the pleasure as well. Again, I thought I was the only one. It wasn’t until college that I learned I was just one of many boys doing such naughty things.

In my senior year I dated a girl that looked remarkably like Emily 18 above. She used to masturbate too. One night when I was over at her house I made up an excuse to have to leave early. Instead of actually leaving I doubled back around and watched her frigging her clit madly in her bedroom. I came all over the wall outside her house.

Several weeks later while I was at her house I went into the restroom to go pee after she had exited it upon finishing her shower. Her soiled panties were laying gusset up on the top of the clothes hamper!

As I peed I fought hard with my instincts not to lift them up to my nose and smell her pussy. By the time I finished peeing my nose was covered in her scent. I inhaled deeply. I even licked the residue in them to taste her!

Then for a brief moment I snapped back. It was so stupid of me. What was I doing?

Before I could finish that thought I found myself inhaling her scent again and again. My cock grew hard and I began pumping it. I didn’t have much time as I didn’t know how long she would take getting dressed and brushing out her hair. I furiously pumped my cock. I moaned.

Oh shit! I stopped and listened. No footsteps coming to ask me if I was okay. Nothing.

I furiously resumed pumping. Before I knew it I was cumming into her toilet. I controlled the moan, but me breathing was very heavy. If anyone were standing by the door they’d have wondered if I was giving birth in there.

Once I was done spurting cum I flushed the toilet and put her panties back only I didn’t have the heart to leave them so exposed so I placed them inside-in on top of the hamper. I had to wait a minute or two for my hardon to go down more before opening the door.

When my hardon was pretty far down I opened the door to head out. Standing on the other side of it was Emily 18 smiling at me like she knew. Emily entered the restroom forcing me back and looked at the clothes hamper. When she saw her underwear weren’t how she left them she looked down at the toilet and so did I. Running down the side was a drip of my cum!

Emily grabbed her panties and balled them up before stuffing them into my pocket.

She said, "I knew you were a panty boy," coyly.

I just sat there dumbfounded.

"Come on, we are going to be late for the party." Emily pointed for me to head towards the front door of her house.

That night I spend four hours at a party trying to forget about the panties in my pocket. Every time they got the better of my I had to find a place to sit and look casual as I battled with my libido trying to keep my cock from going full mast!

Emily 18 is going to tease you. She is going to feed your desires. Emily is going to consume you and spit you out. And you are going to enjoy every minute of it!

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I am almost certain that Emily 18 has her tattoos to protect herself and her users. A sort of age identification. As you can see from the second picture above of her bum she does look very young!

Emily has been modeling now for about five years and she still looks barely legal. She loves to wear cute stuff like her cotton print panties above. In her newer stuff her boobs are finally too big for a training bra, but her older stuff is packed with pictures of her in them.

Although they are bigger than they were when she was just a barely legal girl, Emily’s boobs can still be considered small tits and they are as springy as ever. Take a look at and see for yourself!

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This is by far one of my favorite Emily 18 galleries. It was shot when Emily was only a few weeks over her 18th birthday. Back then her nipples were still very puffy because of her newly growing boobs. Nothing says bon appetite like puffy nipples on a set of small tits!

Emily 18 is one of those truly special models where she looks a lot younger than she is. These days Emily is now in her twenties and her latest photo sets make her look like she just turned 18 years old! Do some math in your head and you will see why her first sets are so freaking awesome.

When she first starting shooting for her site Emily wasn’t so sure about this nudity thing. She knew she was good looking, but worthy of having her own site? Once her site opened she was flooded with fan mail. It seemed everyone took a liking to this barely legal sweetheart.

Now that Emily has gotten some experience under her belt she is getting more and more daring. has plenty of photos and videos of Emily 18 exposing her pussy and masturbating to orgasm.

There is something about those first year galleries though. So cute, so naive, so pure; so much like a princess!

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I remember when my girlfriend used to give me this look. Even back then she was self conscious. Not that she needed to be. Sure, she had a bit of a bubble butt, but then she also had tight skin so it looked good on her. These days she is even more self conscious so she hasn’t posed for me in years!


These days my GF knows she has lost that spark. Other guys say I am lucky because she doesn’t mind me looking at girls with perky small tits like Emily 18. To be brutally honest, I’d much rather be looking at my GF, but you just never know where life is going to eventually take you and I sure am glad I get my consolation prize!

Emily 18 has been giving guys hardons for years. She got her start when a girl she knew saw her and suggested she become a model. Over time Emily wanted more and more money (you know how girls are!) so she opened up a solo site where she could grow a fan club.

That fan club is now over 10,000 members strong! No wonder really, I mean, just look at her! She is darling!


Plus, Emily18 has that teenage bubble butt your old lady used to have! Shapely and round with nary a dimple in site!

Back when Emily first started she looked super young. There were all kinds of investigations by various government agencies because every-body thought Emily was jailbait. As it turns out she was barely legal and totally hawt!

These days features her completely nude. Emily didn’t used to take her panties off before, but now she does! I still love her old sets in her print panties and bras. The members area is filled with them. Her newer stuff is pretty darn sweet too on account of her showing her perdy-lil vag!

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Every solo model has to start somewhere. Emily 18 got her start just days after she turned 18 years old. Her tiny tits and her cute little bum made Emily a fan favorite right from the first day. She was a barely legal princess!

These days Emily18 is still looking young. How does she do it? Good genetics! Emily didn’t hit puberty until she was just graduating high school. You can literally watch this girl grow up right before your eyes while surfing her members area.

In the beginning didn’t have a lot of nudity. Emily dared to tease her members and fans by keeping her panties on. Now she gets totally naked and she invites you to watch her touch herself as she reads her fan mail!

Emily 18 is well worth the price of admission!

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