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Dana Lightspeed

Those are a set of blue eyes you can fall in love with and straight get married without asking questions or waiting to see her mom (and make sure she ain’t gonna get fat on ya)!

While she looks like a raven haired babe, I think she is actually a brunette. Impossible to tell for sure, she shaves her beaver completely bald. Dana Lightspeed screems "The Girl Nextdoor," and has plenty enough beauty to win a pageant. In fact, Dana won the Wordwide Teen Model Search to become one of the Lightspeed Girls.

There is a rumor that Dana’s small tits were used for the original cast of wine glasses. Obviously it isn’t true, after all she is only nineteen years old. But, I am sure you agree, holding them in your hands wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Got a thing for teen girls kissing? Good, because so does Dana. This teen starlet frequently shares the camera lens with up to four of her coed friends! And this isn’t softcore no touchy just look sweet enough to eat either, this is four fingers deap and a wet soft tongue on the clit until she is screaming kind of action.

To give you an idea of what to expect, I will run down her latest sets for you: First, a skimpy bikini contest between three blondes and two brunettes. Second, a lesbian sex-fest that starts out with white panties, briefs and gstrings. That means plenty of camel toe shots. Third, Dana ferociously masturbating her pink shaved pussy. Fourth, more pics of Dana including many of her tan, tight ass. And the fifth, Dana getting it on with two of her sorority sisters.

Still not sure if is a good deal for your hard earned cash? Check out the tour. Scroll down to the bottom and check out what kind of insane deal the Lightspeed Sorority girls cooked up for you!

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Josie Junior

Josie Junior – A website so perverted, it might just be too perverted… even for me…

Josie is an eighteen year old barely legal model running In high school Josie was always teased about not having normal sized tits. Dressing out for PE was especially embarrasing. Josie often felt so humiliated she didn’t even want to go to school.

After graduating high school Josie met a web producer named Mike. He made his living shooting hardcore porn but was looking to branch out into the barely legal niche. That is when he met Josie and that is when Josie first began to realize that there was a chance to make it big in life for every girl out there. Not just for girls with large breasts.

Mike took some test shots of Josie and the rest is history. Just like Mike figured, over 40,000 men and women come to everyday. Josie became an overnight hit and now she can laugh a hardy laugh at the girls who teased her in the locker room.

But why do people gravitate towards this barely legal teen? Josie’s small tits are not just small, they are tiny! Her nipples stick out further than the boobs they are on. Could 40,000 people a day really be attracted to a girl based on her tiny tits alone?

Perhaps, but Josie Junior is more than just a barely legal babe. Josie is an exhibitionist. She loves to get naked in very public places. She also loves to post candid shots and videos from her private webcam. A glimpse into her daily routine in her own bedroom and more!

In addition to being an exhibitionist, Josie loves to masturbate for the camera. Josie has an extremely tight pussy and has a hard time getting her vibrator into her vulva but after some time she gets it in and has very wet orgasms. You could say she is a natural. She didn’t get much action in high school on account of her flat chest so she has a lot of pent-up horny aggression. adds full updates complete with pictures and an accompaning video every 3 to 5 days. In addition to those updates she also does sets with her girlfriends and some of the girls do solo sets too!

So, why do we gravitate towards this teenage model? I still don’t have an answer. One thing is for sure though, we have a lot of thanks to give to this girl who conquored her high school fears and even turned them into an Internet sensation for all of us to enjoy!

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Teen Dreams Denisa

So… from time to time softcore solo models get boring. Now is the time to spice things up a bit. See what is hidden underneath those satin panties. To put it bluntly, watch a girl take a rock hard dick.

Enter, the place I go when I want to see a girl get pounded… by a man or even another girl!

Teen Dreams has over 5,600 models with many on exclusive deals. Before I forget, grab a free wallpaper while you are there. This one is my favorite. Yeah, I have a thing for petite brunettes… OK!

As a member you get access to over 1000 downloadable videos. Not plugin feeds bullshit, these are their own movies. Check out the video section in the tour. You will be amazed!

The Members Area tour really gives you an idea of just how immense the archive of porn is at Teen Dreams. Some of the choices are solo girls, lesbian series, solo Asian series, boy/girl series, UK teens, Viv Thomas videos, DVD movie series, the list goes on.

To make things a hell of a lot easier for you, the blokes at also have a sweet-ass search engine. Mix and match options like clothes (schoolgirl, bra, panties, nude,etc), race, ass (small, medium or large!), location (bathroom, office, etc), pussy (shaved, trimmed, natural), action (threesome, fucking, solo, etc)… There are many more options to choose from.

This makes finding that certain set you were thinking of almost to easy. What will you do now with all of the extra time you have?

No more hunting down porn until 3am!

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Rookie Babe Lily

Damn… Lily is one fine-as-all-fuck Asian!

At 18 years young this Rookie Babe is defiantely barely legal matrial. Lily has some nice small tits that would fit perfectly in your hands. Those little mounds are topped off with some kinky eraser nipples that would turn even Mr Universe into a whiney punk asking for something to suck on.

Asians have some remarkable qualities. Besides for having kick ass bodies, they have exotic faces. The eyes, the nose, the dick sucking lips, it all comes together in an overpoweringly erotic way.

I am sure you all feel like I do when it comes to Lily’s tight pussy. I could bang her and tap that firm ass for months without getting bored.

But, what if I did get tired of it? No problemo my friend, Rookie Babe adds new ass to tap daily. You get everything from photo sets and videos to screensavers and wallpapers.

I hope you are a bachelor otherwise your old lady isn’t going to appreciate Lily popping up everytime your systems goes inactive for 15 minutes at a time.

Grab your own password and don’t forget your Fleshlight (the only male sex toy of its kind)! But seriously, dump your raggedy bitch and get a Rookie Babe instead!

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Nubiles Sandra

With football in full swing this season it is time for me to pay tribute to Sandra’s favorite NFL team, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers beat the Denver Broncos this weekend with a freakish second half comeback and took first place in the AFC West.

But with nipples like Sandra’s, who really gives a shit about football? Just kidding… but really, we must move on.

I could have picked any girl at Nubiles to shoot my fansign for me but Sandra had a few things going for her. First off, Sandra is hot. Second, she likes a winning team. And third, I can actually imagine Sandra in the stands next to me cheering her team on.

Sandra is from Nubiles, the people that bring you two to three new teens every week. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat, they don’t call em because the girls are MILF material. These girls are 90% barely legal with a few college coeds thrown in.

The frontpage at reads like a fucking telephone book of barely legal models. Over 200 in all. There are even more that won’t fit on the page. Each model has anywhere from 1 to 20 photosets and downloadable movies for your enjoyment.

If you are looking for that special someone to Fleshlight your swollen glands to, Nubiles has her and she is waiting!

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Raven Riley at the Beach

OK, so south on I-95, exit Hollywood Blvd and head East to South Ocean Drive and then what?

Don’t mind me… I am just trying to get some directions to the beach. What beach? You know, the fucking beach where a guy can go for this kind of excitement!

Another question: What do you get when you mix Raven Riley with two hot blonde girlfriends in a body of water? Answer: A rock hard cock, that’s what!

I have been talking about Raven Riley a lot in the history of my blog and I think it is time to talk about her once again. Raven is the Internets hottest exotic babe in my opinion and the stats for her site show that I am not the only one who feels this way about her. Her Alexa ranking is flying off the charts. updates 3 to 4 times a week and her success is closely tied to that update schedule and her beauty. Plus Raven has publicly stated that she aspires to be the top Internet model; period! With a statement like that she doesn’t have time to suck, unless she is sucking on cock during a shoot.

Because of her constant updates Raven can hit every niche. On Monday she can be a softcore babe posing in camel toe panties with upskirts and nipple slips. Tuesday she can release a video of her sucking a mean cock and taking it analy, finishing it off with ass-to-mouth. Then on Friday she can switch it up and suck a lesbian girlfriends tight pussy and flick her tongue on her bald, perieced clit while initiating her into the four finger club.

How is that for dedication without alienated a single fan? Hoo-Rah!

Find More Raven Riley!

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Trixie Teen Barely Legal

Not being webmasters you probably didn’t know this… But…

There has been a lot of rumors brewing about Trixie Teen having left her website and myspace postings seemed to confirm it.

These rumors are not true. I chilled it with the boys and Trixie for a promotion in L.A. for her website and she is still actively shooting for the site. So with the rumors out of the way

This girl is the definition of Barely Legal. I tried editing the wiki-pedia entry for it but someone kept changing it back. To bad. She is spot on!

Trixie is one of those hotties you never get tired of seeing. Her sets are all about being a carefree teenager. Shit, she should be a carefree teen considering her site is buying her a house, her car and more importantly, her good life.

This girl has it all… A hot tan ass so firm you can bounce a quarter off of it (trust me here, I tried and succeeded). Her tits are getting bigger but still are perky as all hell. If you check out her first set and match it up against her latest stuff you can see a definate progression in this blossoming young lady. updates twice a week, and sometimes more, with quality girl nextdoor videos and picture sets. Be sure to experience the trailer. I am sure you will be dazzled with the high quality videography her boys produce.

Of course, when you are shooting a girl like Trixie, how can you possibly fuck that shit up?

Find More Trixie Teen!

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Bailey's Room Down blouse

Remember your first down-blouse pic?

I do… I can’t tell you who it was but I stole that pic from a group of girls who were taking pictures of themselves. Revealing pictures that no boys were ever intended to see. I got it and I kept it private. Sure I could have shared it but then I’d eventually lose it to someone else or… E-gads, have to return it!

That pic and I spent many lonely nights together. We even bathed together. We were buddies that pic and I and, on occasion, we traveled the world together.

I don’t have that picture anymore but fuck-an-aye if Bailey’s down blouse picture above isn’t a close enough copy. Besides that, who needs pics like my old one when we have the Internet now?

For those of you who don’t know who Bailey is, she is a solo model from Probably the hottest girl nextdoor ever too. Bailey has some of the sexiest boobs in the world and her ass is to die for.

Bailey is the brunette hottie you wished you could take home at the end of a party. After reviewing her website I am sure you will feel the same way I do about something. That something is that Bailey could possibly be that girl who took you by the hand and led you to the master bedroom during a party for a wild four hour fuck session. And she didn’t laugh when you blew your first load like you were doing the quarter mile!

Members of Bailey’s Room get frequent updates, diary entries and bonus galleries from her friends. But you can get her wallpapers for free in the tour. Sweet that she has one big enough for my 24" monitor.

Bailey, you are the best!

Find More Bailey’s Room!

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Lily Koh Asian Teen

Everyone say hello to the newest Asian teen hottie on the net, Lily Koh.

Lily got into modeling on the Internet via a referral from her good friend Joon Mali. Lily is newly 18 and only 95lbs. She is also a lowely 5 foot 4 inches! I love short petite Asian girls!

This girl is brand new to doing anything this frisky and I have to admit, some of her first shoots were disasters! But, Lily got some coaching from Joon and eventually, she was able to relax enough to masturbate on camera.

Lily is getting pretty daring now that she has popped her porn cherry. That means you get all of the benifits! If you have a thing for Asians then you will definately enjoy watching Joon Mali and Lily Koh kissing…. with tongue!

There is only one way to see this Thai small tits hottie fingering her pussy, and that is to get a pass to!

Find More Lily Koh!

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